Grahamstown Journal

Grahamstown Journal 1845 - 3 - July to September

Thursday 10 July 1845

MARRIED at Uitenhage on Tuesday 8 July 1843 by the Rev. Alexander Smith, Dutch Reformed Church, Mr. Joseph Storr LISTER, eldest son of the late Joseph LISTER Esq of the City of York, to Miss Maria Margaret CROWE, eldest daughter of Joseph CROWE Esq, Half Pay 60th Rifles, of Uitenhage.

DIED on the 4th July 1845 at Graham's Town, Charles Thomas Keen, eldest son of William and Eliza STENT, aged 5 years and 58 days.

Distressing intelligence reached Graham's Town on Friday last of the death by accident of the Rev. W.E. PHILIP (son of the Rev. Dr. PHILIP), Missionary at Hankay, and of a fine boy, about 12 years of age, eldest son of J. FAIRBAIRN Esq, editor and proprietor of the Commercial Advertiser. It appears that the latter, who was remarkable for great precosity of Intellect, had accompanied his grandfather, Dr. PHILIP, on his visit to the Missionary Stations along this frontier, and on which he is now engaged, and had been left with his uncle at Hankey there to await his return. The full particulars of the subsequent catastrophe are not given – but as far as is known it appears that deceased were in a boat or punt on the Gantoos River, that this capsized, and that both were drowned. No person seems to have witnessed the accident, and much therefore is left to conjecture. All that we have heard is to the effect that the bodies were found fast locked together. Mr. PHILIP was deservedly popular, not merely on the Missionary Institution, but throughout the country for many miles around it. He had been bred to the medical profession, and in that capacity had acquired great celebrity. He was distinguished also for his exertions in raising the people on the Institution in the scale of civilisation, and in promoting their temporal comfort; as an instance of which it may be stated that it was under his immediate direction that a tunnel through the spot of a mountain adjacent to the station has been constructed for the purpose of leading the water of the river over the tillage lands. His loss is a public one, and the catastrophe has spread a deep gloom over the whole neighbourhood. We deeply sympathise with the bereaved families of the sufferers in this mysterious and calamitous visitation of Providence.

Thursday 17 July 1845

MARRIED at St.George's Church by the Rev. J. Heavyside on Thursday 10th instant , Mr. W. R. THOMPSON Jun. to Miss Ann BACK

Thursday July 31 1845

BIRTH at Graham's Town on the 24th instant, the wife of Mr. A.W. HOOLE of a daughter

BIRTH on the 25th instant, at the Drostdy House Graaf-Reinet, Mrs. Edward HEUGH of a daughter

DIED at Cradock on the 28th July, Staff Assistant Surgeon P. McCABE, aged 74 years, sincerely regretted by all who knew him

