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Grahamstown Journal 1835 - 2 - July to December

Friday 3 July 1835

In the Insolvent Estate of P.J. GAUGAIN, jeweller
Will be sold by Public Auction on the 1st August next, unless previously redeemed, a variety of small articles left with the Insolvent for repairs. Debtors in the above Estate are again warned to settle their accounts immediately.
Graham’s Town, 3rd July 1835

DIED on the 1st inst, aged seven years, Abraham NORTON, son of Mr. John NORTON of Graham’s Town.

Thursday 9 July 1835

Mr.HUNT, whose severe attack of paralysis was mentioned in a former paper, lingered on until Friday last, when he expired. He refused all medicine for some time before his death. Mr. HUNT was a man of strong and healthy constitution, and of very active habits. He was Lord of the Manor of Glastonbury, in Somerset, and possessed freehold property in the city of Bath, and also in the vicinity of Bristol. He had been bred up a farmer in Somersetshire and was subsequently a brewer in Bristol, about which time he commenced his political career.

Thursday 16 July 1835

The Partnership lately subsisting between us as Kafir Traders has been dissolved by mutual consent in consequence of the very severe losses we have sustained during the war.

Thursday 23 July 1835

DIED in Cape Town on Saturday the 4th instant, Alexander THOMSON Esq of the Firm Thomson Brothers & Co of this Town.

In consequence of the death of Mr. Alexander THOMSON, one of the Partners in the undermentioned Firms, which renders it necessary to close all accounts to the present day, Notice is hereby given that all debts now due to the said Firms and not paid within six weeks from this date will be handed over to their Attorney for prosecution in the Supreme Court.
Thomson Brothers & Co, Graham’s Town
Watson Brothers & Co, Port Elizabeth
Graham’s Town, 21st July 1835

Thursday 20 August 1835

In St.George’s Church, Graham’s Town by the Rev J Heavyside, Colonial Chaplain:
Aug 10 – David HAMOLD, private 75th Regt, to Elizabeth FAIRCLOTH
Aug 17 – Mr. William TODD, widower, to Miss Agnes McKENZIE

Aug 16 – A daughter of Edward and Christiana Gertruide WAINWRIGHT, baptised Christiana Susannah.

Aug 1st – Henry Thomas WOODLAND, aged 20 months.
Aug 9 – Thomas KENNEDY, private 75th Regt, aged 28 years.
Aug 12 – James REYNOLDS, aged 4 years and 8 months.
Aug 15 – Margaret CALAGAN, aged 10 years.
Aug 16 – Robert GALL, private 75th Regt, aged 29 years.

Thursday 17 September 1835

DIED on the 2nd inst at Uitenhage, in the 47th year of his age, Francis Seymour MATTHEWS Esq, Surgeon of the 34th Bengal Native Infantry.

Thursday 24 September 1835

BIRTH on the 14th inst, the Lady of W.M. HARRIES Esq, of Port Elizabeth, of a son.

Thursday 1 October 1835

MARRIED at Uitenhage on the 17th Sept by the Rev A. Smith, the Rev George MORGAN of Somerset to Anne Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Capt. A.C. BRUNETT, HM 54th Regt.

In St.George’s Church by the Rev J Heavyside, Colonial Chaplain:
Sept 20 – Eliza Jane, daughter of James and Elizabeth KNIGHT

Sept 19 – Jonathan REDFORD, aged 36 [86?] years
Sept 20 – Tobias THARRATT, aged 20 years and 6 months
Sept 22 – Isabella JESSAMY, aged 3 years and 4 months

Thursday 15 October 1835

In St.George’s Church by the Rev J Heavyside, Colonial Chaplain:
Oct 12 – Hendrick Antonio PETZER, bachelor, to Maria Catherina NIEMAND, spinster
Oct 12 – Nicholas John NIEMAND, bachelor, to Cornelia Margarita Susannah PETZER, spinster

Oct 4 – Mr. S. WHITTLE, aged 35

Oct 14th – A son of the Rev John HEAVYSIDE, baptised John D’Urban

Thursday 22 October 1835

DIED on Friday morning, the 16th instant, Mrs. Jane SOUTHEY, aged 56 years. The disasters of her family by the Kafir irruption preyed too much on her mind, and evidently hastened her dissolution. Like many of the Settlers of 1820 she has [seen?] little in South Africa but care and anxiety. Her labours and exertions for her children were incessant until reason and strength both gave way. Doubtless she is gone to a better world. She was the mother of nine children (seven sons and two daughters), six of whom (four sons and two daughters) are left to lament her loss.

Thursday 29 October 1835

Oct 19th – Mr. John Henry FINNAUGHTY to Ann COWIE
Oct 20th – William DOLD to Ellen JAMES
Oct 20th – George SHONE to Elizabeth CARNEY
Oct 22nd – Henry EVANS to Bridget DEVINE
Oct 24th – John DELL to Melvina Mary GOWAR
Oct 26th – Peter Ludolph GREEF to Aletta C. BOSCH

Oct 21st – Mr. John OVARY
Deceased was a remarkable instance of longevity, having attained the great age of 97 years. He had experienced many vicissitudes, having been several years in the army and seen much service. Up to within a few weeks of his death he was able to do some little manual labour, such as to attend to a horse, an employment in which, having been in a riding regiment, he took great delight. He was a man of temperate habits, and, till within a short period of his death, a [punctual] attendant of the services in the Episcopalian Church of Graham’s Town, where, in consequence of [deafness] an arm-chair had been placed for him by the side of the communion table, and near the pulpit stairs. [His latter] days had been rendered comfortable by [obscured] and family.. [rest illegible – print rubbed away].

