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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1899 4 October - December

7 October 1899

BAMFORD, Mrs. H. B., Cape Town, Sept. 9, a son.
BAYMAN, Mrs. W., Kimberley, Sept. 5, a daughter.
BEATTIE-On September 6, at Cape Town, the wife of J. C. Beattie, D.Sc., of a daughter.
BUCHANAN, Mrs. B. G., Port Elizabeth, Sept. 8, a son.
HOLLAND, Mrs. F., East London, September 1, a son.
HONEY, Mrs. R. C., Barkly West, August 22, a son.
JEPSON, Mrs. C. E., Steynsburg, August 31, a son.
LOGGENBERG, Mrs. J. H., Port Elizabeth, August 31, a son.
MCCALLUM, Mrs. J. D., Kamfersdam, Aug. 30, a son.
MCROBERT, Mrs. J., Port Elizabeth, September 4, a daughter.
NICOLSON, Mrs. A., Durban, August 31, a daughter.
PEACHEY, Mrs. W. E., Eshowe, Zululand, August 28, a son.
POWELL, Mrs. A. L. J., Barkly West, Aug. 28, a son.
REYNIERSE, Mrs. J. G., Woodstock, September 1, a daughter.
ROBB, Mrs. R., Dordrecht, September 5, a daughter.
ROBERTS, Mrs. H. H., Cradock, September 4, a son.
ROBERTSON, Mrs. A. G., George, Cape Colony, August 24, a son.
SCHMIDT, Mrs. H., Kimberley, Sept. 4, a daughter.
SISSONS, Mrs. F. W., Durban, Sept. 4, a daughter.
WOOD-On September 1, at Belle Ombre Road, Cape Town, the wife of David J.Wood, M.B., C.M., of a daughter.

COCKS, G.-BROWN, E. J., Indwe, August 21.
KILPATRICK, W. G.-SHEPPARD, A., Cape Town, September 5.
LANGFORD-HAYMAN-On October 2, at Balham Congregational Church, by the Rev. E. Griffith-Jones, B.A., John Howard Langford, of Cape Town, younger son of the late R. A. Langford, of Plymouth, to Mary, third daughter of Charles Hayman, of Upper Tooting.
MARSHALL, J.-MCVITTIE, D. J., Durban, September 1.
MELLET, T. B.-DE JAGER, M., Kimberley, August 20.
ORR-HEWISON-On September 5, at the residence of David Robertson, Esq., Kinnoull Lodge, Cape Town, by the Rev. J. McClure, Robert Orr, Manager Standard Bank, Krugersdorp, to Frances Ethel Musgrave, eldest daughter of H.
M. Hewison, Agent Union Bank of Scotland, Limited, Port-Glasgow.
SWEETMAN, H. D.-STIEBEL, E. M., Bellair, Sept. 5.

CAMPBELL-On August 22, in the Hospital, Salisbury, Mashonaland, Alexander Duncombe Campbell, jun., Native Commissioner, aged 27 years, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Campbell, Komgha, Cape Colony (formerly of Kirkintilloch).
COLLETT, Mrs. F. S., Burghersdorp, September 1.
FARMER-On September 30, suddenly, at his residence, 18, Bina Gardens, South Kensington, William Mortimer Maynard Farmer, of Maynardville, Wynberg, Cape of Good Hope, in his 63rd year.
KENNEDY-On September 8, at Johannesburg, Isabella Murray, younger daughter of William M. Kennedy, formerly of Ayr.
KING, J., Grahamstown, September 1, aged 25.
LASEUR, A. C., Cape Town, aged 44.
MARILLIER, Miss G., Ladysmith, August 30.
PAYNE, Mrs. A. J., Port Elizabeth, September 2, aged 29.
PILCHER-On September 8, at Hendon, Johannesburg, after a long and painful illness, Isabella, third daughter of the late Rev. J. Pilcher.
POLLAKY-On September 7, at midnight, at Cape Town, after much suffering, Francis Hughes James Pollaky, the dearly-loved and only surviving son of Ignatius Paul and Mary Ann Pollaky, in his 34th year.
RIVE, J. M., Cape Town, September 6, aged 38.
SOUTH, Mrs. F., Durban, September 1, aged 84.

