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KWT baptisms 1849-186316 June 2015 - King William's Town baptisms 1892-1908 completed

The transcription of the third volume of baptisms, 1883-1908, of Holy Trinity Church, King William's Town, has been completed by Brenda Gassner from William Jervois' photographs of the original register in the Cory Library, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, MS 19 189/3, by agreement with the Cory Library.

This completes the Holy Trinity baptism from 1849 to 1908 and these can be searched in the: eGGSA Baptism Registers.

13 June 2015 - Passenger List database updated

Richard Wolfaardt's team of transcribers has completed the transcription of the passenger lists contained in the Cape Archives classs PWD 2-753, consisting arrivals at Cape Town, between December 1873 and 1876, of 71 ships and 669 immigrant names. The surnames of immigrants can be found on here. These transcriptions are included in the eGGSA Passenger List Database which now contains details of 1794 voyages and 79,184 passenger names between 1850 and 1911.

These particular listings do not include the names of wives and children when they accompanied male immigrants but do mention that they did so and usually give the age and sex of the children.

Many thanks to Alta Griffiths for photographing the documents, to the Western Cape Archives for permission to do so and to the transcribers: James Anderson, John Deare, Basil G Royston, Ray Pitt and Richard Wolfaardt.

Forest Hill Cemetery, Port Elizabeth3 May 2015 - Port Elizabeth Forest Hill burials updated

Carol Beneke has updated her ongoing database derived from the burials register at the Forest Hill Cemetery, Port Elizabeth

All burials up to the middle of April 2015 are now included - eGGSA Burials.

Photographs of the gravestones in this cemetery are also available in the eGGSA Gravestones in South Africa collection.

17 March 2015 - 1850/51 Settler lists added to our Passenger List Database

Allan Beeby has contributed transcriptions of four notices of new arrivals which he has transcribed from the newspaper The Cape of Good Hope Exchange Gazette which appears to have been published in Cape Town between 1850 and 1851 - these are the immigrant lists for the ships Dalhousie, Zenobia and Collingwood in 1850 and the Diadem in 1851.

These listings have joined the 1700 odd voyages listed in our Passenger LIst Database. You can find a list of surnames included in these four lists here ....

25 February 2015 - 1820 Settler Returns

The final settler returns for each party, transcribed from CO48/47 at the National Archives, Kew, London, are being added to the web site by Sue Mackay who is transcribing them from the originals at Kew. With the exception of capital letters for surnames, the tables are true transcriptions of the file in the National Archives, although occasionally comments have been added by the transcriber in square brackets.

These returns formed the basis of The Settler Handbook by M.D. Nash although there are some differences, as she used returns held at the Cape as well. Earlier versions of the returns can often be found amongst the 1819 settler correspondence.

20 October 2014 - Swartland baptisms update

Lizette Svoboda from Thailand has added the years 1810 to 1816 to her transcript of the Swartland (Malmesbury) NGK baptismal registers. These are now included in the eGGSA Baptisms database.

23 August 2014 - More Passenger Lists

The names of 260 immigrants who arrived at Cape Town between November 1883 and January 1885 have been added to our Passenger Lists database. These have been transcribed by Richard Wolfaardt from the Cape Archives listing PWD 2-756 using photographs taken by André van Wyk.

A list of the surnames added can be found here

1st August 2014 - eGGSA web site competition

Congratulations to all our participants. The winner was the Burger Familie web site.

A big thank you to Dewald, Richard, Gina, André, Josey and Sarel for participating in our competition; as well as those who supported us with their votes.

18th June 2014 - 50th Anniversary of the founding of the GSSA

The Founders - Click pic to enlarge

At the 50th Anniversary
(click to enlarge)

The Genealogical Society of South Africa was founded on 18th June 1964 on the farm Joostenberg at Muldersvlei, near Stellenbosch, on the initiative of the then owner, Mr Philip Myburgh.

To celebrate the 50th anniverssary of the event a memorial stone was unveiled at Joostenberg on Wednesday 18th June 2014. The monument was donated by the Myburgh family league and the farm Joostenberg is still the owned by the Myburgh family.

