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The 1820 Settler Correspondence
 as preserved in the National Archives, Kew
 and edited by Sue Mackay

Additonal Information

This is pre 1820 information mainly taken from actual images of UK parish registers and other primary sources which I have personally researched. Further information about the settlers and their families once they reached the Cape can be found at

Sue Mackay

FARLEY, Daniel - Extra Data


(member of HYMAN's Party)


Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Council Record Office


Daniel son of James and Ann FARLEY was baptised on 14 April 1790 in Heytesbury, Wiltshire


James FARLEY of the parish of Heytesbury and Ann BALEY of the parish of Bradford were married by Licence on the 20 August 1789 in Heytesbury, Wiltshire

Both made their mark

Witnesses: Jno. FERRIS and Sam'l MAYNARD

[On the same page there is a marriage of a James TURNER to an Elizabeth FARLEY on 10 May]


Somerset Archives and Local Studies


Daniel FARLEY of this parish, sojourner, and Elizabeth WOOLLY of the same parish, spinster were married by banns on 13th December 1811 in Shepton Mallet, Somerset

Both made their mark

Witnesses: Nathaniel YOUNG and David GAITE [David GAITE witnessed several marriages on the page and so was probably a parish official]


Elizabeth dau of Daniel & Elizabeth FARLEY, Kilver Street, Shepton Mallet, Private Marine, was baptised December 27th 1813 in Shepton Mallet, Somerset (born Nov 15th)

William son of Daniel & Betty FARLEY, Kilver Street, weaver, was baptised on Jan'y 16th 1815 in Shpton Mallet, Somerset (born same day)

Sarah dau of Daniel & Elizabeth FARLEY, New Street, weaver, was baptised on Oct 12th 1816 in Shepton Mallet, Somerset (born Sept 28th 1816)


Baptism of Joseph not found. Correspondence of T. BUNN dated 30 August 1819 states that Daniel FARLEY was living at Cox's Hill, Frome, Somerset, and had three children, William, Sarah and Joseph, so Elizabeth presumably died young. Daniel is said to be from Heytesbury, Wiltshire.


National Archives, Kew, London


ADM51/3543 Log of the Storeship Weymouth

The entry for Sunday 20 February says "Departed this life John CROUCH and James FARLEY settlers children"

The muster roll for the Weymouth ADM37/6145 lists under Settler Children: "Wm, Sarah and Jos’h FARLEY Jas.Farley DD 20 Feb" Although James is not listed as having been born on board, he is not mentioned in BUNN's correspondence above, nor does he appear in the Settler Return for HYMAN's Party. A later version of the muster roll lists Joseph's name in full, with the date of death as 20 Feb, so I think there was confusion between the abbreviations Jos. and Jas,, which can look very similar. The captain may well have looked at an abbreviation Jos. when he was writing up his log at the end of the day and written the child's name as James rather than Joseph. This is speculation on my part but I do not think there was ever a child called James.


ADM27/12 (Royal Navy Allotment Declaration) Foxhound [HMS Foxhound was a 16-gun sloop, originally the French Navy's brig Basque. She was captured in 1809 and sold in 1816]

Dan'l FARLEY PM  Mother Ann   Allotted 1 August 1810   Discharged 6 Mar 1812 at Plymouth


ADM22/305 (Greenwich Hospital Paybook of Naval Out-pensioners)

FARLEY, Dan'l, Colonist, Cape of Good Hope, last served on Foxhound. Pension paid to 30 Sep 1822 at the Cape of Good Hope.


In The Settler Handbook Elizabeth is listed as being a year older than Daniel. Her probable baptism is below:


Somerset Archives and Local Studies


Elizabeth daughter of Joseph and Ann WOOLLY baptised 8 August 1788 in Shepton Mallet, Somerset (born 16th July)


Joseph WOOLLEY and Ann MASTERS were married by banns on the 26 May 1779 in Pilton, Somerset

Both made their mark

Witnesses: Abraham HILL (X) and Maurice [TOMPSON] (X)


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