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UK settler locations please?

Blakelaw Farm was the birthplace of William Dods PringleAs part of eGGSA's contribution to the 1820 settler bicentennial, Sue Mackay is planning to add photographs of UK settler locations to The 1820 Settler Correspondence section of the eGGSA web site. She has lots of photographs of churches where baptisms and marriages took place, but would be grateful to receive any non copyright pictures of farms or houses where settlers are known to have lived prior to emigration. If you can contribute any such, please contact Sue Mackay.

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1820 Settlers' Correspondence - update

Sue Mackay writes: I have just added extra pages on these settlers

James RICHARDSON, leader of Richardson's Party

William Senior DENTON, member of Richardson's Party

Charles DENTON, member of Richardson's Party

There has been a wealth of confusion surrounding these three, and their connection with the name SENIOR/SENYOR/SAYNOR, and I have spent ages sifting through original parish register entries for Sheffield.

As a result I have made a couple of leaps of faith (backed up by the evidence as I see it) which would seem to contradict a lot of "facts" circulating about these families. I'd be grateful if anyone descended from this line can tell me whether I have been literally barking up the wrong tree. I have tried to set out the facts from original sources found whilst at the same time allowing for an element of doubt.

Do you think I am right in thinking that Charles DENTON was not William Senior DENTON's older brother but his stepfather?

You can contact Sue here: Editor, 1820 Settler Correspondence

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