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Grahamstown Journal 1887 07 July

Saturday 2 July 1887

MARRIED at St.Martin’s German Lutheran Church, Capetown, on the 25th June 1887, by Pastor Wagenor, Hermann F. BECKER M.D., F.L.S., F.S.A. of Grahamstown to Marie Louise DUVENECK, daughter of the late Heinrich Conrad DUVENECK Esq of Uelzen, Hanover, Germany. No cards.

DIED at her late residence, Hell Poort, on the 1st day of July 1887, Mary Jane, beloved wife of Nicholas BROWN, aged 54 years and [6] months, born GILLARD.
The Funeral of the above will move from Mr. J.F. PASSMORE’s residence, upper Bathurst-street, at 3 o’clock on Sunday afternoon.

We heartily congratulate our esteemed fellow-townsman Dr. BECKER on his marriage with Fraulein DUVENEK, which took place on Saturday last at St.Martin’s Church, Capetown. We sincerely wish the newly married couple every happiness.

We regret having to record the sudden death of Mr. Anthony MATTHEWS, which occurred last night at eight o’clock. He had been in his usual health, having attended the market yesterday morning, and within an hour of his death had been in conversation with a friend who called to see him. He then read till 8 o’clock and was about to go to bed when an apoplectic fit seized him, from which he never rallied. The deceased came to this Colony with the 91st Regiment, and was with them through the Kafir war of 1851. Soon after this he got his discharge, and settled in Grahamstown, where he has lived ever since. In the year 1868 he became a member of the Town Council, on which he has had a seat ever since, with the exception of a few months last year during which he lived out of town. He was a very regular attendant at the Council and of committees, and always kept a vigilant eye on the expenditure of the ratepayers’ money. We tender our sympathy to the bereaved family.

An accident of a very serious nature occurred on Monday night in De Beer’s Mine. It appears that at about 12 o’clock, while blasting was being proceeded with, a man named Richard HARRIS, who thought that he was at a sufficiently safe distance off, was struck on the head with a piece of flying rock, and severely injured. He is lying at the Hospital, where but slender hopes are entertained of his recovery. The unfortunate man (says the D,F. Advertiser) is a native of Cumberland, England, and only twenty-five years of age.

Mr. Joseph WILMOT, who adopted the system for the first time last winter, is again feeding his own flock with swedes and mangels, with very satisfactory results. Directly the roots are emptied into the paddocks the sheep make a rush for them, having become very fond of the food. With the abundance of milk thus produced there is no difficulty in rearing the lambs, which are fat and healthy, and well able to bear the cold weather which has lately set in.

Says the P.E. Telegraph: The Magistrate held an inquest yesterday on the body of a woman named Louise ALEXANDER, who came by her death under somewhat peculiar circumstances. It was stated that being at a party she came across a bottle of liquid which she imagined to be spirits – whisky or brandy – for the use of the guests. Pouring some out, she drank it. As a matter of fact the bottle contained carbolic acid, and her death of course resulted.

Tuesday 5 July 1887

DIED at Grahamstown on July 1st 1887, Anthony MATTHEWS, aged 67 years and 9 months.

We regret having to record the death of Mr. Maynard L. LIEBRANDT, which occurred early this morning, after an illness of several weeks. Mr. LIEBRANDT was for many years in sole charge of the Government mule-train department, and about thirty years ago left Capetown for Grahamstown, which has been his place of residence ever since, and where he was well known and respected. We tender our condolence to the bereaved family.

Thursday 7 July 1887

DIED this morning at his residence, Grahamstown, Maynard LIEBRANDT, aged 49 years, deeply regretted.
Grahamstown 5th July 1887.

Today as one of the Councillors pointed out to us is the Grahamstown Town Council’s silver wedding, the first Mayor, the Hon. Geo. WOOD Jr. Esq. having been elected in 1862.

Saturday 9 July 1887

Not a few of our readers, says the D. F. Advertiser, will be concerned to learn that Mr. Roderick McKENZIE, for a considerable number of years past a resident of Kimberley, died by his own hand at an early hour yesterday morning. The deceased, it is understood, was in financial difficulties, but late on Monday evening his manner and conduct did not give any indication that he meditated suicide. He was discovered lying in his room – with a revolver bullet through his head - quite unconscious, and it was found that life was extinct for some time. Mr. McKENZIE was engaged in business here as a law agent, and was for some time a partner of the late Mr. RALSTON. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon and was largely attended by friends of the deceased.