For a full account of the occasion with many pictures please see GenZA.org.za

10th June 2014 - Grahamstown marriages 1836-1849

Title page - Click pic to enlarge

Title Page
(click to enlarge)

The third volume of marriages, 1836-49, of St George's Church, Grahamstown, has been transcribed by Lorraine Beechey using William Jervois' photographs of the original register in the Cory Library, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, MS 14 879-22, by agreement with the Cory Library.

This completes the St George's marriages from 1823 to 1849 and these can be searched in the: eGGSA Marriage Registers.

Also available are the Grahamstown St George baptisms 1823-1908 and the burials 1823-36.

Liebenberg family bible5th June 2014 - 34 new Bibles with Family inscriptions added

34 Bibles with family inscriptions have been added to the eGGSA Bible collection, making a total of 318 of these very valuable items.

These were photographed by Neels Coertse of the West Gauteng Branch of the GSSA at the Museum Africa in Johannesburg. Thanks to all three for their generosity in making these availabe to everyone.

And with special thanks to Hobbie Stoffberg for cataloguing and captioning them all.

4th June 2014 - More British Settler Letters

Sue Mackay has photographed some further British Settler letters from CO48, English National Archives at Kew, covering the years 1830 to 1834 inclusive and has started transcribing them for the 1820 Settler Correspondence section of the eGGSA web site.

The new transcriptions can be seen under Post 1820 Letters menu item on the right hand side. Completed so far are the 1830 letters of Richard ADDISON re Timothy WILSON, George and Isaac DYASON, Samuel Hood HART, Henry MURPHY, John MURRAY re George MORGAN, and William and James WHITAKER, as well as the 1831 letters of Joseph DYASON (re son George), Thomas Jervis BIDDULPH and Duncan CAMPBELL.

KWT baptisms 1849-18633rd June 2014 - King William's Town baptisms 1883-92

The third volume of baptisms, 1883-92, of Holy Trinity Church, King William's Town, has been transcribed by Brenda Gassner from William Jervois' photographs of the original register in the Cory Library, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, MS 19 189/2, by agreement with the Cory Library.

This completes the Holy Trinity baptism from 1849 to 1892 and these can be searched in the: eGGSA Baptism Registers.

2014 May 17 - Humansdorp - Museum Day 2014

Humansdorp Museum Day at Jeffreys Bay - Click pic for slideshow

Humansdorp Museum Day at
Jeffreys Bay (click for slideshow)

eGGSA, in the persons of Carol Beneke and her team, put on another successful display at the Humansdorp Museum Day at Jeffreys Bay.

It was a day with a difference, a chance I took and it worked really well. A day when we weren’t divided from the visitors by tables. A decision to combine eGSSA with the Humansdorp museum.

The museum added their genealogical stuff to ours and one large stall was made. A stall that allowed all the visitors into our space to look and brows the books, to chat to us on an equal par. So much more personal.

A really satisfying day.

Carol Beneke

The South African Records web site 13 May 2014 - Cape Town baptisms 1713-1720

The second phase of a project to index Corney Keller's transcripts of the Cape Town Dutch Reformed (NGK) registers 1665 to 1756 has been added to the BDM database.

These are the baptisms 1713-1720 indexed - they join the marriages of 1713 to 1742 - see the Birth, Marriage and Burial Registers

5 May 2014 - Isaack Dalgue Scheepssoldijboek added

Scheepsoldijboek Nesserak 1713-14Corney Keller has added photographs of the Ship accounts (scheepsoldijboek) for Isaack Dalgue, who arrived at the Cape on the ship Nesserak in November 1713, to the growing collection of these documents that he maintains on the eGGSA web site: Accounts from VOC Ships' Pay Ledgers 1662-1805.

These volumes contain details of all the men and all the transactions made on a single outward bound voyage. Each time a ship departed for the east, a new ledger was compiled in duplicate. When the ship reached Batavia, in Indonesia, one copy (schaduw-kopie) was deposited there and the other copy (meester-kopie) was returned to the Netherlands. It was the copies that reached home that survived and are now in the Nationaal Archief at the Hague.

The 18th century document of Death Notifications in the Cape Archives, on the page where Dalgue's death is recorded, has a note added by Colin Graham Botha: Vide wills of the Orphan Chamber vol 11 no 29 of 1795, Will of Isak Dalque (died 6.4.1759) and Sara van Wijk wherein he states his proper name was Johannes Augustus Dreyer.

