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Grahamstown Journal 1832 - 2 - July to December

Saturday 7 July 1832

The erection of the Episcopalian Church at Bathurst being a subject of much local interest, we have felt it our duty to lay before our readers, many of whom are Shareholders, the ordinance which has just been promulgated for effecting this important object. The first part of this document will be found in our Journal of this day, and the conclusion will be given in the next number.

Of His Excellency the Governor in Council
For authorising a Sum of Money to be raised, in Shares, for building a Church at Bathurst
Whereas several Persons being desirous of erecting a Church at Bathurst, for the celebration of Divine Service, according to the Rites of the United Church of England and Ireland, as by Law established, and being ready and willing to raise and provide, by way of Loan, for that purpose, a certain Sum of Money, as hereinafter mentioned, at a Public Meeting of the said Persons, holden at Bathurst on the 27th April in the year of our Lord 1829, a Committee of Management was appointed for carrying their intention into effect; and witness His Excellency the Governor hath agreed to grant from the Treasury of this Colony, as a Donation towards building and completing the said Church, to the Persons who shall undertake and become bound for completing the same, the Sum of £250 in manner following, that is to say: the Sum of £200 when and as soon as the Sum of £500 of the said Loan, so to be raised and provided by the Persons as aforesaid, shall have been paid by them, and the remainder of the said Sum of £250 when the whole Building shall be taken over from the Contractors in a complete state: and whereas the Venerable Society in England, for the Promoting of Christian Knowledge, hath agreed to grant and place at the disposal of His Excellency the Governor a certain Sum of Money for furthering the religious interests of this Colony, according to a mode of appropriation to be recommended by His Excellency, and subject to the approval of the said Society; and whereas His Excellency hath recommended to the said Society that a Sum of £250, or £300, of their said Grant, according as the said Society shall think fit, shall be appropriated as a Donation towards the building of the said Church at Bathurst, and His Excellency hath also accordingly agreed to pay the Persons who shall undertake and become bound for completing the said Church the said sum of £250, or £300, or such other Sum as shall be approved of and granted by the said Society for this purpose, when and as the said Money shall be received by him from the said Society; and whereas several other Persons have agreed to subscribe certain Sums of Money by way of Donations for furthering the building and completing of the said Church and whereas at a Public Meeting of the persons interested in the said Church, holden pursuant to notice thereof on the 14th day of September, in the year of our Lord 1831, it was agreed and resolved by the said Persons that in order to raise a Sum of Money, amounting together with the said Sum of Money agreed to be granted by His Excellency the Governor from the Colonial Treasury as aforesaid, and the said Sum of Money agreed to be granted by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge as aforesaid, and the said other Donations to the sum of £1000, being near or about the estimated cost of building and completing the said Church, a certain number of Shares should be disposed of, that is to say 104 Shares at £5 each.
And whereas the following Persons have agreed to take Shares in the said Loan as aforesaid, that is to say:-
The Reverend William WRIGHT, Walter CURRIE, the Reverend William CARLISLE and the Honorable Captain Andrew STOCKENSTROM – four Shares each.
John SMITH – three Shares.
James Corbould WILMOT, Thomas HARTLEY, George ANDERSON, William John EARLE, Henry Augustus CRAUSE, William Burnet BIDDULPH, Joseph WEAKLEY, Alexander BISSET, Thomas Fredrik COWDERNY, William GILFILLAN, Robert Wood BAGOT, William AUSTEN, Donald MOODIE, William WADDEL, John CARLISLE, Benjamin NORDEN, Thomas HEWSON, Jonathan WAINWRIGHT, John NORTON, Richard PEACOCK – two Shares each.
Samuel Harper BRADSHAW, Richard BRADSHAW, John Centlivres CHASE, John MORRIS, Edward Hunt DELL, William LYALL, George MUGGLESTONE, William ROBERTS, William Rowland THOMPSON, Robert GODLONTON, George GILBERT, William Edward CROUT, James BOARDMAN, Isaac DYASON, John Henry DIXON, John MANDY, Peter CAMPBELL, George Fredrik STOKES, Leopold SCMIDT, Ralph GODDARD, William Edward SMITH, Charles STONE, Richard STONE, George Edward JOSEPH, John RAFFERTY, John McKENNY, Mynhardus Johannes Van Nuidt ONKRUYDT, the Rev George MORGAN, Philip Richard MARILLIER, Robert O’CONNOR, the Rev John PHILIP DD, the Rev George Shepheard PORTER, William AYTON, Charles MAYNARD, Henry MAYNARD, George PALMER, William LUCAS, George DYASON, John PRATT, William Thomas ALLEN, William FORWARD, John GRANGE, William TURKINGTON, Thomas PHILIPS, John HOLT – one Share each.
[followed by a column detailing shareholder rights and privileges, continued at length in the following issue]

Saturday 21 July 1832

By the Rev W. Carlisle MA, Colonial Chaplain:
On Monday the 2nd inst, Joseph JACKSON, 98th Band, to Eliza KEEN.
On Monday the 16th inst, Thomas HARRIDEN, 28th Band, to Mary Ann MUMFORD

Saturday 28 July 1832

By the Rev W. Carlisle MA, Colonial Chaplain:

15: A son of Mr. J.H. HEATH baptised Thomas Bailie
15: A daughter of J. DUDLEY, baptised Rebecca Hazell.

