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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1897 4 October - December


2 October 1897

ARMSTRONG, Mrs. A., Kimberley, August 18.
HANCOCK—On September 21, at Cleveland, Jumpers Deep, Johannesburg, the wife of Stringman Hancock.
ROBERTSON, Mrs. J. M., Cape Town, September 5.

MEYER, Mrs. C. W., Dohne, August 26.
NOTHARD, Mrs. H., Kimberley, August 30.

AUSTEN, W.—CHAPMAN, A. S. H., Bellair, Aug. 28.
BENNING, A. F. J.—BOSCH, A. M., Cape Town, Sept. 6.
BINNEY, F.—CAIRNS, E. D., Durban, August 16.
COCKERELL, J. D’A.—WARLAND, F. E., Durban, August 31.
FORRESTER—CAMPBELL—On September 23, at Cape Town, Hugh Carlile C. Forrester, M. E., second son of the late Robert Forrester, Gavell House, Kilsyth, N.B., to Emily, second daughter of Alexander Fleming Campbell, J.P., Dromore Lodge, Warrenpoint, Co. Down.
LEES-SMITH, H. S.—DONOVAN, C. A., Durban, Aug. 11.
MILLS, F. C.—WINNER, A. F., Port Elizabeth, Aug. 19.
POISSON, L. C.—MOLLIERES, L. M., Durban, Aug. 25.

ARTHUR, J., Durban, August 23, aged 63.
CAULFIELD, W. G., Port Elizabeth, aged 34.
COLLARD, E. F., Cape Town, September 6, aged 53.
FRANCIS, T. M., Durban, August 29, aged 53.
JESSOP, E. C., Cape Town, September 1, aged 23.
PAKENHAM, R. T., Port Elizabeth, Aug. 25, aged 53.
SEAD, F. T., Eshowe, August 26, aged 37.
TAIT, M. M., Rondebosch, September 1.

9 October 1897

ASHWORTH, Mrs. S. A., Wilgefontein, August 29.
BROWN, Mrs. W. P., Johannesburg, August 28.
COLLINGHAM, Mrs. W. D. P., Durban, September 4.
DAVIS, Mrs. P., Durban, September 5.
GIBSON, Mrs. R., East London, Sept. 2 (stillborn).
GREEN, Mrs. A., Grahamstown, September 6.
JACKSON, Mrs. T., Verulam, August 30.
SOUTHBY, Mrs. W. P., Prince Albert, September 11.

MASSON, Mrs. G., Salem, September 2.
MOSS—On October 3, the wife of Mr. Ben Moss, of 65, Greencroft Gardens, West Hampstead, and Johannesburg.
SEARLE, Mrs. W., Grahamstown, September 3.

BOWIE, D.—CHRISTIE, L. A., Kingwilliamstown, September 1.
CURRY—PERRIN—On September 28, at Cape Town, John Henry Curry, fourth son of Matthew Curry, of Sutton, Surrey, to Rosalie, younger daughter of the late Edward E. Perrin and of the late Mrs. Perrin, of Sutton, Surrey.
MUNDY, S.—SWIFT, M. F. K., Grahamstown, Sept. 7.
WRIGHT, W. R.—BROWNE, L. H., Durban, Sept. 9.

BERTRAM, Mrs. R. L., Grahamstown, Sept. 1, aged 57.
DIEBEL, Mrs. W., Kimberley, September 7, aged 24.
DYKMAN, Mrs. C. C., Cape Town, Sept. 8, aged 61.
MACLAREN—On October 1, at Humansdorp, South Africa, Robert Montague, fourth son of the late Henry Maclaren, aged 38.
MCDONALD—On September 1, at Durban, Marie Amy, the dear wife of A. L. McDonald, and only daughter of the late George Osborne, of Ludgate Hill, E.C
MILLS, Miss C. E., Cape Town, September 7, aged 48.
ROWLAND, Mrs. H., Queen’s Town, Sept. 6, aged 71.
SMITH, R. F., Cape Town, September 11, aged 23.

16 October 1897

JACKSON, Mrs. J. F., Maritzburg, September 7.
JEFFREYS, Mrs. S., Grahamstown, September 12.
JONES, Mrs. P. H., Ermelo, Z.A.R., August 27.
PATMORE, Mrs. G., Cathcart, September 16.
PAUZERA, Mrs. F. K., Laing's Nek, September 12.

