Grahamstown Journal

Grahamstown Journal 1842 - 4 - October to December

Thursday 6 October 1842

DIED at Alstone fields on Sunday the 2nd instant, Arthur Hugh, eldest son of Hugh BARBER Esq, aged 10 years.

In the Wesleyan Chapel, Graham's Town, by the Rev Thornley Smith
Sept 14 Mr. John Amelius BAILIE to Miss Elizabeth LUCAS
Sept 15 Mr. James WALLACE to Miss Sarah BROOKE
Sept 18 Henry Francis ELLIOTT to Hannah JONES
Sept 25 William ROLANDS to Sena APOLIS

In the Wesleyan Chapel, Graham's Town by the Rev W. Shaw
Sept 4 A son of Jan BOOSACK baptised Jan
By the Rev Thornley Smith
Sept 11 A daughter of Elisha LEE, baptised Lavinia
Sept 11 A daughter of William STENT, baptised Charlotte Amelia
Sept 11 A daughter of David PAXTON, baptised Fanny Elizabeth
Sept 11 A daughter of John JENNINGS, baptised Elizabeth
By the Rev W.E. Boyce
Sept 23 A daughter of Johannes KAME, baptised Sihe
Sept 23 A daughter of Johannes KAME, baptised Catherine
Sept 23 A daughter of Johannes KAME, baptised Fynn
Sept 23 A son of Petrus BLOZA, baptised Jan
Sept 23 A daughter of Petrus BLOZA, baptised Jan [sic]
Sept 23 A daughter of OAHN, baptised Sarah

Thursday 20 October 1842

DIED on Friday the 14th inst, universally beloved by all who knew him, Capt. R.C. ONSLOW, 91st Regt, son of Sir Henry ONSLOW Bart.

BIRTH on Monday the 17th inst, the lady of Surgeon W.C. EDDIE, of Cape Mounted Riflemen, of a son

Thursday 27 October 1842

BIRTH at Graham's Town on Tuesday 25th inst. Mrs.F.H.COLE of a daughter

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on the 18th inst the Lady of Edward RICARD Esq, 75th Regt, of Twins, one of which still-born.

DIED at his residence in Graham's Town, Saturday the 22nd inst., Mr. Thos. STANDEN, formerly of Fairlawn House, Hammersmith, in the 67th year of his age.
Graham's Town 26th October 1842

At Norman's Party, by the Rev J. Richards, Wesleyan Minister
Sept 18th A son of Mr. W.F. DUGMORE, baptised John William
Sept 18th A daughter of J. KING, baptised Amelia Rebecca

At Graham's Town, during the month of September 1842
Sept 4 R. FEATHERSTONE, aged 52 years
Sept 9 J. JOPPEY, aged 73 years
Sept 13 Thomas STYLES, aged 63 years
Sept 21 Ann YOUNG, aged 63 years
Sept 24 Wm. LUCAS, aged 60 years

Thursday 3 November 1842

MARRIED in St.George's Church on the 1st inst. by the Rev.J.Barrow, Mr.Edward Robinson KING to Emily, eldest daughter of Mr.R.M.WHITNALL, Graham's Town

DIED at the Parsonage, Port Elizabeth on Saturday evening the 15th inst, after a painful and protracted illness, which she bore with Christian resignation and fortitude, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of the Rev. Francis McCLELAND, Colonial Chaplain of Port Elizabeth, leaving a disconsolate
Widower and a large family to deplore the bereavement of an affectionate wife and kind mother, and a large circle of acquaintance the loss of a true and much valued friend.
Port Elizabeth 25th October 1842

DIED at Bloemhof, District of Graaff-Reinet on Thursday 13th October 1842, of fever, Mrs.C.W.J.POWELL (born SOUTHEY) at the early age of 30 years. Her loss is most deeply and severely felt by her afflicted husband, her family and her numerous relatives and friends. She has left four young children.

DIED at Quaggas Valley, Sneeuwbergen, District of Graaff-Reinet on Monday 24th October 1842, of fever, Mrs.William SOUTHEY (born BAIN) at the early age of 20 years. Her loss is deeply and severely felt by her afflicted husband, her family and her numerous relatives and friends. She has left two young children.

Thursday 10 November 1842

MARRIED July 19th, Capt DANIELL, Paymaster 55th Regt to Maria Cecilia, eldest Daughter of J.H. HEATH Esq, Graham's Town, Granddaughter to Henry HEATH Esq, late of Bencoolen, now of Orm House, Northfleet.

