Eastern Province Herald (later The Herald)

Eastern Province Herald 1863 - 3 - July to September

Friday 3 July 1863

BIRTH on Friday the 3rd inst, at the Fishery, Mrs. Clement W. FRAMES of a son.

DIED at Uitenhage on the 18th June 1863, Jno. H. ALLISON, of Roode Wall, aged 36 years and 6 months. Deeply regretted.
[Transcriber’s note: This must be the death of Henry ALLISON, whose Death Notice can be found here. His wife Anne Phillis Maria died at Roodewal on 11 April 1863 – see issue of 17 April]

Friday 10 July 1863

The undersigned begs to notify to the Public that he has taken into partnership Mr. John WILSON, and that the Business will in future be conducted under the style or firm of TROLLIP & WILSON, who respectfully solicit a continuance of that patronage which he has so long been favored with.
Queenstown, July 1 1863.

DIED at Zuure Bron, Gamtoos River, on the 10th Jun 1863 at the residence of her nephew, W. METELERKAMP Esq, Cornelia Johanna HOETS, aged 65 years, deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.

BIRTH on the 8th, the wife of W. PUCKLE of a daughter.

Friday 17 July 1863

BIRTH at St.John’s River on the 11th June, the wife of Mr. P. HUGHES of a daughter.

A warrant has been issued for the apprehension of S.J. MEINTJES, late of Graaff-Reinet, for fraudulent and culpable insolvency.

FRAMES, wife of Clement W., of a son, on July 4.
HARRIS, wife of T.M., of a daughter, on June 28, at Port Elizabeth.
PASSMORE, wife of J.T., of a son, on June 21, at Rufane Vale.
PUCKLE, wife of W.M., of a daughter, on July 8.
SCRIVENOR, wife of H.M., of a daughter, on June 26, at Port Elizabeth.
TEASDALE, the wife of C., of a daughter, on the 14th inst, at Port Elizabeth.
BARRICK, William Hill, to Jane, youngest daughter of Capt. W.M. BAXTER, on June 18, at Port Elizabeth.
ALLISON, John H., on June 18, at Uitenhage.
HOETS, Cornelia Johanna, on June 10, at Zuure Bron, Gamtoos River.
KEMP, P.J., on June 21, at [Gamtoos River Mouth Place.
MACNEILL, Robert, on June 24, at Boenligte, Somerset East.

Tuesday 21 July 1863

BIRTH at Beaufort West on the 29th May, Mrs. James LAMB of a son.

The little town of Uitenhage was startled out of its propriety last Friday by the sad intelligence that Mr. Henry DRURY, snuff maker of that town, had been found dead in his manufactory. From all we can learn it appears that Mr. DRURY rose very early on that day, about 3 o’clock, and went out, his wife supposing he was going into the country. Late in the afternoon, however, he was discovered in his snuff manufactory, seated on a chair, with his head upon his arm, leaning on the table, but quite dead. A pot-mortem examination has since been made by Dr. McMASTER, but we have not yet heard with what result. Mr. DRURY leaves behind him a wife and a large family, who are thrown into great distress by this sudden catastrophe.

BIRTH at Boulogne Sur Mer, France, the wife of Capt. Henry R. [VI….], of the 2nd Battalion 10th Regt. Foot, [….. …] County of Carlow, of a son and heir.

DIED suddenly [at his residence on the Hill] on Monday evening, [July 20], Mr. J.A. BARRY, aged [..] years.
Port Elizabeth, July 21st 1863.

Friday 24 July 1863

MARRIED on Thursday the 23rd inst, by the Revd. D. Murphy DD, Charles Wemyss, second son of Joseph PEARSON Esq. of Simon’s Town, to Caroline Louisa Mary, only daughter of the late A. WILMOT Esq. of [Berwickshire]

Tuesday 28 July 1863

BIRTH at Balmoral Baths, Mrs. J.W. CLARK of a son.

DIED on the 26th inst. at Capt. [G.C.] WATTs residence, Queen-Street, James Philip WATTS, aged 11 years, 8 months and 20 days.
The funeral will take place this afternoon (Tuesday) at 4 o’clock. Relatives and friends are most respectfully invited to attend.
Timothy LEE, Undertaker
Port Elizabeth, July 27th 1863.

Tuesday 4 August 1863

Notice is hereby given that the Partnership hitherto existing between the Undersigned, under the style or firm of ASPELING & BREHM, has this day been dissolved by mutual consent.
Uitenhage, 1st August 1863.