13 April 2014 - Adelaide baptisms 1861-1909

The Adelaide, Christ Church (Anglican), baptisms 1861-1909, of which the original is in the Cory Library, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, MS 19 063, have been transcribed by Patricia Putter. Originally published on the Rootsweb Eastern Cape mailing list, this data, by the kind agreement of the transcriber, and as per the eGGSA agreement with the Cory Library, has now been added to the searchable BDM data on the eGGSA web site: eGGSA Baptism Registers.

25 March 2014 - King William's Town baptisms 1863-1883

KWT baptisms 1849-1863The second volume of baptisms 1863-83 of Holy Trinity Church, King William's Town, has been transcribed by Brenda Gassner from William Jervois' photographs of the original register in the Cory Library, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, MS 19 189/2, by agreement with the Cory Library. The data has been added to the searchable web site form: eGGSA Baptism Registers.

Forest Hill Cemetery, Port Elizabeth 21 March 2014 - Forest Hill Cemetery added to eGGSA BDM Project

Carol Beneke has generously contributed her transcript of the Forest Hill Cemetery, Port Elizabeth, burial register (1955-2014) to the eGGSA BDM Project. Photographs of the gravestones in this cemetery are also available in the eGGSA Gravestones in South Africa collection.

2014 February 22 - eGGSA on the Hexpas Express

eGGSA Hexpas outing - Click pic for slideshow

Hexpas Express (click for slideshow)

eGSSA had it’s first outing for the year. 27 people went on the Hexpas Express outside De Doorns. The 6 hour trip took us deep into the Hex River Mountains.

The railway line was build in the 1870's after the discovery of diamonds in Kimberley and the mainline between the Cape and the North until 1989 when it was replaced by a shorter route.

We learned about railway tracks, bridges, gradients, plants, British soldiers in the area during the ABW, as well as the people staying in the De Doorns valley.

16 February 2014 - New additions to Bible collection

Cronje familieregisterSix new items have been added to the Family Bible/Register collection; surnames Cronje and Farr, contributed by Charlie Els; two Froneman Bibles contributed by Barbara Fourie; and two Grobbelaar Bibles from Hendrik Grobbelaar. Thank you to all the contributors and photographers who make this collection possible.

4 February 2014 - eGGSA is 10 years old!

Celebrating on Facebook

2014 is eGGSA's 10th anniversary year and the 50th anniversarty of the Genealogical Society of South Africa. It is being celebrated in many ways so keep an eye out for special events. Our challenge on the FaceBook page is to have a daily post drawing attention to something historical of South/Southern African interest that happened on that day of the month. Quite a challenge!

2 February 2014 - Cape Town NGK marriages 1713-1756 completed

Corney Keller has completed his transcription of the NGK marriage register 1713-1756 and these are now available on the eGGSA web site

The transcription was done from the Cape Archives Verbatim copies document VC 621 which is a photocopy of the original register, this last now housed in the Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerkargief, Noordwal-Wes, Stellenbosch, as G1-13/1.

28 December 2013 - Swartland (Malmesbury) NGK baptisms 1783-1809 added to our web site

Swarland baptismsThe second baptismal register of the Swartland Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk congregation has been transcribed by Lizette Svoboda from Thailand. This data has been added to the searchable data in the eGGSA Baptism Registers.

It is interesting to note in this register that the female name Huibregtje, the Dutch form of Huberta, as found in the 1700s, has changed by the early 1800s to the modern Afrikaans form of Huibrecht, now a female name in Afrikaans, but which in Dutch is a male name, ie. Hubert.

The data has been transcribed from photographs of the Cape Archives document VC 667, a photocopy of the original register which is housed in the NG Kerkargief, Noordwal-Wes, Stellenbosch, as document G5 3/3.

22 December 2013 - King William's Town, Holy Trinity Church baptisms 1849-1863

KWT baptisms 1849-1863The register of baptisms 1849-1863 of Holy Trinity Church, King William's Town, has been transcribed by Brenda Gassner from William Jervois' photographs of the original register in the Cory Library, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, MS 19 189/1, by agreement with the Cory Library. The data has been added to the searchable web site form: eGGSA Baptism Registers.

