RUDMAN, Benjamin and Samuel - Extra Data


(members of SEPHTON's Party)


(see correspondence of Edward WYNNE)


National Archives, Kew


Particular Baptist Chapel, Devizes, Wiltshire RG4/2230 f11

The children of John RUDMAN (himself was born 27 January 1763) whose wife was Elizabeth, the daughter of Thos. ELLEN (his wife is a member)

James RUDMAN was born the 19 September 1788

Samuel 16 March 1790

Rachel 10 July 1791

William 24 December 1792 (died in infancy)

Benjamin 9 April 1794

Hannah 24 July 1796

Jonah 15 May 1798

Martha 4 August 1800

Mara 9 May 1802


London Metropolitan Archives:


Samuel RUDMAN married Ann TRINGHAM on 12 December 1819 in St.Andrew's, Holborn.

Both signed their names

Witnesses: Benjamin RUDMAN and Rachel STEVENS