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Grahamstown Journal 1845 - 1 - January to March

Thursday 9 January 1845

BIRTH at Graham's Town on the 4th instant Mrs. J. DICK of a son

BIRTH at Somerset on the 4th instant the Lady of James O'RIELLY Esq of a son
Somerset 6th January 1845

BIRTH at Graaf Reinet on the 4th instant Mrs. Andrew HARTZENBERG of a daughter

DIED at the country residence of her brother-in-law Mr. Wm. OGILVIE, near Graham's Town, Francis Elouisa JOSEPH, aged 55, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Francis JOSEPH of St.James Street

DIED on Tuesday 17th December last at the residence of his father, at Fort Beaufort, Henry Daniel, youngest son of William PARROTT Esq., Surgeon, Half Pay, Cape Mounted Riflemen; aged 20 years and 3 months. His death was occasioned by an injury sustained by a fall from his horse, whilst taking an evening ride with a friend, which he survived only a few hours. The sudden bereavement of this young man (whose estimable qualities had endeared him to all who knew him) has plunged his family and friends into a state of inexpressible grief.
Fort Beaufort 31 December 1844

Thursday 16 January 1845

Mr Frederick HARDING 91st Regiment, being about to leave the Frontier, requests those persons having any claim on him to send in their accounts to the office of Messrs. W. ANDERSON Sen. & Co.

MARRIED at Cradock on the 4th instant at the residence of W. GILFILLAN Esq, Civil Commissioner, Robert John BACK Esq to Charlotte, seventh daughter of the late Alexander BIGGAR Esq. of Port Elizabeth.

Thursday 30 January 1845

MARRIED January 14th at the Colonial Church, Port Elizabeth, by the Rev.Mr.McCleland MA, John NIBLETT, late of Dorking, Esq. to Mary, the eldest daughter of Martin John BERESFORD, late of Quarry House, Boughton Monchelsea, Esq. The happy couple left at three o'clock for Uitenhage, attended by six gentlemen as far as Cradock town. In the evening a select party assembled at the bride's father's to celebrate the joyous occasion to a Ball and Supper. The merry votaries of the dance tripped it "on the light fantastic toe" till Aurora with her blushing smiles admonished the festive party to retire to their downy rest.

DIED at the residence of his brother-in-law at Thorn Hill, Oliphant's Hoek, Mr. Frederick Rex HARDING, late Lieut. of the 91st Regt, deeply regretted by his family.

Thursday 13 February 1845

BIRTH on Thursday last, February 6th, at Graham's Town, the wife of the Rev. Thornley SMITH, Wesleyan Minister, of a daughter

BIRTH at Fort Peddie on 17 January Mrs. T. SHEPSTONE of a daughter

BIRTH on the 30th ult at the Drostdy House, Graaf Reinet Mrs. John HEUGH of a daughter

BIRTH at Graham's Town on Wednesday 5th instant Mrs. J. BRYCE of a daughter

DIED at Colesberg on the 4th instant, Arthur William, infant son of Mr. W.P.R. DIXON

DIED of apoplexy on Tuesday night, 5th instant, at his residence, near Fort England, John Henry HEATH Esq, Attorney of the Court of King's Bench and Supreme Court of this Colony, Notary Public &c aged 50 years. Deceased was among the first Emigrants of 1820 and until the last six months pursued a profession in Graham's Town. He then retired from active life with a competency, arising from a patrimony, the suburban abode, where in so brief a period and so suddenly he has been called to close his earthly career. Deceased has left a wife and numerous family to deplore their unexpected and severe bereavement.

