Grahamstown Journal

Grahamstown Journal 1873 - 2 - April to June

Monday 7 April 1873

DIED on Palm Sunday, the 6th instant, being the first anniversary of her birth, Blanche Edith Huntley, the beloved child of Frederick and Jessie Helen HOLLAND
Port Elizabeth
7th April 1873

Thursday 10 April 1873

DIED at Adelaide on the 5th inst, at the residence of her nephew, T. MATTHEW Esq, Margaret, relict of the late William SMITH Esq, aged 71 years.

DIED at Smithfield, Orange Free State, on the 4th inst, Walter Webb, twin son of N. and A.E. HARVEY, aged 13 months and 22 days.
Smithfield, April 4th 1873

DIED at Grahamstown on Saturday the 5th instant, after a lingering illness, Emily Sophia, the beloved daughter of John and Sophia Elizabeth SWAN, of Port Alfred, aged 17 years and 28 days. Friends at a distance please accept this notice.
Grahamstown, 7th April 1873

An Englishman named John HARTLEY fell down dead in a fit near the Natal Bowling Alley yesterday evening. He walked down the road towards Main Street apparently well, and was observed to sit on the window sill of a building in the course of erection. He remained sitting a few minutes, and then fell on the ground on his face. When taken up his face was much cut from the fall. Dr. THORNE was sent for, and as promptly in attendance, but by the time he arrived life was quite extinct. –Diamond News

Tuesday 15 April 1873

MARRIED at Seven Fountains on the 9th April, by the Rev T. Cresswell, Henry OATES, second son of the late Samuel OATES, to Rebecca Ruth, sixth and youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.T. JAKINS, of Red Hill Farm. No cards.

We regret to hear that an accident of a serious nature occurred to Mr. A.N. ELLS on Monday last. Mr. ELLS was on the roof of the engine house, some ten foot high, connected with his steam woolwash on the farm “Ashley”. Stepping on to a portion of the roof which was not secured, Mr. ELLS lost his balance and fell heavily to the ground, breaking his collar-bone and receiving several severe contusions in the region of the chest, besides several superficial scalp wounds. – Queenstown Representative.

Friday 18 April 1873

BIRTH on the 17th April 1873, the wife of T.H. Willshire HARMER, Howison’s Poort, of a son.

MARRIED at Balfour on Wednesday the 9th inst, by the Rev Dr Stewart of Lovedale, John LAING of Eland’s Post, to Helen Agnes, daughter of the Rev W.R. THOMPSON, of Balfour. No cards.

DIED at “Aloe Grove”, district of Queenstown, 4th April 1873, at the residence of his son-in-law (Mr. Elijah WIGGEL), Francis Parot BENTLEY, at the age of 89 years 8 months and 18 days. He was one of the British Settlers of 1820. Friends at a distance will please accept this notice.

Mr. HODGKINSON of Lower Albany has sent us the following for publication:- Kneesall was recently thrown into a state of excitement by the announcement of a wedding about to take place from the quiet little village of Ompton, which is situated about one mile distant. The names of the happy bride and bridegroom are Mr. George ELVIDGE, widower, aged 75, and Mrs. Mary BOOTH, widow, aged 76. The bride was given away by Mr. C. WILSON, aged 66. The bridesmaid was Mrs. WILSON, aged 72. They were brought to church by Mr. S. KELK, aged 56, in a carriage and grey kindly lent to them by Mr.W. HODGKINSON Esq. The carriage has been in use 30 years and the horse 25 years. As the wedding party was leaving the church the bride was presented with 50 farthings kindly given by Mr. HOPKIN. A great many people had assembled to witness this remarkable wedding. The bells rang out a merry peal: and when the happy pair arrived at their destination they were met by a band of music, which played at intervals throughout the day. This is the fifth wedding this summer since the church has been undergoing restoration. – Mansfield Reporter.

Friday 25 April 1873

DIED at Fauresmith on the 14th inst, after a lingering illness, William Abbott DICKSON, aged 51 years 1 month. Friends at a distance please accept this notice.

Monday 28 April 1873

Insolvent Estate of Robert BOVEY
A Special Meeting of Creditors in this Estate will be held before the Resident Magistrate of Albany, in the Court-room, Grahamstown, on Wednesday the 7th day of May 1873, at ten o’clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of giving the Trustee directions as to the sale of the Farm “Baddaford”, situate near Fort Beaufort, and specially to determine whether the Trustee shall be authorised to effect a private sale thereof.
B.B. ATTWELL, Sole Trustee
Grahamstown, 5th April 1873

DIED at Knockomie, Forres, Scotland on the 12th March 1873, Richard THOMSON, late of Colesberg, Cape of Good Hope.

