Grahamstown Journal

Grahamstown Journal 1857 - 4 - October to December

Saturday 3 October 1857

BIRTH on the 30th September, Mrs. R. READ of a daughter.

BIRTH on the 1st October at Gletwyn, near Graham’s Town, Mrs. H.J. RUBIDGE of a daughter.

BIRTH at West Hill House on Sunday 27th inst, Mrs. C.H. CALDECOTT of a daughter.

MARRIED on the 4th September at the residence of the bride’s parents, by the Rev. J. Smith, Mr. William WEBB of Mill River, to Jane Maria, second daughter of Mr. Daniel ROBERTS of Atterburn, District of Somerset.

DIED at Grahamstown on the 22nd Septr 1857, of an apoplectic fit, Mr. George WHARRAN, aged 52 years, leaving a widow and four young children to mourn their irreparable loss.

DIED at Gravesend on the 21st July 1857, in her 27th year, Annie, the beloved wife of Capt. J.H. [CHADS] 60th Rifles, and daughter of Assist. Com. General DE SMIDT.

DIED at Middle Drift on the 26th September 1857, of erysipelas, after a short & painful illness of 8 days, Sarah Ann, the beloved wife of Robert CUMMINGS, aged 22 years and [6] months. Second daughter of Mrs. Rebecca MILDENHALL, Fort Hare; deeply lamented by a bereaved husband, relatives and a large circle of friends.
[Transcriber’s Note: This was Sarah Ann HAYWARD, daughter of Rebecca HINTON and her first husband John HAYWARD]

Tuesday 6 October 1857

DIED at King William’s Town on the 29th September, of dysentery, Mr. Isaac HYND, aged 47 years and ten months, leaving a large circle of friends to deplore his loss.

Saturday 10 October 1857

MARRIED on the 29th Sept in St.George’s Cathedral, by the Revd. J. Heavyside, Colonial Chaplain, Mr. Benjamin BOOTH of Hammonds, to Maria, widow of Mr. George WILLETT, and daughter of the late Mr. B.M. SHEPPERSON of this town.

DIED at the residence of his son, William, Isaac DUGMORE, in the 74th year of his age. His end was peace.

Saturday 17 October 1857

DIED at St.Helena on the 2nd August, David [CARINGTON] aged 67 years and 5 months.

Tuesday 20 October 1857

All Cattle found trespassing on the Farms Sidbury Park & Bushy Park, the property of the Undersigned, after this notice, will be impounded.
Sidbury Park
October 20th 1857

Some splendid Grazing Ground for Oxen adjoining the main road
Springfield, Sidbury
October 9th 1857

Saturday 24 October 1857

MARRIED on the 20th instant at St.Patrick’s Cathedral, by the Revd. J. O’Neil, Mr. Henry G.SANDFORD to Miss Amelia McDONALD, elder daughter of Mr.A. McDONALD of this city.

MARRIED this morning by the Rev. J. Heavyside, by Special Licence, Sergt. Major Samuel Henry Herbert HARRISON, [H.M.’s] 80th Regt, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. William WALLACE of this city.

MARRIED by Special Licence at Graham’s Town by the Revd. J. Heavyside on the 20th inst, Mr. B.M. SHEPPERSON M.L.A. to Elizabeth Ann, third daughter of the late Mr. H. FEATHERSTONE.

DIED at Uitenhage on Monday 19th inst, Frederic, the infant son of the Rev. P.W. COPEMAN, aged 20 days.

DIED at Mount Pleasant, Orange Free State, on the 9th October, Sarah Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. Charles SHEPPARD, aged 24 years.

Tuesday 27 October 1857

BIRTH at Grahamstown on Thursday October 22nd, the wife of the Rev. R. Goode HUTT of a daughter.

Saturday 31 October 1857

MARRIED on the 5th inst, Richard, son of the later Colonel HORT, formerly Governor of Domenica, West Indies, and nephew of Sir Roderick MARCHISON, to Charlotte, daughter of the late Mr. John JOLLEY of Fort England.