On Thursday last, while Mr. P. CONRADIE, P.son, was returning from Bot River to Worcester with his family in a cart, in crossing the River Zonder End the vehicle was upset, and Mrs. CONRADIE and child drowned. The driver saved Mr. CONRADIE’s life with great difficulty; but all exertions to recover the wife and child were ineffectual, as the river was rapidly rising at the time.

Friday 7 August 1863

BIRTH on Prince Alfred’s Day, at Port Elizabeth, Mrs. John TUDHOPE of a son.

DIED on the 2nd August instant, William TERRY, aged 67 a native of Devon, for 17 years a resident in this town. Regretted by the many who knew him.

Tuesday 11 August 1863

The Undersigned begs to notify to the Public that he has taken into Partnership
Mr. Francis THOMPSON,
and that the Business will in future be carried on under the style of firm of RUMSEY & THOMPSON, who respectfully solicit a continuance of that patronage which he has so long been favoured with.
Port Elizabeth, August 10 1863.

A serious accident occurred last Thursday at Port Beaufort, on the occasion of the marriage of Mr. COLLARD to Miss WHITE, which again shows how careful inexperienced persons ought to be in dealing with cannons. On the occasion an Englishman, Joseph SOMERS, and some others resolved to mark the happy event by the firing of two small cannons, which had previously been used on board some merchant vessel. After several shots had been fired, they were told to leave off, as the marriage service was about to commence, but they would have “one shot more”. The shot not going off immediately, Joe SOMERS put the thumb of his left hand on the […..hole] and commenced ramming down the charge, when the cannon went off, carrying away part of the thumb of the left hand and the forefinger of the right hand, besides shattering the thumb and second finger, and a part of the palm of the right hand. Fortunately DR. WHITE was immediately in attendance, or the consequences ought to have been still more serious. – Advertiser and Mail.
[Transcriber’s note: The marriage register for Port Beaufort, Swellendam shows that the marriage was that of James Hewlett COLLARD to Catherine Elizabeth WHITE on 30 July 1863]

Friday 14 August 1863

DIED on Saturday August 8th 1863, at his residence, Prince-street, North-end, Port Elizabeth, Mr. Henry STAINES, native of Essex, England, aged 53 years, 5 months and [..] days. Deceased was for 32 years a resident of this place.

DIED on the Farm of Mr. L.P. VERMAAK, de Hoek, district of Alexandria, Oliphant’s Hoek, on the 31st July 1863, Cornelis Johannes MULLER Senr., aged 67 years, 9 months and 27 days, leaving a widow and a large circle of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to deplore his loss. Friends at a distance will please accept this notice.
[Notice repeated in Afrikaans]

Friday 21 August 1863

Whereas my Husband, James HILL, has inserted a notice in the Eastern Province Herald that I had separated from him; I hereby give notice that my said husband deserted me without cause, and has left me without any support whatever.
Uitenhage, 17th August 1863.

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth, August 19th 1863, Mrs. James RICHARDS of a daughter.

BIRTH at Uitenhage on Monday the 10th August, the wife of Dr. DYER of a son.

Tuesday 25 August 1863

BIRTH at Uitenhage on Wednesday 19th August, the wife of J. BIRCH Esq. J.P. of a daughter.

MARRIED August 18th 1863, in the Wesleyan Chapel, Port Elizabeth, by the Rev. John Richards, Mr. William Abram OXENHAM to Emma Lardner, second daughter of Mr. Richard GREENWOOD, of Port Elizabeth.

DIED at Palmiet River, at the residence of his son, Henry Edgar BAGOT Esq, in the Ward Great Winter Hoek, in the district of Uitenhage, on the 8th inst, Captain Robert Wood BAGOT. The deceased was by birth and in manners a perfect specimen of the true Irish gentleman, and had attained the age of upwards of 90 years. He retired on half pay from the 45th Regiment as Captain; and in the year 1819 when the five thousand Volunteer British Settlers accepted the offer of the Home Government to replace the elder Dutch Colonists of the Zuurveldt, who had fled their homesteads before the Kafirs, he cast his lot among those adventurers, and struggled with them through the subsequent wars and trials, one of the British Brothers, who had the honour to establish the Eastern Province of this great Colony. In the wars of 1834-35 he was appointed by His Excellency, “the good and great” Sir Benjamin D’URBAN, as major commanding the 1st Battalion of Provisionals, and did effective service in that arduous strife with the enfuriated barbarians, and received the acknowledgments of the Governor in general orders. For many years past he has retired from active life], but retained his faculties to the last, being able until lately to visit the town of Uitenhage, a distance of 35 miles. He expired without a struggle or a groan; “as if a candle had burnt out”, and the old soldier now reposes near the base of the towering Strydomberg. He died a firm believer in the Great Atonement.

