Skakel oor na Afrikaans
Skakel oor na Afrikaans
The Genealogical Society of South Africa 
eGSSA branch 

Works of Genealogical Interest,
published and unpublished

The Genealogical Society of South Africa (GSSA) is aware of the following genealogical publications and unpublished manuscripts. These publications are available at libraries (specially the depository libraries), private collectors and the Genealogical Institute of South Africa (GISA) in Stellenbosch. Articles which were published in the GSSA quarterly Familia have not been included in this list. Readers who are aware of genealogical publications not included in this list are welcome to send the titles, author’s name and year of publication to the compiler at or the GSSA at

Daan Hamman – February 2005


Publications are grouped under the following headings:



Family Trees (Surnames A-C, D-G, H-K, L-N, O-R, S-U, V-Z)


Genealogical publications containing several family names


General publications of genealogical interest


Regimental histories


War casualties


Medal rolls


Genealogical and related E books


Genealogical and related web sites


* See also the Index to articles published in Familia on this web site.

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