Eastern Province Herald (later The Herald)

Eastern Province Herald 1862 - 2 - April to June

Friday 4 April 1862

DIED on the evening of 31st March ay 10 o’clock, Mary Ellen, the beloved child of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Martin MILLER.

Tuesday 8 April 1862

BIRTH on Friday the 4th inst, at Port Elizabeth, Mrs. Edward H. NORTON of a daughter.

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on the 8th April 1862, the wife of Mr. H.M.H. ORPEN of a son.

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on the 6th inst, the wife of Capt. MARSH of twin daughters.

DIED at Port Elizabeth on the 7th inst, George John CALLAGHAN, youngest son of John and Janett CALLAGHAN. of Nanega.

Friday 11 April 1862

Mr. TAINTON, of Fort Peddie, the Journal informs us, died very suddenly on the 7th inst. He was making preparations for a sea voyage, with the view to join some friends, and, while in the act of writing a letter, he breathed his last. Deceased was oner of the original British settlers, and was very much esteemed.

Tuesday 15 April 1862

DIED on the morning of the 14th inst, Frances Esther, the beloved wife of Thomas WORMALD Esq, aged 35.

Friday 18 April 1862

BIRTH this morning on the Hill. Mrs. George D. SMITH of a daughter.
Port Elizabeth, April 17th 1862.

DIED at his residence, North End, on the 16th April 1862, William DAY, aged 21 years.
The Funeral will take place tomorrow (Good Friday) at 4 o’clock. Relatives and friends are most respectfully invited to attend.
Timothy LEE, Undertaker
Port Elizabeth
17th April 1862.

DIED at Port Elizabeth on Thursday morning, 17th inst, at half past five, Emma, twin daughter of Mr. James MASON.

DIED at Port Elizabeth on the 16th inst, Henry [L…Y], Commander of the [Lady Morn]. aged 60 years.

My Wife, Cecillia HARCOMBE, having absented herself from my house without my consent, I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by her.
Port Elizabeth
14th April 1862.

Tuesday 22 April 1862

MARRIED on the 22nd inst at Trinity Church, Port Elizabeth, by the Rev. W.A. Robinson, Arthur Newman, third son of Mr. Samuel STREET, to Mary Ann Elizabeth BEZANT, of Graham’s Town.

DIED at Port Elizabeth on the evening of Good Friday, 18th inst, at Mr. J.A. DREYER’s, on the Hill, after a protracted illness, John Richard HOVIL Esq, aged 36.

The Adelaide, of [820] tons, owned by Messrs. Somes of London, left Southampton on the 21st February for Algoa Bay, with a full complement of “permitted” emigrants and others, selected for the Cape colonial government by Mr. Arthur C. SAUNDERS. They are under the medical charge of Surgeon-Superintendent F.O. ROBERTS, and number 261 souls, equal to 228½statute adults, comprising 38 married couples, 73 single men, 52 single women, and 60 children and infants. From among the Mr. SAUNDERS appointed Mrs. Emma FRENCH to be matron, and Mr. H.W. BIDWELL to be schoolmaster. The Adelaide is the thirty-second free emigration ship despatched wholly at the colonial expense under the local act of 1857, the operations of which has so added 9,273 souls to the population of the colony.

Friday 25 April 1862

BIRTH at Richmond on Thursday the 17th inst, the wife of Mr. M.M. TAIT of a daughter.
Richmond, April 22nd 1862.

A brutal assault was committed at Adelaide on Friday last on the person of a woman named Ellen DYASON, by a man named Hugh McINTYRE, with whom she was cohabiting. The woman, whose body is bruised in every part in the most disgusting manner, has been brought into the hospital in the gaol here, and her life is in a precarious state. McINTYRE was examined before the Resident Magistrate on Monday last, and committed for trial. Bail was refused. – Fort Beaufort Advocate.

Mr. T.J. MATHEW Sen., an old and highly respected citizen of Cape Town, died very suddenly during the night of 17th inst. He went to bed in his usual health and was found dead next morning.

