Grahamstown Journal

Grahamstown Journal 1853 - 1 - January to March

Saturday 1 January 1853

MARRIED at Trinity Church, Graham's Town on 29th December 1852 by the Rev. W.Y. Thompson, Charles Horatio, youngest son of Thos. NELSON Esq to Emily LOXTON, only daughter of the late Rev. James LOXTON, Missionary to Raeta, one of the South Sea Islands.

Abridged from the Eastern Province Almanac
1 Major WILMOT RA shot while leading on his men in an attack on the enemy in the Fish River bush
2 Col. MACKINNON captures 3,000 cattle beyond the Kei
3 Kaffirs and Hottentots attack John HAM’s wagon in Zuurberg, killing the driver and wounding a man named YOUNG.
4 Enemy attacks Whittlesea, carrying off a large number of cattle, 500 recovered, 3 marauders shot.
7 The Albert commando under E.M. COLE kill in past month 150 of the enemy, capturing 25oo head of cattle, 300 horses, 22 guns
8 CLAYTON’s cattle swept off near the Fish River mouth but retaken by Albany farmers, 4 Kaffirs and 1 Hottentot shot. HAUFENBACH’s nephew shot, his sheep, oxen and 23 horses carried off; sheep and oxen retaken, 3 of the enemy shot.
11 Troops return to King William’s Town from the Kei expedition with 20,000 head of cattle.
14 Com BUCHNER’s Hottentots kill 3 of the enemy near Bushman’s River. A few Burghers under LOMBARD fall in with a party of rebels in the Somerset district, kill5, capturing some guns. Some others kill two more, from whom they took the gun of the late H. TROLLIP. Col NAPIER captures 146 head of cattle near Fort White, shooting 3 of the enemy.
16 30 head of cattle swept off from Sidbury Park, recaptured next day
17 315 sheep and 6 horses carried off from H. PRINGLE and SYDSERFF, all except 4 horses recaptured, 3 of the enemy being shot.
18 Col. EYRE returns to King William’s Town from the Kei with 550 more captured cattle, bringing with him also the missionary and traders of Butterworth, and 7000 Fingoes with their cattle. Enemy sweeps off J. DOLD’s slaughter sheep and cattle on Somerset road, killing 1 Hottentot.
20 Field Cornet VAN DER NEST kills one of a band of rebels, capturing 2 horses and 10 oxen, his son Cornelis wounded.
22 James HOWSE Esq butchered by rebel Hottentots while returning unarmed from Alice to Leeuw Fontein
25 Some horses taken from VAN ROOYEN of Riebeek; marauders carry off some oxen and mares from Winterberg, gallantly recaptured by 10 men from WIGGLE’s laager, 4 of the enemy killed.
26 Captain BERTRAM retakes cattle stolen from Cypher Fontein, killing 3 of the enemy.
27 Umhala fined 1000 head of cattle for his shuffling conduct, cattle sold and proceeds sent to Board of Relief.
28 Captain FISHER engages enemy in the Amatola, killing 20.
29 Enemy sweeps off 140 cattle from Table Farm, killing a colored overseer – 60 head taken from FEATHERSTONE’s farm.
30 1500 cattle demanded as a fine from the Chief Kreli.
31 Mr. BERTRAM’s cattle stolen, but retaken. Unfortunate collision near Fort Brown between a patrol under Major HORNE and Captain BERTRAM, and a party from Whittlesea under Commandant SHEPSTONE, 2 of Kama’s men killed, and 6 wounded.
3 2 corporals of Graaff-Reinet Levy killed by the enemy at Blinkwater while gathering prickly pears.
6 Sir H. SMITH by proclamation commands frontier colonists to join the troops in a combined attack on the enemy in Waterkloof, Blinkwater, Kat River and Amatola.
8 Tambookies get off with a span of oxen from Whittlesea.
9 Rev. J. McDIARMID and Mr. C. BROWNLEE meet the proscribed Gaika chiefs near Fort Cox.
10 Blinkwater patrol captures 12 horses, killing 2 of enemy. Col. EYRE captures 63 head of Sandilli’s cattle and destroys many huts and gardens of the enemy.
11 Enemy burns Mr. SYDSERFF’s premises at Glen Yair and those of P. MARAIS and M. PRETORIUS the next night.
12 Attack on commissariat wagon proceeding to Niemand’s Kraal repulsed. Attempt on Messrs. GOLDSWAIN’s cattle kraal frustrated. Hostilities in Kaffraria suspended by Governor for 3 days.
13 Lt. RUTHERFORD and 12 Burghers of Mancazana camp kill 8 rebels (1 supposed to be Jan POCKBAAS) taking 3 prisoners. Captain AINSLIE’s outlying picquets kill 4 Kaffirs.
14 Kaffirs surprise escort with Col. EYRE’s wagons near BAILIE’s grave, killing Mr. DAVIDSON and 3 men of 43rd Regt.
17 Mr. GILFILLAN’s party capture 300 cattle in Tambookieland. Col. EYRE devastates the crops of the enemy in Qumega.
18 Gallant affair with the enemy at the Decana by Messrs. W. GILFILLAN, WHITE, J. READ, GRIFFITH, 3 MILLERs, W. CURRIE, COLLINS, SAUNDERS and party; 1000 head of cattle and 70 horses captured; 100 of the enemy slain; on colonial side 7 killed and 2 wounded.
19 Attack on Spring Grove repulsed, 14 of the enemy killed, 20 horses and some guns captured.
20 Commando under E.M. COLE returns to Burghers Dorp, having captured 1000 head of cattle and killed 30 Kaffirs and 10 Hottentots.
21 Peace concluded by Sir. H. SMITH with Bookoo. Col. MICHEL destroys 100 Hottentot huts in the Amatola and Col. EYRE surprises the enemy, capturing 54 cattle. Several horses taken from Shiloh recaptured by the Fingoes, and 3 of the enemy killed.
