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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1899 2 April - June


8 April 1899

ARMSTRONG, Mrs. G. W., Durban, March 6, a daughter.
BENNETT, Mrs. H. J., East London, March 8, a son.
BOBERG, Mrs. S., Cape Town, March 7, a son.
BOWEN, Mrs. A., Port Elizabeth, March 7, a daughter.
CAVANAGH, Mrs. A. P., Cuba, Transkei, February 24, a daughter.
CLOSE, Mrs. R. W., Newlands, March 4, a son (still-born).
DOYLE, Mrs. R., Kingwilliamstown, Feb. 25, a son.
DREYER, Mrs. J., Cape Town, March 3, a daughter.
GIBLIN, Mrs. D., Greyville, Feb. 23, a daughter.
HILL, Mrs. H., Smithfield, O.F.S., February 24, a daughter.
HIRSCH—On March 30, at 10, Kensington Palace Gardens, W., the wife of Leopold Hirsch, a son.
HORNBY, Mrs. J. H., Kimberley, Feb. 20, a daughter.
KRAMER, Mrs. J., Barkly East, Feb. 21, a daughter.
MARCHANT, Mrs. J. E., Verulam, Feb. 23, a daughter.
MULLER, Mrs. H., East London, March 7, a son.
PAXTON, Mrs. R., Durban, Feb. 28, a daughter.
PENMAN, Mrs. J. C., Port Elizabeth, March 7, a son.
REES, Mrs. D., East London, March 7, a son.
SHOPLAND, Mrs. F. J., East London, Feb. 22, a son.
SINCLAIR, Mrs. D. K., Kenilworth, February 26, a daughter.
THORNE, Mrs. R. H., Durban, Feb. 25, a daughter.
TIEDE, Mrs. W., East London, February 25, a son.
TURNBULL—On March 29, at Salisbury, Rhodesia, the wife of George Vair Turnbull, jun., C.A., Town Clerk, a son.
WALLACE, Mrs. C., Port Elizabeth, March 7, a daughter.

ALLISON, J. S. O.—PETERSON, A. C.—Kimberley, March 6.
BLANDFORD—ROBINSON—On February 14, 1899, at Reit Vley, Mooi River, Natal, Maurice Fielding, younger son of G. Fielding Blandford, M.D., F.R.C.P., 48, Wimpole Street, to Louisa Kathleen, daughter of George Robinson, Esq., Elloughton, Reit Vley.
ENGLIS, G.—HUNTER, N.—East London, Feb. 25.
KENDALL, N. J.—TRENT, A. M. E.—Port Elizabeth, February 9.
KIRKMAN, E. B.—SWAN, A. M.—Howick, Feb. 7.
MATTHEWS—MANSELL—On March 30, at St. Mary Abbot’s, Kensington, by the Rev. R. Holmes, Phillip Fletcher Matthews, of Bulawayo, Rhodesia, to Annie Emily (Bobbie), youngest daughter of Fredrick William Mansell, of Annesley.
PORTER—GERVERS—On April 6, at St. Jude’s Church, Courtfield Gardens, by the Rev. Robert A. Hamilton, Herbert Cecil, youngest son of Henry Aylmer Porter, of Cranbourne Court, Windsor Forest, to Florence Henrika (Louisa), third daughter of Francis Theodore Gervers, of 19, Ashburn Place, South Kensington, and Amat Ardgay, Ross, N.B.

