Eastern Province Herald (later The Herald)

Eastern Province Herald 1861 - 4 - October to December

Tuesday 1 October 1861

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on the 30th September, the wife of Mr. J. Seymour FAIRBRIDGE of a son. [sic - should be F. Seymour FAIRBRIDGE]

MARRIED at Cape Town my Special Licence, on 22nd September 1861, by the Rev. J. Rabinovits, Joseph WALLACH Esq, to Henrietta, eldest daughter of E. GABRIEL Esq, of Schievelbein, Prussia.

The Coldstream, 758 tons, Capt. W.Q. KENNEDY, which it will be remembered was at this port two years ago, arrived on Saturday morning last with immigrants for the Eastern Province, after a passage of 75 days. The previous voyage to this port she made in 57 days, being the shortest of any of the emigrant ships for this Province since the commencement of the scheme.
The Coldstream embarked emigrants at Southampton on July 12 and sailed on the 15th of that month, but, owing to heavy south-west gales, did not reach Finisterre until the 17th day; experienced little or no north-east trades, and had a long passage to the equator, which was crossed only on the 41st day from leaving port.
The south-east trades proved equally unfavourable, which caused several days beating on the Brazilian coast. Indeed, until arriving in Lat. 24 S, she can scarcely be said to have had really a day’s fair wind.
On Friday evening last the Coldstream was seen beating into the Bay during the furious nor-wester, elsewhere referred to in our columns; but at last dropped anchor three or four miles outside the shipping. She beat up to her berth the following morning, the weather having moderated.
Both the Surgeon-Superintendent, Dr. DYER, and the captain, having had much experience in carrying emigrants, state that they have never had a more orderly or better conducted body of emigrants under their charge.
No deaths occurred, and there was only one birth during the voyage.
Mr. LONGLANDS, the Immigration Agent, immediately visited the ship, and was on board several hours. Most of the permit cases landed on Saturday afternoon, and the others were landed early yesterday morning, and at once received at the depot.
These new arrivals seem a respectable class of men, and appear in excellent health and spirits. We cordially welcome them on their arrival at our shores, and wish them every success. By industry, perseverance and temperance, they cannot fail to attain it.
Before leaving the vessel, addresses (which will be found in another column) were presented to Dr. DYER, thanking him for his kindness and attention during the voyage.
The following alphabetical list of the immigrants who have just arrived, showing their names, ages and occupations, will be useful not only to the immigrants themselves but to those who may require their services.

