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Queenstown Free Press

Queenstown Free Press 1863 1 January - March

Tuesday January 13, 1863


A SHOCKING MURDER.- On Friday afternoon December 26, a shocking murder was committed in this city. Several seamen belonging to foreign vessels now in Table Bay were assembled at a canteen in Longstreet, where some quarrel arose between them; and one of the party, a Spaniard, named Manuel SABINGO, belonging to the Spanish transport Orea, deliberately drew a stiletto which he had upon his person, and stabbed a Swedish or Danish ship-carpenter named TARRSON. The wounded man rushed into the street, and fell down. Dr DYER was in the neighbourhood, and immediately proceeded to the spot, where he found thewounded man in a dying state; he had received two mortal stabs – one in the breast and another in the side, which in a few minutes proved fatal. The police were promptly on the spot, and apprehended the murderer, who is now in custody; he had upon his person the weapon with which the crime was committed. They also found another Swede or Dane, who had been wounded by the same person, lying in the house where the party had been.

FATAL ACCIDENT. – On the 2nd January, a party of pleasure seekers hired an omnibus from Mr W MOORE, for the purpose of enjoying a day in the country. On returning, in passing the Palbcom Bridge, at Newlands, the bus was accidentally driven too near the edge of the bridge, and the wheels passing over the outside, nearly cause and upset, and precipitated, one man and four children into the water, the whole of the party (some 15 in number) might havebneen upset, were it not that the hand-rails on the bridge prevented the omnibus from turning over. One youth, named Peter HICKMAN, 12 years of age, was mortally injured, and died in ten minutes afterwards; and a man named Henry SMITH received a dangerous fracture on the skull. Dr BOWS was immediately in attendance on the poor sufferers, as the accident occurred close to his residence, and rendered every assistance in his power and Mr George KENT also showed great kindnessto them in getting a cart to forward the party, with the body of the deceased, to town, last evening.

BIRTH, at Queenstown, on the 8th January, 1863, the wife of Mr. Walter J.BRADFIELD, of a daughter.

MARRIED at Whittlesea on Thursday the 8th inst., by the Rev. W.C. HOLDEN, Wesleyan Minister, Patrick, eldest son of D. McGILLEWIE, Esq., Manager of theCentral Bank of Scotland, Pitlochry, Perthshire, to Emily, second daughter of Samuel LOXTON, Esq., J.P. of Tylden Prk, district of Queenstown.

DIED, at Dordrecht, on the 27th inst., Edith Augusta, daughter of Mr and Mrs John WEBSTER, aged 21 months.

Tuesday January 27, 1863


DEATH OF AN OLD RESIDENT AND MILLIONARE,- Mr R.A. ZEEDERBERG, senr., died at the Paarl lastweek, at the very advanced age of ninety-one years, his remains were conveyed to town and interred in the Lutheran burying ground on Friday afternoon. Mr ZEEDEBERG arrived in the colony considerably more than half a century ago. For many years he toiled hard to amass a fortune; and ultimately by increasing application and integrity, raised himself to a foremost position amongst the wealthiest capitalists and most respected inhabitants of the colony. He is supposed to have left property to the value of about £1,000,000.

BIRTH at Dordrecht on the 25th January, the wife of P.J. MARAIS, Esq., of adaughter.

DIED at Gretna on Sunday last the 25th instant, by a stroke from lightning, Charles LINTON, Esq, of Gretna, in the division of Queenstown. Deeply regretted by a large circle of relatives and friends.

Tuesday February 3, 1863


A young farmer, named ANNONDALE, was thrown from his horse on Saturday week, taken up insensible, and died without speaking the following day.

Tuesday February 10, 1963

BIRTH at Queenstown on the 31st January 1863, the wife of Mr Matthew HALE, of a son.

Tuesday February 24, 1863

DIED at Queenstown on Tuesday 17th February, 1863 – Florence Stoddart, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.E. HAM.

Tuesday March 3, 1863


We regret to hear of the sudden death of Mr A.B. PENNY. Deceased had been ailing some time of late. On Sunday last he was reclining on the bed, Mrs PENNY hearing him cough went into the room, and he seemed to recover and lie quite still for a few seconds, when with one convulsive throb the spirit took its everlasting flight. Assistance was immediately rendered but life was extinct.

CANCER – A most difficult operation by cutting cancer from the breast of a Mrs. VAN DER BANK was performed by Drs. KRANZ and FULLS this morning. Mrs. VAN DER BANK had been for the last 8 months under treatment of the various doctors at King William’s Town, and pronounced incurable. This morning the two gentlemen above named put the patient under the influence of chloroform, and removed about 7lb of flesh from the breast and arm... [paper cut off]

DIED, at Queenstown, the 1st March, 1863, Aunjer Brock PENNY, aged 48. Deeply regretted by his wife, and a large circle of relatives and friends.

Tuesday March 10, 1863

LAST WEEK NEWS reached town of the death, by drowning, of Mr. Theodore ORPEN, in theOrange River, near Hope Town. The following detailed particulars are supplied by the Colesberg paper: “You will, I am sure, be startled and sorry to hear the poor Theodore ORPEN is no more. About two hours after the post left (on Thursday last) he was drowned in theOrange River. His hobby proved his end. That boat, over which he laboured so long, upset in the middle of the stream, and he, BEHN, and CLEMENTS were cast into the water, which was running with tremendous force, the river being full. The boat upset above Lilienfield’s Pont, CLEMENTS, being able to swim, helped ORPEN to climb on to the boat, as she lay upside down in the river. She was then carried with the current to the drift, CLEMENTS asked ORPEN to get off and he and BEHN would swim with him to the bank, but he would not trust himself with them. In a few minutes the boat washed in among the rocks and sank, CLEMENTS then again tried to save ORPEN, but could not, the current being too strong. BEHN was fortunate enough to get to the side just by the Klip Kraal, and CLEMENTS, who had remained with ORPEN, some yards lower. Had BEHN have had twenty yards further to swim he would have gone also. He was picked up quite exhausted, and conveyed home in a cart and put to bed. CLEMENTS, was also quiet done up.”

Tuesday March 17, 1863

DIED at Vlakfontein, on Friday, the 13th March, Matilda Rhodes, beloved daughter of Mr and Mrs John ECKLEY – aged 2 years, 4 months, and 13 days.

DIED, near Whittlesea, on Sunday 8th March, 1863, Louis LENTZ, late Captain in the German Legion, aged 36 years, leaving a widow and 3 children to deplore their loss.

Tuesday March 24, 1863

BIRTH at Queenstown on the 20th of March – the wife of Mr. H. DAMPIER of a Son.

Tuesday March 31, 1863

DIED, from the accidental capsize of the wagon on Grey Town Hill on Tuesday evening, 24th instant, Mary Ann (eldest daughter of the late Mr J. STAPLES) the beloved wife of Mr. Edmund WEBSTER, in the 29th year of her age, deeply regretted by her husband, three young children, and a numerous circle of relatives and friends. ALSO, At thesame time, Alfred Earnest, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Edmund WEBSTER, aged two years and one month.

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