DIED in George’s District on the 17th June 1857, Mr. Thomas FODEN, aged seventy nine years and six months. Deceased was one of the Settlers of 1820.

Tuesday 3 November 1857

DIED at Graham’s Town on the morning 2nd November, at the residence of her son, Ann, relict of the late Christopher WEDDERBURN. Born QUAIL, native of Bootle in Cumberland, England, in the [79]th year of her age. The deceased was one of the British Settlers of 1820. Her end was peace. Friends at a distance will please accept this notice.
2nd Nov 1857

Saturday 7 November 1857

BIRTH at Graham’s Town on the 4th November 1857, the wife of Lt.Colonel Robert Newport TINLEY, Cape Mounted Rifleman, of a son.

DIED at Fort Beaufort, October 13 1857, Mr. Benjamin WINDELL, aged 36 years and 8 months. Deceased met with his death through a fall from his horse on the 10th October, from which time, till death closed the scene, he was unconscious of the [in….ant] attentions of his numerous friends. The undersigned takes this opportunity of returning her sincere thanks to those friends who so kindly manifested their sympathy from the time of the accident till her husband’s death, and also for their great kindness since that time, and hopes that God, who thus inclined their hearts to help the widow and the fatherless, may bestow blessings upon them a hundredfold.
Francina Christina WINDELL
Fort Beaufort
6th November 1857

Tuesday 10 November 1857

MARRIED at Queen’s Town on the 27th ult, by the Rev. H.H. Dugmore, Mr. Stephen TROLLIP to Mary, widow of the late John STAPLES Esq of Queen’s Town.

BIRTH on the 20th inst (Oct) at Koranna Fontein, near Smithfield, Orange Free State, the wife of T.W. VOWE Esq, aged 27 years and 7 months.

DIED on the 29th October at Hopefield, near Queen’s Town, James RAIT, Government Teacher, aged 34 years and 10 months, deeply lamented by his family and friends.

Saturday 14 November 1857

BIRTH on the 9th instant at Table Farm, Turvey’s Post, Mrs. K.M. TURVEY of a daughter.

BURIED at [Thurlesbey] Farm, Kleinemond, on the 5th Nov, by the Rev. J.D. Ricards, Ellen, wife of Timothy DEVINE, aged 71 years. R.I.P.

Tuesday 17 November 1857

BIRTH at Grahamstown on the 16th instant, the wife of Capt. FOSTER, 12th Regt, of a daughter.

Saturday 21 November 1857

The Funeral of the late Dr. ARMSTRONG will take place tomorrow (Sunday) at 9 o’clock.

BIRTH at Whittlesea on the 17th November, the wife of Mr. R.B. EVA of a son.

MARRIED at Queen’s Town on the 13th instant, by the Rev. J.P. Bertram, Wesleyan Minister, Ebenezer CROUCH, Citizen and Fishmonger of London, eldest son of Mr. E.H. CROUCH of that city, to Hannah Dorothea, fifth daughter of the late Mr. Thomas WEST of Grahamstown.

DIED at Grahamstown on Tuesday the 17th November instant, Mary Agnes, wife of Frederick CARLISLE.

DIED suddenly on Sunday the 15th instant, Mr. Joseph LATHAM, of Grahamstown. The deceased was the head of one of the parties of Settlers who arrived on this frontier in the year 1820.

Tuesday 24 November 1857

MARRIED on the 23rd instant at Alexandrina, Oliphant’s Hoek, by the Rev. P.W. Copeman, Henry John FOX, of Grahamstown, Attorney of the Supreme Court, to Ellen SOUTHALL, step-daughter of Mr. James Lloyd TILBURY of Alexandrina.

DIED at Grahamstown on the evening of Thursday the 19th instant, aged 59 years, Maria Elizabeth, the beloved wife of A.G. BAIN.