ANDERSON, William 22 cabinet maker; Rot. 1055. Per. 974.
    going to Thomas BLAIR, baker, of Port Elizabeth.
ANDERSON, John 30 baker
BRIEN, Ann 25 farm servant; Rot. 1292. Per. 1197.
    going to Mary WALSH, servant, of Port Elizabeth.
BECKETT, Frederick Thomas 29 bricklayer; Maria Elizabeth, 31; and 4 children
BROWN, David 21 ploughman
BISSET, John 25 mason; Mary, 26
BISSET, David 36 joiner; Margaret, 35; and 5 children
BAIRD, Jane 28 house servant
CASHIN, Patrick 22 labourer; Rot. 1121. Per. 1039.
    going to Bridget CASHIN, house servant, of Port Elizabeth.
CASHIN, Julia 19 house servant; Rot. 1121. Per. 1039.
    going to Bridget CASHIN, house servant, of Port Elizabeth.
CROUCH, Elizabeth 41 dressmaker; Rot. 1234. Per. 1142.
    going to Edwin PRIOR, bootmaker, of Cowie-street, Grahamstown
COONEY, Thomas 21 farm labourer; Rot. 1244. Per. 1150.
    going to John TIGH, labourer, of Port Elizabeth.
CUSENS, George 41 carpenter; Mary, 40; Edward Adolphus, 17, shipwright;
    Annie, 12; and 4 children
CULLEY, Janet 27 housemaid; Rot. 1367. Per. 1202.
    going to William BELL of Port Elizabeth.
CURTIS, Patrick 30 farm servant; Sarah, 21; and 1 child. Rot. 1270. Per.1176.
    going to D. McGRATH, labourer, of Port Elizabeth.
COONE, Eliza 18 housemaid and laundress; Rot. 1304. Per. 1209.
    going to Thomas COONE, labourer, of Port Elizabeth.
COLLETT, William 29 shoemaker; Eliza, 25; and 2 children
COX, James 28 mason's labourer; Eliza, 28
COLLEN, George 23 butcher
COMPTON, Oliver 26 gardener; Harriet, 29; and 1 child
CAMPSIE, James 20 joiner
CAMPBELL, John 23 joiner;  Eliza, 22
CARRUTHERS, James 26 bootmaker
DOYLE, Michael 24 labourer; Rot. 1103. Per. 1021.
    going to Thomas POWER, gardener, of Port Elizabeth.
DONNELLAN, Bridget 18 house servant; Rot. 1302. Per. 1207.
    going to Sabina DONNELAN, servant, of Port Elizabeth.
DESMOND, John 29 shoemaker; Ellen, 27; and 1 child. Rot. 1289. Per. 1194.
    going to Edward DESMOND, bootmaker, of Port Elizabeth.
DUFFY, Maria 18 housemaid; Rot.1301. Per. 1206.
    going to Bridget DUFFY, servant, of Port Elizabeth.
DWYER, Ellen 20 house servant; Rot. 1352. Per. 1251.
    going to Patrick DWYER, Private in the Fontier Armed Police, Oatlands, Graham's Town.
DICKERSON, Thomas G. 48 storeman and general labourer; Jane Maria, 35; Charlotte Elizabeth, 21, milliner;
    Josephine, 19, house servant; John Eastly, 18, carpenter and cabinet maker;
    Jane, 13, nursemaid; and 3 children
DENNIS, William 46 farm labourer; Elizabeth, 45; Miriam, 19, needlewoman; Emma, 15; and 1 child
DERSLEY, Robert 39 miller; Mary, 41; Louisa Elizabeth, 15, nursemaid; Robert David, 14;
    Thomas William, 12; and 3 children
DAVISON, Jemima   general servant. Rot. 1402. Permit not received.
    going to John CHANNER, plumber, painter &c of Graham's Town.
EGAN, Richard 24 wheelwright; Ann Dee, 24; Rot. 1146. Per. 1062.
    going to John Hyde JARVIS, wheelwright, of Port Elizabeth.
FINCHAM, Henry 22 farm labourer; Sophia, 23; and 1 child
FINCHAM. James 20 farm labourer
FROST, Charlotte 21 schoolmistress; Rhoda, 18, house servant
GERATHY, Eliza 23 housemaid; Rot. 1302. Per. 1207.
    going to Sabina DONNELAN, servant, of Port Elizabeth.
GARRETT, Charles Edward 23 joiner; Annie, 23; Rot. 1294. Per, 1199.
    going to Frederick GARRETT, saddler, of Fort Beaufort.