16 December 2013 - 23 new Bibles with Family inscriptions added

Enslin family bible23 Bibles with family inscriptions have been added to the eGGSA Bible collection, making a total of 318 of these very valuable items.

With thanks to the contribuors: Fish River Museum, Cradock, Gereformeerde Kerke Argief Potchefstroom, NG Kerk Argief Bloemfontein, Anina du Plessis, Dora Opperman, Jacobus Tancred De Wet, Johann Montgomery van Eijk and Lodewyk Wilhelm Goosen and also to the photographers.

And with special thanks to Hobbie Stoffberg for cataloguing and captioning them all.

11th November 2013 - Completed: Cape Frontier Times 1840 to 1853 extracts

Cape Frontier Times headingSue Mackay has now completed her transcripts of extracts from the copies of the above newspaper preserved in the British National Archives at Kew - another mammoth transcription exercise completed by Sue!

Unfortuantely copies do not exist for years 1845 and 1846 in that repository but the rest 1840 to 1844 and 1847 to 1853 can be found in the Newspaper Collection along with the many other extracts from South African newspapers old and new done by many different volunteers and collected here by Sue.

5 November 2013 - New Freeburger lists added to web site

In the Netherlands National Archives (Nationaal Archief, Den Haag) is a class of records know as the Ingekomen Stukken from the Cape of Good Hope. Each year the administration at the Cape sent a bundle of letters and reports to the Central Administration in the Netherlands, presumably with the return fleet. Each of these bundles of documents was accompanied by an inventory of the documents included.

Corney Keller has copied and read through, in microfilm format, all the Inventories from 1655 to 1683. Many, if not most of these state that their bundles contain 'Lijste van alle de vrijeluijden ... ' but only two have been found to still contain their lists, that of 1672-73 and 1678-79. These two confirm that these are certainly what were transcribed as the VC Muster Rolls - since there are transcripts for many more years the originals seem to have disappeared from the Hague Archives in the meantime - at all events they are not to be found in the microfilmed versions.

In addition the 1681-82 bundle of documents contains a Vrijboek, list of Freeburgers and their financial transactions with the VOC, also now available on the web site - Den Haag Lists of Freeburgers.

21 October 2013 - New Bibles added

Photographs of 53 Bibles containing family information from the collection of the Voortrekker/Msunduzi Museum, Pietermaritzburg have been added to the Bible collection: Find them here. These were photographed and contributed by John Deare of the Natal Midland Branch of the GSSA.

All have been carefully captioned and indexed by Hobbie Stoffberg

Het Boek der gestorvene persoonen in't Land vanWaveren1 October 2013 - Tulbagh deaths 1744 to 1775 transcribed

Marcia Bezuidenhout from Australia is in the process of transcribing the list of Tulbagh district deaths included in the Tulbagh NGK church registers. These include deaths from 1744 to 1793 and then from 1816 to 1848. So far she has completed 1744 to 1775 and these have been added to the searchable database on the eGGSA web site: Burial, Cremation and Death Registers

16 September 2013 - Swartland (Malmesbury) baptisms 1745-1782 transcribed

Lizette Svoboda of Thailand has transcribed the Swartland NGK baptismal register 1745-1782 and this data is now searchable via the eGGSA Baptisms database, joining the other church registers in the BDM databases: Cape Military Chaplain, 1795-1803, 1806-1817, 1824-1839; Cape Town, the English Church (from 1847 St George's Cathedral) 1811-1839; Barkly West, St Mary (Anglican) 1878-1910; Colesberg (NGK) 1827-1843: Grahamstown, Christchurch (Anglican) 1877-1910; Grahamstown, St Bartholomew (Anglican) 1859-1912; Grahamstown, St George (Anglican) 1823-1908: Potchefstroom, St Mary (Anglican) 1891-1910; Sidbury, St Peter (Anglican) 1841-1910; Stellenbosch (NGK) 1688-1732; Tulbagh (NGK) 1743-1800.