DIED on the 2nd instant, at his residence in Graham's Town, after a protracted illness, borne with truly exemplary patience and resignation, Mr. John McKENNY, in the 52nd year of his age, deservedly regretted by a numerous circle of friends. His career, as an old resident on this frontier, has been marked by integrity, and fraught with usefulness. To his now sorrowing connexions he ever proved a watchful guardian, and a loving relative, for whose loss nothing can give them consolation but the confident and holy hope that the resignation with which he gave up his soul into the hands of his Creator may be looked upon as an assurance that he is admitted into the realms of everlasting bliss.

Thursday 17 November 1842

DIED at Bush Neck on the 12th instant, Daniel TREADWAY at the age of 32 years. He has left a wife and 5 children to regret his loss.

DIED on Tuesday 15th November, Inez, youngest daughter of Dr.W.Guybon ATHERSTONE, aged 10 months.

Thursday 24 November 1842

DIED at Cradock on Tuesday the 15th inst, Thos. MAHONY, only son of D. MAHONY of that place.

Tin Plate Worker etc.
Begs to acquaint his Friends and the public that he has taken over the premises lately occupied by Mr.HOWE, Hat maker (opposite Finlayson's Hotel) in High Street, where he intends carrying on the above business, and trusts by constant attention and application to business to merit a share of the public favour.
Graham's Town 17 November 1842

Thursday 1 December 1842

MARRIED at Graham's Town on Tuesday 29th ult by the Rev.Mr.Thorpe, Minister of Sidbury Church, Mr.A.T.CALDECOTT to Miss Maria GRIFFITHS, late of Cape Town.

DIED on Thursday 24th inst. Mrs.Sarah PRIOR, aged 67. She came to this colony with the Salem party and was one of the oldest members of the Baptist Church in this town. Her life was exemplary, her end peace.

DIED at Cradock on Saturday morning 26th ult. at 3 o'clock, George WILLIAMSON, the youngest son of Joshua WILLIAMSON of that place. Aged 12 years 5 months and 19 days.

Thursday 8 December 1842

DIED at Fort Armstrong on the 3rd inst, Emily White, daughter of John BRADFIELD of that place, aged 6 months.

Thursday 15 December 1842

MARRIED in Wednesday the 14h inst in St.George's Church by the Rev J. Heavyside, Mr. Louis NORTON to Kate, second daughter of Mr. R.N. WHITNALL of Graham's Town
15th December 1842

MARRIED by Licence on the 9th inst, by the Rev John Edwards, Mr. Henry STAINES of [....] to Miss Eliza BRUTON, [ .... daughter] of Mr. Thomas BRUTON of [...] [Full notice obscured by hole in paper]

Thursday 22 December 1842

We direct the careful attention of those interested in the subject of Immigration to the communication from Mr.E.R.BELL relating to the arrangements made by Mr.COCK at the mouth of the Kowie, for the immediate employment of some newly arrived settlers. We are persuaded that if this plan be judiciously carried out it will be productive of most important and beneficial consequences to the Colony. To land proprietors, whose farms are only partially cultivated, and there are hundreds so situated, it presents the prospect of certain revenue, and to the country at large the rapid development of its productive resources.
The following additions have been made to our population this year by immigrants or discharged soldiers:-
Per 'Conch' (the wrecked passengers ex 'Prince Rupert') 28
Per 'John Craig' 27
Per 'George' 34
Per 'Orator' 32
Per 'Guardian' 53
Per 'Ann' 82
Discharged Soldiers 200
Besides a great number in small arrivals of twos and threes by other vessels, at all events certainly together not less than 500, a pretty fair promise from this first 'wave of the tide'.

MARRIED on the 19th inst. in St.George's Church, Graham's Town by the Rev.J.Heavyside, Frederic Wm.BARBER to Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Miles BOWKER Esq. of Tharfield

BIRTH on Monday 19th inst. the wife of Rev.W.C.HOLDEN of Fort Beaufort of a daughter

Thursday 29 December 1842

BIRTH at Fort Beaufort on Sunday 25th December the Lady of John LEWIS Esq. 27th Regt. of a daughter

DIED at her residence in Fort Beaufort, of consumption, on the 22nd instant, aged 56 years 2 months and 13 days, my beloved wife Catrina Getruyda VAUGHAN, after a lingering illness of four months. Her loss is irreparable to her disconsolate husband and children. She was an affectionate mother and a virtuous wife.

DIED at Cradock on Saturday 10th December, Alexander Robertson, only son of Mr.Christopher THORNHILL, aged 12 months and 20 days.

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