Tuesday 12 July 1887

An old resident in the neighbourhood of this pretty village assured us the other day that it was one of the healthiest places in the world, enjoying a singular immunity from sickness. We believe this is undisputed, as it has been said that the inhabitants as a rule only die of old age. But our friend forcibly illustrated the fact from his own experience, which was this: he had a wife and eleven children, and yet had never paid eleven shillings to doctors, though he admitted having bought an odd bottle of castor oil now and again, and a few ounces of Epsom salts, the total of which would not equal the above amount.

Saturday 16 July 1887

The Queenstown Free Press reports a most brutal murder which took place in Cathcart. A ganger named Julius PORAPP, living in No. 24 cottage, was found lying dead upon the Thorn River Road, under circumstances which point distinctly to a foul murder. The deceased had received his month's pay, and, instead of returning home had dallied about Cathcart drinking. It is supposed that he had exhibited the money in his possession and thus raised the cupidity of his murderer. The police have succeeded in capturing a powerful looking Kafir, who has since confessed that he committed the deed. He first stunned the man with stones, and after completely stripping him of clothes and money, battered his head in with stones.

Tuesday 19 July 1887

DIED at Grahamstown on the 12th July 1887, Adolphus VAN DER DECKEN, aged 53 years and 5 months. “Thy will be done”
English papers please copy.

We regret having to record the death, which occurred on Friday morning, of Mr. George W. PARR, at his farm Berg Plaats, on the old road to Port Elizabeth. Mr. PARR’s health had for a long time been failing, and it was no surprise to his numerous friends to hear of his death. He was in his time among the leading cattle farmers of Albany; he was also in his younger days noted as a first rate shot with the rifle, and was a popular man in the district. We tender our sympathy to the widow and bereaved family in their [trouble]. The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon on an adjoining farm.

Thursday 21 July 1887

DIED at Grahamstown on Tuesday 19 July 1887, Frances, relict of the late Joseph CAWOOD, in her 70th year.
The family tender their sincere thanks to the numerous kind friends who visited deceased during her long and painful illness, more especially to Mrs. WEBER and Mrs. WHITNAL, and to Drs. GREATHEAD and FLIGG.

A Pretoria paper remarks: Mr. BRAY was to some extent the central figure of Barberton mining; a man who everybody felt deserved his good fortune, and whom nobody grudged it. His good nature, however, led him to lend his name too readily for the use of speculators and to engage in losing transactions; and we believe his wealth will be found not to be so great as is generally supposed. His death was caused by disease of the liver and brain, and he was about in his sixty-sixth year.

Saturday 23 July 1887

BIRTH at the Drostdy, Grahamstown, on the 21st inst, the wife of Mr.John PEMBERTON of a daughter.

Tuesday 26 July 1887

DIED at Kimberley on July 22nd 1887, Susan GIBSON, aged 35 years, the dearly beloved wife of A.F. GIBSON, and third daughter of William and Susan WEBB of Grahamstown.

It is our sad duty to record the death, at the age of thirty-five, of Mrs. A.F. GIBSON, which occurred at Kimberley on the 22nd inst. The deceased, who was the third daughter of Mr. Wm. WEBB of this city, leaves three young children. It having been decided that the burial should take place in Grahamstown, the body was borne to the Kimberley Station by her four brothers, and was buried in the Wesleyan cemetery here, on Sunday last, in the presence of many surviving friends. We tender our sincere sympathy to the widower and the bereaved family.

Saturday 30 July 1887

Eastern Province Guardian, Loan and Investment Company
Notice to Creditors
In the Insolvent Estate of Thomas Toy HOOLE of Grahamstown
All Persons claiming to be Creditors under this Estate are required to take notice that the undersigned has been duly elected to and confirmed in the appointment of Sole Trustee of the said Estate, and that the Master has appointed the third Meeting to be held before the Resident Magistrate of Albany, on Wednesday the 31st Aug 1887, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, for the proof of Debts, for receiving the Trustee’s Report, and also for the purpose of giving directions to the said Trustee as to the management of the said Estate. And all persons indebted to the said Estate are required to pay the same to the Undersigned on or before the 14th August 1887, or proceedings will be instituted against them.
(Signed) A.B. SHAND, Trustee
Grahamstown, 28th July 1887

MARRIED this morning, July 30th, at Chelsea, Ernest Hornby TAMPLIN, fourth surviving son of the late Richard William TAMPLIN F.R.C.S., of Old Burlington-street, London, to Kate, second daughter of Charles MOSSOP Esq, Oakley Lodge, Upper Cheyne Row, London S.W.

The Bay papers report that Captain E.H.SALMOND died at the Provincial Hospital on Monday. Of all the names of old residents associated with the early history of Port Elizabeth, there is none better known than that of Captain SALMOND. As a master mariner, as a ship owner, as a merchant, as a ship chandler he was for years a prominent man. A genial friend, a good citizen, a man of intelligence and wide experience.



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