EVANS, Mrs. E. W., Durban, September 11.
HALSE, Mrs. H. E., Queenstown, September 8.
LESLIE, Mrs. A. W., Umzinto, September 10.
TRIMBLE, Mrs. A., Durham, September 12.

ARDEN-DOUGLAS-On October 6, at St. Nicholas Church, Sutton, Surrey, by the Rev. W. Griffiths, rector of Shelsley Beauchamp, uncle of the bride, assisted by the Rev. H. W. Turner, rector of the parish, Alban Trenow, son of the late Rev. George Arden, of Dansford, Devon, to Mary Rose, daughter of C. C. Douglas, of Manor Lodge, Sutton, Surrey.
DUDLEY, R. L.-SCHERNECKAN, S., Cradock, Sept. 8.
EDINGTON, T. D.-DINGLE, E. K., Kimberley, September 11.
GOODWIN-WAGSTAFFE-George Alfred Goodwin to Alice, only daughter of the late Robert Wagstaffe and of Mrs. Wagstaffe, Ashford, Derbyshire.
HANKEY-FANNIN-On September 8, at St. James's Church, Greytown, Natal, by the Rev. G. E. Pennington, Vicar, Charles Alers Hankey, of Darnley, Natal, son of John Alers Hankey, Esq., Meadfoot House, Torquay, to Sheila, third daughter of J. E. Fannin, Esq., Resident Magistrate.
MORDAUNT, H. L.-THOMPSON, B., Durban, Sept. 16.
NELSON, H. H.-KILBY, F. M., Grahamstown, September 14.
ZEISS, E. C.-MASON, E. M., Beaconsfield, Sept. 13.

BAYLY-On September 4, at Lourenco Marques, of fever, Edward Bayly, son of the late Rev. Edward Bayly, some time Chaplain at Genoa.
BROCK-On October 7, at Via Veneto, B., Rome, Italy, Cecil George Keith, the infant son of George Sandison and Lily M. Brock, aged four months.
JEFFREYS, M. A., Grahamstown, September 13.
KIRKPATRICK, Mrs. G. H., Grahamstown, September 12, aged 72.
LESLIE, Capt. A., Umhlati, September 12, aged 59.
SCULLY, Mrs. I., Durban, September 3, aged 39.

23 October 1897

DOUCHA, Mrs. R., Kimberley, September 22.
EMSLIE, Mrs. C. F., Grahamstown, September 21.
FRICKER, Mrs. W. C., Kenilworth, September 27.
MACINTOSH, Mrs. D., East London, September 19.
PADEMAN, Mrs. A. E., East London, September 19.
SCOTT, Mrs. A., Colesberg, September 6.
SOLOMON, Mrs. W., Oudtshoorn, September 22.

BURRELL, Mrs. G. D., Mossel Bay, September 18.
GREEN, Mrs. W. R., Grahamstown, September 20.
MELLISH, Mrs. A., Grahamstown, September 18.
MENZIES-On September 23, at Vryheid, South African Republic, the wife of Mr.A. Osgood Menzies.
SHEFFIELD, Mrs. T., Johannesburg, September 22.
WOODGATE-On September 20, at Calcote, the wife of Arthur Seymour Woodgate, of Calcote, Estcourt, Natal.

FOWLE, E. J.-ROBINS, R. A., Durban, September 17.
HOJEM, J.-MILLS, A. F., Maritzburg, September 21.
LYNN, J. H.-TOMLIN, K. M., Durban, September 14.
MUSGRAVE-PRENTIS-On October 16, at All Saints', Kensington Park, by the Rev.A. J. Pearman, M.A., Cecil Musgrave, M.D., of Cromer, elder surviving son of the late Colonel Walter Musgrave, formerly of the Cape Mounted Rifles, H.M.'s 81st Regiment, also of the 15th Bengal Lancers, and the 5th Bengal Cavalry, to Ethel Combe, only daughter of the late Surgeon-Major Charles Prentis, B.M.S., and of Mrs. C. Prentis, 29, Colville Terrace, W.
NICHOLSON, H. B.-GOODWIN, H., Mafeking, September 15.
PEARSON, H. G.-HILL, C. J., Pinetown, September 14.