22 160 head of cattle and 10 horses stolen from Mr. JAMES of Cradock and his herd murdered. Attack on Kowie Forest, 7 Fingoes killed on the colonial side, 21 of the enemy slain.
23 The Birkenhead arrives in Simon’s Bay from England with 480 troops for service on the frontier.
26 Disastrous wreck of the Birkenhead near Simon’s Bay; 9 officers and 349 soldiers, besides many of the crew (in all about 450 souls) drowned.
27 260 names ballotted in Graham’s Town to take the field on 8th March.
4 Legislative Council vote £500 for the relief of the surviving sufferers rescued from the Birkenhead. Col. YARBOROUGH, Ensign HIBBERT and 15 men of the 91st Regt wounded in an assault on the enemy at WATRKLOOF, 3 privates and Sergt. LAING killed. Capt. BRAMLEY CMR wounded in rendering succour, and 1 man of the 74th killed and 3 wounded. A combined force of Hottentots and Kaffirs carry off 500 cattle from Whittlesea, killing 2 and wounding 9 Fingoes; gallantly followed up by inhabitants and Fingoes, spoil recaptured, with 8 horses and 8 guns, 22 of the enemy being slain.
5 Five spans of oxen stolen from Salem Flats, recaptured the next day by Lieut. ADAMS, 12th Regt.
8 45 volunteers and 33 STUBBS’ Rangers started from Graham’s Town to join the forces under Colonel PERCEVAL
10 Troops commence operations in Waterkloof; Captain CAMPBELL, 73rd, carries a formidable pass, routing the enemy. Col. NAPIER’s rear guard have a sharp engagement.
11 Col. EYRE surprises Maeomo’s Den, capturing 130 women and children, including that chief’s favorite wife and 2 children, and destroying numbers of the enemy. Graham’s Town volunteers and forces under Col. PERCEVAL storm Stock’s camp in Foonah’s kloof, Fish River bush, 20 Kaffirs slain, including the chief Dodo, 190 cattle captured. Fort Beaufort Fingoes shoot 5 Kaffirs, capturing 16 horses and 10 head of cattle.
13 Col. MICHEL hotly engaged with enemy in Waterkloof, captures 570 cattle and 60 horses. Lieut. WROTTESLEY, 43rd Regt, killed.
15 Col. MICHEL destroys Hottentot camp, capturing 11 horses &c
16 Hottentot rebels carry off 140 cattle and 16 horses from Fort White, shooting 1 dead and wounding one of 2nd Queen’s.
20 150 cattle stolen from Kareiga, retaken by Fd.Crnt. FERREIRA and others.
23 The Magaera with Rifle Brigade arrives in Simon’s Bay
24 Arrival of Lieutenant-Governor DARLING and family and Major-General YORKE in Table Bay.
26 11 Kaffirs shot at Bluekrantz near Cradock by Burghers.
27 8 of the enemy shot at Plank Fontein by another party of Burghers. Cols. EYRE and PERCEVAL clear the Perie forest &c, capturing 100 head of cattle and 7 horses.
28 2 Kaffirs shot by Bastards on Fish River. Mr. MOYLE’s oxen carried off in Cradock district but recaptured by some Fingoes, who shoot 6 of the enemy. 12th Lancers capture 78 cattle en route to Kabousie Neck.
29 5 men 60th Rifles wounded by enemy in the Wolf Valley.
30 Gen. SOMERSET’s division captures 1500 cattle on the Thomas River, the burgher P. MARAIS shot by the enemy.
31 Arrival of Gen. CATHCART in Table Bay as Governor of the Colony. Col. PERCEVAL engages the enemy near the Tabindods.
1 Major ARMSTRONG CMR repulses a strong body of the enemy at the Kei, killing 30.
2 48 oxen stolen from Graham’s Town commonage. Col. EYRE captures 1386 cattle and 15 horses near Kei.
4 20 of J. BRENT’s cattle carried off from Bathurst, 16 subsequently recaptured near Trompetter’s Drift.
6 Col. PERCEVAL captures 515 cattle and some horses in Gulu mountains. 55 cattle stolen from Eildon, Mancanzana.
7 Sir H. SMITH relinquishes Governorship of the colony and command of the army, giving a farewell address to troops. Col. NAPIER captures 1500 cattle, 70 horses, 1500 goats near Kei, killing upward of 50 of enemy.
8 A sergeant and 16 men riding express from General SOMERSET’s camp to King William’s Town surprise the enemy, killing 5 and capturing ?? cattle and 5 horses. Spirited affair in the Keiskamma River by Col. EYRE’s column, 800 of Anta’s cattle and 15 horses captured, Captain GORE, 43rd, killed in the affray.
9 His Excellency Hon. G. CATHCART arrives at King William’s Town. W. PHILLIPS shot near Broekhuisen’s Poort. Messrs. J. CAMPBELL and BLAKE scared by enemy near the same Poort.
10 Captain STEVENSON’s patrol shoot 6 of the enemy in Moorcroft’s Kloof and Captain BRUCE’s burghers 8 more a day or two afterwards.
11 Sir H. SMITH quits King William’s Town en route for England.
12 Gen. CATHCART meets with a severe accident at King William’s Town by a fall from his horse. Rifle Brigade reaches Graham’s Town.
14 1 of BROWNLEE’s school Kaffirs killed and some wounded by rebel Hottentots near King William’s Town. 40 cattle stolen from Eildon.
15 44 oxen swept off from Bechuanas near King William’s Town
16 A Fingo murdered by enemy in sight of Fort Beaufort
17 Sir H. SMITH leaves colony. Col. MICHEL has a smart brush with the enemy near Fort Cox, killing 30.
19 Enemy sweeps off all the cattle of 5 Fingo kraals near King William’s Town, killing several men and children.