4 November 1899

BUTLER, Mrs. C., Cradock, October 2, a daughter.
BUTTNER, Mrs. E. A., Ncora, Tembuland, September 22, a son.
DAVIE-On September 30, at Pietermaritzburg, Natal, the wife of D. W. Davie, of a daughter.
ELLIOTT, Mrs. G., Wynberg, October 7, a son.
FISHER, Mrs. G. A., Port Elizabeth, September 30, a daughter.
HOCKEY, Mrs. C. M., Kimberley, Oct. 3, a daughter.
HUNTER, Mrs. P. L., Mount Ayliff, September 23, a daughter.
JOHNS, Mrs. S., Kimberley, October 3, a daughter.
OWEN, Mrs. F. F., Port Alfred, Sept. 25, a daughter.
PALMER, Mrs. R., Grahamstown, September 27, a daughter.
WALLIS, Mrs. L. H., Middelburg, September 27, a daughter.

FINNEMORE, J. H.-HIGGINS, E. J., Port Elizabeth, September 13.
GARLAKE, R.-DE WET, R. B., Rondebosch, Sept. 30.
MCEWEN-BLACKBURNE-On October 25, at the Presbyterian Church, Port Elizabeth, by the Rev. James McRobert, M.A., Thomas W. H. McEwen, late of Glasgow, to Annie Ambrosine Blackburne, of Helsby, Cheshire.
STEVENS-CLARKE-On October 26, at St. Augustine's Church, Edgbaston, Birmingham, by the Rev. J. C. Blissard, M.A., Vicar, George Lovell Stevens, of Basutoland, South Africa, to Maude Mary, eldest daughter of the late Richard Clarke and Mrs. Clarke, of Edgbaston.
TIMMS, E. N.-LLOYD, J., Kimberley, September 25.
TREGASKIS, E. P. R.-ROBERTS, N. B., Cradock, September 27.

CAMPBELL-On October 23, from wounds received at the battle of Elandslaagte, aged 23, 2nd Lieutenant Ian Alastair Campbell, Gordon Highlanders, youngest son of Major-General J. P. W. Campbell, and grandson of the late Sir Duncan Campbell, Bart., of Barcaldine.
CHISHOLME-On October 21, killed in action at Elandslaagte, while in command of the Imperial Light Horse, Colonel J. J. Scott Chisholme, late 5th Lancers, aged 48. R.I.P.
ELLIS, J. D., Kingwilliamstown, October 2, aged 55.
GIBSON, Mrs. A., Port Elizabeth, September 30.
GODBOLT, B. S., Graaff-Reinet, Sept. 28, aged 53.
HANNAH-On October 21, killed in action near Dundee, South Africa, William Maitland Julius Hannah, Lieutenant 1st Battalion Leicestershire Regiment, second son of J. J. Hannah, Vicar of Brighton, in his 24th year.
KELBE, Mrs. W. E., Alice, Cape Colony, Sept. 25.
LEHMANN, L., Macleartown, September 28, aged 49.
MARSDEN-On October 30, killed in action at Ladysmith, Hugh Sidney Marsden (Ben), Lieutenant 1st Battalion King's Royal Rifles, aged 21, only son and only child of F. J. Marsden, of Colne House, Earls Colne, Essex.
MCDOUGAL-On October 17, at Umtali, Rhodesia, of blackwater fever, John, fourth son of the late George McDougal, Blythe, Lauder, in his 26th year.
MONRO-On October 21, killed in action at Elandslaagte, Lieutenant Charles Gordon Monro, 2nd Battalion Gordon Highlanders, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Monro, of Oakfield, Coombe Woode, Kingston Hill, Surrey, aged 27.
PAYNE, Mrs. T., Chalumna, East London, September 20, aged 82.
REID, Mrs. C., Fauresmith, O.F.S., September 23, aged 75.
WENTZEL, W. A., Middelburg, Sept. 30, aged 73.
WOLSELEY-Killed at Elandslaagte, Imperial Light Horse, Hubert Joseph, the dearly-beloved son of Edward Wolseley, Holme Chase, Weybridge.
WROTTESLEY-On October 26, drowned at sea on passage to South Africa, on board the s.s. Gascon, Major (local Lieutenant-Colonel) Alfred Edward Wrottesley, Royal Engineers, only son of the late Hon. Edward Bennet Wrottesley, aged 44.

