Grahamstown Journal

Grahamstown Journal 1842 - 1 - January to March

Thursday 6 January 1842

BIRTH on Saturday the 1st inst, Mrs. W. Guybon ATHERSTONE of a daughter.

Thursday 13 January 1842

DIED at Bathurst on the 5th instant in the 81st year of his age, universally regretted, Simon BIDDULPH Esq., formerly of Tamworth in the County of Stafford, Cousin of Sir Theophilus BIDDULPH of Birbury in the County of Warwick, Baronet.

DIED at Graham's Town on the 1st inst, Elizabeth HEWSON, wife of Mr.Thomas HEWSON, after a very short illness, aged 65 years.

BIRTH at Graham's Town, Jan 9th, Mrs.Thornley SMITH of a son

BIRTH on Saturday 1st inst, Mrs. E.L. KIFT of a daughter
Graham's Town 12 January 1842

Thursday 20 January 1842

BIRTH at Graham’s Town on the 8th inst, Mrs. B.M. SHEPPERSON of a son.

Thursday 27 January 1842

MARRIED on the 24th instant at Longnor Park by the Rev George Booth AB, Chaplain of Fort Beaufort, Mr. Robert O’CONNOR of Waterhall Farm to Charlotte, second daughter of John BLAKEWAY Esq of Longnor Park
Fort Beaufort, January 25 1842

BIRTH at Barton, District of Graaff-Reinet, on the 19th inst, Mrs. B. BOOTH jun. of a daughter.

BIRTH at Uitenhage on the 25th inst, the Lady of John BOYS Esq (late Capt. 95th Regt.) of a son.

DIED at Fort Brown on the 20th inst. from the effects of dysentery, Harry John Alexander, aged 12 months, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. WADE
Graham's Town 22nd Jan 1842

DIED on Thursday 20th inst. in Graham's Town, William Boyce, infant son of Rev. H.H. DUGMORE, Wesleyan Missionary, aged 10 months.

Thursday 3 February 1842

DIED at Graham's Town on Tuesday 28th inst. Mrs.Martha MARSH, a native of the Isle of Wight, aged 72 years. Deceased was one of the British emigrants of 1820, and for the last 18 years resided in Graham's Town, where she was distinguished for her uniform piety and active exertions in doing good. As a consistent member of the Wesleyan Society - in which for many years she sustained with great acceptance the office of Class Leader - as a prudent and affectionate wife and tender parent, her memory will ever be affectionately cherished by her friends - by the church to which she belonged - by her children and by her bereaved and aged husband. Though long suffering severely under the infirmities of age yet her death was sudden.
But to her summons had no terror:- She knew in whom she had believed, and while she met the final struggle with the resignation of the saint it was at the same time with the strong hope and confidence of the mature Christian.

Thursday 10 February 1842

BIRTH on the 31 January at Drie Koppen, Graaff-Reinet, Mrs.BLACKBURN of a son

DIED at Somerset on the 3rd inst, Emma Thomaskene, the infant daughter of J.& E. CAWOOD, aged nine months and eight days. [sic – should be Emma Thomasina]

From the service of the Undersigned on the 31st January his Apprentice, John CHARLESLEY. He is about 15 years of age, Stout Made, round face, dark complexion, a scar on front of forehead, brown hair, dark eyes. He was dressed in a black Moleskin Jacket and white Moleskin Trowsers. He absconded in company with a person calling himself an American and stating his name to be Henry ROBERTSON. This person is rather short and stout, very sandy hair and whiskers – about 22 years of age. They are supposed to have taken the road towards Graham’s Town, with the intention of crossing the Colonial Boundary. The latter person has also absconded from the service of the Undersigned. Any person detaining them or giving such information as shall lead to their apprehension will be thankfully rewarded – and anyone employing them after this notice will be dealt with according to Law.
Seven Fountain, Normans Party
8th February 1842

Thursday 17 February 1842

MARRIED on the 9th inst. by the Rev. W. Shaw, James, youngest son of James POWELL of Bristol to Jane Elizabeth Fitz, eldest daughter of James HOOLE of Cheshire

DIED on the 7th instant, Catherine, infant daughter of Gage HEATHCOTE Esq., aged 7 months and 24 days

DIED at Uitenhage on 28 January 1842, Cornelius Botton ALCOCK Esq., aged 62 years, late a Lieutenant in the 60th Regt. of Foot.

