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Queenstown Free Press 1893 4 October - December

Tuesday, October 3, 1893

A very interesting double celebration took place on the farm Goederwacht a few days ago. It was the occasion of the marriage of Mr Jacobus Ernest CLAASSEN, supposed to be a confirmed batchelor (although only 37 years of age, it is very unusual among country people to prostpone the happy day beyond the thirties) to a blushing lassie of sweet seventeen. On the same day Mrs Johannes Theodorus CLAASSEN, mother of the bridegroom, celebrated the anniversary of her 77th birthday. This old lady is a remarkable woman. She has been confined to her chair for eight years; her flesh or fat has outgrown her strength, so that she has lost her locomotive powers. I will not hazard her weight, but it is no secret that the measurement of her calf is 29½inches. But five minutes conversation with the very friendly old lady impresses you with the fact, that, though physically weak, mentally she is strong. She is a diligent reader of newspapers, and discourses
on current topics with vigour and intelligence. The particular family of CLAASSENS to which she belongs are enterprising and progressive, They have a steam mill on the farm. – Oudtshoorn Courant.

Friday, October 6, 1893

BIRTH,- AT Queenstown, on the 28th inst., the wife of W. HARTLEY, of a Son.

Tuesday, October 10, 1893

BIRTH,- At Queenstown, on the 7th October, the wife of W. McKNIGHT of a Son, which was still-born.

BIRTH,- At Queenstown, on the 28th inst., the wife of W. HARTLEY, of a Son.

DIED,- At Queenstown, on 8th October, 1893, James Richard, infant son of J. and A. BOTHA, aged 5 months and 21 days.

It is our mournful duty to announce the death of Mrs AB PARKER, which sad event occurred on Friday night. The deceased had been a great sufferer for a long time, but her death was sudden in the end. Mrs PARKER was a daughter of Mr W.A. FLETCHER, of Grahamstown. The husband, sad to relate, has been ill for some time, confined to his bed, consequently could not be present at his wife's death-bed, and was unable to be present at the funeral...

Tuesday, October 17, 1893

DEATH NOTICE.- On the 20th September, 1893, at the residence of her father, "Rendcomb" Boscombe, Bournemouth, Clara Harriet, wife of Albert Edward HACK, of Surbition, and only daughter of Joshua S.H. ATKINSON, lately of Queenstown, Solicitor.

Friday, October 20, 1893

BIRTH,- At Ketters Hoek, nea, Baileyaon, on the 29th of Sep. the wife of R. Cyril GREEN, of a Son.

Tuesday, October 24, 1893

DIED,- On the 16gh inst., at the Queenstown Frontier Hospital, Clement Herbert BONSOR, of Birmingham, England, aged 22 years.

Friday, November 2, 1893

DIED,- At Allandale, Cala, Tembuland, on the 28th of October, 1893, Thomas WAKEFORD, aged 87 years and 9 months. Friends at a distance please take this intimation.

Friday, November 10, 1893

BIRTH,- At Belle Vue, on the 30th October, 1893, the wife of Mr. Walter J. WIGGILL of a Daughter.
BIRTH,- At Queenstown, on 8th of November, the wife of J. FISHER, junr., of a Son.

FELL ASLEEP,- On Sunday, 5th Nov., 1893, at Clapton, Thomas River, Mary Louise, much loved daughter of J.M. and A. BELL, aged 5 years and 9 months.

Friday, November 17, 1893

PASSED AWAY – At Lady Frere Monday, November 6th, 1893, Sophia Augusta LARTER, widow of the late Samuel LARTER, aged 64 years, 5 months, and 23 days.
Friends at a distance please accept this notice.
The children of the deceased wish to thank all friends for their kind sympathy.

DIED.- On the 14th instant at Queenstown, at his residence, George DUKE, aged 55 years and 9 months. Deeply regretted.
Mrs. DUKE desires to thank all friends, and especially those who so kindly assisted during her late husband's short illness.

Tuesday, December 5, 1893

BIRTH,- At Burghersdorp, on Friday, the 24th Nov., 1893, the wife of H. Hardwicke ANDREWS, of a Daughter.

Captain the Hon J.O. WHITE, who has been right through the Matabele campaign with the British South Africa Company's forces, has arrived at Palapye and has (states the "Argus") supplied the Company with the following detailed list of casualties:-
Captain JA CAMPBELL, formerly Royal Artillery.
Captain WILLIAMS, formerly Royal Horse Guards (the Blues). It will be remembered that Captain WILLIAMS' horse bolted, and he has not been seen since.
Mr E BURNETT, formerly of Kimberly.
Mr WALTERS, formerly of Johannesburg.
Mr THOMPSON, formerly of the Natal Mounted Rifles. He joined the British South Africa Company's Police, which he left at the end of 1891, rejoining at the commencement of hostilities.
Mr CARY, the youngest of Colonel CARY's two sons in Mashonaland.
Mr S CALCRAFT, formerly corporal in Bechuanaland Border Police, latterly in Civil Police of British South Africa Company at Salisbury.
Mr WOODS, died of sickness.
Mr FORBES, brother of Major FORBES, commanding the British South Africa Company's forces.
Mr DUNCAN, conductor.
Mr Quested, Native Levy commander.
Mr MACK, licenced victualler, Salisbury.
Mr CONRATH, of the firm of CONRATH and GRANT, Victoria.
Mr CREWE, of Salisbury.
Mr LUCAS, of Salisbury.
Mr BARNARD, son of Colonel BARNARD, late Coldstream Guards.
Mr CONTABLE, of Salisbury Civil Police.
Mr MOBERLEY, commander of Salisbury Artillery.
Of the few wounded remaining in hospital Captain WHITE states that they were doing very well, and had plenty of medical comforts.

Friday, December 8, 1893

DIED,- At Queenstown, S.A., Dec. 6th, 1893, (after a pro-longed and painful illness) Lucy, the beloved wife of Geo. DAWS, C.E., and Architect, in the 49th year of her age.

Tuesday, December 12, 1893

The sad news that Mrs. T BROSTER, wife of Mr T BROSTER, of the High School staff, had suddenly died, was received everywhere in Town on Saturday evening with great regret and deep sorrow. Mrs BROSTER had been ailing for some time, but her family had no cause for serious anxiety, and they hoped with the fine weather setting in her health would shortly be restored. On Friday, however, she took a turn for the worse, and on Saturday she was so ill that very little hope for recovery was entertained, and on Saturday evening she quietly and calmly passed away, in the presence of those dearest to her in this world, without a struggle, without a murmur she fell asleep. To her husband and her five children we tender our very sincerest sympathy in their great and terrible bereavement. Mrs BROSTER, with her happy, cheerful disposition, will not only be missed in her home, but many are her friends in Queenstown who will ever remember her. The funeral took
place on Sunday afternoon and was largely attended. The Rev. JP RITCHIE officiating. The immediate cause of Mrs BROSTER's death was an affection of the heart.

Tuesday, December 19, 1893

DIED,- At Sterkstroom, on the 10th December, 1893, Louisa Jane, widow of the late William DALY, of Grahamstown, aged 52 years 6 monthsand 19 days. – Deeply regretted.
The family wish tothank Miss ELLIOTT, Dr. LAWRENCE and also the kind friends who assisted them during their time of trouble.

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