21 Attack by rebel Hottentots on 3 wagons at Vaal Vley near Graham’s Town. McARTEY wounded, 1 wagon pillaged &c. 15 natives seized by Captain MILLOWNEY at STOKE’s farm, Baviaans River, with arms and ammunition in their possession.
24 100 of CLAYTON’s cattle swept off; recaptured by 3 farmers who waylaid a pass, 1 rebel Hottentot shot.
25 Wagon train to East London fired on. 1 span of W. SIMPSON’s oxen stolen but recovered. R. PRINGLE and others surprise some of the enemy on Sydserff’s Farm, Mancazana, killing 3.
26 King William’s Town mail intercepted by Seyolo in person.
28 Gallant affair in Fish River bush by a party of the 12th under Capt. HAMLEY, 6 Kaffirs slain. R. PRINGLE and others kill 1 and wound several Kafirs in the act of robbing their cornfields.
29 Patrol under Col. BULLER enters Waterkloof and engages enemy. Lieut. GODFREY and 2 privates Rifle Brigade slightly wounded.
1 Hon. J. MONTAGU, secretary to gov, sails for England. Party from G.F. STOKE’s farm fire on enemy in a hut on GOUSEN’s place, killing 1 man and (unintentionally) 2 women.
2 2 Kaffirs shot near Orange Grove, Kareiga. 24 of J. WRIGHT’s oxen stolen from King Wms Town, recovered by friendly Kafirs; Capt. CROFTON, 12th Lancers, fractures his leg in attempting pursuit. 14 rebel Hottentots fire on escort of 270 Fingoes near Tamacha, killing 3, wounding 8.
3 Span of oxen stolen from Mr. WEBSTER at Graham’s Town, recovered in Fish River bush, with 28 belonging to J. THOMAS.
4 G. FINCHAM and others at Baviaan’s River shoot 4 Kafirs. Kat River Levy kill 2 and wound 3 rebels in Waterkloof.
5 1 man of the 2nd Queen’s barbarously murdered by the enemy while cutting rushes near Fort Cox.
8 Col. BULLER engages enemy in Waterkloof. Capt. STEVENSON’s force ?? Bush Neck, shoot 14 of enemy, capturing spoil. 20 oxen stolen from VAN STADEN’s dam near Cradock. Governor CATHCART arrives at Fort Beaufort.
9 Remains of Col. FORDYCE and Lt. CAREY, 74th Highlanders, (who fell at Waterkloof on Nov 6th 1851) interred at Graham’s Town, followed by the Freemasons and many other inhabitants.
15 Mr. ELLIOT and two of Mr. CLAYTON’s sons murdered in Lower Albany by rebel Hottentots under Uithaalder, who plunder the premises and carry off the stock.
16 Rebels in the Karraa surprised by Capt. STUBBS and Lower Albany farmers, who capture 15 guns. 52 oxen swept off by enemy from some wagons on Fish River Rand.
17 Rifle Brigade again engages enemy in Waterkloof, 3 privates wounded.
20 John CLOGG and 4 Fingoes drowned while fording the north of the Kasouga on their return from a patrol into the Karraa.
22 The friendly chief Tabai made prisoner by 50 rebel Hottentots [section missing from photo]
Gallant exploit of Mr. PEDLAR at the Kaga, who followed up and recaptured his oxen single handed from 10 of enemy, shooting one dead and wounding another.
24 3 Kaffirs shot by Burghers at HANNAY’s Camp. Unfortunate collision between Capt. HURTER’s and Capt. PULLEN’s men, 4 of former wounded.
25 Governor CATHCART pays his first visit to Graham’s Town. WHITING’s wagons plundered by Hottentot bandits on Bay road.
26 Messrs. CHAMBERLAIN, DE VILLIERS and a Hottentot fired on by enemy while proceeding to Fort Murray, the Hottentot being killed. Several oxen stolen from Riet Fontein and Blinkwater.
30 Attack on POHL’s wagons near De Bruins Poort, young HUMPHREYS killed. 1 rebel shot on the Kareiga by Mr. HEYWOOD.
31 48 head of cattle carried off from R. PRINGLE of Eildon.
1 General order establishing armed mounted police on frontier.
2 Hottentots attack Mount Coke, kill 7 Fingoes, wound John FORD and 12 natives and carry off 45 oxen: 8 of the rebels slain.
3 4 span of oxen swept off from Eiland’s Kloof near Graham’s Town. 12 oxen stolen from Fingoes at Lichtenstein.
4 Capt. AINSLIE captures 8 oxen from enemy near Maastrom
6 Graham’s Town mail to King William’s Town seized by rebels but recovered by the friendly chief Tabai. Ten head of cattle stolen from Fingoes near Eildon but speedily recaptured.
7 94 of 120 oxen stolen from A. SCHOEMAN retaken by R. PRINGLE and others. Lt. RUTHERFOORD surprises rebels in Stewart’s Kloof, killing 1. Also shoots 2 Kafirs, capturing 40 oxen and 4 horses.
8 Capt. AINSLIE’s party capture a horse, shooting 1 Kafir, 3 more wounded at POHL’s laager. NEL’s horses stolen but recovered.
9 Death of Major HOGGE, Asst Commis. At Bloem Fontein
10 J.B. SMITH, 82 years old, murdered by 4 rebels in Oliphant’s Hoek. 5 horses and oxen stolen from POHL’s lager, retaken.
12 Theunis BOTHA murdered by Tambookies. Some cattle stolen from Fingoes near AINSLIE’s farm.
13 Wagon train to Fort Beaufort, escorted by 31 Royal Sappers and Mines. Under Captain MOODIE, attacked by a large body of rebel Hottentots at Konap Hill; escort forced to retreat with a loss of 7 privates, 2 wagon drivers, 1 English woman killed, 9 privates wounded; wagons rifled by enemy, who carried off 36 Minie rifles, 15 muskets &c. Rebels a second time intercept mail from Graham’s Town to King William’s Town, Tabai again recovering it. 851 sheep stolen from R. MILLER, Glen Lyndon.
15 1100 sheep stolen from W. PRINGLE, 700 recaptured, W. PRINGLE being wounded and 1 man of European Levy killed.