DRIELSMA-On October 18, at Pietermaritzburg, in his 25th year, William Edwin Drielsma, 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment, and elder son of Lieut.-Col. Drielsma, 220, Cromwell Road, S.W.
KIMBLE, Mrs. M., Kenilworth, September 11, aged 35.
KNIGHT, L., Kimberley, September 20, aged 78.
KRAMANN, A., Kingwilliamstown, September 20, aged 17.
LINDENBERG, M., Middelburg, S.A.R., September 18, aged 35.
MCLEOD, W. F., Beaconsfield, September 20, aged 42.
NEWBOLT-On October 10, in South Africa, of fever, Kenelm Digby, eldest son of the Rev. G. D. Newbolt, late Rector of Knotting with Souldrop, Beds., aged 34.
POLLOK-On October 16, at Durban, Morris Pollok, jun., formerly of Glasgow.

13 November 1897

DARKE, Mrs. T., Queenstown, October 11.
HAYGARTH, Mrs. W. J., Durban, October 10.
MACPHERSON, Mrs. E., Durban, October 14.
RATHBONE—On November 8, at Rose Lawn, Beulah Hill, S.E., the wife of Edgar P. Rathbone.
ROBINS—On November 2, at Johannesburg, the wife of Frederick Sanderson Robins, A.M.I.C.E.
SMITH, Mrs. H., Durban, October 5.
VERSFELD, Mrs. M., Cape Town, October 13.

CHAMBLES, Mrs. H. C. J., Kingwilliamstown, Oct. 5.
DASHWOOD, Mrs. G., Queenstown, October 9.
FORSTER, Mrs. A. H., Harrismith, October 8.
HAYGARTH, Mrs. W. D., Durban, October 8.
HOARE, Mrs. S., Palapye, October 1.
SHOOTER, Mrs. B. C., Durban, October 4.
WIGGINS, Mrs. J. G., East London, October 10.

ALLIN-BOUSFIELD—On October 5, at Pietersburg, Harry George Wallis, youngest son of John Samuel Wallis Allin, of Lee, Kent, to Esther Beatrice Bousfield, youngest daughter of Right Rev. the Bishop of Pretoria.
BENTLEY, A.—SWAN, H., Kingwilliamstown, Oct. 5.
HOBBS, A.—SINCLAIR, M., Durban, October 12.
JAFFE, Rev. E.—WEDEL, J., Kimberley, October 12.
MACPHERSON, Dr. A.—LANGE, C., Uitenhage, Oct. 6.
MCDONALD, J.—BARRETT, F. H., Maritzburg, Oct. 6.
WATT—WOODLAND—On October 19, at Christ Cathedral, Cape Town, by the Rev. H. C. Gladstone Hawke, Leofric Erpe Watt, of Grahamstown, only son of the late James Watt, to Lilian Saranna (Lillie), eldest daughter of the late Richard Woodland, of Richmond, and Mrs. Woodland, of East Sheen, Surrey.

ARNOLD, W. R. S., Sterkstroom, October 6, aged 21.
BICKERSTETH—On the 8th inst., at 53, Clarence Parade, Southsea, the residence of his brother-in-law, Dr. Elliott, Robert Newman Bickersteth, youngest son of the late Henry Bickersteth, M.D., of Cape Town, aged 48.
BOWLES, J., East London, October 12, aged 70.
COLLINS, R., Cape Town, October 16, aged 49.
DAY—On October 14, at Kimberley, in his 33rd year, Thomas William, the dearly-beloved eldest son of Thomas and Louisa Day, of Park House, 125, Green Lanes, Stoke Newington.
DONALD, Mrs. J. A., Durban, October 8.
FAURE, J. C., Cape Town, October 11, aged 56.
GODDARD, Mrs. E., Tarka, October 5, aged 50.
MALLETT—At Kimberley, on October 15, Annie Katherine, nee Giddy, wife of P. W. Mallett, of Kimberley.
MATTHEWS—In November, at Bulawayo, Stephen Howard Greatorex Matthews, son of H. T. and Annie Matthews, of the Mount, Monken Hadley, Barnet, aged 25.
MCLAREN, R. M., Humansdorp, October 1, aged 39.
MEIRING, J. W., Worcester, aged 77.
MURRAY, W., Estcourt, October 6, aged 7.
PINCUS—On November 11, at Durban, Max Pincus, in his 47th year.
THORPE—On November 3, at the Camp, Ladysmith, Natal, from a bicycle accident, William Stewart Thorpe, 9th Lancers, third son of Colonel Thorpe, of Coddington Hall, Notts, aged 21.

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