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Newspaper Cuttings from the Eastern Cape

Newspaper Cuttings from the Eastern Cape - I


EP Herald, 9 Apr 1981
Death of Phoebe IMMELMAN
Herald Correspondent

Mrs. Phoebe IMMELMAN died on Tuesday at St. John's Gardens, Port Elizabeth, where she and her husband, Professor M. N. S. IMMELMAN had lived for years.

A granddaughter of Sir James MURRAY, an editor-in-chief of the Oxford English Dictionary, and of Sir John WOODHEAD, many times Mayor of Cape Town, she was, as Phoebe MURRAY, head girl and well-known tennis player at the University of Cape Town. She graduated in politics and philosophy in the late 1920's.

She married a rugby player from Stellenbosch, "Ossie" IMMELMAN, who became professor of physics at the University of the Orange Free State, and in 1952, principal of the Technical College in Port Elizabeth. He was head of the branch of Rhodes University, that preceded the founding of the University of Port Elizabeth.

Mrs. IMMELMAN survived a stroke some years ago. She leaves her husband, a daughter, Mrs. Enid DU PLESSIS, a well-known botanist of Pretoria and two grandchildren.

The cremation will be at 11 am today.

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