Friday 28 August 1863

MARRIED in the Dutch Reformed Church at Uitenhage on the 19th August, by the Rev. Mr. Steytler, Mr. Ruben George VERITY, of Cradock, to Miss Hester Susanna FROST, second daughter of Mr. John FROST of Uitenhage.

DIED at Uitenhage on the 26th inst, Emma, twin daughter of Mr. D.J. ASPELING, aged 4 months and 11 days.

A very sad accident occurred at Panmure on Thursday last. Two little children, son and daughter of Mr. WALLACE, the Episcopal clergyman of East London, were on a visit to Panmure, and in the course of the afternoon were taken out for a ride to Cambridge. The little boy, seeing some flowers by the road side, expressed a wish to get them. The carriage was accordingly stopped, and a servant sent to pluck the flowers. The child in his eagerness to get them reached too far out of the carriage and overbalanced himself, falling upon his head and breaking his neck. His death was instantaneous. A lady who was in the carriage at the time was so much affected by the sad accident that she went into a succession of fainting fits, and is still lying, we hear, in a precarious state. The effect of the tidings upon Mrs. WALLACE, the mother of the little boy, was similar, and she remains still completely prostrated. The child was only four or five years of age. The funeral took place this morning. The greatest sympathy is expressed by the inhabitants of East London for the bereaved parents. – Kaffrarian Recorder.

Friday 4 September 1863

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on Sunday the 30th August, the wife of Geo. Martin MILLER of a son.

MARRIED on the 1st inst, in St.George’s Cathedral, by the Bishop of Grahamstown, Commissary-General DRAKE C.B. to Miss WOOD, daughter of the Hon. Geo. WOOD M.L.C.

Tuesday 8 September 1863

MARRIED 26th August 1863, at the residence of D. McKENZIE Esq, Paarde Poort, by the Rev. W. Heugh, Mr. Samuel T. WATSON of [Wolvefontein] to Ellen PRIME, only daughter of Mrs. Wm. MACHIN, Port Elizabeth.

DIED at Uitenhage on Friday the 4th inst, Alberta Evelena, infant daughter of J. BIRCH Esq. J.P., aged sixteen days.

Friday 11 September 1863

MARRIED on the 9th inst. at Walmer, by the Rev. J. Richards, Thomas William, only son of Mr. Joseph TITTERTON, to Mary Anne, second daughter of J. JONES Esq. of Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England.

Friday 18 September 1863

BIRTH at Commando Vley on the 10th inst, Mrs. J.W. CALLAGHAN of a son.

A woman named Mrs. MURPHY, at Cape Town, was sitting at tea on Tuesday evening, apparently well and hearty, when in the act of getting up to remove her chair, suddenly fell to the floor dead. The cause of death is said to be apoplexy.

Tuesday 22 September 1863

DIED of Croup at Commando Vley, division of Alexandria, on the 18th inst, Archibald McIntyre, eldest son of John William and Janet CALLAGHAN. Friends will please to accept this notice.

DIED at Somerset East on Monday the 14th inst, at his residence in Paulet-street, after a painful illness of thirteen months, William GILL M.D., son of the Rev. George GILL, late Independent Minister of Market Harborough, Lancashire [sic – should be Leicestershire], England, aged 68 years.

Friday 25 September 1863

BIRTH on the 24th inst, the wife of Mr. Louis BAUMANN of a daughter.

A few days since a boatman in the employ of ACKERBERG & BEHRENS, named Robert JERIT, put off from the Central Causeway, Table Bay, for the purpose of proceeding to the steamer Kadie. Just after the boat had gained the side of the steamer, the deceased was observed to fall, and on his companion raising him it was found that his life was extinct. The deceased had not previously complained of ill health.

MARRIED at Fauresmith, Orange Free State, on the 10th Sept, by the Rev A. Louw, George REED Esq, Smithfield, to Isabella, youngest daughter of the late Capt. HUMPHREYS R.N., Hull, Yorkshire, and sister to the late Mrs. Henry BARRETT, Fauresmith. No cards.

DIED at Cradock on Friday the 18th day of September 1863, John PURNELL, formerly of Port Elizabeth, aged 35 years.

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