GSSAThe 1820 Settler Correspondence
 as preserved in the National Archives, Kew
 and edited by Sue Mackay

Additonal Information

This is pre 1820 information mainly taken from actual images of parish registers held at the London Metropolitan Archives, Westminster Archives, West Yorkshire Archives, Manchester Central Library, non-conformist registers at the National Archives at Kew (RG4), online parish registers at CityArk or from original images at Family Search. I have also included some information from original images of Scottish old parish registers and English parish records which I have personally researched. Where reference is made to the London Gazette, the full version can be downloaded from

Sue Mackay

BOOTH, Benjamin - Extra Data


(member of SEPHTON's Party)


Death Notice (Cape Archives) suggests he was born ca 2 February 1787 in Richmond, Surrey, the son of John and Sarah BOOTH


Surrey History Centre


Benjamin, son of Benjamin and Sarah BOOTH, was baptised 8 March 1787 in St.Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey

[There is no other possible baptism in Richmond, so either the informant on Benjamin's death notice or the vicar recording the baptism made a mistake with the father's Christian name. It would seem from the following marriage that the name John is correct and that the vicar repeated the name Benjamin in error when registering the baptism.]


Jno. BOOTH of the parish of Richmond and Sarah THOMAS were married by Licence on 13 July 1782 in St.George, Esher, Surrey.

Both signed

Witnesses: George DALLY and James CHAPPELL


Westminster Archives


Benjamin BOOTH and Margaret MORTIMER, both of this parish, were married by banns on 6 March 1809 in St.James the Less, Thorndike Street, Westminster

Benjamin BOOTH (signed) Marg. MORTIMER (X)

Witnesses: William BOOTH and Elizabeth BOOTH


London Metropolitan Archives


Margaret daughter of Benjamin and Margaret BOOTH baptised 28 January 1810 in St.Mary at Lambeth

Sarah daughter of Benjamin and Margaret BOOTH baptised 13 December 1812 in St.Mary at Lambeth

Jane daughter of Benjamin and Margaret BOOTH, St.Marylebone, Trade, baptised 4 May 1818 in St.Marylebone


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