eGGSA - 2020 Annual General Meeting

We would like to use this opportunity to wish all our members the best for 2020 and to thank you for your continued support of our branch and GSSA.

The GSSA constitution requires us to hold an Annual General Meeting. Our version of this meeting is rather unconventional as we do it all via e-mail. Fortunately the constitution also recognises eGSSA’s unique set up. Lynn Couperthwaite keeps track of all the e-mails counting towards the quorum. Our meeting opens 14 February 2020 and closes midnight SA time 21 February 2020. Members are invited to participate in the meeting. If you have any matters to discuss or suggestions to make, please let us know before 22 February 2020. Comments and feedback can be sent to Lynn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If we do not hear from you, we will take it that you are in agreement with the points raised below. Please keep in mind we want to hear from you.

On our agenda:   1. Approval of the Annual Report for 2019
                               2. Electing the management members for 2020

1. Our Annual Report for 2019 can be found for download on our eGGSA Branch Annual Reports Page. This gives a summary of the branch structure, projects and other activities over the past year. A copy of the report will be submitted to the GSSA National Executive Council (NEC) after the elections.

2. Electing the management team members for 2020

We need to elect the management team for the coming year – the team is responsible for the day to day activities of the branch.
No new nominations were received as a result of our circular dated 4 January 2020. The existing management team members have indicated that they are available for re-election.

If, however, you would like to fill any of the positions yourself, or nominate any member, then we must hear from you before 21 February, so that we can arrange an election if necessary. At the same time we would also like to know if you are happy with the nominations and ask for seconds.

Current Management Members:
• Alta Griffiths - Chairperson
• Daan Hamman - Vice-Chairperson
• Carol Beneke - Treasurer
• Lynn Couperthwaite
- Membership services, communication and marketing
• Richard Ball - Web Services
• Judi Meyer - Editor genesis

Additional members:
• Annelie Els - Editor Stamouers
• Corney Keller - Dutch Transcriptions
• Daan Botes - Postcards
• Riana le Roux - Cemetery Project

Thank you
Alta Griffiths
12 February 2020