WANSEY, Henry re HYMAN's Party, 1820 Settler

National Archives, Kew CO48/46, 573


8th November 1819

My Lord,

I am desired by a Vestry Meeting held today (to consider the means to enable certain members in this parish already accepted) to emigrate under Government regulations to the Cape of Good Hope to request from yr office to inform us where the money we provided is to be paid.

Also that if any of those recommended & the money deposited according to directions above requested shall be ultimately rejected, whether such money will be [refund] again or substitutes received.

We understand that the Party to which this letter has reference is Charles HYMAN of Short Street near Westbury as the representative of ten or eleven & the information received is through Henry HILL Esq, the Commissariat Department, to whom a letter (by mistake) was directed instead of the Principal. Any information will be [received] gratefully my Lord by

Your most obedient humble servant