A warrant has been issued by the Landdrost of Winburg, and £25 reward offered, for the apprehension of Peter EHM, alias Joseph [SOMMER], late chief constable of Winburg, on a charge of murder committed in the Cape Colony, and who it seems has escaped from the gaol at Wynberg, in the night, between the 7th and 8th inst. This man is a German, late of the Legion, and as will be remembered, murdered in a most atrocious manner, one Sergeant HARPER, at Wooldridge, near Fort Peddie.

Friday 2 May 1862

MARRIED at the Wesleyan Chapel on Tuesday the 8th inst, by the Rev. E.D. Hepburn, Josias, eldest son of Henry HOWARD Esq. of the Royal Engineer department, to Julia Martha, youngest daughter of the late Benjamin WRIGHT Esq. of Grahamstown.

BIRTH on Thursday May 1, at her residence on the Hill, the wife of Mr. Geo. [SHAW], of a daughter, still born.
Port Elizabeth May 2nd 1862.

Tuesday 6 May 1862

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on the 1st May 1862, the wife of Mildway WOLFE Esq. of a son.

DIED at Uitenhage on the 27th April 1862, in the 73rd year of her age, Mrs. CROWE, the beloved wife of Joseph CROWE Esq. (half pay [60th Rifles]) leaving a disconsolate husband and a large family of children and grandchildren to mourn their irreparable loss.
Uitenhage, 6th May 1862.

Friday 9 May 1862

Mr. Theunis BOTHA, a respectable Dutch farmer from the sister colony was, we are informed, found dead a short distance from the village of Maclean on Monday last. When discovered, he was lying with his face to the ground and his arms crossed: his horse being tied up close by, and the marks of his footsteps indicating that he had dismounted and laid himself down in the position in which he was found. – King William’s Town Gazette.

Friday 16 May 1862

MARRIED at New Church on the 7th May 1862 by the Rev. J. Harsant, Andrew Joshua, youngest son of J. WEST Esq, to Mary Ann, second daughter of Henry CANNON Esq, Cookham, Berkshire, England.

MARRIED on the 12th Dec. 1861, at Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia, by the Rev, Father Smyth, and also on the same day, by the Rev. James Louw, Samuel SMITH M.R.C.S., England, late Surgeon in The Hon, the Hudson’s Bay Company’s Service, to Mary Elizabeth, third daughter of Roger FLANNIGAN Esq, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

DEIED at Time Villa, Oakfield Road, Penge, Surrey, on the 24th March 1862, Emily, the beloved wife of William SAVAGE Esq, of the firm of Savage and Hill, of this Town.

Tuesday 20 May 1862

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on the [16th] inst, the wife of W.R.D. FYNN of a daughter.

DIED on the 16th inst at her residence on the Hill. [……. Louisa TAYLOR], aged [..] years, [beloved wife] of Mr. J. […] TAYLOR, Carpenter.
The Funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at [..] o’clock. [Relations and friends] are respectfully [invited] to attend.
Timothy LEE, Undertaker
Port Elizabeth, May 20 1862.
[Most of notice worn away]

To the Editor of the E.P. Herald
13 John St., London, April 1862
We much regret to inform you, that in consequence of the sudden death of Mr. Thomas ORFEUR, late master of the barque Mururi, who died at Algoa Bay on the 17th January last, on board his vessel, his widow (expecting shortly to be confined) and three young children, aged respectively seven, five and three years, are left totally destitute and unprovided for.
We are endeavouring to raise a sufficient sum to establish her in a school at Yarmouth, her native town, and should you feel inclined to assist us in this, we should feel very thankful for any donation you might give us towards this project.
Mr. Alfred TAYLOR, of Algoa Bay, has kindly consented to receive all monies subscribed on behalf of Mrs. ORFEUR; and we sincerely trust that the friends of her late husband, residing in the colony, will all contribute towards the severity of her case.
We are yours respectfully,
Owners of the barque Mururi

Friday 23 May 1862

BIRTH at [Murraysburg] on the 11th May, Mrs. Hermann MOSENTHAL of a daughter.

DIED at Alexandria on the 16th inst, [Wilhelmina], youngest child of [surname totally rubbed away], aged 17 months.