12 September 2013 - New Bibles added

Photographs of 64 Bibles from the Albany Museum containing family information, photographed by Johan Hefer for eGGSA and 24 similar Bibles from the Potchefstroom Library collection, photographed by Dirk Bloem for the North West Branch, have been added to the Bible collection: Find them here

All have been carefully captioned and indexed by Hobbie Stoffberg

Grahamstown Genealogy Workshop 12 – 13 July 2013

eGGSA Grahamstown Workshop - Click pic for slideshow

eGGSA Grahamstown Workshop 2013
(click for slideshow)

81 people attended the weekend arranged and organised by the eGGSA branch of the Genealogical Society of South Africa. Talks were given by Prof Michael Whisson, Trudie Marais, Fleur Way-Jones, Liz Eshmade, Merle Martin, Prof Pat Irwin and William Jervois, covering subjects including Anthropology and Genealogy, early German settlers, heirlooms and objects, the 1820 Settlers, St Helena settlers, military history and myths and legends of family histories. The speakers were excellent; the talks interesting and well prepared.

There was also a tour of historical Grahamstown, research opportunities in the Cory Library and an organised photography session of Grahamstown graves on the Sunday.

The help and hard work of many volunteers contributed to the success of the workshop - to them all, many thanks.

Photographs of the weekend, taken by Méchelle Beneke, can be seen by clicking on the small photo above left.

graves in Graaff-Reinet

22 May 2013 - half a million Gravestones on the web site!

The total number of gravestone pictures in the online Gravestones in South Africa collection has now reached 500 000 thanks to all those who have generously donated their time to the project.

Donations of appropriate photographs can be sent to Alta Griffiths at cemphoto@ggsa.info

2013 May 18 - eGGSA Outreach at Humansdorp - Museum Day 2013

Humansdorp Museum Day at Jeffreys Bay - Click pic for slideshow

Humansdorp Museum Day at
Jeffreys Bay (click for slideshow)

Museum Day in South Africa was intended to draw attention to the plight of museums in the country and I was asked to take part in the Humansdorp Museum’s Exhibition where I was able to promote eGSSA’s Outreach Program.

Trudie Marais and I, together with our husbands Tinus and Ludwic, set off before sunrise to arrive at Jeffrey’s Bay’s Fountain Mall by 8 am to set up for the Exhibition. Before we were even finished setting up the first few eager seekers arrived. From there it became a never ending stream of people, surnames too many to remember. Some people did, however, stand out:

WILLIAMS - a young couple now living in Mexico.
SCHARNIK - a wonderful gentleman desperate to find out all he can about his family.
OLIVIER - we could help him with the help of one of the Jeffrey’s Bay group who researches the OLIVIERs who had popped in to say hello.
DEYSEL – (German descent) we referred the seeker to a gentleman at the Exhibition who had the Deysel book, so we had another satisfied member of the public.
FOWLDS – Yvonne, looking for her parents COCKCROFT/FOWLES marriage.
ARENDT - researching his German family, he spoke to Trudie MARAIS, the leader of the German Group in Port Elizabeth.

Best of all, and I forget the surname, was a woman who knew absolutely nothing about her father’s family as he had grown up in an orphanage. She could give me his name and date of birth. We were very fortunate to find this family. Her father was one of 20 children, an absolute shock to her.

eGGSA also obtained permission to photograph an old HUMAN family register in the safekeeping of the Museum, as well as a number of family bibles. I will try to do this as soon as possible.

If you don’t mind us bragging a little, it certainly seemed to us that the eGGSA stall received by far the most attention at the Exhibition. As a result, we had a busy day helping many people and set many on the correct path.

I believe that we are reaching people who did not know that help was available - the Outreach Program is working.

Carol Beneke

8th March 2013 - Index to Stellenbosch NGK marriages 1788 to 1815 added

Ockert Malan has added an index to the Stellenbosch NGK marriages 1788 to 1815 with images of the pages to his growing collection of transcripts and indexes - the new index can be found here in the SA Records transcribed section, and notes on the whole collection will be found in the article Stellenbosch NGK registers in the same section

3rd March 2013 - Cape Town NGK transcripts continue with 1712-1756

Corney Keller is continuing his transcripts of the early Cape Town NGK church registers and is now working on the marriage register of 1713 to 1756. He has so far completed years 1713 to 1734 and these can be seen in the eGGSA transcript library. This project, which he began in March of 2012, so far covers the earliest church registers, from 1665 to the end of the second register book 1712, baptisms and marriages.

