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The 1820 Settler Correspondence
 as preserved in the National Archives, Kew
 and edited by Sue Mackay

Additonal Information

This is pre 1820 information mainly taken from actual images of UK parish registers and other primary sources which I have personally researched. Further information about the settlers and their families once they reached the Cape can be found at

Sue Mackay

KESTELL, Charles - Extra Data


(member of MORGAN's Party)


Plymouth and West Devon Record Office


John KESTELL, a shipwright in the yard and Susanna JACOBS of this parish, spinster, were married by banns on the 29th May 1770 in St.Andrew with Luke, Stoke Damerel, Devon

John KESTELL (signed)

Susanna JACOBS (X)

Witnesses: Elizabeth BROWN (X) and Matt. DAWSON


The National Archives, Kew, London


Methodist Chapel, Plymouth Dock

1st March 1787 Charles KESTELL, son of John and Susanna KESTELL, baptised by the Rev. John WESLEY


Charles appears to have been baptised again as an adult into the Anglican Church, shortly after his marriage.


Plymouth and West Devon Record Office


Charles son of John and Susanna KESTELL born 14th February 1787, baptised 29 May 1809 in St.Andrew with Luke, Stoke Damerel, Devon


Other baptisms for children of John and Susanna(h) in St.Andrew with Luke, Stoke Damerel, Devon

John Charles baptised 3 February 1771 [buried 4 August 1774]

Elizabeth baptised 26 April 1772 [buried 26 August 1772]

Elizabeth baptised 18 April 1773 [buried 11 May 1774]

John George baptised 30 July 1775 [buried 7 July 1779]

Phoebe baptised 3 December 1776

William baptised 23 November 1777 [buried 5 January 1779 - same day second William was baptised]

William baptised 5 January 1779 [buried 4 May 1780]

Susanna baptised 25 August 1782

Harriet baptised 24 July 1785


Family Search


Charles KESTELL married Grace WHENMOUTH on 19 August 1808 in St.George, East Stonehouse, Devon


London Metropolitan Archives


KESTELL: John, son of Charles and Grace, of Church Street, Shipwright, baptised 20 August 1809 in St.Paul's, Deptford

KESTELL: Elizabeth, daughter of Charles and Grace, Griffin Street, Shipwright, baptised 19 January 1812 in St.Paul's, Deptford (born 3 October)


Baptism of Susanna not found. 


Welsh Archive Service:


Charles, son of Charles and Grace KESTELL, Pembroke, Shipwright, baptised 21 August 1818 in St.Mary's, Pembroke, Wales

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