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Grahamstown Journal 1838 - 1 - January to June

Thursday 4 January 1838

BIRTH at Fort Beaufort on the 29th Dec 1837, the wife of R.D. HALIFAX Esq, Major 75th Regt, of a son.

Thursday 11 January 1838

To be sold by Private Contract those well known and valuable Farms "Syver Vontyn" and "Karee Leegte", the property of Andreas Lodewyk PRETORIUS, situate "Voor Sneeuwberg" district of Graaf-Reinet; measuring as per diagram 1,094 morgen of land, well suited for all kinds of Cattle, particularly wooled sheep; has an abundant supply of water; 50 acres of Land can be irrigated in the driest season; 300 muids of Wheat have been reaped this season from 8 muid of seed, besides other grain; the Buildings consist of 7 substantial Dwelling Houses, 2 water Mills in good repair, Oat Houses of all descriptions, substantial Kraals etc. The Gardens are well stocked with Fruit Trees. This property lying on the main road from Graaff-Reinet to Cradock, the Orange River etc., being 30 miles from the former, offers considerable advantage for the investment of capital. Persons wishing to purchase this property must apply to the Owner at Syver Vontyn on or before
the 1st March 1838. Further particulars may be obtained on application to Mr. George SOUTHEY, High Street, Graham's Town.

Mr.H.P.JANSEN is desirous of Selling his valuable Farm called 'Nooitgedagt', situate in the fieldcornetcy of Buffelshoek, together with the large standing crop of Wheat. The Farm abounds in excellent pasturage for Sheep and Cattle. There is an abundant supply of Water for irrigation. For particulars apply to Dr.Geo.KREBE, Graaff-Reinet.

In St.George's Church, Grahamstown by the Rev.J.Heavyside, Colonial Chaplain
Oct 7  J.B.LEVEY, bachelor to Sarah DUNFORD, spinster
Oct 16  J.MALONEY, bachelor to Mary Ann RORKE, spinster
Oct 16  Gert Johannes NEL, bachelor to Martha Louisa PRINSLO, spinster
Oct 16  Michael CONWAY, bachelor to Magel Maria COESTER, spinster
Oct 23  Diederik KOEKEMOOR, bachelor to Aletta E. De LANGE, spinster
Nov 1   Thomas MILLER, bachelor to Eliza HARLEY, spinster
Nov 13  Andrew GUIN, bachelor to Margaret COWIE, spinster
Nov 20  David Petrus De LANGE, widower to Maria Hendrina PIRK, spinster
Nov 23  George LIVINGSTON, bachelor to Emily BACK, spinster
Dec 14  Joseph TITTERTON, bachelor to Ann PASSMORE, spinster
Dec 15  C.M.THORNHILL, bachelor to S.M.BAILIE, widow
Dec 18  Christian Gert NEL, bachelor to Gesiena Sophia NEL, spinster
Dec 18  Thomas HOLMES, bachelor to Frances Maria FEAGAN, spinster
Dec 18  Michael NILAND, bachelor to Mary Thompson KEEVEY, spinster
Dec 20  William STENT, bachelor to Eliza KEEN,spinster
Dec 22  N.H.SMITH, bachelor to Sarah HOWELL, spinster
Dec 22  J.FORRESTER, bachelor to Elizabeth SANSOM, spinster
Dec 25  C.J.LUCAS, bachelor to Elizabeth MITCHLEY, spinster
Dec 26  Thomas GILBERT, bachelor to M.A. HOGBEN, spinster
Dec 27  J.Z.VAN DER MERWE, bachelor to Susanna E. NIEMAND, spinster
Dec 28  W.SUTTON, bachelor to Ann REDMAN, spinster
Dec 28  W.GILBERT, bachelor to Hester HOGBEN, spinster
Dec 30  Samuel ALLISON, bachelor to Ann GLASS, spinster
Dec 30  James PITT, bachelor to Penelope SHORT, spinster
Dec 30  John DIVINE, bachelor to Martha HARDING, spinster

Thursday 25 January 1838

We deeply regret to announce the death of Capt.ADAIR of the Cape Mounted Rifles (late of the 72nd Highlanders) under the following distressing circumstances:- Deceased was stationed at Fort Brown and was out of Wednesday se'nnight in that neighbourhood shooting. he had fired off one barrel and was standing with the butt of his piece on the ground, with one hand holding the muzzle; whilst in this position and with the head gently inclined forward, in the act of taking a pinch of snuff, the charge in the loaded barrel, from some cause which has not been explained, exploded, entering the head of this lamented officer between the eyes, and shattering in the most frightful manner the face and scalp. The deceased was in the prime of life and highly esteemed by his brother officers. His remains were deposited with military honours in the burial ground at Graham's Town on Saturday, the funeral being attended by all the officers in the garrison.

