HICKS, Samuel

National Archives, Kew CO48/43, 650

7 Walsingham Place


5th Aug't 1819

My Lord

Finding that it is the intention of his Majesty's Government, to hold out encouragement to such Persons as are desirous of becoming New Settlers at the Cape of Good Hope; I have presumed to take the liberty of addressing Your Lordship, for the purpose of soliciting your gracious sanction to my Request.

For a great many Years, I was employed by the most respectable Planters as Manager on Estates in the West Indies. I have since been employed as confidential Clerk by Mr DOUGAN, late receiver of His Majesty's Droits at Halifax, on American Property, capture previous to the declaration

of Hostilities. That Gentleman having made a Close of his Prize concerns and having no further employment for me, I find myself without Situation after a faithful discharge for 13 Years, of the important Trust reposed in me and am in consequence induced with much humility to solicit Your Lordships patronage, to appoint me to some small Civil employment at the Cape of Good Hope where I should be able to maintain my Wife and Children until I had brought that portion of land alloted to me, in such a state of Cultivation as to require no further Aid.

Your Lordship's kind attention, to this humble endeavour of mine, to obtain Employment and a livilihood will Relieve me from a State of the greatest despondancy and will be acknowledged with the most heartfelt gratitude.

I have the Honor to be, with the greatest Respect,

Your Lordship's most obedient and very humble Servant