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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1893 2 April - June


10 June 1893



BARENDSE, Mrs. C. J., Cape Town, May 3.

BELLSSTEDT, Mrs. J. C., Bremen, May 9.

BENINGFIELD, Mrs. R. W., Durban, May 4.

COLEMAN, Mrs. E., Barkly East, April 23.

DARRAGH, Mrs. J. T., Johannesburg, May 3.

DAVIS, Mrs. M., London, April 16.

FAURE, Mrs. W. C., Pretoria, May 12.

GOLIATH, Mrs. G., Port Elizabeth, April 22.

GREEN, Mrs. R. C., Pretoria, May 10.

GREENFIELD, Mrs. G., Fordsburg, May 10.

GRIBBLE, Mrs. J., Paarl, April 6.

HARRIS, Mrs. W. P., Kimberley, May 4.

HEWITT, Mrs. C., Chislehurst, April 15.

KNOX, Mrs. D., Cape Town, April 28.

MARITZ, Mrs. H. F., Grahamstown, May 12.

MASSEY-HICKS, Mrs. J. M., Johannesburg, May 2.

MEIRING, Mrs. P. A., Barkly East, April 22.

MELLISH, Mrs. E. H. F., Cape Town, April 30.

MEYER, Mrs. H., Port Elizabeth, April 29.

MOODIE, Mrs. M., Port Beaufort, April 28.

MURRAY, Mrs. A., Grahamstown, May 13.

O'CONNOR, Mrs. M., Beaconsfield, May 7.

O'KEEFE, Mrs. D., De Beers, April 20.

ONIONS, Mrs. G. W., Beaconsfield, May 11.

PEREIRA, Mrs. S., Kimberley, May 12.

PLOWRIGHT, Mrs. W., Pretoria, May 5.

RODDA, Mrs. T. J., Pretoria, May 10.

STAFFORD, Mrs. E. J., Durban, May 4.

STEELE, Mrs. J., De Beers, April 24.

WARDECK, Mrs. F., Johannesburg, April 21.

WATSON, Mrs. J., Johannesburg, April 21.

WOODS, Mrs. C. R., Observatory Road, May 1.

ECKSTEIN-On June 4, at 85, Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park, W., the widow of the late Hermann Eckstein, of Johannesburg (posthumous).

FINLAYSON, Mrs. R. A., Kimberley (twins-son and daughter), May 12.

GREEN-On May 13, at Devonshire Cottage, Pretoria, the wife of R. Cottle Green.

WILLIAMS-On June 5, at Maiden Newton, Dorchester, the wife of Major H. D. Williams, The Prince of Wales's (North Stafford) Regt.


ADDISON, Mrs. F., Herwen, May 6.

BRISCOE, Mrs. F. J., Johannesburg, April 23.

DE VILLIERS, Mrs. A. P., Uitenhage, April 25.

HART, Mrs. F. F., East London, May 6.

HARTLEY, Mrs. P. G., Beaconsfield, May 11.

HIRST, Mrs. J. K., Heidelberg, May 5.

HOITSEMA, Mrs. F. J., Robertson, May 6.

KING, Mrs. T. B., King William's Town, May 11.

LEVY, Mrs. G., Johannesburg, May 13.

LEVY, Mrs. E., Cape Town, May 6.

MCVAY-REID, Mrs. W., Dundee, April 30.

MITCHELL, Mrs. J. W., Kimberley, May 7.

POOLE, Mrs. T., Fort Jackson, May 8.

SALAMAN, Mrs. S., Bultfontein, April 29.

SIMPSON, Mrs. J., De Beers, April 23.

SMITH, Mrs. H. J., Newlands, May 5.

VAN RENNEN, Mrs. S. V., Maitland, May 5.

VREEDE, Mrs. D. E., Port Elizabeth, May 12.

WARDER, Mrs. A., Kimberley, May 7.


BILLING, Geo.-MOFFATT, B., Johannesburg, May 9.

BRIERS, M. C.-DE VILLIERS, J., Cape Town, May 2.

BROWN, J. H.-CLARK, J. A., Rondebosch, May 4.

CLARKE, E.-GRAHAM, A. D., Engcobo, May 8.

CRAMER, J.-BOLTMAN, J., Caledon, May 1.

EDKINS, A.-ROZSAVOLGYI, J., Johannesburg, May 3.

WALTON, G.-MALPAS, E. M., Cape Town, May 2.

CARROLL, J.-SCHROEDER, F., King William's Town, April 27.

CHAPPELL, A. A.-MISSELBROOK, M. J., Port Elizabeth, April 25.

HAAR, G.-BEZUIDENHOUT, M.M.C., Smitsdorp, May 4.

HARRIS, A. E.-HEYDENRYCH, E. J., Sea Point, May 1.

JACKSON, W. C.-URRY, A. M., East London, April 25.

LURRING, C. M.-RICHARDS, F. R., Cape Town, April 11.

MACDONALD, P. P.-OSBORN, E. M., Johannesburg, May 10.

MCINTYRE, Capt. Von B.-Von Berg, H., Johannesburg, May 13.

MCLEAN, A.-HERBERT, M. de Moldrup, Napier, May 1.

O'GRADY, J. C. M.-GREEN, A. J., Johannesburg, May 9.

VAN NIEKERK, A. J. Van Breda-DE KOCK, M., Constantia, May 2.

WELCH, H. A.-ECKLES, S. A., Johannesburg, April 27.

WHITTLE-EADY-On the 7th inst., at St. Michael's Church Broadway (Worc.), by the Rev. F. A. Morgan, Robert, 4th son of Matthew Whittle, Locknige, Berks, to Kate, youngest daughter of the late Francis Eady, of Brixworth, Northamptonshire.

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