Thursday 1 February 1838

Final Notice
The Undersigned, Executors of the Estate of the late Dr. CAMPBELL, being desirous of closing all Accounts for and against the above, requests all Claims to be sent in, and all Debts paid, within six weeks from this date, as after this no attention will be paid to any Claim; and Debts due will be handed over for recovery.
To be sold upon the last day of Feb, all the remaining plots of Ground, in Bathurst-street, and adjoining the Wesleyan Chapel, of the Estate.
Also the Farm, about 600 acres, bounded on the north by the George's River – on the east and south by George SMITH's Party – and on the west by the land of G. DENTON, near the Klein Montjes, a most desirable and beautiful spot. To Purchasers Title Deeds will be given immediately upon approved Security.
For Self and Co Executor

Thursday 8 February 1838

Edward GOWAR begs to inform his friends and the Public in general that he shall commence Business on Monday 12th inst as Farrier and Blacksmith, at his own place below the East Barracks, opposite Mr. WELBELOVE's, where the strictest attention will be paid to any work put under his charge at reduced prices.
NB Sick horses attended to at all hours of the day and night.

Thursday 15 February 1838

My Son George CADLE, having absented himself from home a considerable time, I publicly inform William ROE, of Assegai Bush, (or whoever may harbour him) that I will prosecute for such unwarrantable detention, should he be detained, or again decoyed away, after this notice.
Port Elizabeth, 8th February 1838

MARRIAGES in St.George's Church Graham's Town by the Rev.J.Heavyside, Colonial Chaplain
Jan 15  A.D.SMITH, bachelor to M.C.POTGIETER, spinster
Jan 15  R.H.CAFFYN, bachelor to M.E.HECKRATH, spinster
Jan 24  James THACKWRAY, bachelor to Jane BOOTH, spinster
Jan 24  W.A.FLETCHER, bachelor to S.E.PAXTON, spinster
Feb 1   H.J.CARTER, bachelor to Harriet SMITH, spinster
Feb 12 J.STANDEN, bachelor to Emma WRIGHT, spinster

MARRIED on the 13th Feb 1838 at Graham's Town by the Rev J. Heavyside, Jonathan, eldest son of Mr. STANDEN of Graham's Town, to Emma, youngest daughter of C.B.R. WRIGHT Esq of Greenwich, Kent

Thursday 22 February 1838

BIRTH at Graaff-Reinet on the 19th inst, Mrs. GRISBROOK of a daughter.

Thursday 1 March 1838

DIED at Botha's Post on the 14th Jan after a few days illness, Henry, son of Mr. B.D. BELL, Commissariat Department, aged nine months and seventeen days.

Thursday 22 March 1838

DIED in Cape Town on the 9th March 1838, John Coenraad, only son of Ernst Frederick SCHRADER Esq, Acting Clerk of the Peace for the District of Port Elizabeth, aged five years and six months.

Thursday 29 March 1838

MARRIED on Wednesday 21st March 1838 at Phillipston, Kat River by the Rev James Read Jun, Mr. James GREEN of Balfour to Miss Mary BARTLETT, daughter of Mr. John BARTLETT of Campbell Town.

Thursday 5 April 1838

In St.George's Church Grahamstown by Rev.J.Heavyside, Colonial Chaplain
Feb 26 C.J.BOTHA to Sophia E. POTGIETER
Mar 1  G.F.MARR to Elizabeth C VA DE VYVER
Mar 1  Nathaniel ELLIOTT to Arabella THOMAS
Mar 12 John SHORT to Margaret FITCHET
Mar 13 David PAXTON to Harriet M. PAINTER
Mar 19 William PAYNE to Hanna THOMPSON
Mar 28 Wynand J.NIEMAND to Alida M.PETZER
Mar 28 John McARTHUR to Catharine JONES
Mar 28 John JARDINE to Mary AIRL
Mar 29 F.H.COLE to Johanna H.WIENAND
Apr 2  M.D.ERASMUS to A.Catharina PIEK
Apr 5  Joseph WARD to Mary BILES
By the Rev W. Shaw and other Wesleyan missionaries in the District of Albany
Jan 26 W. PARKER to Sarah, both of the Bechuana nation
Feb 20 Job HARVEY to Ruth ALLDUM
Feb 22 A.J. ALLDUM to Margaret C. GREEN
Mar 4  Mango of the Zoolu nation to Elizabeth COTTON of Mozambique
Mar 18 Cupido JOHANNES to Sarah WILLIAMS
Mar 26 James MORRIS to Elizabeth KING