Saturday 28 November 1857

BIRTH at Grahamstown on 27th Nov 1857, Mrs. Edward [L.] GREEN of a daughter.

BIRTH at Queenstown on the 22nd instant, the wife of E. [T…..] of a son.

DIED at her residence, James’ Party, Lower Albany, on the 16th November, after a long and painful illness, which was borne with [obscured] patience and resignation, Clara, the beloved wife of Mr. James BANKS, aged 36. She was a devoted wife and an affectionate mother.

Saturday 5 December 1857

MARRIED by Special Licence on the 29th November 1857 by the Rev.W. Wallis, of the Episcopal Church, Alice, Mary Price ADAMS. eldest daughter of the late T.P. ADAMS Esquire of Lower Albany to W. McGLASHAN of Alice.

BIRTH at Graham’s Town on the [29]th ultimo, the wife of Ensign and Adjutant C.B. MARSHALL, Cape Mounted Riflemen, of a son.

BIRTH at Burghersdorp on the 26th November 1857, Mrs. Charles LILFORD of a son.

Tuesday 8 December 1857

MARRIED by Special Licence at Port Elizabeth on the 23rd November 1857, by the Rev.J. [Harsant], Henry M. BOON, Sergeant 6th Royal Regt, to Elleanor, fifth daughter of Mr. Thomas SHONE of Lower Albany.

Saturday 12 December 1857

MARRIED at Fort Peddie Nov 25th 1857, by the Rev. C.R. Lange, of the Episcopal Church, Mr. C. K. KAYSER, son of the Rev. Mr. KAYSER, to Margaret Ann, fourth daughter of R. TAINTON Esq.

Tuesday 15 December 1857

MARRIED at Graham’s Town on the 8th December by the Rev. P. SMAILES, Headmaster of the Wesleyan Grammar School, Reinhold Johannes ORTLEPP eldest son of A.A. ORTLEPP Esq of Colesberg to Jessie Anna ROACH, daughter of the late Frederick ROACH of Cape Town.

By Special Licence, Married this morning in Commemoration Chapel by the Rev. J. Richards, Mr. A.C. SANDERS to Mrs. Ann MITCHLEY of Grahamstown.
Graham’s Town
15th Dec 1857

Saturday 19 December 1857

[one totally illegible marriage announcement]

DIED at Burghersdorp on the 9th Dec 1857, Maria (born BLAKEMORE), the beloved wife of Mr. John DICKS, leaving a disconsolate husband and seven young children to mourn the loss of a devoted wife and affectionate parent. Relatives and friends at a distance will please accept of this [intimation].

DIED on the 18th inst at his residence, [Waterloo] Place, after a long and painful illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude, Mr. James EVERLEY, in the [59]th year of his age.

DIED on the 17th inst at Grahamstown, Gertrude [….], the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. READ

DIED at Sherwood on Tuesday the 15th December 1857, after a long and severe affliction, Harriett Margaret, the beloved wife of Mr. George BEALE. Aged 34 years and 2 months.

DIED at his residence at Fordyce Fontain in the District of Queen’s Town, on Monday the 14th Dec 1857, Johannes Jacobus ZEILER JP, aged 63 years 11 months, after a long and severe illness.

Tuesday 22 December 1857

[There are three illegible BMD announcements in this issue, one of which appears to be another notice for the marriage of Ann MITCHLEY (see above), this time describing her as the widow of D. MITCHLEY, but the scan is too faint to read clearly. Ann MITCHLEY was born Ann SANSOM and married David MITCHLEY in Grahamstown in 1843. He died on 20 August 1851]

Saturday 26 December 1857

BIRTH at Grahamstown on the 24th instant, Mrs. George ROBEY of a son.

BIRTH at Grahamstown on the 25th December, [Sarah], wife of Mr. James PARKER, of a son.

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