PARKIN, John - Extra data


Leader of PARKIN's Party


Death Notice (Cape Archives) says that he was born in Topsham Devon and was 69 years 11 months on 13 October 1856, putting his birth around November 1786


Devon Record Office


John PARKIN and Elizabeth Abraham HOWARD of this parish were married by licence on 31 August 1809 in St.Edmund, Exeter

Both signed

Witnesses: John HOWARD, Bridget ABRAHAM, John HOWARD Jnr.


Elizabeth Abraham, daughter of John HOWARD and Elizabeth his wife was baptised 18th January 1789 in Exeter, St.Thomas



John, son of John and Elizabeth PARKIN, Westgate Quarter, Carpenter, baptised 31 January 1813 in Exeter St.Mary Steps

Elizabeth Howard, daughter of John and Elizabeth PARKINS, Old Bridge, joiner, baptised July 16th 1815 in Exeter St.Edmund

Isabella, daughter of John aned Elizabeth PARKIN, island, wheelwright, baptised October 20th 1816 in Exeter St.Edmund [buried 22 February 1818 in St.Mary Steps]

Robert, son of John PERKINS [sic] and Elizabeth Abraham, South Street, Joiner, baptised 4 May 1817 in Exeter St.Petrock 

Jane Abrams, daughter of John and Elizabeth PARKIN, Lower North Street, Carpenter, baptised 14 March 1819 in Exeter St.David