National Archives, Kew CO48/41, 273

No.11 Cobbets Court

Spital Fields

July 29 1819

This Humble Petition of Thomas BANNISTER, Silk Weaver, humbly sheweth that after serving a faithfull aprenciseship to his business is now at the age of twenty seven a single man, now suffering under a deplorable want of employment.

And the Petitioner requests the asistance and aid of his Government to send him to the Cape of Good Hope where H.M. Gov't in thair wisdom has ordered colonization and in which establishment pray your Honor will in your goodness arrange me an establishment as a silk weaver, or any other occupation your Excellency may deem me worthy to be employed in and your humble Petitioner will ever pray.


My Petition is for a foreign establishment for the benefit of my country.