16 Wagons on Somerset road attacked, BOUWER wounded. Some Burghers shoot 5 Hottentots a few days after in same neighbourhood. 31 oxen stolen from Jan ROBERTS of Kaga, but recovered.
17 Thomas WILLIAMS murdered by rebels in Oliphant’s Hoek.
18 40 oxen stolen from H. BEZUIDENHOUT. Commandant WOEST surprises some rebels near Groot Vley and captures sundry articles. 4 Kafirs shot near Cradock.
19 OOSTHUISEN wounded near Uitenhage. Party from Kowie East capture 26 head of cattle from the enemy.
20 Gallant assault on Uithaalder’s camp by Col. EYRE and 2 companies 43rd Regt., 24 rebels shot, 1 deserter CMR hung on the spot, several Minie rifles, 34 swords and other spoil captured; 4 of 43rd wounded, horses of Col. EYRE, Capt. of 43rd and CONWAY shot under them. Colonial man murdered at Sand Fontein, Uitenhage district.
21 Captain LAKEMAN and his volunteers reach Graham’s Town.
27 980 sheep stolen from G. ELS, recaptured. 300 do. stolen from Engelaar? [unclear] near Turvey’s Post.
30 Col. NAPIER destroys enemy camp of 80 huts near Auckland, General CATHCART being present in person.
1 Proclamation by Governor CATHCART calling on EP burghers to muster at Imvani on August 6 against Kreli. Cattle stolen from Kowie East, 25? retaken, Quartermaster CRAUSE wounded, 1 Fingo killed.
2 64 head of cattle carried off by enemy from Eiland’s Post.
3 Oxen belonging to some Graham’s Town wagons stolen near King William’s Town
4 Enemy set off with [500] sheep from J. PRETORIUS, all G. BEALE’s cattle and [21] horses from T. RANDALL on N.E. Boundary.
5 100 of HUTTON’s sheep stolen [rest of line obscured]
6 Enemy repulsed at Eiland’s Post by Capt.WRIGHT, 91st. 280 sheep stolen near Turvey’s Post, 180 recovered, 1 of enemy shot.
7 Gen. CATHCART operates on Waterkloof, 1 of LAKEMAN’s corps and 1 Rifle Brigade shot.
8 Cattle stolen from Mostert’s Hoek, young BOTHA killed, cattle recaptured, 2 of enemy shot.
10 Whittlesea Fingoes capture 50 cattle, 3 horses, 2 guns, shooting 1 of the enemy in the Docana.
13 Enemy repulsed at Fort Grey, 2 shot. 49 cattle stolen from Fort Pato.
14 Permanent camp established in Waterkloof
15 4 oxen stolen from Camp Gregor, herd murdered. 500 of H. POTGIETER’s sheep carried off by the enemy from Haas Fontein.
16 Hartebeest Fontein assailed, Frans VENTER wounded, 2500 sheep driven off but nearly all recaptured, 2 of enemy slain
17 Enemy steals 200 cattle from Jan TZATZOE. 30 cattle stolen from FERREIRA, retaken, 2 Kaffirs shot. Baviaan’s River party kill 1 and wound ?? Kaffirs. E. VAN DER MERWE wounded.
19 16 of J. CARLISLE’s cattle stolen from Thorn Farm. J. ALLISON’s cattle stolen from Tarka, 3 Kafirs shot as pursuers returned.
20 Gov. CATHCART issues circular respecting Kei Expedition
22 Cattle at Medbury seized by enemy but recaptured.
23 62 cattle stolen from Fort Pato by enemy, who kill and roast a Hottentot. Wagons of G.F. STOKES and others attacked. 59 goats and ?? sheep stolen from H. KEW’s farm, Baviaan’s River.
24 Col. BULLER inflicts severe loss on enemy in Waterkloof. 1 Rifle Brigade and 1 CMR wounded.
25 R. MOODIE murdered by rebels near Uitenhage. 200 rebels repulsed in attempt to capture Fort White cattle.
26 2 spans of oxen stolen from some wagons at Woest’s Hill
27 Enemy gets off with 30 horses and some cattle from Riet Fontein. Capt. CAMPBELL of levies and 5 others shoot 3 Kafirs.
29 Cattle stolen from Trapps Valley, recaptured. Somerset Police have 2 engagements with enemy during week, shooting 5 in one, M. RE..? [unclear] and a BOUWER wounded in second; another BOUWER wounded by a Kafir servant , whom he afterwards shot.
30 153 Albany men, equipped by public subscription, start on Kei expedition. Fingo & Hottentot shot at Broekhuisen’s Poort.
31 LAKEMAN’s volunteers hotly engaged with enemy in Waterkloof. Cattle stolen from FERREIRA’s camp, followed and recaptured, 1 rebel shot.
1 23 head of cattle stolen by enemy from Daggaboer’s Neck
2 5 cattle stolen from Cawood’s Post. Patrol under Capt. GILLMAM, 12th, shoot 3 of enemy from ambush near Breakfast Vley. Lieut. Governor DARLING’s circular, calling on Western division for contributions towards Kei expedition. 1 span of oxen stolen from Albany burghers near Fort Beaufort en route to the Imvani.
4 20 cattle and 3 horses stolen from farmer BANKS of Bathurst
5 Attempt on R. PRINGLE’s cattle.26 horses stolen from Lichtenstein Fingoes. Design of enemy on Clarkebury frustrated.
6 Grand muster of troops and burghers at the Imvani
7 4000 sheep stolen from the Fish River Rand, recaptured next day.
10 Cradock burghers shoot 6 Kaffirs near Drie Fontein, conveying arms and ammunition to enemy
11 26 head of cattle stolen from widow GRAY of Southwell
12 2 of enemy shot by P. NEL’s party in Schelm kloof. Destruction of Kreli’s Great place by forces under General CATHCART.
13 Attempt by enemy on cattle at New Bristol in Lower Albany defeated. 500 cattle captured by Kei expedition.
14 Ensign DAVIES routs enemy near Trompetters, capturing 3 horses and 2 oxen. 270 of E. NILAND’s cattle stolen near Fort Beaufort. Burghers at Drie Fontein shoot 2 of the enemy.