DIED at Chelmsford, Zwart Ruggens, on the 14th April 1873, Louisa Grace GARDINER, beloved wife of J.O.GARDINER, aged 22 years 7 months and 10 days.

Monday 5 May 1873

BIRTH at Seymour, May 1st 1873, the wife of Mr. William OATES of a daughter.

MARRIED at St.George’s Cathedral on Wednesday 16th April, by the Rev R. Mullins, assisted by the Rev G. Thompson, Walter John, eldest son of the late Joseph CURRIE Esq of Glen Avis, to Adah Louise, eldest daughter of Henry HUTTON Esq of Bedford.

DIED at Newstead near Whittlesea on the 27th inst, Charles Aubry MILLER, beloved son of William and Elizabeth MILLER, aged 4 years 5 months and 5 days.

Friday 9 May 1873

BIRTH at Fuller’s Hill, near Grahamstown, on the 7th inst, the wife of Mr. B.D. GODLONTON of a son.

Wednesday 14 May 1873

BIRTH at De Beers, New Rush on the 5th May, Mrs. Edmund RICHARDS of a son.

Some few days back the inhabitants of [Riebeck] were rather surprised to hear that one of the F.A.M. Police had died suddenly in Praed’s canteen. Deceased’s name was Malcolm TURNBULL. He with a number of others had on the evening previous to the day of his death been drinking at Praed’s. On the men preparing to leave, it was found that TURNBULL was so sleepy and drowsy that he could not be roused up. The corporal therefore ordered one of the men to sleep with him at the hotel that night. In the morning at about half past six, young PRAED called out to the deceased to get up, but receiving no reply, he informed Mr. PRAED Sen. of the circumstance, who thereupon went to his bedside and was shocked to find that TURNBULL was cold and stiff, having died during the night. The matter was immediately reported at the police station, where the body was removed prior to interment. An investigation was then made by the fieldcornet (W.JUHRE) who reported the matter to the resident magistrate. He found that from the pit of the stomach of the deceased upwards the body was of a violet colour, increasing in intensity as it approached the head, where the colour of the skin was purple. From this description of the body Dr. ATHERSTONE is of the opinion that the deceased died during a fit of apoplexy. The witness examined by the fieldcornet deposed that the unfortunate man had been a very hard drinker, but on the evening in question had drunk only three or four glasses. The deceased had formerly been an engineer on board one of the mail steamers.

Friday 16 May 1873

MARRIED by Special Licence at Grahamstown, on the 15th inst, by the Rev R. Lamplough, John THOMAS to Marian Charlotte, only daughter of the late Thomas SPICER of Oxford, England.

Monday 19 May 1873

DIED at Grahamstown on the 18th inst, Thomas FRANCIS, aged 63 years. Friends at a distance will please accept this notice.

The late Mr. Thomas FRANCIS, whose death is announced today, came out when a child with his father, who was one of the British Settlers of 1820. The successful traders of the same name are sons of the deceased, and were in town at the time of his death. The funeral took place this afternoon.

The Cradock Register says:- It is with most sincere regret we have to record the awfully sudden death of Mr. H. WIENAND, Foreman of our Printing Office, on Saturday morning last. He had opened the office at the usual hour in the morning, and shortly afterwards went out. It could not have been more than half an hour after when he was seen lying on the ground a short distance from the office. Dr. GREY happened to be passing just at the moment and at once proceeded to the spot to render what assistance he could, but he saw at once that the poor man was beyond his skill, having been dead some ten minutes or a quarter of an hour. The corpse was at once removed and a post mortem examination showed that death had resulted from pulmonary apoplexy, one of the large arteries of the heart having broken. The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon and was attended by a large number of the inhabitants, including the Freemasons of Cradock, by whom their departed brother was buried with masonic honours. The greatest sympathy and kindness was shown by all to the afflicted family of the deceased, who in his lifetime had made many friends by his unassuming manners and willingness to oblige.

Friday 23 May 1873

BIRTH at Somerset on the 16th instant, the wife of Mr. Samuel WEBSTER, of Shadwell, of a son.

