OLIVER, Anne, 1827

National Archives, Kew, CO48/114, 385

No 3 Union Street
Walcot Place

December 6th 1827


Hoping you will pardon this intrusion I take the liberty of addressing you by the request and advice of Mr. CAPPERS respecting the death of William OLIVER otherwise JONES who was placed by government as town surveyor of the Cape of Good Hope. I am his lawful widow and was married to the late William OLIVER otherwise JONES 16th May in the year 1793 at St. Georges Hanover Sqr. I am personally known at late Lord Sidmouth office now marquis of Lansdowne having several times applied to government before my husband left England also since. Mr. CAPPERS informed me if I applied to you that you would no doubt send over immediately to the authority at Cape Town Cape of Good Hope to prevent any money or moneys being paid on property taking possession of on account of the estate of the late William OLIVER otherwise JONES

there is a person at the Cape of Good Hope who represents herself as the widow of William JONES and has authorised for all debts etc to be paid to her as his widow but she has no claim right or kith whatever

therefore I entreat you in the name of humanity and justice to assist me who has a just and lawful right

sir if you would be so kind to intervene for me in any way you shall [deem] proper, I shall feel myself truly grateful for your kind help & condescension