GSSAThe 1820 Settler Correspondence
 as preserved in the National Archives, Kew
 and edited by Sue Mackay

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1820 Settler Correspondence Index.xls

Downloadable Index of known 1820 settlers mentioned in the 1819 Settler Correspondence (CO48/41-CO48-46) at the Natioanl Archives at Kew. Settlers purely included in lists under their expected party leaders have be been omitted.

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A list of 1820 British Settlers who emigrated to the Eastern Cape area of South Africa. Where a child had the same name as a parent that name is only listed once. Transcribed by Robin Griffiths mainly from "The Settler Handbook" by MD Nash

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British Settlers who landed during the years 1821 to 1826. Transcribed by Robin Griffiths from Roll of the British Settlers in South Africa, by E. Morse Jones, A.A.Balkema, 1969. E. Morse Jones's note to these lists states: Only children under 21 are listed with their families. Those over 21 have been listed separately. These lists result from the examination of all available material in the National Archives and inspection of Registers of Marriage and of Burial, of all denominations, at relevant places.

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Settlers Killed in Frontier Wars.xlsx

List of settlers who gave their lives during the Frontier Wars of 1834-35, 1846-47 and 1850-53. Transcribed by Sue Mackay from "Roll of the British Settlers in South Africa" by E. Morse Jones. A.A.Balkema 1969.