National Archives, Kew CO48/43, 913



15 November 1819


I beg to be excused for troubling your Honour with these lines as I have seen a circular letter of the 15th of last month concerning pensioners as settlers to be allowed to proceed to the Cape of Good Hope i have rote according to the information i have seen in the knews paper to the Secretary at War and he sayes that i must apply to the Secretary of State for the Home Department through your Honour i would wish to go as a settler to that country and i hope your Honour will be so good as to pardon my presumption and let me know the allowance and if i can receive my pension and who i am to aply to in this country for further instructions. By so doing you will much oblige your very humble servant


late Sergeant 88th Foot out Pensioner of Chelsea at 9d per day