National Archives, Kew CO48/41, 469/470

King's Court

Sept 6th 1819

My Lord,

I am requested by John HUGHES and his party consisting of the persons mentioned in the accompanying paper to solicit your Lordship's attention to their proposal of becoming settlers at the Cape of Good Hope. They reside in the County I represent. I know some of them personally & all by character & consider them to be loyal correct people. They are willing to comply with all the regulations specified in the circular letter.

I am however aware that the applications of a similar nature are very numerous, but allow me to request your Lordship's particular consideration for the solicitation of these people as they have made their arrangements for leaving this country & from many whose circumstances will be material suffering if their proposal should be rejected, permit me then to add that I shall feel much obliged by your Lordship's kind compliance with their request.

I have the honour to be my Lord your Lordship's obd't & very humble sevt