Thursday 24 February 1842

MARRIED by Special Licence at Port Elizabeth on 3rd February by the Rev. F. McCleland, John H. CLARKE to Anne Sophia, eldest daughter of Mr. J. NUDD of Port Elizabeth.

BIRTH this morning, the wife of G. LEE of a daughter
Graham's Town 24th Feb 1842

BIRTH at Fort England on 22nd inst, Mrs. R. FEATHERSTONE of a daughter

DIED on the 7th inst. at Morley, Kaffraria at the house of the Rev. Samuel PALMER, Edwin Watson, the infant son of the Rev. J. ARCHBELL, aged 6 months.

Thursday 3 March 1842

MARRIED on Monday 21st ult. at Prospect in the District of Cradock by the Rev. W. Shaw, Wesleyan Minister, James Henry GREATHEAD to Julia, second daughter of W. WRIGHT Esq.

BIRTH at Newton Dale, 26th February, the Consort of the Kafir Chief KAMA of a daughter

Thursday 10 March 1842

BIRTH in New Street on the 7th inst, Mrs.Charles MAYNARD of a son

DIED on Sunday morning at 3 o'clock, the 6th inst., aged 16, George Henry, second son of Mr. W.J. EARLE of this Town. His truly amiable and mild disposition endeared him not only to his family but to all his acquaintances. He suffered severely and bore his pain with great fortitude,
departing this life with every appearance of resignation to the Divine will, and expired without a struggle.

DIED at Graham's Town on the 3rd instant, Edward Henry, only and beloved son of Mr.and Mrs. E. TURVEY, aged 2 years and 4 months.

Thursday 17 March 1842

BIRTH on the 12th, Mrs. G.A. MUNRO of a daughter

BIRTH at Quagga's Valley, Sneeuwbergen on Sunday afternoon, 13th inst, Mrs.William SOUTHEY of a son

DIED at Somerset on the morning of the 13th inst, Mrs.Dorotha EVANS, Widow of the late Rev. John EVANS, Minister of the Dutch Reformed Church at Cradock. She was much esteemed by her numerous circle of acquaintances – has been long a valuable teacher in the Sunday School, where her loss will be much felt.

Thursday 24 March 1842

BIRTH at Fort Peddie, Kafirland, on Wednesday 16th March, the Lady of Capt. T.F.G. CAMPBELL, 91st Regt. of a daughter

BIRTH on the 20th instant at Graaff-Reinet, Mrs. R. SOUTHEY of a son

DIED on the 18th instant, Herbert Montgomery, the infant son of Chas. MAYNARD Esq., aged 11 days.

Thursday 31 March 1842

DIED on the 12th instant at Port Elizabeth, Charles Boucher Anthony ISEMONGER, son of Anthony and Helen ISEMONGER of that place, aged 5 years and 4 months.

Capt. MITCHELL of the Barque ‘Georgia’ takes this opportunity of returning his most grateful thanks to the Rev. H. PEARCE and Mr. USHER, residing at the Wesleyan Mission Station called Beecham Wood, on the coast of Kaffraria, for their kindness to himself and four of his crew when providentially landed there from an open boat, in supplying their wants and conveying them to Butterworth on their route to the Colony. He also has to acknowledge the attention paid to them by the Commissariat Wagon Conductor, MAGEE, and also to Mr. HARE, Commissariat Clerk, in their progress to Graham’s Town. To Charles MAYNARD Esq he is indebted for the means of prosecuting his journey to Port Elizabeth, and generally he has to express his deep sense of the kindness of the inhabitants at large for the uniform attention which has been paid to himself and his companions in misfortune.
Graham’s Town, 28th March 1842.

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