GUTHRIE, Adam 21 currier
GIBSON, James 22 ploughman
HANLIN, Michael 24 labourer; Rot. 1055. Per. 974.
    going to Thomas BLAIR, baker, of Port Elizabeth.
HUGHES, William 16 house painter; Rot. 1142. Per. 1058.
    going to James WARD, hotelkeeper, of Bathurst-street, Graham's Town.
HEWITT, William 29 sawyer and labourer; Lydia, 2; Rot. 1272. Per. 1178.
    going to George UPTON, farm servant, Koonap, Fort Beaufort
HEWITT, T. 19 carpenter; going with Wm. HEWITT.
HEDLEY, William 30 whitesmith
HEFFER, Charles 25 general labourer; Myra, 24; and 1 child
HAWKINS, William 27 carpenter and joiner; Catherine, 25; and 1 child
HACKNEY, John 32 ploughman; Agnes, 26
IMRIE, Robert 30 baker
ISBELL, Elizabeth Ann 32 milliner; Rot. 1283. Per. 1189.
    going to James ISBELL, public teacher, of Caledon Street, Uitenhage.
JONES, Richard 32 sawyer; Rot. 1217. Per. 1129.
    going to Thomas JONES, sailmaker, of Port Elizabeth.
JOHNSTONE, Catherine 21 house servant; Rot. 1300. Per. 1205.
    going to Arthur McALEEN, tidemaster, HM Customs, Alice-street, Port Elizabeth.
KELLY, John 23 hatter; Rot. 1242. Per. 1148.
    going to john PURNALL of Queen's Street, Port Elizabeth.
KERWAN, Daniel 35 police constable; Mary Ann, 24; and 2 children. Rot. 125. Per. 1190.
    going to Jeremiah CAREW, labourer, of George Town.
KEAY, William 37 joiner; Helen. 38
KEARNEY. Bridget 18 farm and house servant; Rot. 1287. Per. 1192.
    going to Patrick KEARNEY, labourer, of Port Elizabeth.
KEARNEY, John 26 farm labourer; Mary, 25, farm servant; Rot. 1287. Per. 1192.
    going to Patrick KEARNEY, labourer, of Port Elizabeth.
KEARNEY, Edmund 22 farm labourer; Rot. 1287. Per. 1192.
    going to Patrick KEARNEY, labourer, of Port Elizabeth.
LARKIN, Bessie 18 house servant; Rot. 1025. Per. 1018.
    going to Maria MADDEN, house servant, of Port Elizabeth.
LONGMAN, Joseph 21 shoeing and general smith
LANHEDY. Mary 18 house servant; Rot. 1120. Per. 1038.
    going to Mary O'LOUGHLAN, servant, at Mrs. PINCHINS', Port Elizabeth.
LLOYD, Mary 20 house servant; Rot. 1360. Per. 1289.
    going to James LEWIS, chief constable of Burgersdorp, Albert.
LEONARD, George 18 farm labourer
LANSDELL, Thomas Stephen 36 farm labourer; Ellen, 31; and 3 children
LUCAS, Sarah Maria 19 nurse; Rot. 1232. Per. 1140.
    going to John LUCAS, sawyer, of Cross-street, Graham's Town.
LOGAN, James 24 blacksmith
LESLIE, David 23 ploughman
MADDEN, Tim 30 labourer; Mary, 22; and 2 children. Rot. 1103. Per. 1021.
    going to Thomas POWER, gardener, of Port Elizabeth.
MADDEN, Ellen 5 cook; Rot. 1103. Per. 1021.
    going to Thomas POWER, gardener, of Port Elizabeth.
McKEON, Bessie 18 housemaid; Rot. 1247. Per. 1153.
    going to Mary McKEON of Port Elizabeth.
MEARS, John 25 farm servant; Margaret, 23, house servant. Rot. 1263. Per. 1168.
    going to Patrick MEARS, mason's labourer, of Port Elizabeth.
MARKS, Stephen 19 farm labourer; Rot. 1268. Per. 1174.
    going to Michael MULLINS, storeman, of Port Elizabeth.
MORONEY, James 16 farm servant; Rot. 1306. Per. 1211.
    going to Michael MORONEY, house servant, of Port Elizabeth.
MINOGUE, Thomas 18 farm labourer; John, 14, farm servant; Rot. 1305. Per. 1210.
    going to John MINOGUE of Port Elizabeth.
McNAMARA, Bridget 18 house servant;
    going to Martin McNAMARA, labourer, of Port Elizabeth.
