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Grahamstown Journal 1888 12 December

 Saturday 1 December 1888

About three months ago (the Dispatch says) Mr. Edward USHER, a well known and respected transport rider in the Queenstown district, loaded up at Aliwal North three boxes of silver specie for the Standard Bank, Johannesburg. The boxes arrived at the bank in due course, and were received by two officials without any objection or comment, and the driver who delivered them swears that they were in perfect condition. Two or three days afterwards USHER was arrested for theft, his wagon and oxen seized, and a preliminary examination was held before the Magistrate, who forwarded the papers to the State Attorney. That official refuses to prosecute, there not being a tittle of evidence to inculpate the accused. USHER is now a man [sic]. For three months he has been doing nothing, and a few cattle he had were sold to pay for his defence, but his friends are taking the matter up, and it is said that the Bank will be sued for damages.

Tuesday 4 December 1888

DIED at the residence of his son-in-law, Jabez SOUTH, Grahamstown, Samuel ALLISON, aged 73 years.
The Funeral of the above will leave the residence of Mr. Jabez SOUTH tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at 4 o’clock. Friends are invited to attend.

Albany Lodge No. 389
The BB are requested to attend the funeral of their late Bro. Samuel ALLISON, to meet at the Temple, Hill-street, tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at 3:30, and from thence proceed to the residence of Bro. J.SOUTH, starting from there to the Cemetery. Visiting BB are earnestly invited to attend.
Usual Mourning – Aprons and Jewels Craped.
By Order of the W.M.
Secretary 389
Grahamstown, Dec 4 1888.

St.John’s Lodge 828
The BB are requested to attend the funeral of their late Bro. Samuel ALLISON, to meet at the Temple, Hill-street, tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at 3:30, and from thence proceed to the residence of Bro. J.SOUTH, starting from there to the Cemetery.
Usual Mourning.
By Order of the W.M.
Grahamstown, Dec 4 1888.

St.Andrew’s Lodge 651 (S.C.)
The BB are requested to attend the funeral of their late Bro. Samuel ALLISON, to meet at the Temple, Hill-street, tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at 3:30, and from thence proceed to the residence of Bro. J.SOUTH, starting from there to the Cemetery. Visiting BB are earnestly invited to attend.
Usual Mourning – Aprons and Jewels Craped.
By Order of the R.W.M.
Grahamstown, Dec 4 1888.

The Cathedral bell announced this morning the death of an old and respected resident of this City, Mr. Samuel ALLISON, who died at the house of his son-in-law, Mr. Jabez SOUTH, aged 73 years. The funeral will leave Mr. SOUTH’s residence at 4 pm tomorrow. The ceremony will be of great interest, as all the Masonic Lodges in town have signified their intention of taking part, Mr. ALLISON having long been a member of that Order.

BIRTH at the Drostdy, Grahamstown, on the 30th November 1888, the wife of Mr. A.S. HUTTON of a daughter.

Thursday 6 December 1888

BIRTH at the Drostdy, Grahamstown on the 30th November 1888, the wife of Mr. A.S. HUTTON of a daughter.

We learn with much regret that the friends of Mr. Geo. SURMON, who left Grahamstown some weeks since in order to reside in Johannesburg, have received a telegram stating that he died of fever in the waggon while just reaching that town.

Seven Fountains was the scene of a very large gathering on Monday 3rd, when the funeral of an old resident, Mr. J.T. JAKINS, took place. Mr. JAKINS had reached the advanced age of 81 years, and had for some time past been in weak health, though retaining his mental faculties until the last. His death occurred on the 1st inst. He was a man much loved and respected through all the countryside, as the large number of people at his grave testified. The funeral service was conducted by the Revs. H. COTTON and J. WHITESIDE, the church being filled, while a goodly number of friends had to remain outside. The burial service was read, and addresses were delivered by both the ministers present. Testimony was borne to the upright, consistent and sympathetic life that Mr. JAKINS had lived. He was a good man. After the service in the church, his remains were borne to the graveyard and committed to the earth, the remaining portion of the service being read by the Rev. H. COTTON. The coffin was covered with wreaths and flowers, the last offerings of loving hands and hearts.

DIED at Kimberley on Tuesday December 4th 1888, James Benjamin, the dearly beloved son of James and Martha Jane JOHNSTON, aged 8 months.

Tuesday 11 December 1888

DIED at Grahamstown, Dec 8th 1888, George STEAD, aged 75 years.

Mr. Jno. NILAND, the well-known farmer at Fort Beaufort, has died at Potchefstrom, whilst on a visit to the Transvaal, after a short illness. The deceased (says the F.B. Advocate) leaves a wife and family at his home near Fort Beaufort.

In St.George’s Cathedral this morning the marriage took place of Miss Ethel CROZIER to Mr. Walter HAYTON. The ceremony was one of the most numerously attended that has taken place here for some time past, the Cathedral being almost entirely filled both below and in the gallery. The service was conducted by the Rev. W. IMPEY, assisted by the Rev. Wharton B. SMITH, and the full choir took part and rendered the ordinary impressive service still more imposing. The bride looked positively charming in the orthodox hymeneal attire, but we are not in a position to give details of the composition of an unrivalled outfit. We join with numberless friends in wishing bride and bridegroom long life and happiness.