MARRIED by Special Licence at Grahamstown, on the 22nd May 1873, by the Rev J.R. Sawtell, James CAWOOD Esq to Miss B. EVANS.

DIED at Grahamstown on the 13th May 1873, of scarlet fever, Mabel Eliza, aged 2 years and 9 months – beloved daughter of C.J. and E. STIRK

DIED at Adelaide, on 10th May 1873, Mr. P.L. GREEN, aged 55 years 8 months and 19 days, after a painful illness, deeply lamented by his wife, children and relatives.
Sincere thanks are tendered to the Rev G.W. STEGMANN and other friends who assisted during his illness.

Friday 30 May 1873

MARRIED in the Roman Catholic Church by the Rev Father Farrelly, Mr. Michael RICE of De Beer’s, New Rush, Diamond-fields, to Helena Jane O’DONNELL, step-daughter of Mr. W.T. FOX of this city.

Friday 6 June 1873

DIED at Rocklands in the District of Queenstown, on Friday the 23rd May 1873, Charles William Jones POWELL JP, aged 63 years.

DIED on Wednesday 7 May, William Rowland THOMPSON, eldest son of the late W.R. THOMPSON of this city.
Grahamstown, 4th June.

The death of Mr. L.G. TRIEGARDT of Maclean is reported in the Kaffrarian papers.

At Philippolis. Just as we were going to press last night we received the following melancholy intelligence from an esteemed correspondent.
Philippolis 20th May 1873
You will be surprised to hear that Mr. T.E. BOTHA was drowned last Saturday Evening. He had come into the village that afternoon with his son-in-law, Mr. P.A. RENSBERG, and left shortly before sundown, and when they arrived close to home they found a spruit running very strongly. It appears that the unfortunate men must have driven into the little drift rather too low, as they were both drowned, no assistance being at hand. On Sunday morning Mrs. BOTHA sent into town to see why her husband had not come out, and when the messenger heard that he had left the evening before, a search was made and BOTHA’s body was found about forty yards below the drift: RENDEBERG’s body was only found on Tuesday, with his neck and both arms broken. You can well imagine that this accident has cast quite a gloom over the whole of the district. – Colesberg Herald.

Monday 9 June 1873

BIRTH at Hillary Farm, Bushman’s River, May 30th, Mrs. W. THOMAS Jun. of a son.

On Monday evening last a man employed on the Railway works named John BURNS died suddenly outside his tent. It appears that immediately after partaking of a hearty supper he went outside the door of the tent and not returning, one of his comrades went in search of him, finding him lying on the ground breathing heavily, and before he could be brought into the tent he expired. The deceased was a steady sober man, and his death is attributed to apoplexy. It is singular that only the day previous he had remarked to one of his comrades that he expected to die in an apoplectic fit as his father had done before him. – Times.

We are glad to be able to state that considerable progress is being made with the earth works of the Uitenhage line, a large party being now employed below the Cricket-ground. – Times

Friday 13 June 1873

BIRTH on the 11th June, the wife of Mr. Augustus BRITTAIN of a daughter.

MARRIED at the Wesleyan Mission House, Cradock on Wednesday 4th inst, by the father of the bride, Nicholas Henry, second son of the Rev N.H. SMIT, of this city, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of the Rev W. SARGEANT, Cradock.

DIED at Grahamstown on 10th June 1873, Judith Jane, beloved wife of James Edwin BERRINGTON, aged 26 years and 11 months, Friends at a distance will please accept this notice.

DIED at Fort Beaufort on Wednesday 11th June, after a short illness, Richard RALPH, in the 84th year of his age.
The Funeral of the late Mr. RALPH will take place tomorrow (Saturday) morning. Friends are invited to meet at the Baptist Chapel, Hill-street, Grahamstown, at 9 o’clock.

Monday 16 June 1873

DIED at Peddie on Wednesday evening, 11th June 1873, in the 26th year of her age, Adelaide, the beloved wife of Mr. George STIRK, after 36 hours’ illness, which she bore with great fortitude and Christian resignation; deeply and sincerely regretted by her sorrowing husband and only child, and a large circle of relatives and friends.
Mr. STIRK hereby begs to tender his sincere thanks to the Rev Mr GEDYE for his unceasing attention; also to Mrs. GEDYE, Mrs. GLASS and other friends for their kind unceasing help and sympathy during the trial of his wife’s last illness.