In St.George's Church by the Rev.J.Heavyside
Mar 4   A son of M.ARMSTRONG baptised James Fitzgerald
Mar 4   A daughter of F.KEEVY baptised Margaret
Mar 14 A daughter of R.DANIELL baptised Emily Ann
Mar 18 A son of John COYLE baptised John
Mar 18 A daughter of G. ATHERSTONE baptised Catherine Ann
Mar 26 A daughter of Zacharias FABER baptised Cornelia Jacobus Arnoldus Wilhelmus
By the Rev.W.Shaw and other Wesleyan Missionaries
Jan 23 George son of T. and S. FRANCIS
Jan 23 William Penny son of T.H. and S.PARKER
Feb 25 George Henry son of T.and H.SLATER
Feb 25 Anna Rozina, Sarah Helena, Clara Elizabeth Dorothea and Johannes Hermanus Michael, children of J.W. and S.J.KOCK
Feb 25 Harriet Abigail daughter of C.and S.RHODES
Feb 25 Margaret Emma daughter of C.P.and E.M.WEBBER
Feb 25 Margaret daughter of S.and M.GRADWELL
Feb 27 Emma, daughter of W.and E.WENTWORTH
Mar 11 Hannah Catherine, daughter of S. and M. DELL

Jan 6   Henry MASKELL aged 9 months
Jan 12 John NICHOLL aged 12 months
Jan 20 Capt.ADAIR, Cape Mounted Rifles, aged 41 years
Feb 5   Mary WAKEFORD aged 56 years
Feb 20 Ensign Thomas CROWE, Cape Mounted Rifles, aged 21 
Mar 11 Elizabeth STREEK aged 7 months

Thursday 12 April 1838

For Sale by private Contract the House and Ground on Settler's Hill, the Property of Donald MOODIE Esq. This House (which is now let to the Ordnance Department at £50 per annum) together with the extensive Erven, offers a most eligible investment for capital. Should no adequate offer be received the Grounds will be cut up into suitable Building Allotments and the whole put up to Public Auction at an early date.
Apply to Henry NOURSE, General Agent

The House and Ground on Settler's Hill, the Property of Mr.Edward HOLL of Cape Town, and formerly occupied as the 'Infant School'. This Property will be sold by Public Auction at an early date unless previously let or sold by Private Contract. Immediate Transfer can be given and a liberal Credit will be allowed.
Henry NOURSE, General Agent

BIRTH at Uitenhage the 3rd instant, Mrs Gage HEATHCOTE of a daughter.

Thursday 3 May 1838

DIED on 30 April at his residence in Beaufort Street, Mr. Patrick CHRISTIE, after a short illness, aged 54 years.

Thursday 17 May 1838

DIED at Port Elizabeth on the 10th instant, Lucy WILLIAMSON, wife of the late Thomas WILLIAMSON of this place, aged 58 years and 6 months.

On the 3rd inst married at Springfield Cottage, Port Elizabeth by the Rev F. McCleland, Edward Mortimer G. CLOUGH, of London, to Ann, daughter of H.J. LOVEMORE, Bushy Park.

Thursday 7 June 1838

DIED on the 1st instant, deeply and sincerely lamented by all who knew her, Ann, the wife of C.C. SANFORD Esq, Act. Ass. Com. Gen., aged 46 years.

Thursday 28 June 1838

Solemnised by the Rev.J.Heavyside, Colonial Chaplain
May 9   Joseph STEVENS, widower, to Mary GIBSON, widow
May 21 Joseph LAWTON, widower to Elizabeth BAINBRIDGE, widow

May 27  A daughter of J.TESTARD baptised Jane Gordon
June 17 A son of J.WIGGET baptised James Boaz
June 17 A daughter of ditto baptised Elizabeth
Baptisms celebrated by the Rev.W.Shaw and other Wesleyan missionaries in the district of Albany
May 27 Elinor Elizabeth, daughter of John and Martha HARTLEY
May 27 Henry Richard, son of George and Susan WOOD
May 29 Miles Robert, son of William M. and H.S.BOWKER
June 10 Mary Ann, daughter of Richard and Mary FORRESTER
June 10 Charles son of James and Rebecca HARPER
June 17 Mary Jane daughter of Henry and Elizabeth SPARKS
June 24 George son of William and Martha WEDDERBURN
June 24 William, son of Thomas and Mary COCKCROFT

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