ANDREWS—On March 24, at Rome, from typhoid fever, Albert Andrews, of Lynn Villa, Berea, Durban, Natal, in his sixtieth year.  Friends, please accept this intimation.
BIRCH, G., Cape Town, March 4, aged 60.
BRUCE, R. T., Woodstock, March 6, aged 21.
BRUNETTE, G. F., Geysdup, S.A.R., Feb. 26, aged 26.
CLARK, Mrs. J., Grahamstown, March 8, aged 69.
DE KORTE, G. P. J., Uitenhage, Feb. 25, aged 88.
ELVY—On February 25, at Durban, of enteric fever, Francis Hamilton Lys Elvy, aged 25, elder son of Rev. J. M. Elvy and Mrs. Elvy, Newstead, Broughton, Manchester.
ENSOR—On March 15, at Cape Town, from the effects of influenza, Florence Blanche, the dearly loved wife of James Dorant Ensor, Sergeant-at-Arms, Cape Parliament.
FALCONER, Mrs. R. A., Cape Town, March 8, aged 40.
FRANKLIN, Mrs. G. E., Grahamstown, February 27, aged 47.
FUZZILL, R., Dwaal Station, February 27, aged 33.
GIBSON—On February 11, at Lake Tanganyika, Central Africa, of black water fever, Donald Gibson, Captain s.s. Good News, African Lakes Corporation, eldest son of the late James Gibson, Beith.
HENDRIE—On March 9, at Johannesburg, Alfred James Hendrie, C.A., youngest son of John Hendrie, 7, Murrayfield Avenue, Edinburgh.
JAMES, W. R., Queenstown, February 21, aged 58.
KING—On March 30, at Woodside Bridge of Allan, Charles King, aged 61, for many years cashier, Mutual Life Insurance Company, Cape Town.
KINGWELL, Mrs. J., Kimberley, Feb. 23, aged 46.
KOTZE, Miss C. C., Mowbray, March 6.
LANGDON-DAVIES—On March 23, Paul Clement, second son of Rev. Guy and Ethel Pauline Langdon-Davies (late of Eshowe, Zululand), aged nine months and 12 days.
LLOYD, Mrs. E. S., Condanie, Komgha district, February 27, aged 20.
MACKENZIE—On March 23, at Kimberley, Rev. John MacKenzie, late of Bechuanaland.
MARILLIER, Mrs. F., Kei Road, Feb. 26, aged 61.
MORTON, F. J., East London, March 7, aged 19.
MURRAY—On March 31, at Pretoria, Benjamin, in his 21st year, son of the late William Murray, publisher, Glasgow.
PURCELL, Mrs. R. B., Cape Town, March 3.
RIDLEY, Mrs. G., Bellair, March 7, aged 37.
RYAN, A. M., Mozambique, March 3.
SAVORY—On March 30, at Durban, Natal, Samuel Henry, eldest son of the late William Henry Savory, of Natal, and grandson of the late Rev. Samuel Henry Savory, of Twyford Hall, in the county of Norfolk.
SCHERMBRUCKER, Mrs. E. P., Mount Frere, Feb. 25, aged 39.
SHOPLAND, Mrs. F. J., East London, February 25, aged 32.
STOCKEN—On March 6, at Norval’s Pont, Frederic Christian Stocken, after two days’ illness.
STRATFORD—On April 4, at 24, De Vere Gardens, Kensington, Mary Ruth, only child of James and Lulu Stratford, aged one year.
THERON, Mrs. C. P., Paarl, Feb. 27, aged 62.
THOMAS, Mrs. C. J. G., Cape Town, March 1, aged 22.
VOGELGEZANG, Miss M. J., Wynberg, Mar. 11, aged 70.

REYNOLDS—On April 6, 1896, killed in action with the Matabele, at Shiloh, near Bulawayo, Ernest Edward Reynolds, second son of the late Edward Reynolds, Esq., of Paxton Hall, Hunts, aged 27. Dearly loved, deeply regretted.
WHITE—In loving memory of John White, jun., who died at Kimberley on March 28, 1894, in his 22nd year. “Where your treasure is there shall your heart be also.”

