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The 1820 Settler Correspondence
 as preserved in the National Archives, Kew
 and edited by Sue Mackay

Additonal Information

This is pre 1820 information mainly taken from actual images of UK parish registers and other primary sources which I have personally researched. Further information about the settlers and their families once they reached the Cape can be found at

Sue Mackay

WHITFIELD, Charlotte - Extra Data


(member of CLARK's Party)


Death Notice (Cape Archives) says she was born in London and died aged 85 in 1875, which would make her considerably older than the 23 given on the Settler Return when she emigrated. She emigrated as John BROWN's sister, but she was in fact John's common law wife and bore him five children after 1820, one of whom was born back in London.


Westminster Archives


Charlotte daughter of John WHITFIELD by Mary his wife baptised 17 March 1789 in St.Paul's, Covent Garden


Her father, John WHITFIELD, was an actor playing at Covent Garden at the time of Charlotte's birth.


From A Biographical Dictionary of Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Dancers, Managers, and other Stage Personnel in London 1660-1800 (Google Books)

John WHITFIELD (1852-1814)
...."was the son of the Covent Garden tailor and wardrobe keeper Robert WHITFIELD and his wife, a dresser at that house....WHITFIELD spent one season at Norwich, after which he joined James PERRY's Company at Canterbury (several sources place PERRY there in 1770). There WHITFIELD fell in love with a young lady with "cerulean" eyes, and in 1771 they eloped to 'French Flanders' and were married. They had to borrow money to return to England, by which time Mrs. WHITFIELD was pregnant and John was £50 in debt. We know from Mrs. INCHBALD's memoirs and from burial register entries that Mrs. WHITFIELD's maiden name was Mary LANE.....On 30 September 1774 Mary WHITFIELD made her debut as Harriet in 'The Miser', with her husband playing Clerimont. The WHITFIELDs remained at Covent Gaden for one season and then shifted over to Drury Lane for the final season of David GARRICK's management, 1775-76.....John WHITFIELD was reported at King's Lynn in the summer of 1784 and at Exeter during the 1784-85 season. In 1785 the WHITFIELDs made a second trip to the Continent, sojourning in Paris until the summer of 1786...They had returned to London by October 1786....John WHITFIELD gave up his situation at Drury Lane at the end of the 1797-98 season and once more signed on at Covent Garden.... Mary WHITFIELD died in December 1795 and was buried at St.Paul, Covent Garden on 24 December. John WHITFIELD, said to be from the parish of St.Dunstan in the West, aged 62, was buried by her side on 4 February 1814. he had died at Clifford's Inn on 27 January.
Canterbury Cathedral Archives
Mary daughter of William LANE and Sarah his wife was baptised January 12th 1752 in St.Andrew's, Canterbury
Westminster Archives
Siblings of Charlotte born to John WHITFIELD and Mary LANE
John Humphrey WHITFIELD of John and Mary baptised 18 July 1775 in St.Martin in the Fields (born June 25)
Harriott daughter of John WHITFIELD by Mary his wife baptised 11 July 1776 in St.Paul's, Covent Garden
John Thomas WHITFIELD of John and Mary baptised 15 February 1778 in St.Martin in the Fields
Anna Maria Emilia WHITFIELD of John and Mary baptised 21 March 1779 in St.Martin in the Fields (born March 2)
William Lancaster WHITFIELD of John and Mary baptised 21 January 1781 in St.Martin in the Fields (born Jan 2)
Belinda WHITFIELD of John and Mary baptised 24 February 1782 in St.Martin in the Fields (born 1 inst)
Carolina daughter of John WHITFIELD by Mary his wife baptised 10 March 1787 in St.Paul's, Covent Garden 
Warren Charles son of John WHITFIELD by Mary his wife baptised 24 March 1790 in St.Paul's, Covent Garden
[two of Charlotte's children born to John BROWN at the Cape were named Charlotte Belinda and William Henry Lancaster after her siblings]

London Metropolitan Archives


John Brown WHITFIELD, baseborn of Charlotte, born 14th Feb 1828, 14 Brownlow Street, Dressmaker, baptised 9 June 1828 in St.Giles in the Fields, Holborn


John BROWN's second daughter Ann, supposedly by his wife Ann CAVE, was given the middle name Whitfield.

Ann Whitfield, daughter of John and Ann BROWN, Kenton St, St.George's, Bloomsbury, Grocer baptised Oct 25th 1817 in St.George's, Bloomsbury (born September 21)

[John BROWN wote his application to emigrate from 48 Kenton Street]

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