National Archives, Kew CO48/43, 752

94 Copper East


25 August 1819

My Lord,

Several persons who feel themselves disappointed in the offers of the Govt not going the length they wish or from other causes have applied to me for the conveyance to the Cape of Good Hope & have requested us first to write to Your Lordship to enquire if they will be allowed free grants of land in the neighbourhood of Cape Town - or in any part of Cape District should they choose to go as far as Brede River where the land is represented as very fertile - provided thy put the Govt to no expense for their conveyance.

We are in the habit of supplying great numbers with passage to America and think we could contribute very materially to turn the tide of emigration to the Cape if we should meet with encouragement from Government. The Cape has always appeared to us as a much better place for the emigrant than America.

Your Lordship's speedy reply will oblige your hbl svt


[Written at foot of the page: If the individuals who naturally decide to emigrate apply to this office, they will receive the necessary information]