22 April 1899

ASPINALL, Mrs. F. S., East London, March 19, a daughter.
BONNER, Mrs. W. M., Port Elizabeth, March 22, a son.
CHITTY, Mrs. P. L., Kimberley, March 9, a son.
CHURCH, Mrs. G., Kimberley, March 19, a daughter.
COATES, Mrs. A. P., Venterstad, March 13, a son.
COWAN—On April 17, at Concordia, Namaqualand, Cape of Good Hope, the wife of Dr. Michael Waistell Wilmshirst Cowan, of a son.
DEANS—On April 14, at 20, Hillside Crescent, Edinburgh, the wife of Walter Deans, South Africa, of a daughter.
DOHSE, Mrs. C., Beaconsfield, March 21, a son.
DRUMMOND—HAY—On April 13, at Claremont, Cape Town, the wife of H. A. Drummond-Hay, a son.
EHRLICH, Mrs. W., Bloemfontein, March 18, twins, (girls).
QUEKETT, Mrs. J. F., Durban, March 15, a son.
ROBINSON, Mrs. L. G., Bulawayo, March 19, a son.
RUSS, Mrs. G. F., Cathcart, March 14, a daughter.
STEWART, Mrs. S., Durban, March 19, a son.
WEBB—On March 25, at Springs, South Africa, the wife of W. E. Webb, a son.

CHAMPION—PLAICE—On March 14, at Johannesburg, William Lewis Champion, of Cornwall, England, to Florence Amelia, the youngest daughter of Robert Plaice, of London, England.
EDMUNDS, M.—FARRAR, B. M., Durban, March 21.
GOWIE, H. B.—EVANS, Mrs. Z., Johannesburg, March 15.
HARWIN, R.—MCDONALD, E., Durban, March 21.
LE CORNU, A. O.—LEE, H. C., Graaff-Reinet, Mar. 16.
MILLER—MACKAY—On March 22, at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, East London, by the Rev. William Struthers, M.A., assisted by the Rev. Robert C. Sands, Sterkstroom, James Wardlaw Crawford Miller, to Helen, fourth daughter of George MacKay, Portobello.
SARTINI, A.—CURIOLIE, A., Port Elizabeth, March 18.
TURNER, J.—MAY, B. M., Kimberley, March 21.

AULT-KING, G., Kingwilliamstown, Mar. 20, aged 46.
BOWLES, Mrs. A., Eshowe, March 16, aged 76.
CAMPBELL—On March 19, at Pietermaritzburg, Macgrigor Campbell, of Cloghill, Aberdeenshire.
CAMPBELL—On April 21, at Lisbon, W. Y. Campbell, late of Natal and the Transvaal.
DALLAS, P., East London, March 18.
DRUMMOND, Miss C. J., Graaff-Reinet, March 21, aged 21.
EGAN, W. G., Kingwilliamstown, Mar. 17, aged 26.
ENGELBACH—On March 7, at Vredenburg, South Africa, Doris Olga Agnes, infant daughter of Harold A. Engelbach, M.B., J.P.
HERBERT, Mrs. W. M., Durban, March 18.
JOHNSTON—On March 21, at Sheba Gold Mine, Barberton, suddenly, John, eldest son of Alexander Johnston, 71, Causewayside, Edinburgh.
LIVINGSTONE—On March 17, at Elandsfontein Junction, Johannesburg, accidentally killed, Hugh, fourth son of Hugh Livingstone, 5, Franklin Terrace, Glasgow.
SEARLE—On March 22, at Lourenco Marques, South Africa, William, second son of the late Alfred Searle, of Melrose, South Australia, and Mrs. Searle, of Wingrove House, Upper Walmer, Kent, aged 42.
SMIT, Miss H. J., Wynberg, aged 24.
TEBB, H., Cape Town, March 22, aged 50.
TREVOR—Died of typhoid fever, in Rome, April 8, Maud Warren, second daughter of the late Captain Trevor, 22nd Regiment; and of Gartret, Natal, South Africa. (Natal papers please copy.)