15 20 cattle stolen from Rice SMITH, part recovered; 30 sheep stolen from R. DANIELL. 26 horses captured by enemy from Ox-kraal Fingoes; Fingo chief wounded and 3 of the enemy slain.
16 Enemy again attack New Bristol camp, killing 1 Fingo, wounding 1 native woman, 1 child, assailants repulsed. Kei forces capture 380 cattle. Fish River farmers shoot 3 rebels, wound 1 and take 1 prisoner, capturing several guns, near Daggaboer’s Neck.
17 Recent Whittlesea patrol captures 300 cattle; in several encounters 12 of the enemy shot. 1 rebel shot at Daggaboer’s Neck.
19 30 sheep swept off from Rice SMITH’s farm near Sidbury. Party of 12th under Lt. BARCLAY shoot 1 of enemy at Fraser’s Camp.
21 Col. NAPIER’s division of the Kei forces captures up to this date 1,000 head of cattle.
22 Gallant affair near Cammando Kraal. 3 of enemy slain.
23 1 rebel shot near Company’s Drift while stealing a sheep.
24 General CATHCART returns to King William’s Town from Kei expedition, his forces having captured 10,000 head of cattle.
25 George HODGKINSON’s cattle stolen near Bathurst, followed by Albany Burghers and police, all but 3 recaptured in Kowie bush, 1 of the enemy shot; [fallen] in this affair [some] 6 horses.
27 General SOMERSET’s farewell address to the troops and to the British settlers of 1820. Police under W. MANDY shoot 1 and wound 2 of the enemy in the Kap River, capturing 3 cattle. Span of oxen stolen from THACKWRAY’s wagon on road from East London.
28 The sentries at Fort Grey fired on. 1 sergt.73rd mortally wounded in dislodging enemy.
31 Gen SOMERSET and family leave Graham’s Town for India. 63 cattle and 41 horses stolen from H. KEW during month.
1 Captain McLEAN appointed Chief Commissioner in British Kaffraria with the local rank of Colonel Commandant of levies.
3 BARTLETT’s cattle stolen near Bathurst, recaptured by rural police, 1 of enemy shot dead. Lt. GREEN CMR meets with severe injury at Blinkwater from accidental discharge of a Colt’s revolver.
4 6 horses stolen from East London; cattle stolen from Stormberg spruit recaptured by Albert police, 2 being wounded and 3 of enemy slain.
6 A number of cattle swept off from East London. Captain AINSLIE and brother assailed by 20 Kaffirs at PAINTER’s farm, whom they beat off, shooting 3. R. and J. PRINGLE kill2 and wound 1 of the enemy at Baviaan’s River. Rebels rob Jan BOTHA in the Addo.
7 6 oxen stolen from J. LONG near Salem, 1 rebel shot
9 Fingo cattle swept off from Fort Peddie, but gallantly pursued and recaptured by Capt. GILLMAN, Lt. RAE and others, 4 of the enemy slain; Blinkwater cattle carried off, but the greater part recovered, together with 9 horses of the enemy. 51 oxen driven off by the enemy from HARBIN and NEL near Burghers Dorp.
10 General CATHCART offers £500 for capture of the rebel leader Uithaalder. 400 cattle swept off from Eiland’s Post. Cattle stolen from Whittlesea, pursued by inhabitants, who shoot 9 of the marauders, the enemy getting off with 60 head.
11 Publication of manifesto my ministers and missionaries of London Society, Dutch Reformed and Free Church respecting causes of the war and rebellion. Col. COOPER’s patrol kills 2 of enemy in Seyolo’s country.
12 4 spans of oxen carried off from wagons on E. London road.
14 Death of the Duke of Wellington, hero of Waterloo and Commander in Chief of the British Army, at Walmer Castle, England, aged 83. Mr. HOWELL barbarously murdered by enemy nr. Mount Coke.
15 Waterkloof effectively cleared by the forces under His Excellency General CATHCART, numbers of the enemy slain, and several of the rebel Hottentots hanged by Colonel EYRE.
17 4 oxen stolen from DELL’s farm in Lower Albany
19 Herd of H. ROBERTS murdered by enemy near Graham’s Town and 1 span of oxen swept off.
20 J. HUMAN’s party shoot a rebel at Ninaga, capturing a Minie rifle.
23 Fort Beaufort police under W. CARPENTER capture 9 oxen near ACKERMAN’s farm and shoot 2 of the enemy dead.
24 100 head of cattle stolen by enemy from Fort Murray.
26 Two spans of PENNY’s oxen stolen near King William’s Town.
29 24 mules carried off from Bushneck, 17 recaptured, 13 of enemy slain.
30 Captain CUMBERS and 15 men of the Victoria police surprise and rout 150 of the enemy in Tola’s kloof, shooting 15 dead, wounding 10, and capturing 31 head of cattle, 4 guns and other spoil.
1 Attempt by rebels on cattle of Fingoes at Fort Hare, 1 Fingo shot, cattle recaptured by Capt. CUMBERS, Lt. GRIFFIN and others, 3 of enemy shot.
4 Col. EYRE surprises and burns Uithaalder’s lager at Kwesana.
6 Governor CATHCART meets friendly chiefs at Fort Murray.
7 Sandilli narrowly escapes capture by Lt. WHITMORE CMR, 11 horses of his followers falling into hands of troops in pursuit.
8 Headquarters of Governor established at Graham’s Town. Surrender of Chief Seyolo to Chief Commissioner at Fort Murray. Patrol under Major HORNE, 12th Regt, shoot 12 of enemy near Botha’s Hill. Span of oxen taken from COLLINGHAM, recaptured by party of 12th, 1 Kaffir shot. 2 bandits shot by Oliphant’s Hoek farmers, 4 guns and 4 horses captured.
