GSSAThe 1820 Settler Correspondence
 as preserved in the National Archives, Kew
 and edited by Sue Mackay

Additonal Information

This is pre 1820 information mainly taken from actual images of parish registers held at the London Metropolitan Archives, Westminster Archives, West Yorkshire Archives, Manchester Central Library, non-conformist registers at the National Archives at Kew (RG4), online parish registers at CityArk or from original images at Family Search. I have also included some information from original images of Scottish old parish registers and English parish records which I have personally researched. Where reference is made to the London Gazette, the full version can be downloaded from

Sue Mackay

FINAUGHTY, Lucy - Extra Data


(member of WAIT's Party)


Lucy emigrated as the wife of Henry ULYATE. Her maiden name was MOULS/MOLES and she was married to William FINAUGHTY, a London greengrocer. Three of their children sailed to the Cape as the stepchildren of Henry ULYATE. It looks as if William was still alive when she had children with Henry ULYATE, as no marriage has been found and their children were baptised with the surname FINAUGHTY and the middle name ULYATE.


London Metropolitan Archives


Lucy, daughter of John and Lucy MOLES, Millwright, was baptised on 2 January 1785 in St.John Horselydown, Bermondsey (born 18 December 1784)

John, son of John and Lucy MOULS was baptised 4 December 1785 in St.Mary's, Rotherhithe, aged 21 days

John, son of John MOULS, Baker near the Bulls Head buried 19 May 1789, aged 3, in St.Mary's, Rotherhithe.


Marriage of Parents:

John MOULS Bachelor and Lucy JONES Spinster, were married by banns on the 6 September 1784 in St.Mary's, Rotherhithe

Both signed

Witnesses: James SOUTH and Jane TOWNSHEND (X)


Children of William and Lucy FINAUGHTY:

Lucy Moles, daughter of William and Lucy FINAUGHTY, was baptised on 20 October 1805 in St.Mary's, Islington (born 11 July)

George William, son of William and Lucy FINAUGHTY, was baptised on 3 January 1808 in St.Mary's, Islington (born 22 August 1807)

Joseph, son of William and Lucy FINAUGHTY, was baptised on 10 June 1810 in St.Pancras Old Church (born 2 April)

Mary Anne Hewlet, daughter of William and Lucy FINNARTY, Skinner St, Greengrocer was baptised on 3 October 1813 in St.Pancras Old Church

John, son of William and Lucy FINAUGHTY, Somers Town, Grocer, was baptised on 23 January 1814 in St.Pancras Old Church


A William FINAUGHTY was sentenced to six months' imprisonment and a public flogging in February 1810, while Lucy was pregnant with Joseph.

See Old Bailey Online


Children of Lucy and Henry ULYATE (see notes for Henry ULYATE)

Henry Ulyat FINAUGHTY, son of William and Lucy FINAUGHTY, Skinner Street, Greengrocer, baptised 2 April 1815 in St.Pancras Old Church

Jane Ullyate FINAUGHTY, daughter of William and Lucy FINAUGHTY, Hampstead, Greengrocer, baptised 1 June 1817 in St.John's, Hampstead (born 22 November 1816)

Maria Ulyate FINAUGHTY, daughter of William and Lucy FINAUGHTY, Hampstead, Greengrocer, baptised 14 June 1818 in St.John's, Hampstead (born 3 May)


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