MIZEN, Job 32 shoemaker
McLEOD, John 26 storeman, going to Mr. McDONALD of Port Elizabeth.
McKENZIE, Thomas 21 cabinet maker
McLENNON, Margaret 20 housemaid
MURRAY, Ann 20 house servant
McFARLANE, James 21 cartwright
McLAREN, Malcolm 23 carpenter
NOONAN, James 40 farm labourer; Annie, 38; Michael, 17, farm labourer; and child;
    going to Mary NOONAN of Port Elizabeth
NORRIS, Joseph 21 carpenter and joiner
NEWTON, William 20 carpenter
O'LAUGHLAN, Catherine 20 house servant; 
    going to Mary O'LOUGHLAN, servant, of Port Elizabeth.
OGILVIE, William 22 gardener; Mary Ann, 22
POWER, Ellen 20 house servant;
    going to Pat. DWYER, private in F.A. Police, Otlands, Graham's Town.
PITTARD, Amelia 27 dressmaker;
    going to John LUCAS, carpenter, Graham's Town.
PEACHY, Mary Ann 24 house servant; Emma, 20, house servant; Reuben, 22, farm labourer
POWELL, Robert 19 farm labourer
PARSONS, George 19 fellmonger
PEACHEY, Job 16 farm labourer
PEEBLES, George 22 blacksmith
PORTER, Alexander 40 farm bailiff; Mary, 30; and 3 children
PRICE, William 39 carpenter;
    going to Thomas PRICE, tailor of Graham's Town.
QUINN, …. 44 stone mason; Rose, 43; Michael, -, stone mason; and child
    going to Patrick QUINN, mason, of Port Elizabeth.
ROGERS, Bartholomew 24 farm servant; Margaret, 22, house servant; Jane, 19, house servant;
    going to Patrick ROGERS, labourer, of Port Elizabeth.
ROACH, David 20 farm labourer;
    going to James ROACH, labourer, of Port Elizabeth.
RIDING, Thomas 25 mason; Mary, 20, farm and house servant;
    going to Martin O'RIEN, labourer, of Port Elizabeth.
ROBINSON, Joseph 25 farm labourer; Thomas, 18, farm labourer;
    going to J. CAWOOD of Port Elizabeth.
ROBINSON, Abraham 28 labourer; Hannah, 27; and 2 children
    going to J. CAWOOD of Port Elizabeth.
RYAN, Bridget 17 house and farm servant; Jane, 19, house and farm servant;
    going to Daniel RYAN of Graham's Town.
RILEY, Woolstan Edwin 16 butcher
RAYMOND, George 23 carpenter and joiner; Eleanor, 24; and infant
RITSON, John H. 19 farm labourer
RAMSAY, James 24   ploughman
REEKS, Abraham 23 carpenter
SHANAHAN, Thomas 23 farm labourer;
    going to Mary SHANAHAN, house servant, of Port Elizabeth.
STRIDE, David E.  39 farm labourer and jobbing carpenter; Maria Elizabeth, 40, tailoress;
    Frances Elizabeth, 17, dressmaker; and 1 child
SUNTER, Thomas 23 carpenter
STEWART, Eratos 21 ploughman; Margaret, 20
SAUNDERS, John 23 cabinet maker
SWANSON, John 40 cooper; Elizabeth, 33
SMITH, Robert 42 carpenter; Jane, 42; Edward, 18, shoemaker; Charles, 15, labourer;
    Jane, 20, house servant; and 1 child
TOOKER, Ann 21 laundress; Bridget, 23, house servant;
    going to Maria TOOKER, house servant, Port Elizabeth.
TERWIN, George 26 farm and general labourer
TERWIN, Maria 20 general servant
TAYLOR Frederick 30 carpenter; Sophia, 31 and 3 children
VINE, John 22 farm labourer
WOOD, Janet 32 wife of James WOOD, the applicant, and 2 children
    going to James WOOD, boatman, of Port Elizabeth
WALL, Maria 18 house servant;
    going to D. McGRATH, labourer, of Port Elizabeth.
WHATNELL, Elizabeth 20 house servant
WALL, James 24 bricklayer
WEIR, Ann 20 cook
WHITTON, David 26 ploughman; WILTON, Thomas, 27, ploughman; Ann, 20; and child
WINCH, Edwin 19 carpenter and pianoforte key maker