Thursday 13 December 1888

BIRTH at Grahamstown on Dec 12th, the wife of Mr. W.G. WEBB of Thorn Park of a son.

The Rev. Dr. HOFMEYR, minister of the Dutch Reformed Church at Montagu, died suddenly on Wednesday morning of heart disease. He was ill only a few hours.

Tuesday 18 December 1888

If Charles ROBERTS (brother of the late Miss Emma ROBERTS, or PAGE, of Rugby, England) who came with his brother James ROBERTS to Natal with Bishop COLENSO, will communicate with Mr. HARRIS, Solicitor, Rugby, England, he will hear something to his advantage.

MARRIED at St.George’s Cathedral, Grahamstown, on the 11th inst by the Rev. W. Impey, assisted by the Rev. Wharton B. Smith, Walter T.B. HAYTON, second son of John HAYTON, to Ethel Rivett CROZIER, eldest daughter of the late G.N.H. CROZIER, both of Grahamstown.

Thursday 20 December 1888

In the Intestate Estate of Sarah WALLACE (born BROOKS) and surviving spouse James WALLACE of Collingham.
All Claims against the above Estate must be sent in to the Undersigned within six weeks from date, after which no Claims will be admitted; and to whom all Debts (owing to the above Estate) must be paid within six weeks from date, or legal proceedings will be taken to recover the same.
Executor Dative
Beggar’s Bush, 18th Dec 1888.

DIED at Leuw Fontein, the residence of Mrs. J.P. BROLE, her sister, F.H.R.B. PRYNN, the beloved wife of W.E. PRYNN of Adelaide, aged 67 years 4 months and 3 days. Friends at a distance please accept this notice.

Another of the original British Settlers has died – Mr. Isaiah THOMAS, formerly of Lower Albany and lately of Cala. Mr. THOMAS had passed the allotted span of three score years and ten. The number of original settlers of ’20 has diminished to units. [The Telegraph from which we take the above overlooks the fact that no Settler of 1820 now living could be less than 86 years of age –Ed. J.]

Saturday 22 December 1888

DIED on the 18th inst at the residence of W. FORWARD Esq, near Tylden, Emily, the second daughter of the late Mr. James RICHARDS, of Port Elizabeth.

DIED after a short but painful illness, at Port Elizabeth on the 16th inst, James Henry ANDREWS, HM Customs, son of Mr. A.J. ANDREWS M.I.C.E. of London, aged 37 years.

DIED this morning at Alterdore Cottage, Worcester-street, Mary Anne, relict of the late Thomas GILBERT, of Sipton Manor, Division of Fort Beaufort, aged 73 years. Deeply regretted.
December 21st 1888.

Many of our readers will regret to hear of the death of Miss Emily RICHARDS, second daughter of the late Mr. James RICHARDS, formerly of Port Elizabeth. The deceased, about four or five months ago, went to reside on a farm in the vicinity of Queenstown, and within the last week or two was seized with an attack of dysentery, from which she never recovered. Previous to her departure from Grahamstown Miss RICHARDS resided with her aunt, Mrs. Ben. HOOLE.

Saturday 29 December 1888

It is our melancholy duty from time to time to chronicle the removal from our midst of many a familiar Grahamstown face, but seldom have we done so more regretfully than in the case of Mr. Edward BOOTH Sen, who died after being laid aside for a short time, at three o’clock yesterday morning, at the advanced age of 64 years. For a long while the deceased gentleman had been in very frail health, the disease which finally terminated his useful existence having obtained a firm hold upon him. Mr. BOOTH had been connected for 11 years with the firm of N. HOUSE and Co and for many years previous to that with the firm of MAYNARD, BOOTH and Co, being always remarkable during the whole of his business life for his strict integrity, financial ability and accurate attention to the smallest details of mercantile transactions, all of which qualities had gained for him the unfeigned respect of all with whom he had come into contact. The funeral took place at 3:30 this afternoon, when the attendance of friends anxious to tender the last tribute of respect sufficiently indicated the esteem in which he was held. We can assure the widow and family that not only our sympathies but those of the whole town will be heartily with them in their trouble, and their loss will be felt to be also a loss to the community at large.

Murraysburg has been treated to a sensational incident by one of its residents, a Mr. John GROVE, eloping with a Miss VORSTER, a young damsel of scarce eighteen summers, the Transvaal being the scene of this gay Lothario’s future operations. A wife and several children were discarded, to whom we (Richmond Era) offer our congratulations in getting rid of such a monster.

The Register regrets extremely to hear that Mr. Willem KRUGER of Strydom’s Kraal, in the Cradock district, lost two children last Tuesday by drowning. It appears that the boys, aged respectively 9 and 11 years, asked their mother’s permission to go and bathe in the river. They were allowed to go with some other children, and directly the KRUGERs went into the water they were swept away, as the river was rising at the time. The other children ran to the house to tell of what had occurred, and the lifeless bodies of the little ones were recovered soon afterwards.

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