9 December 1899

BAGSHAW, Mrs. T. P., Port Elizabeth, October 31, a daughter.
BLELLOCH—On November 28, at Pembury Road, Tonbridge, Kent, the wife of Captain D. H. Blelloch, s.s. Bloemfontein, R.N.R., of a daughter.
BROCKWELL, Mrs. F. S., Durban, November 5, a daughter (prematurely).
BUTOW, Mrs. A. G., Queenstown, November 1, a daughter.
CHRISTIE, Mrs. H. T., Umzinto, October 28, a son.
CLARENCE, Mrs. T. L., Alderley, November 1, a son.
COHEN, Mrs. H. F., Cape Town, November 4, a son.
COPE, Mrs. H. W. H. Bellair, October 26, a daughter.
CURRIN, Mrs. J., East London, November 6, a daughter.
DAVIDSON, Mrs. H. G., Waterfall Farm, Natal, October 21, a daughter.
DAVIE, Mrs. D. W., Maritzburg, October 30, a daughter.
ELLIOTT, Mrs. P. W., Stockenstrom, October 12, a daughter.
FRICKER—On November 26, at 27, Westbury Road, Bristol, the wife of W. Fricker, Johannesburg, of twins, boy and girl.
HAMILTON, Mrs. R., Grahamstown, November 4, a daughter.
HAW, Mrs. P., Grahamstown, November 7, a daughter.
HENSON, Mrs. F. W., Cape Town, November 8, a daughter.
HIGGS, Mrs. H., Durban, October 2, a daughter.
HOY, Mrs. G. F., Port Elizabeth, October 30, a son.
KERR, Mrs. T., Durban, November 3, a daughter.
KILFOIL, Mrs. J. W., Durban, November 9, a son.
KYDD, Mrs. A. B., Durban, October 28, a daughter.
LOTT—On November 27, at the Vicarage, De Aar, Cape Colony, the wife of the Rev. R. C. Lott, of a son.
NICHOLLS, Mrs. G. J., jun., East London, November 4, a son.
PIRIE, Mrs. J., Avoca, Natal, November 3, a son.
REINERS, Mrs. A., Port Elizabeth, October 27, a daughter.
RUSSELL, Mrs. H., Durban, November 2, a son.
SANDFORD, Mrs. C., Graaff-Reinet, November 1, a daughter.
SPAIN, Mrs. W., Cape Town, October 28, a son (stillborn).
WEBB, Mrs. C. W., East London, October 30, a daughter.
WHITELAW—On November 2, at Bay View, Durban, the wife of R. P. Whitelaw, of a son.
WHITFORD, Mrs. E., Port Elizabeth, November 1, a son.
WILSON, Mrs. T. D., Durban, October 21, a daughter.

FICHAT, J. A.—SCHOLTZ, M. F., Uniondale, Nov. 6.
GIBSON, A. W.—BAYLISS, E., Durban, October 28.
MASON, J.—BURGESS, A., Durban, November 7.
WILKINSON, C. L.—ROPER, C. T., Durban, Nov. 2.