Friday 4 October 1861

DIED at 12 o’clock precisely on the night of the 2nd inst, Emily Jane, the twin infant of M.S. FITZGERALD and Georgiana his wife, aged 3 months. Though young, she died regretted.
Port Elizabeth 3rd Sept. 1861

DIED on the night of the 2nd inst, Charles Edward, aged 11 months, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John HEUGH.

Tuesday 8 October 1861

DIED at Port Elizabeth on the 5th inst, Thomas Francis, the beloved son of Francis and Lizzie DUFFY, aged one year four months and eleven days.

DIED this morning at 4 o’clock of Croup, Henrietta, the dearly beloved daughter of M.S. FITZGERALD and Georgiana his wife, at the interesting and premature age of 8 years and 6 months, truly and sincerely regretted.
Port Elizabeth, 8th October 1861.

Friday 11 October 1861

BIRTH at Hopetown on the 28th ult, Mrs. Edward J. BIDDULPH of twin daughters.

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on the morning of the 10th inst, the wife of Mr. James BRISTER of a son.

Friday 18 October 1861

BIRTH on the 5th October, at the Heath Farm, Plettenberg’s Bay, the wife of J.J. MILLS Esq. of a son.

DIED at half past 5 o’clock on the evening of Tuesday 15th inst, William Ferdinand, the well-beloved child of M.S. FITZGERALD and Georgiana his wife, at the age of 5 years 3 months and 18 days – thus perishing three children of the same parents within thirteen days, which melancholy bereavement they most sorrowfully deplore.
Port Elizabeth, 18th October 1861.

Friday 25 October 1861

DIED at Port Elizabeth on Saturday last, the 19th inst, Mr. A.R. CRUIKSHANK, aged 22 years, native of Banff, Scotland. Deceased had been a resident of this town for three years, and was much respected by all who knew him.

DIED at his residence, Main-street, Mr. James CAMPBELL, aged 44 years, leaving a widow and 2 children to mourn his loss.
Port Elizabeth, October 19th 1861.

Friday 1 November 1861

have removed to the stores in Fleming-street, between the Post Office and the Commissariat.

In Spe Vivimus
A meeting of the above Society will be held in the Court House, kindly granted for the purpose by the Civil Commissioner
on Tuesday evening the 12th instant
upon which occasion the Tonic-Sol-Fa Class will sing several favorite pieces.
The Revd. John HARSANT has kindly consented to preside. Full particulars will be given in next week’s Herald and Telegraph.

The Undersigned having taken over the above Brewery from Mr. W. PHILLIPSON, begs to inform the inhabitants of Port Elizabeth and the surrounding Country, that he is prepared to supply them on the same terms.
A large stock of the following always on hand:- Soda Water, Lemonade, Ginger Beer, Lemon Syrup, Peppermint Syrup &c.
Robert WILSON.

Friday 8 November 1861

DIED on the 2nd inst, Charles Edward, the fourth and last child of M.S. FITZGERALD and Georgiana his wife, at the tender age of four months. “Blessed are they who have no children to mourn for”.

Herm. VON RONN has removed to the stores in Jetty-street, lately occupied by Mr. Maurice JOSEPH.

Tuesday 12 November 1861

MARRIED on the 5th inst, at St.John’s Church, Fort Beaufort, by the Rev. T. Johnson, Military Chaplain, Captain William Henry LOWTHER, H.M. Indian Army, son of the late W, LOWTHER Esq., Bengal Civil Service, to Amelia Jessie, fourth daughter of R.J. PAINTER Esq. J.P. M.L.A. of Yellow Wood Trees, division of Fort Beaufort.

MARRIED on the 7th inst, At St.Mary’s Church Port Elizabeth, by the Rev. E. Pickering, Colonial Chaplain, George Robert, second son of Mr. Samuel STREET, to Isabella Lydia, eldest daughter of William SMITH Esq, Mayor of Port Elizabeth.