Friday 31 August 1832

In the English Church, Graham’s Town, by the Rev W. Carlisle MA:
Aug 9: Mr. D. MAHONY to Miss Elizabeth Ann HOCKLY
Aug 15: Mr E. BRADFIELD to Miss Louisa TURVEY

Aug 9: The Widow Dorothy WEST, aged 57 years.

Friday 7 September 1832

DIED suddenly at his Brother’s place, near Bathurst, Mr. Richard STONE, aged [58] years. He came to the Colony as a Merchant in the year 1807 and perhaps no-one was more generally esteemed and regretted.

Friday 14 September 1832

By the Rev W. Carlisle MA, Colonial Chaplain:
Sept 3: Mathias MANAGAN, 95th Regt, to Mary HACKETT, widow.
Sept 4: Mr. J. BRADFIELD to Miss Eliza WHITE
Sept 6: Mr. W. WENTWORTH to Miss Elizabeth HONEY

Friday 28 September 1832

The Undersigned hereby gives Notice that a person named Fernando SHAW, lately a lodger at his house, and who died about six months ago at Salem, left behind him two Boxes, containing several Account Books, Notes of Hand &c &c to a considerable amount, the property of the late C. MACKEY of Port Francis. Those concerned may obtain the said Boxes with contents by paying him the expenses.

Thursday 18 October 1832

BIRTH on the 13th instant, Mrs. L.H. MEURANT of a son.

Thursday 15 November 1832

DIED on Saturday the 4th instant, Elizabeth, the wife of the Rev G. MORGAN, Minister of Somerset, in the 27th year of her age.
Somerset, 6th November 1832

BIRTH on the 2nd inst, the lady of Captain DOYLE, Paymaster of the 75th Regiment, of a daughter.

MARRIED on Thursday the 8th instant, by the Rev Wm. Carlisle MA, Colonial Chaplain, Mr. John Hancorn SMITH to Miss Mary STRINGFELLOW.

DIED on the [2nd] November instant, George Daniel RAFFERTY, aged 4 years and 6 months.

Thursday 29 November 1832

In the Independent Chapel, Graham’s Town, by the Rev J Munro on Sunday the 25th inst, a son of Mr. Louis Henry MEURANT, baptised Louis Henry.

This aged divine died at the house of a clerical brother at Bayswater, whither he had gone for the purpose of expanding the will of that Master of whom he was for many years a most pious and painstaking servant.
Dr. CLARKE had the usual premonitory symptoms for nearly a week; and had advice been sought when it ought he might have been still spared to his friends and his flock. He was seized seriously at the house of Mr. HOBBS, of Bayswater, on Saturday night, and died at half past three o’clock on Monday morning. He was in his seventy third year. Among the large and most respectable body of Christians, the Wesleyan Methodists, to which he belonged, he had been long and most favourably known. In the religious world at large his fame chiefly rested on a Commentary on the Bible, published a good many years ago, a learned and valuable work, but which, in the opinion of the more strict doctors of the Calvinistic school, was not in all its notions rigidly orthodox.

Thursday 13 December 1832

In the English Church, Port Elizabeth by the Rev F. McCleland AM, Colonial Chaplain, on Sunday Nov 4, a son of Ignatius Theodosius MULLER, baptised Anthony Michael.
On Sunday Nov 18, a son of Mr. W.B. FRAMES baptised William Minett.
On Sunday Nov 25, a daughter of Edward KELLY, Bombardier, Royal Artillery, baptised Elizabeth.

On Tuesday Nov 27, Louis Theunis FOURIE to Engela Adriana Aletta DE JAEGER

On Friday, Nov 25, James CLARKE, aged 5 years and 2 months.

Thursday 20 December 1832

Whereas my wife, Jane BIRT, has withdrawn herself from me, this is to warn all persons whomsoever from giving her Credit on my account, as I will not be answerable for any debt she may contract from this day.
Samuel BIRT
Lemon’s Valley, 13th December 1832
NB It is particularly requested that no-one will harbour her.

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