Friday 30 May 1862

DIED at Fauresmith, Orange Free State, on Saturday morning the 17th May 1862, the Rev. John AYLIFF, Wesleyan Missionary, late Governor of the Heald Town Station, aged 64 years, after a severe illness borne with patience and fortitude for six weeks. He died as he lived – a Christian.

Friday 6 June 1862

BIRTH on the 5th inst, Mrs. W. VERITY of a son.

Tuesday 10 June 1862

The immigrant ship Adelaide, Capt. F. SAYER, arrived here yesterday afternoon, after a long and tedious passage of 101 days from Southampton. All is well on board, and the immigrants are said to be as fine and healthy a lot as have yet been received. In consequence of the heavy surf, they will not be landed today, but have been supplied with fresh provisions, and, if the weather permit, will be disembarked early tomorrow morning. The following is an alphabetical list of the new arrivals, showing their names, ages and occupations:-

ANDERSON, Ann 43   milliner; Mary Jane, 17; Ann Eliza, 15; and two children
    going to John MATTHEWS, carpenter, Port Elizabeth.
ALLAN, George 21 carpenter
ANGUS, Alexander 20 farm servant; Thomas. 12
ASPLAND, James 22 farm labourer
AINSLIE, Helen 30 cook; going to her brother.
BRENNAN, James 21 labourer;
    going to Ellen BRENNAN, servant, Port Elizabeth.
BURRIDGE, Charles 23 horse keeper;
    going to Jeremiah GOLDSWAIN, Alexandria.
BROWN, Ann 21 dressmaker;
    going to Thomas BROWN, mason, Port Elizabeth.
BRIDGEMAN, Mary 19 house servant;
    going to Margaret O'BRIEN, house servant, Port Elizabeth.
BOYSE, Anne 21 house servant;
    going to John FITZPATRICK, storeman, Port Elizabeth.
BODDINGTON, John S. 17 plumber, painter &c; 
    going to William BODDINGTON, bootmaker, Graham's Town.
BRYAN, Elizabeth 18 housemaid
BRANFORD, George 22 shoeing and jobbing smith; Elizabeth, 19; and infant
BIDWELL, Henry W. 31 lithographer; Mary Elizabeth,24; and two children
    going to GODLONTON and WHITE
BARTON, Frederick 40 farm labourer; Frances, 34; Emily, 16; Charlotte, 14;
    and six children
BLEATHMAN, George R. 28 wheelwright; Eliza, 27
CHAPMAN, David F. 21 bricklayer
CUNNEEN, Patrick 30 shoemaker; Bridget, 26
    going to Michael CLOHESSY, labourer, Port Elizabeth.
CONNELLY, Bridget 18 housemaid;
    going to Maria CONNELLY, Port Elizabeth.
CASEY, Catherine 21 servant; Mary, 18
    going to Patrick CASY, labourer, Graham's Town.
CONNORS, Daniel 17 farm servant; 
    going to Margaret CONNORS, Port Elizabeth.
COOKE, Daniel 31 farm labourer; Sarah, 33
    recommended to Mr. AYLIFFE, of Heald Town.
COOKE, Anne 26 house servant;
COOPER, Sarah M.  28 dressmaker; and child; going to join her husband.
CAMPBELL, John 20 farm servant
CAWSTON, Charles 20 farm servant
COOKE, William J. 25 carpenter
DWYER, Michael 19 butler;
    going to Patrick DWYER, [labourer], Port Elizabeth.
DIMOND, Thomas 44 cooper; Alice, 42; Sarah, 18; Nicholas, 14;
    going to Catherine DIMOND, Port Elizabeth.
DEEGAN, Martin 44 agriculturist; Elizabeth, 28; and 3 children
    going to John QUINN, bootmaker, Port Elizabeth.