3 June 1899

CILLIERS, Mrs. P. S., Britstown, May 6, a daughter.
CROSS, Mrs. J. W., Howick, April 29, a son.
GROSSE, Mrs. C., Kingwilliamstown, April 26, a son.
LAMING—On April 22, at Ladysmith, South Africa, the wife of Major Laming, 18th Hussars, of a son (prematurely).
LOCKHART, Mrs. W. P., Kimberley, April 28, a daughter.
MCBRIDE, Mrs. James, Durban, May 1, a daughter.
MILLAR, Mrs. James, Durban, April 27, a daughter.
MUNRO, Mrs. E. M., Worcester, May 4, a daughter.
MYERS, Mrs. B. C., Durban, May 4, a daughter.
NORTHCOTE, Mrs. S. J., Kimberley, May 3, a son.
PENNY, Mrs. E. A., Kimberley, April 29, a son.
TAPSCOTT, Mrs. G., Kimberley, May 3, a son.
TURNER, Mrs. A. H., Somerset East, April 28, a son.
WOOD, Mrs. J., East London, May 3, a son.

ANDERSON, H. E. K.—TURNER, S. E., Estcourt, Natal, April 27.
ENGLAND, R. H.—ELAND, G. M., Kimberley, April 27.
GOBLE, P. B.—PINNOCK, E. M., Durban, April 26.
GRIFFITH—CLARK—On April 3, at the Wesleyan Church, Aliwal North, South Africa, by the Rev. G. H. Butt, Thomas Benjamin Griffith, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Malcolm Clark, Gartcraig, Shettleston.
HECHT—RUSSELL—On June 1, at Christ Church, Croydon, by the Rev. J. H.Crickmer, Frank, youngest son of S. Hecht, of 165, Maide Vale, W., to Ethel, youngest daughter of George Russell, of Durban, Natal.
JONES, C. E.—LAWRANCE, G. D., Grahamstown, May 3.
KIERNAN—CHESTER—On April 30, at East London, James Houghton Kiernan to Emma Elizabeth Chester, daughter of John William Dottridge, of Eltham Road, Lee, S.E.
LUCAS, C. D.—SMITH, M. V., Kimberley, April 29.
POWELL, H. J.—BARBER, A. M., Durban, April 27.

BATTIS, O. W., Somerset East, May 2, aged 3.
BLACK, C. A., Weenen, April 22, aged 26.
BLAND—At Pietermaritzburg, Dr. Richard T. H. Bland, youngest son of the late F. C. Bland, of Derriquin,  Co. Kerry, aged 36 years (By cablegram.)
CHUBB, J. A., Wynberg, May 3, aged 61.
CROWE, Mrs. J. C., Durban, April 28.
DANVERS—On May 10, John Butler (Jack) Danvers, aged 18, son of Mr. and Mrs.John Danvers, Haughley, Rondebosch, near Cape Town.
DIEPERINK, H. W., Malmesbury, Cape Colony, May 7.
FORSYTH—On May 1, at Uitenhage, South Africa, Catherine, widow of George Forsyth, formerly of Bonnyrigg, Mid-Lothian.
HASLAM—On April 30, at Johannesburg, of Pleurisy, Walter Haslam (formerly of Colombo, Ceylon), youngest son of the late William James Haslam, aged 47 years.
HOWDEN—On May 5, at Harrismith, Orange Free State, Miss Janet Howden, L.L.A., late head mistress, New Street School, Edinburgh.
MCLEOD, I. H., Malvern, April 28, aged 6 ½.
MENZIES—On May 27, at her son-in-law’s house, The Orchard’s, Russell Street, Grahamstown, Martha Neilson, aged 81 years, widow of Wm. Menzies (late Larbert Mill).
NEL, G. L., Oudtshoorn, May 2, aged 23.
REYNOLDS, E. W., Britstown, aged 24.
STEGMANN, Mrs. A., Cape Town, May 5, aged 68.
VAN BREDA, G. Van R., Cape Town, May 4, aged 28.
WAGNER, Mrs. J. A., Mowbray, May 2, aged 78.

Christopher Philip Edwin EVANS fell asleep May 29, 1892, aged 19, Harding, Natal, Ever mourned.
“Father, in Thy Gracious keeping,Leave we now our loved one sleeping.”

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