In addition he has transcribed the letters sent as reports to the Classis Amsterdam (the body governing the church at the Cape) by the sieckentrooster, Pieter van der Stael, for the period 1656 to 1663, before a regular minister and registers were established at the Cape. These transcripts can be found here: The Van der Stael Letters, and the birth and marriage records contained in them have been extracted and are available here: Baptisms 1653 to 1664 and Marriages 1656 to 1662.

H N Minnaar grave in Potchefstroom Main Cemetery

20th November 2012 - Mary Beth Frederick writes:

We all owe a debt of gratitude to you and the other volunteers who have participated in the gravestone photo project. Thursday is Thanksgiving Day here in the United States; your group will be at the top of my list.

My husband's great-grandfather's stone has appeared recently on your site. H N MINNAAR died in 1903 and is buried in a cemetery in Potchefstroom.

As you probably know, all of those with the surname MINNAAR are descended from the same French Huguenot who landed at the Cape in 1688. However, so far I haven't been able to fill in the large gap between that person and Hendrik Nicolaas. The blog has generated some responses from other MINNAARs, and I hope that it will help to solve this mystery.

graves in Graaff-Reinet

7th November 2012 - eGGSA Passenger Lists updated

A number of records have been added to the Passenger list database.

New to the database are the lists in the Cape Archives IBC 6 series, passenger lists of emigrant ships 1858 to 1861 - twenty ships carrying 5000 or so passengers, transcribed by Richard Wolfaardt and his international team of transcribers,

and also around 42,000 passenger from the lists of departures and arrivals found in The Colonies & India (a weekly newspaper) April 1883 to December 1888, transcribed by Trisha McLeod.

23rd October 2012 - eGGSA on Facebook

eGGSA on Facebook

You will now find eGGSA on Facebook - click on the blue Facebook symbol to access the eGGSA page. This has been set up by June Barnes and is being maintained by June, Daan Botes, Judi Meyer and Leith Woodall. They hope you will enjoy what you will find there.

23rd Aprl 2012 - a new part of the web site for transcripts:

A new section has been added to the web site to bring together the many transcripts we have available. Here, at South African Records Transcribed, you can now find the Muster Rolls, and the Cape Baptisms and Marriages 1665-1696. These have been revised and corrected by Corney Keller and he has just added to them a transcript of the Cape Town NGK marriages 1696 to 1712. You will also find some earlier baptisms and marriages found in the De Stael letters to the Amsterdam Classis, that Corney found in the Amsterdam Archives who have given permission for the letters themselves to be transcribed - letter reports to Amsterdam from Peter Stael, siekentrooster at the Cape from 1654 to 1663. Also there is a transcript of the French baptism register of Drakenstein, 1694 to 1713, with translations into English.

In addition Corney has acquired scans of 25 soldijboeken of early 17th and 18th century settlers at the Cape which are displayed with the permission of the Nationaal Archief, Den Haag, Nederland, and also provided a transcript to a few of them.

19th December 2011 - an appreciation from Dianne Dever:

I am the niece of a '19 year old lad' from Manchester England who found himself in a war and a country I am certain he had little knowledge of. He tragically lost his life in January 1943 and is buried in Stellawood Cemetery, Durban. His name is Bernard Vaughan Healey, born to impoverished parents who had 7 children to feed and clothe. His childhood was miserable and before he had a chance at making a better life for himself, lost that life at such a young age. He was buried thousands of miles from home and of course no family members ever visited his grave. He has been long forgotten, his parents and siblings all long dead. I never knew him, being born 15 years after he died.

But because of the fantastic work you all have done, including those who tend and care for the graves, Bernard Vaughan Healey has been cared for more in death than he ever was in his short sad life.

He is 'at peace' in a beautiful corner of the world being watched over by angels who at the least deserve heartfelt thanks and praise for the dedicated work you all do. I will always think of you all with gratitude and praise.

Yours sincerely
Dianne Dever

1st December 2011 - GSSA Voters Roll Project - Letter S complete

When the eGGSA branch first started on Project S (the transcription of the whole of the letter S in the 1984 South African Voters' Roll, 296 668 names and addresses) we were simply just going to type forever!! You must know when the S's first arrived at my desk, I sommer put the computer off for 2 weeks, not knowing where to start. eGGSA's initial plans for handling the transcriptions were also put to bed and we had to come up with a new approach. The simplest for us was to approach anybody with even the remotest interest in the S-surnames, family and friends were also not safe.

