DEVENISH, Sarah, 1826

National Archives, Kew, CO48/86, 117

34 Land? St



July 5th 1826

My Lord,

I presume the very great liberty of memorialising your Lordship for a free passage on board the Barbara, now going to the Cape of Good Hope, as I have an only brother Lieut. John DEVENISH settled in that colony some years, and am myself an orphan and will be totally destitute on the widow of Lieut. STRETCH embarking on the 7th inst for the Cape, unless you my Lord will take my case into your gracious consideration by humanely ordering me a passage in the same ship with the widow STRETCH, who was recommended to your Lordship by General BOURTH, now on passage to that Colony. I have the honor to be my Lord with the highest sentiments of respect

Your Lordship's obd't humble servant