9 10 oxen stolen from Ft. Beaufort, recaptured by police, 2 marauders shot.
10 Captain HEARNE and 2 privates of the 12th regt with a person named RILEY waylaid and shot down by a band of rebel Hottentots in the Fish River bush. 1 marauder shot at POHL’s camp at the Kaga and gun captured. The Great Britain steamer arrives at the Cape.
11 Party from Oliphant’s Hoek under Commandant WOEST surprise some rebel Hottentots in the Karraa, shoot 3 and capture 3 guns.
12 Attempt by enemy to carry off J. DOLD’s cattle near Nurney defeated.
[section missing]
16 Patrol under Captain CAREYCMR and Commandant CURRIE of police shoot 5 rebels in the Kowie bush, capturing 5 guns. Lt. RUTHERFOORD’s police shoot 6 Kaffirs at the Mancazana.
17 Enemy attacks a wagon on its way to Post Retief, murders the driver and carries off the oxen, which are subsequently recaptured.
18 MILLER’s and HARVEY’s slaughter stock swept off by rebels from Fish River rand, nearly all recaptured near Post Victoria, 2 days afterwards, by Albany, Alice and Beaufort police and volunteers. 1 of 60th Rifles killed and 2 wounded by the enemy near Fort White.
21 Tambookie chief Chopo surrenders to the authorities at Whittlesea.
23 Cattle swept off from Kamastone, pursued and recaptured, proscribed rebel Jan CORNELIS shot, wearing a watch and chain, 1 gun captured.
24 130 sheep stolen from BERTRAM’s farm, 120 retaken the next day.
25 Kama’s men shoot a marauder in the act of stealing horses. 150 cows carried off from C. VAN DER WALT, and the whole of W. VOGEL’s cattle & horses near Burghers Dorp. 2 men of 91st murdered near Fort Beaufort.
26 A marauder shot at PAVOR’s Station, Maastrom. Stoffel GOOSEN shoots 1 rebel Hottentot in the Kaga, capturing 2 horses.
28 VAN HOERDEN’s herd murdered, stock swept off but retaken.
29 18 head of cattle stolen from Fort Beaufort, 17 retaken next day. 6 head of cattle carried off from Drie-koppen near Sidbury.
30 FERREIRA’s sheep swept off from the Kaga, all except 15 recovered. Proclamation by Governor CATHCART offering £50 for the capture of each rebel leader, and to spare the lives of those bandits who surrender.
3 3 oxen stolen from C. COCK of Port Frances. Fingo riot at Fort Beaufort, 3 men and 1 woman murdered in the affray.
5 8 oxen swept off by rebels from Fort Grey, recaptured, 1 bandit shot. 3 marauders shot at Bushman’s River.
6 George JAMES and his herd murdered in Winterberg by rebel Hottentots under Kieviet SPEELMAN, who plunder the premises and sweep off the cattle, 38 head recovered. General order authorising the arrest of some Fingoes for seizing 300 tembu cattle and killing Chopo’s brother.
7 Commandant HARTMAN’s son wounded near Cypher Fontein. 2 bandits shot by C. COCK and party near the Karraa.
9 A marauder shot at Oliphant’s Hoek, 1 gun captured, 2 wounded by police in same neighbourhood. 2 horses carried off from MASSEY’s inn and 1 span of oxen from Graham’s Town. Capt. DE VILLIERS and 1 man of levies wounded by the enemy in Amatola.
11 Capture of a rebel Hottentot by H. FERREIRA.
12 5 bandits shot near Fort Beaufort and 7 horses captured.
14 50 oxen carried off from Lt. DANIELL, recaptured next day.
15 The Kaffir chief Seyolo sent to Cape Town, being transported for life.
16 Governor CATHCART quits Graham’s Town for the Sovereignty to adjust matters with natives in that quarter, 2400 troops having preceded him.
[section missing]
27 Governor CATHCART arrives in Burghers Dorp en route to Sovereignty. Fort Beaufort police under Lt. WRIGHT shoot 1 rebel near NEL’s farm.
28 Albany Rangers capture 7 horses from bandits near the Kingo. Party of the 6th Regt seize 12 Hottentot rebels near King William’s Town.
29 A marauder shot at Dr. ATHERSTONE’s farm near Graham’s Town.
30 2 rebels shot on Konap by Fort Beaufort police under Com. WYNNE.
1 A marauder killed and 2 wounded by police under Lieut. FERREIRA near Burnt Kraal. Terrific thunder storm at Kabousi Neck, 2 of 73rd struck dead and 19 others wounded by the lightning.
2 Assault on W. WRIGHT at Line Drift hill by 1 of the enemy.
7 Joseph WARD wounded by rebels at Oliphant’s Hoek
8 12 cattle swept off from MASSEY’s inn on the Bay road. Joachim Johannes MENTZ shot by rebels near Gideon’s Hoek.
10 Albany police capture 2 oxen from 3 bandits.
11 Lt. WRIGHT, Beaufort police, wounded while pursuing rebels on Konap.
12 Beaufort police kill 1 Kaffir near Riet Fontein
14 Somerset police under Lt. CURRIE kill 4 rebels and 2 Kaffirs.
16 Stephanus and J.A. DU PREE (brothers) murdered by rebels in Zuurberg and a farmer named ENGELBRECHT shot in same locality.
18 Lt. CURRIE and John BOUWER in attack on rebels in Zuurberg.
19 Attack on Mosesh by British forces under General CATHCART. Captain FAUNCE, 73rd, 27 rank and file 12th Lancers, 10 do. of other regiments, killed, 2 officers and 13 rank and file of all arms wounded.
25 1 rebel killed and 2 wounded by BUCHNER’s party, Bushman’s River.
31 Henry and Edward TROLLIP, two sons of Mr. William TROLLIP, waylaid and murdered at Daggaboer’s Neck by rebels