Thursday 5 November 1835

In St.George’s Church by the Rev J Heavyside:
Oct 4th – A son of John PRESSLY baptised William
Oct 15th – A daughter of Alexander and Olivia JAMES, of HM 27th Regt, baptised Margaret
Oct 15th – A daughter of George and Maria THOMPSON, Hospital Sergeant 27th Regt, baptised Eliza
Oct 16th – A son of Alexander and Sarah DENNING of the R.A., baptised Alexander Dupree
Oct 16th – A son of John WEIR, 27th Regt, baptised John

In the Wesleyan Chapel by the Rev R. Haddy:
Oct 4th – A daughter of the Rev J. AYLIFF, baptised Hester
Oct 21st – A son of Isaac Jacobus DE LA POORT, baptised Andries Christoffel
Oct 21st – A son of [Gerhardus] Diederik Frederik PICK, baptised Johannes [Germanus]
Oct 21st – A son of Isaac VAN DER MERWE, baptised Isaac Jacobus
Oct 21st – A daughter of Isaac VAN DER MERWE, baptised Susanna Elizabeth

Thursday 19 November 1835

In St.George’s Church by the Rev J Heavyside, Colonial Chaplain:
Oct 19th – A son of John and Mary WEIR, HM 27th Regt, baptised John
Nov 1st – A daughter of Frederick and Elizabeth HAWKE, baptised Elizabeth Charlotte
Nov 1st – A daughter of John and Mary Ann DUFFY, baptised Elizabeth Jane Knight
Nov 15th – A son of Richard and Ann HAUGHTON, HM 27th Regt, baptised William

Nov 2nd – Isaac Johannes VAN ROOYEN to Aletta Susanna BOUWER
Nov 2nd – Daniel FLYNN, widower, to Maria STANFORD, widow
Nov 2nd – Joseph ELLIOTT, widower, to Cecelia McLACHLAN, widow
Nov 2nd – Mr. Archibald Hope BAILIE to Jane Amelia CUMMINGS
Nov 5th – Mr. William SHAW to Eleanor STUUBS
Nov 19th – Daniel GLASS to Eliza WEBB

BIRTH on the 12th inst, the Lady of George CUMMING Esq of a son

BIRTH at Graaff-Reinet on the 16th inst, Mrs. GRISBROOK of a daughter

Thursday 3 December 1835

MARRIED at Fort Beaufort by the Rev W.R. Thomson:
Oct 17 – Hendrick FEBRUARY, widower, to Marie JURIN, both of Kat River Settlement
Nov 23 – Mr. Job PATRICK, bachelor, to Miss Esther SERJEANT, both residing at Koonap, under Winterberg
Nov 23 – Mr. Samuel Joseph ROBINSON, bachelor, to Miss Mary SARGEANT, both of Koonap, under Winterberg

Thursday 10 December 1835

BIRTH at Graham’s Town on the 7th inst, the lady of Major MACPHERSON of HM 27th Regt of a daughter

Thursday 24 December 1835

MARRIED on the 21st inst. at Bathurst, James Bice BARNES Esq, Attorney-at-Law, to Mary Anne Frances, youngest daughter of the late Henry NOURSE Esq, of Port Frances, in the District of Albany.

DIED on the 10th inst. during his journey from Graham’s Town to his residence on the Mankazana, Mr. George BENNETT, in the 49th year of his age, leaving a widow and 10 young children to deplore his loss.

In St.George’s Church by the Rev J Heavyside, Acting Colonial Chaplain:
Nov 9 – William SHAW to Eliza STUBBS
Nov 9 – Isaac Johannes VAN ROOYEN to Eva Catherina Louisa POTGIETER
Nov 19 – Daniel GLASS to Eliza WEBB
Nov 21 – Gerhardus Cornelis SCHEEPERS to Anna Margareta BOTHA
Nov 30 – Mr. Temple NOURSE to Miss Charlotte Harriet PHILLIPS
Dec 7 – Mr. George SOUTHEY to Miss Eleanor Dixie RUBIDGE
Dec 16 – John HAYTOR to Aletta Johanna WELGEMOED
Dec 16 – Mr. J.H.B. WIENAND to Catherine Maria FERREIRA, widow of the late J.H. STADEL
Dec 22 – John GREEN to Margaret KIRKMAN

Nov 22 – A son of H. TALBOT, baptised John Josiah
Nov 29 – A daughter of Mr. W. AYTON, baptised Elizabeth
Dec 6 – A daughter of R.M. WHITNALL, baptised Elizabeth Ellen
Dec 10 – A son of G. CUMMING Esq, baptised Alexander George
Dec 12 – A daughter of C. MAYNARD Esq, baptised Harriet Louisa
Dec 12 – A son of Montgomery WILLIAMS Esq RE, baptised Charles Sidney
Dec 13 – A daughter of W. HOWARTH RE, baptised Mary
Dec 17 – A son of F. POTGIETER, baptised Cornelius Jacobus

In St.Mary’s Church, Port Elizabeth, by the Rev F. McCleland AB, Colonial Chaplain:
Dec 4 1835 – A daughter of the reverend gentleman, baptised Anna D’Urban
Dec 10th – A son of Wynand Fredrik BEZEYDENHOUDT, baptised David Johannes
Dec 19th – A daughter of Andries VASEL, baptised Martha Maria

Dec 7 – John ORAM, aged 56 years
Dec 12 - John [M......] aged [..] years

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