DOWING, John 33 farm servant; Susan, 29; and 3 children
    going to Richard DOWING, agriculturist, Port Elizabeth.
DONALD, Anthony 19 blacksmith
DICKSON, Patrick 26 farm servant; Margaret, 21
DANIEL, William 19 joiner
DOWNS, Thomas 21 groom and gardener
DENNIS, John 42 farm labourer; Caroline, 40; William, 17, farm labourer;
    Emma, 15; Mary, 12; and 4 children
DENNIS, James 20 farm labourer; Maria, 17
EGERTON, Eliza 37 shirt maker; Eliza, 18, servant; William, 16, errand boy
    going to William JENKINS, Graham's Town.
EARP, Frederic 20 blacksmith
ENWOOD, George 26 harness maker
EDMONDS, Emma M. 18 housemaid
ERSKINE, Henry 22 wheelwright
FORDE, Patrick 27 tailor;
    going to Dennis KEIGHRY, Graham's Town.
FRENCH, Charles D. 27 stableman, butcher, stockman and sheepsharer [sic]; Emma 28
FITCHETT, James 23 baker; Christina, 24; and child
FRAZER, William 23 mason; Margaret, 22
FINCHAM, Dyson 21 farm labourer; Ellen, 22
FINCHAM, Edward   farm labourer; Susan, 45; Ann, 14; and 3 children
FLACK, Emma 7 Joseph, 5
GLEESON, Michael 19 labourer; Catherine, 14; Terence, 24, labourer
    going to Patrick GLEESON, labourer, Port Elizabeth.
GAMBLE, Mary A. 65  
GOLD, Robert 28 shepherd; Jane, 18
HEHIR, Timothy 19 shoemaker; Ellen, 21, house servant
    going to Patrick HEHIR, bootmaker, Port Elizabeth.
HOPKINS, Edward W. 12 going to Richard EDWARDS, Gola Drift.
HOWES, John 29 brickmaker; Mary, 31; and 6 children
HOCKLEY, Frederick 18 farm labourer
KEIGHRY, James 22 labourer; Martin, 24, ploughman
    going to Dennis KEIGHRY, hotel-keeper, Graham's Town.
KEALY, Margaret 19 house servant;
    going to William R. KENNETT, storeman, Graaff-Reinett.
KEY William 24 carpenter
KING, Henry 32 farm labourer; Elizabeth, 28; and 3 children
LAMB, John 26 carpenter; Maria, 24
    going to Dennis KEIGHRY, hotel-keeper, Graham's Town.
LAMB, Mary Ann 22 house servant; Thomas, 22, carpenter; Bridget, 18, house servant
    going as above
LARKIN, Patrick 20 labourer;
    going to Catherine LARKIN, Port Elizabeth.
LONG, William 23 carpenter;
    going to Annie CAREY, servant, Port Elizabeth.
LE DAIN, Ann E.J. 19 servant
LONDON, Septimus 25 carpenter; Emma, 20
LUCAS, William 21 farmer
MOLONEY, Mary 24 house servant;
    going to Mary CLANCHY, house servant, Port Elizabeth.
McMURRAY, Mary 55 winder of cotton weft
    going to Adam McMURRAY, blacksmith, Graham's Town.
McDONALD, James 27 plasterer; Mary 19
    going to Ann BOLINGBROKE, house servant, Graham's Town.
MEANY, John 25 farm labourer;
    going to Michael CLOHESSY, labourer, Port Elizabeth.
McGRATH, Thomas 24 shoemaker; Margaret, 22; and three children
    going to David McGRATH, shoemaker, Port Elizabeth.
MARENN, Mary 20 house servant;
    going to Royd TOY, servant, Uitenhage.
MINAHAN, Charles 40 mason; Bridget, 38, farm servant; Martin, 17, labourer;
    going to Thomas MINAHAN, labourer, Port Elizabeth.
MAHER, Edmund 19 carpenter; Mary, 18, servant;
    going to Ellen MAHER, servant, Port Elizabeth.
MULLINS, Mary 22 house servant; 
    going to John FITZPATRICK, storeman, Port Elizabeth.