The death of the late Field-cornet DU PLOOY by the hands of J. and T. BAILIE affords an instance among many of that “wild justice”, but too common across our N.E. boundary. There every man has done what is right in his own eyes; that country has been the refuge for all who were disaffected, in debt, or embarrassment. Deserters from the army, fraudulent debtors, fugitive criminals and restless seditionists have mingled there with the stream of emigration; and no wonder, therefore, at the scenes of violence which have been presented, or the lawless proceedings which have taken place on the very threshold of the colony.
The case of J. and T. BAILIE is a strong instance in point, and will, we trust, arouse our government to the necessity of putting forth that power which may suppress such disgraceful proceedings in future. To many of our readers the elder BAILIE is well known. As the head of the first and largest party of the Albany Emigrants of 1820, he has been a rather prominent character on this frontier ever since his arrival in the colony. He is known as a man of respectable family, of good education, and of considerable address and talent. But it is not necessary we should carry our personal allusions further; and hence we refer at once to his removal across the colonial boundary in 1844. Various reasons conduced to this – the chief being a desire to join his third son, who with his family had taken up abode in that country.
It appears that not being able to obtain redress for this personal outrage and plunder of his property, he proceeded at length to the residence of DU PLOOY, the chief actor in the illegal violence, accompanied by his son; both, as appears to be the custom in that country, well armed. A detail of the incidents which followed have been given to the authorities at Colesberg by the family connections of the deceased man, and have been very prematurely published in a contemporary paper, to the following effect:-
The matter rested till the morning of the 8th July, when John BAILIE, accompanied by his son Thomas, the former armed with a brace of pistols and the latter with a double-barrelled gun, rode up to DU PLOOY’s residence. Their being armed, in the present unsettled state of affairs over the river, caused no suspicion. DU PLOOY asked them to off-saddle, which they refused. They shook hands, and DU PLOOY asked them to walk up to the house, which they did, leaving the man still working at the wages. Mrs. DU PLOOY and one of her daughters were the only persons in the house. DU PLOOY desired the daughter to get some coals to warm the visitors, as it was cold. Thomas BAILIE stood at the front door of the house while John BAILIE walked inside. DU PLOOY asked him to sit down, but he said he had no time, and at the same moment took a sheet of paper out of his pocket and said he had a letter from His Excellency the Governor desiring that he, DU PLOOY, should pay him £200 damages for the arrest of his person and the sale of his goods in November last, or otherwise he was authorized to seize him and take him prisoner to Colesberg; the letter purporting to be from the Governor, he said, was unfortunately in English, but he would read it over in Dutch, which he did. DU PLOOY asked if he had come to take him prisoner; BAILIE replied “I am the man to do so”. DU PLOOY upon this went into his bedroom to fetch his gun to defend himself, and just as he was taking the holster off, John BAILIE discharge a pistol in his left side. The ball entered about the 5th rib and lodged somewhere internally. DU PLOOY cried out “Oh God, help me”, put down his gun, and went back into the house, when John BAILIE said something in English to his son Thomas, who immediately discharged one barrel of his gun, the ball entering the right side of the head and making its exit at the back of the neck. DU PLOOY fell dead upon the floor. The wife and daughter rushed out of the house and cried out that the BAILIEs had murdered him, and the man working on the wages on coming to the house was threatened with death if he attempted to interfere, and he went to fetch his horse to give information to the nearest neighbour. John BAILIE went outside and reloaded the pistol and Thomas BAILIE his gun, and while the widow was crying and mourning outside John BAILIE threatened to shoot her, unless she instantly gave him the money, as he had no time to spare. The affrighted woman gave up the key of the box and desired her daughter to open it and let them take as much as they liked, and while the corpse of DU PLOOY was weltering in its blood on the floor John BAILIE counted out a number of sovereigns, put them in his pocket, and desired he might have a pen and paper to grant a receipt for the same. He was supplied, and horrid to relate, he gave a receipt for Rds 1500 or Rds 2000, written on the paper stained with the blood of the deceased, and then both rode away to their farm situated a few miles off. On Saturday morning two witnesses who inspected the body gave information at the Clerk of the Peace’s office, and while enquiring into the matter, who should appear but John BAILIE himself, who said he had come to give information of the death of a farmer in self-defence.
The Clerk of the Peace then applied for a warrant of committal for further examination on a charge of murder and robbery, and a warrant for the apprehension of Thomas BAILIE on a charge of murder, both of which applications were granted.
We may also remark that the statement is totally at variance with a counter one which has reached our hands, not from the accused, but from an individual residing in the same neighbourhood, acquainted with him. This account is to the following effect:-
(BAILIE’s) statement is very different from the evidence given. I now understand that BAILIE and his son were sitting with DU PLOOY – young BAILIE left the house for a few minutes when DU PLOOY immediately sprang upon John BAILIE and threw him down. It was then BAILIE drew the pistol and fired. At the sound Thomas came in and, seeing his father down, immediately fired his gun at DU PLOOY.
[See issue of 4 April 1846]

Thursday 7 August 1845

BIRTH at Graham's Town on the 3rd instant, Mrs. J. C. WRIGHT of a daughter

DIED, much lamented, on Saturday the 26th ult, at the age of 54 years, A.J. JARDINE Esq, Librarian and Secretary of the 'South African Public Library'

