DEER (or DYER), J.W. re James ERITH, 1820 Settler

National Archives, Kew CO48/42, 707

Admiralty Office 14 Aug 1819

Being acquainted with some of the connexions of Mr. James Thomas ERITH the writer [of] the accompanying Petition, I beg leave to acquaint you that I understand him to be a man of good character and integrity and in possession of about £1000. It is right however to observe [it is] some time since he applied for permission to proceed to the Cape of Good Hope which was [obscured], and it is supposed in consequence of [obscured] representation made by a person of the name of BEALE that the latter was unable to proceed to the Cape with certain other [persons] in consequence of Mr. ERITH having refused to abide by an engagement to accompany [him] but it appears that after the negotiation BEALE was entered into, the latter was [discovered].to be a Prisoner in the King's Bench f[or debt] & as he was anxious to obtain from ERITH [the] deposits required from him and the persons who were to accompany him, he considered that he was in danger of losing his money [and] therefore declined any further communication with him. Under these circumstances I hope that the prayer of the Petitioner will be complied with.

I have the honor to be Sir your most obedient and humble servant


[Transcriber's note: the name is given as DEER in The Settler Handbook, but the signature looks more like DYER]