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Grahamstown Journal 1836 - 1 - January to June

Thursday 7 January 1836

MARRIED at St.George’s Church, Graham’s Town on Monday the 4th January 1836, George Gage, third son of Rear Admiral Sir Henry HEATHCOTE, to Emma, fourth daughter of Thomas PHILIPPS Esq, Justice of the Peace.

Thursday 14 January 1836

Mr. WALKER begs to inform his Friends and the Public that his Boarding School, and also the Government Grammar School, will be re-opened on Thursday the 21st inst. at Fairlawn, Graham’s Town.

James Neville STREAK most respectfully informs the Public that he has reopened his Hotel at Uitenhage, where the strictest attention will be paid to those Ladies and Gentlemen who may honor him with their presence.

BIRTH at Buffel’s Fountain, near Port Elizabeth, on the 7th inst, Mrs. Theunis Jacobus BOTHA of a son.

Thursday 21 January 1836

MARRIED on Tuesday the 19th inst by the Rev J Barrow at the House of J.C. SAUNDER Esq, Dep. Ord. Storekeeper, the Rev W. SHEPSTONE, Wesleyan Missionary, Widower, to Miss Ann SMITH, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Thomas SMITH, gent, of Wrexham, Denbighshire.

In the Estate of James WARD, deceased
An excellent Sheep Farm, having a House and Garden thereon, situate near Assegai Bush, being well watered from a spring close to the House, formerly the property of Captain BUTLER.
Also a neat Cottage and Garden adjoining the House and Premises lately possessed by Mr. ROBSON near the [Schut?] Kraal, and a number of Building allotments, eligibly situated, which will be sold at convenient credits.
Immediate Transfer, if necessary, can be given to purchasers. For particulars apply to Mr. BARNES, Solicitor, Graham’s Town.

Thursday 11 February 1836

DIED at Graaff-Reinet on the 1st inst, Richard James, son of D. MOODIE Esq, aged 12 months.

Thursday 18 February 1836

BIRTH at Graaff-Reinet on the 5th Feb, Mrs. D. MOODIE of a son

Thursday 3 March 1836

In the Insolvent Estate of Michael CROWLEY, now or lately of Graham’s Town
On Wednesday the 23rd instant at 10 o’clock a.m. will be sold before the Resident Magistrate of Graham’s Town a small piece of Land, situate near the Market Place, being a section of Lot No. 230, in extent about 2 square roods and 96 feet.
Also a piece of Land situate near the Toll Bar, formerly belonging to the Estate of Samuel BONNIN, in extent about 330 feet by 45 feet.
Terms of Payment by Three Instalments of Four, Eight and Twelve Months, with Interest from the day of Sale. Conditions of Sale to be seen at the Office of the Resident magistrate and the undersigned.
George JARVIS, Trustee
J.D. NORDEN, Auctioneer

In the Insolvent Estate of William GRIFFITHS, deceased, formerly of Bathurst, Master Mariner
On Wednesday the 23rd instant, at noon, will be sold before the Resident Magistrate of Graham’s Town a large piece of Ground situate in Bathurst, together with a small stone-built Dwelling House erected thereon, the property of the above Estate. Terms of Payment by Three equal Instalments at Four, twelve and Eighteen Months, bearing Interest. Conditions of Sale to be seen at the Office of the Resident Magistrate and the undersigned.
George JARVIS, Trustee
J.D. NORDEN, Auctioneer

In the Insolvent Estate of Robert Linde HARE, now or lately of Bathurst
On Wednesday the 23rd instant at 11am will be sold before the Resident Magistrate of Graham’s Town a piece of Ground situate in the village of Bathurst, on the High-road from Bathurst to Port Frances, together with a substantial well-built Dwelling House erected thereon, the property of the above Estate. The purchase price to be paid by three equal Instalments at Four, Twelve and Eighteen Months, bearing Interest from the date of Sale. Conditions of Sale to be seen at the Office of the Resident magistrate and the undersigned.
George JARVIS, Trustee
J.D. NORDEN, Auctioneer

In St.Mary’s Church, Port Elizabeth, by the Rev F. McCleland AB, Colonial Chaplain:
Sunday November 15 1835
A son of Henry Green DUNSTERVILLE Esq, Harbour Master, baptised William Holmes Dalton

Thursday 10 March 1836

In St.Mary’s Church, Port Elizabeth, by the Rev F. McCleland AB, Colonial Chaplain:
Saturday Feb 20 – Privately, a daughter of Thomas PRATT, baptised Elizabeth
Feb 26 – A daughter of Brevet Major TRIPP, commandant of the district, baptised Frances Charlotte Anne
Feb 28 – A daughter of Robert Newton DUNN Esq, baptised Charlotte Sarah Harriet

At Port Elizabeth by the same
December 24 1835 – Matthew KENNET, bachelor, to Eliza MULLER, spinster
Jan 1st 1836 – Mr. James BRICKHILL, bachelor, to Miss Elizabeth CADLE, spinster
Feb 16 – Mr. Johannes Gerhardus KOK, bachelor, to Miss Susanna Elizabeth MELLOR, spinster

Feb 25 – Mary DUGLEBY
Feb 27 – Ann WOOD, aged 37 years

Thursday 17 March 1836

I the Undersigned do hereby give this Public Notice that being separated from my Wife, Elizabeth SALT, I will not be answerable for any debts she may contract in my name, and do hereby caution all persons from giving her Credit in my name.
Koonap Sprout, 1st March 1836

MARRIED at Somerset on the 7th inst, by the Rev G. Morgan, Mr. W. OGILVIE of Graham’s Town to Miss Eliza JOSEPH

DIED at Graaff-Reinet on the 25th Feb, Catherine, wife of W.T. BROWN Esq, aged 37 years; also her infant son, leaving a numerous family and connection to deplore her early removal.