Saturday 8 January 1853

MARRIED on Wednesday 5th instant in St.Georges church by the Venerable the Archdeacon Merriman, Captain Edward G. MAINWARING, 91st Regt, to Agnes, eldest daughter of James BLACK Esq.

DIED at Fort Beaufort on Sunday night the 26th ult, Henry WINDELL, aged 39 years 8 months and 15 days. Deceased has left a wife and five children to lament the loss of a kind husband and an affectionate father.

Tuesday 11 January 1853 (supplement)

DIED suddenly at Fort England, Graham's Town on Monday the 3rd ult, Edward FEATHERSTONE, late Serjeant 45th Regiment, aged 35 years. Deceased was a native of Lucksford, county of Nottingham, and has left a wife to deplore the loss of a kind and affectionate husband.

DIED at Cradock, George Valentine RUSHMERE, late Clerk in the Commissariat Department in this Colony, aged 44 years, leaving a wife and two children to deplore his loss.

DIED at Cradock of fever on the night of Saturday 2nd January 1853, Margaret Elizabeth, the beloved daughter of James and Christina HENRY, aged 4 years, five months and 14 days. The bereaved parents beg thus publicly to express their sincere thanks and gratitude to Edwd. DAVIES Esq, the medical practitioner, for his assiduous and unremitting attention to the little sufferer.

Saturday 15 January 1853

MARRIED January 6th at the residence of Mrs. EDWARDS, Post Retief, by the Rev. G. WILSON, Color Serjt. James Edward GRAY of Captain MAINWARING's Company, 91st Regt, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Jno. DAVIES, Post Retief.

DIED at Graham's Town on Sunday 9th inst, Henry Maxwell, aged 18 months, only son of Walter Henry GILL Esq, Cape Mounted Rifles.

DIED on January 10th 1853, Arthur, youngest son of Mr. Charles SLATER of Graham's Town, aged 21 days.

DIED at Graham's Town on the 11th inst, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. Christopher WEBB. Deceased came to this country with the Settlers of 1820, and has left a husband and eleven children to mourn their loss.

DIED at Graham's Town on the 31st December 1852, Gertrude, the youngest daughter of Gad JEFFRIES, aged 13 months and 26 days.

DIED at Mr. N. DOWELL's at Alice, on the 1st January 1853, William BAMBER, aged 73 years, a native of Newcastle under Lyme, in Staffordshire. Deceased came to this country shortly after the taking of the Cape.

Saturday 22 January 1853

BIRTH at Graham's Town on the 19th inst, Mrs. G.D. HINDS of a son.

Saturday 29 January 1853

The undersigned begs leave to notify that the Business conducted by him in Graham's Town is transferred to Mr. John HEWSON from the 1st January 1853, to whom he can with confidence recommend his numerous customers and friends.

MARRIED on the 26th at Graham's Town by the Rev. Geo. H. Green, Wesleyan Minister, William, fourth son of Mr. Chas. PENNY of Salem Hall, to Ann, youngest daughter of Mr. J. HEWSON of Graham's Town.

Saturday 5 February 1853

BIRTH at Fort Beaufort on the 31st January, the wife of D.A.Commissary General SALE of a daughter.

BIRTH at King William' Town on the 27th January, Mrs. TEKUSCH of a son.

DIED February 2nd 1853, Hillaria Shrewsbury PASKIN, fourth daughter of John and Amelia PASKIN, aged 14 months.

Saturday 12 February 1853

Large and small sizes
At Stephen MUNDY's
Also Bowie knives, double and single rifles, percussion caps.

MARRIED at St.Georges Church on the 10th inst, by the Rev G. Thompson, William Bensted SMITH to Elizabeth Ellen WHITNALL

DIED after a short illness at the residence of her father-in-law on Thursday the 27th January 1853, Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr, George KING of Cradock. Aged 22 years and 2 days. Deceased has left a husband and one little child to mourn their irreparable loss.

DIED at Groet Vley, Oliphant's Hoek, Jan 20 1853, Joseph WARD, from wounds received from rebel Hottentots, after a lingering illness of 7 weeks. The deceased has left a widow and one child to mourn their loss. Aged 44 years.

DIED at Graham's Town on 4th February at the residence of Mr. Richard TRUMBLE, John PASKINS, aged 73 years. The undersigned takes this opportunity of thanking those parties who subscribed towards the support of deceased during his last illness, and begs further to state that out of the monies recently subscribed there was a surplus remaining, which has been expended in defraying the expenses attending his funeral.

A party of juveniles, about 50 in number, attended by 10 gentlemen, went out on a picnic excursion to the waterfall at Mr. HART's house at Glen Avon. Tho of the gentlemen, Messrs. W. BOWKER and R. HART, having their guns with them ,proposed going a little further up the kloof to look for a bush buck, but they had gone only a few yards when they found the fresh spoor of Kafir. Following it in silence for some distance they saw a Kafir seated about 40 yards from them, occupied in brushing the flies off his face. BOWKER was going to shoot him at once but HART persuaded him to try and get a little nearer, and in doing so the Kafir caught sight of them and instantly bolted. At this moment perceiving that there were two Kaffirs, both armed with guns, BOWKER fired, and heard one of them fall heavily to the ground, while HART fired and wounded the other. On reaching the spot where the man had fallen they found that he had got up and made off. After following his spoor a short distance, HART turned into a hole under the krantz, where the Kaffirs had made an almost inaccessible lurking place by piling up immense quantities of wood; only one person could get in at a time, and then had to climb up a very steep place, so that two or three fellows could have defended this stronghold against a host. Nothing daunted by his surprise at unexpectedly finding such a place close to his father's homestead, HART climbed the steep pathway which terminated in a sort of cave, and there discovered, comfortably wrapped up in his kaross and fast asleep, a huge Kafir, whom he instantly shot dead. We presume this picnic party terminated rather abruptly, and the following day a different party visited the spot, and led by BOWKER and HART they followed the blood spoor of the wounded men for about 3 miles, to a place where an ox had been killed by them, but could not trace it any further. The whole number of Kaffirs seen on the previous day amounted to six, whereof two were wounded and one killed. We much require a rural police to assist in routing out such nests of thieves and murderers.