Thursday 21 August 1845

At the Stores of the Undersigned
Byass's celebrated Ale and Porter at 12s per doz.
Good pale and brown Sherry at 24s per doz.
Good pale and brown Sherry in qr. Casks £9
NB 18s per gross given for wine bottles
Graham's Town, July 30th 1845

DIED at Graham's Town on Monday 18th instant, Robert O'CONNOR Esq of Longnor Park, Fort Beaufort, aged 40 years

Thursday 28 August 1845

Wagon Sail Maker
Old Tannery, below the market
Graham's Town

Tin Plate Worker &c
Begs to return thanks to his Friends and the Public for past favors and to inform them that he has removed to the house next (below) Mr. W. HARTLEY (Bathurst Street) where by strict attention to business he hopes to ensure that support he has hitherto received.
NB Orders from the Country promptly attended to at the shortest notice
Graham's Town, August 28th 1845

Upper Bathurst Street
Tailor and Habit Maker
Begs to announce that he has commenced Business as above and assures those Ladies and Gentlemen who may favour him with their orders that they may feel confident of being not only suited in the most fashionable style of cut and workmanship, but at a CHEAPER RATE than any other House in Graham's Town
Country orders executed with punctuality and at the shortest notice.

MARRIED in St.George's Church on Thursday 14th August last, by the Rev G. HOUGH, Mr. Henry Nuthall Centlivres CHASE, eldest son of John Centlivres CHASE Esq of Cradock's Town, Port Elizabeth, to Rynetta Catharina, third daughter of W.J. MACKRILL Esq of Cape Town

DIED at his residence in Graham's Town on Tuesday 15th instant, D.S. Von SCHOONFELDT, late Quarter Master, Cape Mounted Riflemen, after an illness of 5 days.

DIED at Graham's Town on Friday morning the 15th instant, Victor Balthazar, aged 4 years, and on the subsequent Friday night the 22nd instant, Charlotte Cornelia Johanna, aged 2 years, youngest son and daughter of Mr. L. H. MEURANT of Graham's Town, both of malignant sore throat which terminated in croup.
Graham's Town August 25th 1845

Thursday 4 September 1845

Wholesale and Retail
Wine and Spirit Merchant
Is receiving by recent arrivals, in addition to stock on hand
Cape sherry, very superior
Cape Madeira
Cape brandy
Constantia pontac
Double stout in Hhds.
Truman's London Porter
Burton Ale
Superior pale, gold and brown sherry; Martell, Marrett and Aboun and Sazarac, French brandy
American and steam mill flour
Cavendish tobacco, 10 and 20 sticks to the lb
Cheese, prime Pickled Salmon.
Pint and half pint tumblers
Tea, coffee, sugar &c
Sept. 2 1845

George & Thomas FRANCIS
Having commenced Business in the Baking Line, do hereby notify the Public that
of every description
Will be supplied on the most reasonable terms; and hope by moderate Charges and attention to Business to merit a portion of the public support
Also on hand
Pickles and Sauces of various descriptions, Plums, Currants and other Dried Fruits, and a general assortment of Merchandise
Ready-made Clothing
Always on Hand
Cradock, Sept.2 1845

At the Stores of the Undersigned
A Quantity of Slates
Now landing ex 'Guard'
Alfred JARVIS, Port Elizabeth

For any and every description of
Both in Man and Beast
Now to be had of
Apothecary, Graham's Town
And who is in possession of the true receipt
Prepared by the Undersigned
Which has been so very successful, affording relief to so many persons on this Frontier. The Proprietor of this inestimable Specific for Sore or Inflamed Eyes, so common in this Colony, needs only to refer, in proof of its value and efficacy, to those persons who have derived benefit from its use, and whose Testimonials are all that he requires, and hopes he shall receive, for a remedy which hitherto he has dispensed entirely gratuitously. He further begs to state that this Wash is equally valuable in the cure of Sore Eyes in
To be had of Mr. EARLE, Graham's Town, and of the Proprietor, Glen Cliff, Kaga, in bottles 5s each. Further arrangements will be made to keep a supply at all the different Villages on this Frontier, the particulars of which will be stated in a future notice.

