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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1920 4 October - December


27 November 1920


BATCHELOR—On November 3, to Mr. and Mrs. F. Batchelor, of Wynberg, a son.
CHASAN—On October 27, to Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Chasan, of Bellevue, a son.
DE VILLIERS—On November 3, at Pretoria, to Captain and Mrs. J. D. de Villiers, a daughter.
EMDON—On October 30, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Emdon, of Houghton Estate, a daughter.
GIBBS—On October 29, at Victoria West, to Mr. and Mrs. R. Gibbs, a son.
GLOVER—On November 1, at Cape Town, to Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Glover, a son.
GORDON—On October 27, to Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Gordon of Benoni, a daughter.
GRENDON—On November 3, at Cape Town, to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Grendon, a son.
JOHNSTON—On November 1, at Cape Town, to Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Johnston, a son.
KILGOUR—On October 28, at Johannesburg, the wife of F. V. A. Kilgour, a son.
MARILLIER—On October 15, at Elliot, the wife of Frank Marillier, a son.
MILFORD—On October 31, to Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Milford, of Kensington, a son.
TONKIN—On November 1, at Kimberley, to Mr. and Mrs. E. Tonkin, a son.
VAN VELDEN—On October 15, at Ladismith, C.P., to Mr. and Mrs. W. G. van Velden, a daughter.


HOLM-ESCOTT—On October 30, at Cape Town, Frederick William Holm to Kate Escott.
LINES-GELDARD—On October 28, at Cape Town, Charles Taylor Lines to Florence Gertrude Geldard.
MACKENZIE-JESSE—On October 23, at Cape Town, Leonard Alexander MacKenzie, to Isabel Jesse.
PISTORIUS-WIENAND—On October 27, at Doornfontein, Leopold, son of Mr. H. F. Pistorius, to Ruby Isobel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Wienand.


BUISSINNE—On November 3, at Wynberg, William Templer Buissinne, in his 68th year.
CARSTENSEN—On November 2, at Wynberg Flats, Hans Christian Carstensen, aged 67.
COOKE—On October 29, at Newlands, Henry Cooke, aged 78.
DOSE—On November 1, at Cape Town, Anna Dose, in her 67th year.
DU PLESSIS—On November 3, at Willowmore, Edna, wife of David du Plessis, in her 31st year.
DUNN—On November 1, at Muizenberg, Nellie, wife of Ernie Dunn, aged 32.
GODFREY—On November 15, at Durban, Harold Godfrey, aged 46.
GORDON—On October 30, at Ladismith, Cape, Bertha Gordon, in her 75th year.
HAMBIDGE—On November 3, at Cape Town, Eleanor, wife of George Hambidge.
HUGO—On October 31, at Worcester, Sarah Susanna Hugo, aged 43.
LAZARUS—On October 31, at Johannesburg, Isaac Lazarus, aged 80.
NICOL—On October 31, at Johannesburg, Martha, wife of William Nicol, aged 27.
PATON—On October 23, at Port Elizabeth, John Fearn Paton.
SHAM—On October 24, at Johannesburg, David Arab Sham, aged 60.
WAGENER—On October 27, Georg Wagener, in his 64th year.

Miscellaneous articles on the same page:


To the Editor of “South Africa”

Dear Sir—The following may interest some of your readers:

Mr. Basil Rathbone, son of Edgar P. Rathbone, a life member of the Rand Pioneers, is now playing the leading role with Marie Löhr at the Globe Theatre in Fédora, and on Friday last played at His Majesty’s Theatre for the benefit of the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund with Miss Fay Compton in the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet. In the interval the performers were presented to the Queen of Spain. A notice in the Daily Telegraph said of the performance that “the one thing which would have made the whole performance worth while, even had the rest of the programme been as dry as dust, was an exquisite rendering of the balcony scene, in which Miss Fay Compton was ‘Juliet’ and Mr. Basil Rathbone ‘Romeo.’ We sincerely hope that somebody will realize that a piece of work of such quality must not be wasted. Our last Romeo and Juliet revival was a failure. The next, if only these two players can be secured for the name-parts, ought to be a triumph.” This young actor was born at Johannesburg in 1893, and has quite recently appeared with Constance Collier in Peter Ibbetson as “Alfred du Muset,” with Mrs. Patrick Campbell, in Madame Sands, in the Unknown with Lady Tree, and in A Woman’s Privilege with Marie Löhr. He is an old Bensonian, and was therefore trained in a splendid school. He is, in fact, a cousin of Sir Frank Benson.

During the war he was in the 10th Scottish of the King’s Liverpool, and won the M.C. for conspicuous bravery.

Yours faithfully,
Edgar P. Rathbone
C/O Royal Colonial Institute,
Northumberland Avenue
London, W.C. 2, November 24, 1920


The Graaff-Reinet Advertiser reports the death of Mrs. Frances Hudson, mother of Dr. H. C. Hudson, and wife of the late Mr. Hougham Hudson, who was Resident Magistrate and Civil Commissioner of Graaff-Reinet from 1874 to 1890. Deceased, who had attained to the unusual age of 91 years, was married twice, her first husband being Mr. Joseph Currie of Albany. She was a daughter of Mr. John Carlisle, one of the British settlers of 1820.

Mr. W. O. Coventry, Commander F. W. Girdler-Brown, Mr. D. H. Macarthur, Mr. T. W. Poole, Mr. R. D. Gilchrist, Mr. C. F. H. Henry, Captain Lionel Cohen, D.S.O., M.C., Mr. R. D. Jack, Mr. J. G. O. Wyse, Mr. R. M. Bradshaw, Mr. A. W. Fremantle, Mr. S. A. Hawkins, Mr. A. A. Smith, and Captain J. L. Berne, O.B.E., have joined the Royal Colonial Institute.

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