National Archives, Kew CO48/41, 583

Scotts Hotel

Clifford Street

9th Oct 1819

My Lord,

I hope you will pardon the liberty I am taking in forwarding to your Lordship the enclosed paper relative to an individual who has applied to me this morning under the following circumstances. He stated to me that he was an applicant to go to the Colonization of the Cape of Good Hope, that it was necessary to put forward of his views that he should be proved to be the person he states himself to be and that he had come here in expectation of finding my father in order to obtain from him a few lines proving him to be the son of a tenant of his. In consequence of my father's absence, and the individual, John PAYNE, stating to me that the delay requisite to his securing an answer from the country would forfeit perhaps the advantage of it. I have applied to my father's agent, who has written the enclosed statement in proving this being the person he represents himself to be. I beg leave once more to make my apologies for thus encroaching upon your Lordship's time and have the honour to be My Lord

Your Lordship's most obedient humble servant