National Archives, Kew CO48/45, 208

73 London Wall

[received Sept 9, 1819]

My Lord,

Being about to engage persons to proceed to the Cape of Good Hope I respectfully solicit your Lordships Answer to the following questions to enable me to make my arrangements with greater Certainty.

First - what tonnage will persons taking out Ten Settlers be allowed

Second - will means of Conveyance from the place where the Settler may be landed to to [sic] the Spot where he will be located be provided at the expence of Government or must the Settler provide these at his own costs

And last - will the Settler have the advantage of the exchange between this country and the Colony upon the sums (£10 - for each family) deposited in the hands of Government here - or will it be a mere payment to him by the authorities in the Colony of a sum of ten pounds (Cape Currency) for every family settling under his direction.

Begging your Lordships early attention

I am, My Lord

(very respectfully)

Your obedient humble servant