Thursday 24 March 1836

DIED on the 6th inst, after giving birth to an infant daughter, Anna Leonora DE BEER, wife of Mr. James Gouldsbury DEVENISH, aged 25 years four months and six days.

Thursday 7 April 1836

DIED on the 24th inst, my beloved Husband Peter Mathias WICKMAN Esq, aged 63 years, after a painful and lingering illness, deeply and sincerely regretted by his friends.
Catherine Maria WICKMAN
Graham’s Town, 30th March 1836

Thursday 28 April 1836

Absconded from his Master Last Night
James HALL, apprentice to the Undersigned, and taken with him some of his master’s property. Whoever will apprehend the said Jas. HALL, and return him to his master, shall be rewarded for their trouble. Whoever shall harbour or encourage the said James HALL after this notice will be subject to the utmost rigour of the Law.
The said James HALL is about 18 years of age, very short but rather stout; of brown complexion, pock-marked, speaks very short, and has a down-cast look. Had on when he went away a Moleskin Jacket and Trowsers, black Waistcoat do, Handkerchief and white low crowned Hat, and Blucher Boots.
Daniel ROBERTS, shoemaker
Graham’s Town, April 27th 1836

Thursday 5 May 1836

In St.George’s Church, Graham’s Town by the Rev J. Heavyside, Colonial Chaplain:
April 2 – Ignatius Petrus FERREIRA, bachelor, to Magdalena Klasiena VAN ROOYEN, spinster
April 11 – Thomas VENABLES, bachelor, to Frances SPARKS, spinster
April 16 – George GOLDING, bachelor, to Eliza BOUCHER, spinster
April 18 – Coenraad Laurens SCHEEPERS, bachelor, to Susannah Alviena FERREIRA, widow
April 30 – George FRAQUHAR, bachelor, to Sarah WARD, spinster

April 17 – A son of William PRESTON baptised George Henry
April 17 – A daughter of John SULLIVAN baptised Elizabeth
April 24 – A son of Theunis Jacobus BOTHA baptised James Richard Ambrose
April 24 – A daughter of John LAWLER baptised Louisa


April 29, at Graham’s Town, Charles STONE, aged 58 years. Deceased was formerly proprietor of one of the earliest established mercantile houses at Graham’s Town, and subsequently traded under the firm of STONE & KIDWELL. Here his circumstances sustained a considerable reverse, and his trading speculations terminated. Since this period he has been engaged in the pursuit of farming, but for which his previous habits perfectly disqualified him. Latterly he had spent a solitary existence on a small income derived from the rent of property at Bathurst; but his mind had sunk into a great state of dejection and imbecility, which gradually increased until death closed his career.

April 30, at Graham’s Town, George ANDERSON, aged 75 years. Deceased came to this colony amongst the British Settlers of 1820, and was one of the earliest sufferers by the Kafir barbarians, his eldest son, a fine young man about 24 years of age, being way-laid and murdered whilst travelling from Graham’s Town to the place of the late T. MAHONY. This was in 1821. Since this period up to the late Kafir irruption deceased at Bathurst, where he filled in a highly creditable manner the situation of field-cornet, and where he will long be remembered, not only for the mildness and general amenity of his manners than for his skill as a mechanic (cabinet-maker). Driven from his home by the inroads of the Kafirs, he never resumed his former station, nor ever recovered from the anxiety to which he was exposed in consequence.

Thursday 26 May 1836

A young man named Henry LEE, son of Mr. W. LEE, Butcher of Graham’s Town, which place he left on the 12th inst on horseback for Fort Cox; but being taken ill on the road, he obtained a conveyance in a wagon. Unfortunately he fell from this vehicle, when a few miles beyond Hermanus Kraal, and the wheels passed over his body, crushing one of his thumbs and doing him other injury. He soon afterwards left this wagon, and proceeded in another, which was going to Fort Beaufort. This outspanned at Dans Hoek, within a few miles of the Fort, at which place he manifested symptoms of decided insanity, turned aside into the bushy ravines leading to the Kat River, and has not been since heard of; nor can any trace of him be found, although diligent search has been made by a number of persons, who have gone to that neighbourhood for that express purpose. Any information respecting him will be thankfully received by his disconsolate parents.
Description: 25 years of age, stout made, dark eyes; about 5 feet 6 inches in height; was dressed in a blue jacket and Trowsers.

Thursday 2 June 1836

BIRTH at Beaufort on the 12th inst, the Lady of Alexander TROTTER Esq of a daughter.

Thursday 30 June 1836

F. ROWLES begs to inform the Inhabitants of Graham’s Town and its vicinity that he has just received an assortment of Saddlery of various descriptions, which he will dispose of at moderate prices, on the premises formerly occupied by Mr. CARNEY, Saddler. F.R. also informs them that after the 1st July next he intends keeping Saddle Horses to hire for the accommodation of Travellers.
Bathurst Street, Graham’s Town

DIED at Uitenhage on the 21st inst, Ann Matters KERR, aged 10 years 10 months and two days, second daughter of Samuel KERR Esq, deeply and sincerely regretted by all those who were acquainted with her, more especially by her school companions, from whom she had been separated by an illness of nearly twelve months. Her funeral was attended by a greater number of persons than has been witnessed on any similar occasion. The Rev A. Smith performed the Funeral Service in a most solemn and impressive manner.
Uitenhage Town, 24th June 1836.

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