ADLARD, O., Durban, October 22, aged 48.
ALLCOCK, J. R., Graaff-Reinet, October 24, aged 32.
BERRY, Mrs. M., Cape Town, November 3.
BLUNDELL—On November 28, Wilfrid Astley, Lieutenant 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards, eldest son of Canon and Mrs. Blundell, of Halsall, aged 28, of wounds received in action at Belmont.
BROCKWELL, Miss D., Durban, November 8.
BURTON—On November 25, of wounds received in action at Belmont, South Africa, Arthur Collingwood, Second Lieutenant Coldstream Guards, eldest son of Alfred H. Burton, Esq., of 18, Manson Place, Queen’s Gate, aged 21.
CARATOSSOLO, J., Cape Town, November 4, aged 33.
CARPENTER, C. W., Pinetown, November 3, aged 70.
COLLARD, F. S., Kenilworth, November 7, aged 56.
DANEEL, Mr. B. R. H., Cape Town, November 6, aged 36.
ECKHARDT, C., Fraserburg, October 26, aged 59.
ETHELSTON—On November 25, killed in action at Graspan, Alfred Peel Ethelston, Commander R.N., H.M.S. Powerful, fourth son of Robert Peel Ethelston, of Hinton, Whitchurch, Salop, aged 36.
GOODING-FIELD, A., Port Elizabeth, November 8, aged 24.
GORTON, Miss O. G., Port Elizabeth, November 5, aged 23.
GRANT—On Wednesday, November 29, at 30, Howard Place, Edinburgh, Margaret Burges, aged 81, widow of Donald Campbell Grant, sometime of Forres, and afterwards of Cape Colony.
GUBB, G., Uitenhage, October 28, aged 15.
HUDDART—On November 25, killed in action at Graspan, Cymbaline Alonso Edric, aged 18 years and 10 months, Senior Midshipman of H.M.S. Doris, South African Station, the beloved son of Lola and James Huddart, 1, Chatsworth Gardens, Eastbourne, formerly of Melbourne.
HYAM, C. N. D., Addington, October 29, aged 30.
JAMES—On December 2, suddenly, at 3, Queen Square Place, W. C., Aldwyth Elizabeth Anne, aged one year and two months, only and beloved daughter of Quintus Stephen Harvey and Josephine James.
KING, J. F., Durban, October 29, aged 65.
LE PLA, Miss C. H., Cape Town, November 11, aged 11.
LE ROUX, M. P. H., Kokstad, East Griqualand, October 26.
LENARD, Mrs. C. E., East London, November 7.
LESTER, W., Greytown, October 12.
LETHBRIDGE—Died of wounds at Ladysmith, in his 22nd year, Bertram Escott Lethbridge, Second-Lieutenant Rifle Brigade, younger son of Charles and Susan Lethbridge, late of Sherfield Manor, Hants.
LEWIS—On November 24, killed in action near Graspan, South Africa, Francis Owen Lewis, Lieutenant 14th Bombay Infantry, aged 30 years, second son of Henry Owen Lewis, D.L., Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan. R.I.P.
LONDT, S. P., Rondebosch, October 30, aged 89.
MACDONALD—On board s.s. Illovo, at sea, William Ian, fourth son of the late W. S. MacDonald. (By cable.)
MARKS, S. W. P., Port Elizabeth, November 3, aged 42.
MCGREGOR, H. E., Chumie, October 31, aged 22.
MOODY, J., Durban, October 31, aged 28.
MORRIS, Mrs. M. T., Graaff-Reinet, October 29, aged 35.
MULLER, Mrs., Uitenhage, November 8, aged 70.
MURRAY, Mrs. M., Uitenhage, November 8, aged 99.
NORTHCOTT—On November 28, at Modder River, killed in action, Brevet Lieut.-Colonel Henry Ponting Northcott, C.B., second son of Dr. Northcott, of The Gables, Staines, formerly of Rochester House, Ealing.
PFISTER, R., Durban, October 29, aged 29.
PLUMBE—On November 25, killed in action at Graspan, South Africa, aged 41, John Hulke Plumbe, R.M.L.I., third son of the late Samuel Alderson Plumbe, M.D., of Maidenhead.
ROSS—On November 2, at Bulawayo, Trooper Donald Ross, in his 21st year, son of William Ross, Kildonan, Sutherland.
SCHAEFER, Mrs. W., Kingwilliamstown, October 25, aged 67.
SCOTT, G., Dordrecht, November 5, aged 64.
SENIOR—On November 25, killed in action at Graspan, Guy Senior, Captain Royal Marine Artillery, youngest son of the late Joseph Senior, of Streatham, aged 23.
SERGEL, Mrs. M. S., Komgha, October 31, aged 81.
SHEPHERD, Mrs. M., Greyville, November 7, aged 57.
SHEPHERD, W. A., Greyville, Durban, October 27, aged 58 ½.
STOPFORD—On November 28, killed in action at the battle of the Modder, Lieut.-Colonel Horace Robert Stopford, commanding 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards, only son of the late Robert Stopford and Mrs. Robert Stopford, of 45, Hyde Park Square, aged 44.
WATERSON, Mrs. E. M., Durban, October 30, aged 26.
WATT—On November 18 suddenly, David W. Watt, Manager of the Natal Fibre Company, Port Shepstone, Natal. (By cable.)
WHITMORE—On October 29, at his residence, Pilgrim’s Rest, Pondoland, Umtata, Edmund Herbert Whitmore, second son of the late Edmund John Ludlow Whitmore, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., of Ramsbury, Wilts, aged 47. Killed by a native.

In loving memory of Frank Leon Vogel, the beloved son of the late Hon. Sir Julius Vogel and Mary Vogel, who was killed on the morning of December 4, 1893, whilst serving with Major Wilson’s force against the Matabele.

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