In the Wesleyan Chapel, Graham's Town by the Rev. T. Smith
July 10 Mr. George PHILLIPS to Miss Charlotte GREY

In the Wesleyan Chapel, Nurney, by the Rev.H.H.Dugmore
July 6 a daughter of Mr. Thomas James FRANCIS baptised Eliza Ann Jordan
July 6 a daughter of Mr. Henry TARR baptised Sarah Ann
July 6 a son of Mr John VENABLES baptised William Enos
July 6 a son of Mr. Thomas VENABLES baptised James
In the Wesleyan Chapel, Graham's Town by the Rev.W.SHAW
July 13 a daughter of Mr. William WEBB baptised Emily Jane
July 13 a daughter of Mr. John W. KOCK baptised Ellen
July 13 a son of Mr. William GRADWELL baptised William John
July 13 a daughter of Mr. Henry DUNGE baptised Mary Ann
July 13 a son of Mr. William WEDDERBURN baptised Edmund Charles
By the Rev T. Smith
20 a son of Mr. Samuel ROBERTS baptised Charles Joseph

Thursday 11 September 1845

Mr. W. RYNEVELD begs leave to inform his Friends and the Public in general that he has at considerable expense erected a powerful and superior 18 Foot Overshot Mill on his Estate in Camdebo, which is capable of grinding one Muid of Corn per hour.
Parties wishing to have Corn ground will find every convenience and not be detained long.
Price for Grinding 2s per Muid
Mill Wrights Messrs.SUCKLING and THOMSON of Graaff-Reinet

In the Insolvent Estate of Chas. FULLER
The first Distribution Account in this Estate having been confirmed, Creditors may receive the amount of their Dividends by application to the Trustees.
Joint Trustees

Mr. James HOWSE, now on his passage to London per 'Bromleys', will be happy while there to act as Agent for those who may wish to engage Servants or Mechanics under the existing Regulations. He trusts that with his long acquaintance with the Colony, and practical experience,
He will in the selection of Emigrants be enabled materially to promote the views of those who may entrust their interests in his hands.
Applications (if by letter post paid) may be made to Messrs. SHEPPERSON & Co., Graham's Town, and of whom further particulars may be learned; if in London, to Messrs. MAYNARD Bros, 33 New Broad Street.

Thursday 18 September 1845

On Tuesday 23rd September will be sold by Public Auction on account of the Assigned Estate of the late R. BLEE
Situated in Bathurst Street, now occupied by Mr. W. LEE Sen. The above Property is one of the best situations for Business. The conditions on which the property will be disposed of will be made known on the day of the Sale. For further particulars, apply to W. COCK, Assigner.

In small 5 Catty Boxes
The Undersigned has just received

Begs leave to present his grateful acknowledgement to the Inhabitants of Uitenhage for the much esteemed patronage with which he has been favoured during a considerable time, and respectfully announces his intention of re-commencing his business as a BRICKLAYER in a few days, when he hopes to merit their future favours, which shall be attended to with punctuality and despatch.

The Undersigned has just received per 'Victoria Regina' from London direct,
a select assortment of
Consisting of
Ladies best Morocco Slippers
do Patent Leather
do best lasting do
do Cordovan do
do Bronze Kid do
do Side-lace boots
Childrens Patent Leather Shoes, all sizes
do red and coloured Morocco do
do Cordovan Boots
The above have been made expressly to order and can be confidently recommended as articles of a superior description.
R. LEVEY, Hill Street

The well known farm of the Undersigned
Is For Sale or To Let
For particulars inquire on the spot, or of Mr. E. HEWSON, Field-Cornet (if by letter post paid)
This property is one of the best
Agricultural and Grazing Farms in Lower Albany
All Cattle found Trespassing on the above Farm will be sent to the Pound without respect of persons, after this Notice.
Sept 17 1845