Saturday 19 February 1853

BIRTH on the 24th January at the Vogel River, the wife of Charles JOHNSON Esq of a daughter.

DIED at East London on the 9th instant, Mary Margaret, only child of Mr. Charles WILLIAMS, aged 1 year 7 months

Saturday 26 February 1853

DIED at Konap Feb 21st after a short but painful illness, Thomas Charles, youngest son of Thomas and Susannah FRANCIS, aged six months.

Saturday 5 March 1853

The undersigned being about to leave the Colony requests that all demands against her may be sent in before the 31st instant.

MARRIED on Tuesday 1st March 1853 at Sidbury by the Rev. Mr. WILLSHIRE, William Henry, second son of Lieut. DANIELL RN JP of Sidbury Park, to Ambrosina Georgina Vanderdusson, youngest daughter of CAMPBELL of Barbreck, and granddaughter of the late Major General Charles Colin CAMPBELL, Governor of Newfoundland.

DIED on Sunday the 13th February 1853, Georgianna Sophia, fourth daughter of George SOUTHEY JP of Bloemhof, Graaff-Reinet

This appeal is made on behalf of the widow and five children of the late Geo. MILLS, who, by the rupture of a blood vessel, has been suddenly removed by death on Sunday the 27th ult, at the age of 54 years, leaving them wholly unprovided for. He had, for the last 18 months, supported his family by a Day School, which he conducted to the satisfactory improvement of those committed to him, and his removal will be felt a loss to this community. Contributions will be thankfully received at Journal Office, Mr. HALL at Western House, or by Mr. J.S. GARDNER, Campbell Street.

Saturday 12 March 1853

BIRTH Tuesday March 9th, Mrs. SHAW, wife of Rev. B.J. SHAW, Salem Wesleyan Academy, of a son.

BIRTH at Mount Coke, British Kaffraria, on Thursday 3rd March, the wife of the Rev. W. SERGEANT of a daughter.

Notice of Removal
Begs to announce that he removes at the end of the present month to the
Opposite Side of the Square
Next door to the establishment of Mr. B.M. SHEPPERSON, Draper &c, where he hopes to meet with the same patronage which has hitherto been so liberally bestowed upon him, and which he takes this opportunity of thankfully acknowledging. He has just added to his stock of watches and jewellery a supply of gold bracelets, which are of London manufacture, only just received and of the newest designs.

Mr. James JUBBER
Begs to notify that he has opened a
Butcher's Shop
On his own account at his residence, and trusts by strict attention and cleanliness to secure the support of his friends and the public generally.
Fort Beaufort
21st February 1853

Saturday 19 March 1853

MARRIED on the 17th March at Graham's Town, by the Rev. Geo. Thompson, Samuel FAIRCLOUGH Esq, HM 12th Regiment, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. W. YELLING

DIED at Graham's Town on the 14th inst, aged 65 years, Jane, relict of the late Mr. James HOOLE, deeply regretted by her family and a numerous circle of friends. Deceased came to this Colony with the first British Settlers in 1820. Her end was peace.
Graham's Town, 19th March 1853

DIED at Graham's Town on Thursday morning 17th March 1853, aged 4 years and 9 months, Maria Gertrude, youngest child of L.H. MEURANT Esq JP of Oliphant's Hoek

DIED at Graham's Town on the 28th ult, Mr. G. HOGBEN, aged 65 years.

DIED on Tuesday 15th inst, aged 28 years and three months, Mr. James DOLD of this town. Deceased was the son of one of the British Settlers of 1820. Left by the death of his father to be at a very early age the stay of a widowed mother, with a young family, the self dependance, energy and activity which distinguished his character were early called in to exercise; and short as was his career amongst us, he displayed qualities eminently suited to his position as a Frontier resident. His natural buoyancy of spirits and his frank openheartedness made him a general favourite amongst his friends; and his kindliness of disposition is remembered with gratitude by those who were its objects.
Seized by the prevailing influenza he struggled for a while against it with characteristic determination, but in vain. Medical treatment seemed to break the strength of the complaint for a time, insomuch as his medical attendant pronounced him out of danger. A sudden relapse, however, took place, and he died the next day, leaving a young widow and three children to bear the stroke which has fallen upon them with stunning suddenness.
If the unusually large and respectable attendance at his funeral on Thursday morning be any criterion of the general estimation in which he was held, the immediate friends of the deceased may derive no ordinary degree of consolation from the manner in which that estimation was manifested; and we are authorised to express on their behalf their thanks for the respect so largely paid on the occasion of carrying his remains to the 'house appointed for all living'.

Saturday 26 March 1853

MARRIED on the 15th inst at Somerset East by the Rev. Edmund Pain, Wm. Henry H. SCOTT Esq, Ordnance Department, Graham's Town, to Sarah Anne, only daughter of W. DALY Esq of Somerset.
Somerset 19th March 1853

DIED at King William's Town on 18th March 1853, the infant son of George and Frances TEKUSCH.

DIED at Waterloo Bay on the 7th March 1853 after a protracted illness of [obliterated] months, John George JOLLEY of Alice, aged 30 years. Deceased has left a widow to deplore the loss of a kind and affectionate husband.

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