Absconded from her parents, Elizabeth PHILLIPS, a minor. As it is believed it is her intention to get married to a person of the name of Patrick HOWARD, a discharged soldier of the 27th Regiment, and which was attempted in Graham's Town but failed, this is to notify to clergymen of all denominations not to publish the banns; and further, any person or persons harbouring the said Elizabeth PHILLIPS, a minor, will be prosecuted according to law.
Great Fish River Mouth 20th January 1845

On Saturday 8th February
A comfortable dwelling house situated at the back of the New Wesleyan Chapel, belonging to the estate of the late Thomas MARSH – now in the occupation of Mr. PRYNN. It contains four comfortable rooms, and other conveniences for a small family, together with an enclosed garden. This property is entirely unencumbered, and title clear. Conditions, favourable to purchaser, will be made known at time of sale.
J.D. NORDEN, Auctioneer

Thursday 20 February 1845

In consequence of the constantly repeated shooting excursions to Table Farm, Braak Kloof and Dry Farm, the Undersigned is under the necessity of requesting that Gentlemen will, for the future, refrain from shooting thereon.
Graham's Town 18th February 1845

Sealed tenders for digging the foundation of the New Wesleyan Chapel, Graham's Town, may be sent in to the Counting House of the Undersigned by Monday next, 24th Feb, at 12 o' clock. All necessary information may be obtained from Mr. J. POWELL Sen, Market Square
By Order of the Board of Trustees
M.B. SHAW, Secretary

DIED at Somerset on the 13th instant, much regretted by his friends in the colony, T.H. BRABANT Esq., aged 27, son of Dr. BRABANT of Devizes, Wiltshire, England.

Thursday 27 February 1845

A few journeymen tailors
Liberal wages and constant employment will be given.
Apply to James LAMONT, tailor and draper, Church Square, Graham's Town.
N.B. Two apprentices wanted.

BIRTH at Somerset on the 25th instant, the lady of E.M. COLE Esq of a daughter.

DIED on the 22nd instant at her house in Graham's Town, aged 63, Mrs. Harriet ROBERTS, wife of the late Mr. Daniel ROBERTS. Deceased was a kind and affectionate wife and mother, ever solicitous for her family's welfare. Her end was peace.

The following Gentlemen have formed themselves into an Association, the object of which will embrace the management of insolvent and assigned estates, in order to their speedy settlement; the administration, as executors, of the estates of those who, by their Will, desire their affairs left in the hands of respectable persons; and the drawing up of awards in cases of arbitration.
For the faithful discharge of such trusts the names of the members afford ample security, and a decided advantage over the uncertainty attending individual administrations.
Mr. John G. SMITH, Chairman
Mr. Caesar ANDREWS
Mr. Alfred JARVIS
Mr. John H. CLARKE
Mr. John C. CHASE
Port Elizabeth 1 July 1844
Joseph GRAHAM, Secretary

Thursday 6 March 1845

BIRTH at Oorlog's Poort, near Colesberg, on Wednesday 26th February 1845, Mrs. J. E. NELSON of a daughter

From my service during the Christmas holidays, my apprentice, Theodore Lambertus WILLING, alias SECHLINGER, about 19 years of age, of low stature, rather stout, light hair; he has been seen at Graaf-Reinet. Any person giving information leading to his discovery will be rewarded.
Port Elizabeth 13th February 1845

Thursday 13 March 1845

DIED on the 28th February at Cuyler Manor, near Uitenhage, the residence of his father, Major General CUYLER, John Francis Cradock CUYLER Esq, Justice of the Peace for Uitenhage and Albany, in the 32nd year of his age.

DIED on 28th February at Lovedale, Kafirland, Margaret Wilson, wife of Mr. Jas. WEIR, Missionary of the Free Church of Scotland, two hours after giving birth to a fine boy, deeply and sincerely regretted by the Members of the Mission and all other friends, leaving a disconsolate husband and three young children to lament her sudden and unexpected [page cut off]

Thursday 27 March 1845

BIRTH at Post Victoria in the Ceded Territory on the 15th instant the Lady of Surgeon EDDIE of the Cape Mounted Riflemen of a son
March 16th 1845

Thursday 27 March Supplement

Proclamation of the Enregisterment of Land of the Settlers of 1820.
This has been transcribed separately and can be read here.

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