On Saturday afternoon Mr. John PYE and his neighbour Mr. Thomas DAVIS were returning from Beaufort to Buxton, their home: as they were driving over a perfectly smooth piece of road opposite AINSLIE’s, and engaged in conversation respecting one of the horses, Mr. DAVIS reeled over from his seat and dropped on the road. He was dead. Mr. PYE called to him, but there was no reply. Shouting for help to some natives, he obtained in a few minutes assistance from the neighbouring huts. There was not a sign of life noticeable when he touched the body. The body was lifted into the gig, where it was supported by a native, and Mr. PYE dove back to Beaufort. The Magistrate directed the corpse to be taken to the gaol hospital, where he ordered a post mortem; the result of which shows that death resulted from rupture of the liver, which was in an extreme and total condition of disease. By the attention and kindness of the gaoler the corpse was properly prepared with shroud and coffin for sepulture; and the friends of the deceased permitted, ere it was closed down, to take their last look on the mortal remains. The deceased came to this colony from Wales, in 1820, in the service of Mr. GRIFFITH, father of the honoured Magistrate of Basutoland. By perseverance and frugality, in time he gathered a little property, and of late years has occupied a small farm of his own at Buxton. He has been twice married; his first wife died without issue about two years ago; his second marriage took place on the 7th May, and he died on the 7th June, exactly one month after. – F.B. Advocate

Graaff-Reinet Herald has the following: It is with bitter feelings of regret that I convey to you the mournful intelligence of the death of Mr. William NASH, son-in-law of Mr. David HOBSON. The sad event has cast quite a gloom over the neighbourhood, for we that know the deceased feel that we have lost a kind and generous friend. He died yesterday morning, 5th instant, and will be conveyed to his last resting place tomorrow. Poor NASH has suffered for the last two years from rheumatic fever, but was greatly benefitted by the use of the baths at Kruhlfontein. He recovered so as to be able to walk without the help of the crutch, but a few weeks ago he suffered a relapse and the [disease] flew to his head and killed him. He leaves a widow and nine children with a large circle of friends and relations to mourn their irreparable loss.

Wednesday 18 June 1873

BIRTH on the 17th inst, the wife of the Hon’ble Mr Justice SMITH of a son.

DIED on the 3rd May at Hill House, Shinfield, Berks., Mrs. H.C. MICHELL, relict of the late Rev H.C. MICHELL MA of Lymington, Hants., and daughter of the late Abraham C. CUMBERBATCH Esq JP of Hurstmonceux, Sussex and St.Nicholas Abbey, Barbados. Cape Papers please copy.

Monday 23 June 1873

Among the passengers by the Syria from England, and who proceeds to the frontier today, is Mr. ATHERSTONE, a son of Dr.ATHERSTONE of Grahamstown, who has returned to the colony after a training and experience of eleven years devoted to his profession of civil engineering. Mr. ATHERSTONE is an associate of the Institute of Civil Engineers and has last been engaged in railway works on the Isle of Man. We heartily welcome him on his return in connexion with railway engineering at the Cape. – Argus

It is with much regret that we have to record the death of Mr. Joseph TAYLOR of this city. A few days ago Mr. TAYLOR was confined to his room by an attack of erysipelas, and for some time previous to his death he was unconscious. He expired on Sunday morning at 7 o’clock. The late Mr. TAYLOR was for many years the proprietor of a large and prosperous business in Grahamstown, and since his retirement he has taken part in the management of some of our commercial institutions. His loss will be generally felt, more especially so, as he was, when attacked by the disease which has proved fatal, yet in the vigour of middle life. His burial took place in Trinity Church burial ground this afternoon at half past four – a large number of persons attending the funeral.

Wednesday 25 June 1873

DIED at his residence in Somerset Street on Sunday morning, 22nd day of June 1873, in the 54th year of his age, Joseph TAYLOR, after a short but very severe illness. Friends at a distance please accept this notice.

Friday 27 June 1873

DIED suddenly, June 12th 1873, on Toyl’s Hoogte, in the District of Herschel, while travelling with wagons to Aliwal North, William John Dorchester BROWN, trader, of Silver Spruit, Morosi’s Country (formerly of Grahamstown), aged 37 years and 9 months.

Monday 30 June 1873

BIRTH at the Kafir Institution, Grahamstown on Saturday June 29th, the wife of the Rev R.J. MULLINS of a son.

MARRIED June 25th 1873 at Seven Fountains by the Rev E. Lones, Robert SHORT of Alexandria to Eliza, third daughter of the late Job PATRICK. No cards.


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