WILKINSON, George - Extra Data


Leader of WILKINSON's Party


See Correspondence of his father, the Rev Thomas WILKINSON


Cambridge University Alumni

WILKINSON, Thomas: Adm. pens. (age 18) at TRINITY, Feb. 21, 1789. S. of Thomas, of London. School, Beverley, Yorks. Matric. Michs. 1789; Scholar, 1792; B.A. 1793; M.A. 1796; B.D. 1819. Ord. deacon (Peterb.), 1793; priest, 1795; C. of Wootton, Northants., 1795. V. of Kirk-Hallam, Derbs., 1801-41. R. of Bonnington, Kent, 1803-7. R. of Great Houghton, Northants., 1804-5. R. of Bulvan, Essex, 1805-30. R. of Armthorpe, Yorks., 1807-34. Author, Harmonia Apostolica, translated from the Latin. Died in 1841, 'aged 76.' Father of Thomas (1812). (Northants. Clergy; Foster, Index Eccles.; Clerical Guide; Clergy List; G. Mag., 1841, II. 328.)