The first of the S's were typed with the start of the Soccer World Cup in 2010. In the first quarter of this year we set ourselves a deadline for completing Project S by the end of December 2011. We typed right through the Rugby World Cup and today we won the S-CUP!!! The transcription of the letter S is now complete - 31 days BEFORE the deadline!!

Thank you so much to everyone who put so many hours into the project. We really appreciate your time, dedication, patience and friendship! I really enjoyed working with you guys! A big thank you to the S-pensioners who have offered to continue transcribing other surnames.  Alta Griffiths.

The Roll of Honour ( transcriber and number of names transcribed ):

Alet Swanepoel, 4200
Alta Griffiths, 26504
Amanda Stander, 4033
Annette Goussard, 3801
Carmen van de Riet, 3570
Carol Beneke, 10542
Celeste Rachman, 20055
Dalina van Zyl, 4242
Dan Strydom, 5271
Deirdre Eygelaar, 7519
Erna Buber-de Villiers, 715
Fay Lea, 588
Frans Rudolph, 28603
Gert Schepers, 106
Glynis Millet-Clay, 1053
Hannetjie Riekert, 76550
Heleen Nel, 11602
Hobbie Stoffberg, 4819
Jacobus Swanepoel, 7119
Jacqui Foster, 273
Judi Meyer, 5271
Karn Kruger, 1764
Kobus Snyman, 3507
Lee Marais, 273
Levien Smuts, 13399
Melanie Smit, 5271
Minnie Pretorius, 2814
Paul Bosman, 819
Paxie Kelsey, 3261
Richard Atkinson, 5271
Richard Wolfaardt, 26355
Straffen Short, 462
Swannie Swanevelder, 1197
Talita Lofty-Eaton, 1764
Tanite Smart, 1029
Tobie de Villiers, 421
Wolfaardt familie, 2625 (Richard Wolfaardt, Dalina van Zyl and Henry Wolfaardt)

Berlin Cemetery Register re-discovered

For some months now I have been nagging them at the Cambridge Cemetery Office for the Burial Register of the Berlin (Eastern Cape) Cemetery.

The lady at the Berlin Office. whom I know personally and who has lived in Berlin all her life, tells me that some years ago someone from the Town Office (Buffalo City) sent a courier out to collect the register, which now appeared to be lost?

Quite by chance, about three weeks ago, I mentioned this to a staff member who happened to be at the Cambridge Office. He told me he was sure he had seen the Register at the Mdantsane Office, just outside East London, and gave me the cellphone number of one of the supervisors whom he knew out there, I contacted the man and made arrangements for the register to be brought to the Cambridge Office.

Berlin is about 40 kilometres from East London. on the road to King William’s Town. It became part of East London in 1973, until which time it had its own Village Management Board. It was well populated with descendents of early German Settlers (hence the name).

There are very few descendants of the original German settlers now living permanently in Berlin but I am told that some of those who once lived there, when they pass on, are having their ashes, together with a Memorial Stone, placed on the grave of their parents.

I have now photographed and transcribed the register. The transcript can be searched on the eGGSA Burials page.

Brian Barrett

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  • promoting interest in the fascinating field of genealogy.

  • promoting a number of projects aimed at expanding the availability of South African genealogical sources online.

For many years, there have been people who, for various reasons, could not join a regular GSSA branch. Some of these reasons include living too far from a branch or living outside South Africa. These people still have a need to belong to a branch and to enjoy the benefits of GSSA membership, such as receiving GSSA's journal, Familia. eGSSA has been established to meet these needs. This is an ideal opportunity to become part of GSSA and to step into this exciting era.

At eGSSA we have an online shop where you can buy the various publications of the Genealogical Society of South Africa, as well as a number of other genealogical, historical and cultural items.

There are indexes to the articles in Familia, the quarterly journal of the GSSA and those in genesis, journal of eGGSA itself. In addition we now have a download library with some free books in pdf format, a number of documents from the South African Archives as well as photographs of graves in South African cemeteries.

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