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Registers included: Adelaide, Christ Church (Anglican) 1861-1909; Cape Military Chaplain, 1795-1803, 1806-1817, 1824-1839; Cape Town, the English Church (from 1847 St George's Cathedral) 1811-1839; Cape Town (NGK) 1713-1720; Barkly West, St Mary (Anglican) 1878-1910; Colesberg (NGK) 1827-1843: Grahamstown, Christchurch (Anglican) 1877-1910; Grahamstown, St Bartholomew (Anglican) 1859-1912; Grahamstown, St George (Anglican) 1823-1908; King William's Town, Holy Trinity (Anglican) 1849-1892; Potchefstroom, St Mary (Anglican) 1891-1910; Sidbury, St Peter (Anglican) 1841-1910; Stellenbosch (NGK) 1688-1732; Swartland (NGK)  1745-1816; Tulbagh (NGK) 1743-1800. For more details please see the Introduction.


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When searching for a name which may have more than one spelling,  and in the 18th and 19th centuries the spelling of surnames was often very creative, you may need to be creative as well. Try searching for just that part which is usually the same in both forms, for instance MEINTJES | MEINTJIES: search for MEINTJ,  for VAN RENSBURG | JANSE VAN RENSBURG: search for RENSBURG,  for MACALLISTER | MCALLISTER | MC ALLISTER: search for ALLISTER, for  VAN DER MERWE | V.D.MERWE: search for MERWE.

To find Du Plessis in the Tulbagh registers, for instance, where the spelling is very imaginative indeed, try searching for just  DU PL - to find all Koopmans and Coopmans, search on  OOPMAN - remember too that in the 18th and 19th centuries the letter Y was usuall spelled IJ in registers compiled in Dutch, SNIJMAN rather than SNYMAN.


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