MARRIED at Port Elizabeth on the 5th November, by the Rev. J. Harsant, W.H. PHILLIPSON to Eleanor Agnes CAREY.

BIRTH at Alexandria on the 9th inst, Mrs. Louis A. CHABAUD of a son.

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth, November 9th 1861, Mrs. George BIRT of a daughter.

A correspondent, writing from the district of Cradock, to the Burghersdorp Gazette, says:-
The measles is raging to a fearful extent in this and part of the Middelburg districts. Several deaths have occurred from it. On the farm Schoongesigt, on the confines of Middelburg district, on the main road from Middelburg to Burghersdorp, six deaths have occurred from the measles. The deceased are children of N. VAN DE WALT, four grown up and two infants. J. COETSEE and wife, of this district, also died a few hours after each other, and are buried in one grave.

Tuesday 19 November 1861

DIED at Uitenhage on the 13th November 1861, Herman Thomas DE VILLIERS, beloved fourth son of J.G.S. DE VILLIERS.

Friday 22 November 1861

BIRTH at Hope Town on the 11th inst, the Lady of F. ENSON Esq. of a daughter.

Friday 29 November 1861

A man named WILLIAMS, formerly master blacksmith in the Civil Engineer department, at East London, is reported to have been found dead on the road near Berlin. It is said that there were some bruises about his person.

BIRTH on the 28th inst, the wife of Mr. Robert S. JONES of a son.

I, Thomas NELSON, intending to ,leave the Colony for a time, have granted to my son John Edward NELSON, of Cradock, a General Power of Attorney to manage my affairs in my absence.
Graham’s Town, 26th Nov 1861

Tuesday 3 December 1861

The Undersigned beg to notify that they have entered into Partnership as Timber Merchants under the style or firm of Henry N. CHASE & Co.
Henry N. CHASE
Port Elizabeth
2nd December 1861
With reference to the above Notice, the Undersigned beg to inform their Friends and the public generally that they are erecting a
for Cutting Timber on their premises, situate between the Immigration Depot and Victoria Quays, and that they are shortly expecting a large supply of Deals, Flooring & Ceiling Boards, Mouldings and other Building Materials, of which notice will be given on arrival.
A large and varied supply of Cut Deals, deep and flat, will always be ready for immediate orders.
Henry N. CHASE & Co
Phoenix Steam Mills
Victoria Quay.
Office in Main-street.

Friday 6 December 1861

MARRIED at Port Elizabeth on the 5th inst, by the Rev. E.D. Hepburn, Mr. J. MACANDREW, of Port Elizabeth, to Charlotte, second daughter of W. ROBERSTON Esq, Merchant, Aberdeen, Scotland.

MARRIED at Port Elizabeth on Thursday 5th December 1861, by the Rev, John Harsant, Pastor of the Independent Church, Mr. John Howorth CHILTON, formerly of Huddersfield, Yorkshire, to Miss Ann Maria HEALEY, formerly of D’Urban, Natal.

The following particulars of a case of suicide in the Zwaart Ruggens have just reached us. Under date 27th Nov 1861, a correspondent writes: On Friday the 15th inst. a man named Andrew McCONNEL, residing at Dantje’s Kraal, Zwaart Ruggens, put an end to his existence by cutting his throat with a razor. The deceased was a transport rider, and returned home from Port Elizabeth on the 23rd ult, suffering very greatly from dysentery; he was confined to his bed until the 15th inst, when his wife, having left home for a short time, on returning found her husband lying in bed with his throat cut; he lived about an hour, but could not speak. Deceased has left a wife and two children to deplore their loss.

Friday 13 December 1861

DIED at Seven Fountains on Saturday the 7th inst, Alice Maria FINLAYSON, aged 18 months. Friends will please accept of this notice.

Funeral services upon the death of the Rev. J. TINDALL were preached on Sunday last in all the Wesleyan chapels throughout the Western circuit.