MORGAN, Honora 20 farm servant;
    going to Margaret CONNORS, Port Elizabeth.
MORRISON, Maria Jane 27 (wife of John MORRISON, Colonial applicant) and child
    going to John MORRISON, boatman, Port Elizabeth.
McGRATH, Catherine 42 house servant;
    going to David McGRATH, shoemaker, Port Elizabeth.
MADDEN, Ellen 18 servant;
    going to Maria MADDEN, servant, Port Elizabeth.
MELROSE, John 45 farm servant; Helen, 42; Robert, 23, farm servant;
    Alexander 14; Agnes, 12; and child
MASTERTON, Bernard 45 farm servant; Ann, 44; John, 20, farm servant;
    Janet, 12; and 3 children
MANN, John 39 farm servant and sawyer; Jane, 38;
    John, 18, cabinet maker; Jane, 15; and 2 children
McGREGOR, David 20 blacksmith
MACK, Alexander 70 farm servant
MIDDLETON, Robert 21 farm labourer
NORTH, Robert C. 13  
NEWING, Jepperson J. 17 farm labourer; Christiana, 16, house servant
    going to their uncle, J. NEWING, Graham's Town.
O'BRIEN, William 43 labourer; Catherine, 40; Thomas, 17, labourer; and child
    going to Margaret O'BRIEN, Port Elizabeth.
PERKINS, Frank 19 carpenter;
    going to H. PERKINS, Robertson.
PEARCE, James 29 bailiff; Mary Ann, 29
    going to J.C. HATTER, Post Retief.
POTTS, Sarah 22 housemaid; 
    going to A. ALLCOCK, Graham's Town.
PARISH, John 27 railway labourer; Mary Ann, 25; and infant
PEACHEY, Charlotte 19 house servant
PEACHEY, Charles 19 farm labourer
QUICK, William 47 baker; Sally, 48; Ann, 18, housemaid;
    Charlotte, 14, general servant; Alice Mary, 12; and 3 children
    going to Ambrose TOBY.
QUINLIVAN, Michael 24 labourer; 
    going to Michael QUINLIVAN, labourer, Port Elizabeth.
REA, Joseph 21 labourer; 
    going to Thomas REA, storeman, Graham's Town.
RYAN, John 20 labourer;
    going to William WALSH, labourer, Port Elizabeth.
RYALL, Rosina 18 house servant;
    going to her brother, Richard RYALL, Graham's Town.
REEVE, William 19 farm labourer
RUMBLE, Daniel 24 farm labourer
RILEY, John 25 farm labourer
STEYNOR, William 18 general labourer;
    going to John MALLORS, farmer, Uitenhage.
SEPPLES, Mary 18 house servant;
    going to Michael QUINLIVAN, labourer, Port Elizabeth.
SHAUGHNESSY, John 36 labourer; Mary, 33; and 2 children
    going to Michael SHAUGHNESSY, labourer, Port Elizabeth.
SELBY, Isaac 23 joiner; Ann, 23; and 2 children
SWAN, James 27 joiner; Isabella and child
SWAN, Edward 18 joiner
SHUTIE, William 25 mason
SKEEN, James 22 farm servant
STEBBINS, John 20 shepherd
SMITH, Harvey 19 bricklayer
SUCH, George 20 farm labourer
TOY, John 19 farm labourer;
    going to Royd TOY, servant, Uitenhage.
TRACY, Patrick 24 labourer; and McNAMARA, John, 15
    going to Martin McNAMARA, labourer, Port Elizabeth.
TIFLIN, Henry 23 carpenter; Elizabeth, 21
TODD, Emily 23 housemaid
TAYLOR, Robert 25 joiner
WALSH, Edmund 43 sawyer and labourer; Alice, 39; and 3 children
    going to William WALSH, labourer, Port Elizabeth.
WALSH, John 24 farm servant; going as above.
WARD, Thomas 24 joiner
WILSON, John 26 shoemaker
WHELAN, Charlotte 45 teacher, needlewoman and housekeeper