Thursday 25 September 1845

Of all the moveable
of the late J.C. WELSFORD Esq.
On Thursday 9th October
and following days
Will be sold at Public Auction, without the smallest reserve, by order of the Executors Testamentary, the whole of the valuable
of the late
The stock which has been selected with the well known judgement and experience of the deceased will be found to comprise, among a great variety of other Articles,
Saxony Summer and Lama Cloths
Printed and plain Moleskins
Beavers, Buck and Doeskins
Alpacas and Marinos
Kerseymere and Cashmerettes
Trowserings, Drills and Silesias
Unbleached Panjums and Baftas
Mousseline de Laine and Plaids
Cotton and Linen Tick
Prints and Voerchliz
Gros de Naples and other Silks
Silk and German Velvet
Silk Hankerchiefs and Scarfs
Ginghams and Checks
Jaconet, printed and other Muslins
Gombroons and Waistcoatings
Silk, Merino and Cotton Shawls
Regatta, striped and unbleached Shirts
Ready made Clothes (various)
Duffles, Baize and Flannel
Cantoons and Corderoys
Beaver, Jim Crow and Farmer Hats
Saddlery and Canvas
Crockery and Pewter Ware
Boer's Guns, Lead and Shot
Duck Trowsers and Frocks
Stitching and all color Threads
Brook's Reel and other Cottons
Tartan Table Covers
French Bed Curtains and Fringes
Hosiery, Ribbons and Buttons
Men's and Women's Shoes
Paints, Oil and Turpentine
Cigars and Tobacco
China Preserves, Peppermints &c
Caper Tea, Spices &c
Mauritius Sugar and Sugar Candy
Work Boxes, Desks and Tea Caddies
Nails and Screws
Brass Kettles and Comfours
Blacking and Tar
American Clocks
Paper, Dutch School Books
English and Boer's Soap, Starch and Blue
Decanters, Tumblers and Wine Glasses
Looking Glasses and Window Glass
Wool Bags, Spades
A quantity of Meal, Staves, Goose Feathers, Marble Slabs, Robben Island and German Paving Stones; Yellow Wood Blocks, Beams, Quartering and Planks; Stinkwood and Sneezewood Blocks, Stinkwood Plank, Scale, Beams, Weighing Machines and Weights, Iron Chests &c &c
Fine-toned Piano-Forte, Rosewood Canterbury and Music Stools; Brass, Sofa and other Bedsteads, Horsehair Mattresses, Feather Pillows, Bedroom Chairs, Chests of Drawers, 2 Mahogany Sideboards, Easy Chairs, Mahogany and Hall Chairs, 2 Sofas; Loo, Card, Dining and Writing Tables; Chiffonier, nest of Telescope Tables, 2 Book Cases, Marble Washhand Stands, Looking Glasses, Brussels and other Carpets, Shower Bath complete, 90 oz. Plate, Platedware 48, Vols valuable Books, Large Telescope, Crockery, Cut Glassware, Kitchen Utensils &c &c
A Liberal Credit will be given
Port Elizabeth, 22nd September 1845
W.M.HARRIES, James HALL, Auctioneers
Due Notice will be given of the Sale of Immoveable Property in a future advertisement.

The Undersigned having resolved upon relinquishing his Business of
Begs to return his grateful thanks to his friends for that support they have given him over the past 23 years; and takes this opportunity to inform them that in future the Business will be conducted by his son, W. WEBB, and to whom he trusts the same support will be extended.
Chapel Street, Graham's Town
In taking over his father's Business abovementioned seeks to assure his Friends and the Public that no endeavour shall be wanting on his part to secure and deserve their support. He at the same time takes the opportunity to announce to them that he has removed to the Store of Mr. J.H. DIXON
High Street
Adjoining the Market Office
Where he will keep a constant supply of the best articles always on hand.
Wellington Boots
Blucher do
Boys' do
Clarence do
Gentlemen's Pumps
Double Soled Shoes
Ladies' Best Prunella
do Patent Leather
do Black Spanish
do Boots
Children's Boots and Shoes of all sorts and sizes.
Graham's Town 25 Sept 1845

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