We regret to record the death of the Hon. Harry RIVERS, Treasurer-General, which melancholy event took place on the 6th instant.
Mr. RIVERS was one of the oldest living members of the colonial civil service. He was born at Bradmore, in Middlesex, in the year 1785; and had thus, though still in the active discharge of his official duties, attained the ripe age of seventy-four. [sic]
In 1808 he entered the home civil service of the East India Company, in which he held responsible appointments. In 1813, during the discussion on the renewal of the Company’s charter, he was actively and confidentially employed, in conjunction with the late Sir Stamford RAFFLES, Peter AUBER Esq, and the present Sir James MELVILLE K.C.B. Three years afterwards, however, urgent invitations reached him from his brother-in-law, Henry ALEXANDER Esq, then colonial secretary at the Cape of Good Hope, with encouraging assurance of Independence and prosperity being readily obtainable in the colony. He arrived at the Cape in 1816, and in 1818 married Mrs. CAMPBELL, widow of Lieut-Colonel Donald CAMPBELL, and daughter of the late P.L. CLOETE Esq. The unexpected death of Mr. ALEXANDER, which occurred in that year, proved unfavourable to Mr. RIVERS’ prospects, and he was accordingly induced to accept from the Governor, Lord Charles SOMERSET, an offer of employment in the colonial service. The office to which he was at first temporarily appointed was that of Wharf-master in Table Bay.
On the arrival of the British Settlers in 1820 he was appointed to the onerous post of Landdrost of the Albany, which he filled to the satisfaction of all parties, though he had much to contend with at the time in the administration of the duties connected with his office. In 1825 he was appointed Landdrost of Swellendam, which appointment he held for sixteen years. In 1834 he organized and conducted to the frontier a levy against the Kafirs, for which he was complimented by the then Governor, Sir B. D’URBAN.
In the year 1842, in consideration of his services during a period of twenty-three years, attested by Governors NAPIER, D’URBAN and COLE, Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for the Colonies promoted him to the office of Treasurer and Accountant-General at Cape Town. This post he held for a period of seventeen years more; and discharged the duties of it unostentatiously, but efficiently, throughout. In virtue of his office he was a member of the Executive Council, and held a seat in the Colonial Legislature as one of the four official representatives of the Government.
The funeral of the hon. gentleman was to take place on Saturday afternoon last, and all the public offices were to be closed to enable the officers of the Government to attend it.
[Transcriber’s note: His Death Notice says he was 76 when he died.]

Tuesday 17 December 1861

MARRIED at St.Paul’s Church, by the Rev. T. Brooks, Capt. Smith Freeman ROBERTS, of Liverpool, Nova Scotia, to Sarah, youngest daughter of the late Mr. James BLAKER of Lancing, Sussex.

DIED at Cape Town on Tuesday the 3rd inst, after a few days illness, Ann Mary, the beloved wife of R.L. CRUMP Esq. of Port Elizabeth.

Friday 20 December 1861

DIED at Amsterdam Flats on the 19th, William Douglas DENT, aged 5 months, son of William DENT of Port Elizabeth.

Friday 27 December 1861

DIED at Port Elizabeth on the 25th Dec 1861, George Herbert, youngest son of Mr. Charles INNGS, aged 10 months.

Tuesday 31 December 1861

DIED at Port Elizabeth on the 30th inst, John Andrew SPENCE, aged 11 months, beloved son of John and Susannah SPENCE, Queen-street, Port Elizabeth. All relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, which will leave his father’s residence tomorrow, 1st January, at 4pm.
Port Elizabeth
December 31st 1861.

DIED at Uitenhage on the 26th December 1861, after a lingering illness, James Martin, youngest son of John and Elizabeth FLETCHER, aged six months, deeply regretted.

DIED at Port Elizabeth on Thursday the 26th instant at 5pm, Lucy Emma, twin daughter of William and Mary PUCKLE, aged 21 months.

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