Friday 13 June 1862

DIED on the 12th inst. at her residence, North End, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann HILLS, aged 24 years and 6 months.
The funeral will take place this afternoon at half past 3 o’clock. Relatives and friends are most respectfully invited to attend.
Timothy LEE, Undertaker.
June 13th 1862.

DIED on the 12th inst. at the residence of Mrs. TURNER, adjoining the Roman Catholic Church, Miss Mary J.F. STONE, aged 26 years.
The funeral will take place on Sunday next, the 15th inst, at 4 o’clock. Relatives and friends are most respectfully invited to attend.
Timothy LEE, Undertaker.
June 13th 1862.

Those of our readers who knew him will regret to hear of the death, at Fauresmith, on the 17th ult, of the Rev. John AYLIFF, so well known as the missionary under whose conduct the Fingoes were liberated from Kafir bondage, and located in the colony, in 1835. Mr. AYLIFF’s career in the country was an eventful one. Casting his lot amongst the British Settlers of 1820, he, at an early period after his arrival, attached himself to the Rev. W. SHAW, under whose auspices he proceeded to Kafirland, as one of the earliest missionaries to that country. Here it may be truly said “he was in perils [often]”, but with that heroism which marks the devoted missionary, he maintained his position. He was spared to see his sons, four in number, attain to highly respectable positions in this country – to be active workers amongst those who, by their intelligence, their industry and their perseverance, are advancing successfully in every way the best interests of British South Africa.

Friday 20 June 1862

Dr. RUBIDGE [is next door] to the late residence of Dr. DUNSTERVILLE.

DIED at [Uitenhage] Town on Sunday 8th instant, Mrs. Sarah HYMAN, relict of the late Mr. William HYMAN, deeply regretted by [text worn away..] family and large [circle of friends]….the deceased 54 years and [3] months.

We record with regret the death, by the accidental discharge of his gun, of the eldest son of Mr. Benjamin BOOTH, of Hammonds, near Fort Beaufort. The deceased, who was about nineteen years of age, went out in search of some lost goats, and while getting into a tree his gun fell, and the hammer striking against one of the branches, the gun went off. The ball entered below the knee and came out about six inches above, completely shattering the joint and upper leg bone. He lay for some time where he fell in a fainting condition, but was at length discovered and taken home. Medical aid was at once sent for, and amputation pronounced necessary, but the operation had scarcely been performed an hour ere the lad died. He was the grandson of Mr. GODLONTON.

A man named John WILLIAMS, a European, was found dead yesterday near Riet Vley. He had apparently been drinking, and had died from exposure during the night.

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on the 19th inst, Mrs. J. DORWARD of a son.

Tuesday 24 June 1862

DIED on the 22nd inst, at Queen-street, in the 23rd year of her age, Jane, wife of Henry Coles BAKER.
Timothy LEE, Undertaker
Port Elizabeth, June 24th 1862.

A sad and melancholy accident occurred on Tuesday last, at Alleman’s Poort, about half way between Queen’s Town and Aliwal. Mr. W.C. PETERS, of Smithfield, with his wife and family, were returning from Port Elizabeth. They were travelling in a busk wagon laden with goods – a temporary tent had been placed on the hind part of the wagon, under which were seated, at the time of the accident, Mr. and Mrs. PETERS and five young children; his eldest son - a fine lad, 12½ years old – together with a European man, were sitting on some cases in the fore part of the wagon. In coming through the poort, at 8 o’clock in the evening, the wagon was upset in a sluit. Mr. and Mrs. P. together with the five children fortunately sustained no injury, and managed to extricate themselves at once. Not so, however, with those in front. The night was very dark and cold, and in the confusion caused by the accident no matches could be found. At length when a light was procured and the cases with some difficulty removed, a sad sight presented itself; the man, still alive, though seriously injured, was extricated, and is now doing well, but Mr. P’s eldest son was found quite dead, his body being completely crushed by the weight of the load, Every assistance was rendered by the neighbouring farmers. We deeply sympathise with Mr. and Mrs. PETERS in their mournful loss. – Aliwal North Express.

A melancholy accident occurred on Thursday morning, the 12th June, at Mossel Bay, by which a promising youth, a son of Mr. Samuel WIGGETT, lost his life. It appears that while taking two horses to the water, one of them, which was loose in front, suddenly stopped short and kicked him in the bowels, causing such injuries that he died the following morning.

Friday 27 June 1862

DIED at Graham’s Town on the 25th June, Frederick JONES, in his forty-first year.

BIRTH at Richmond on the 22nd inst, Mrs. J.S.O. BRINK of a son.

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