The Friend of the Free State and Bloemfontein Gazette 1869 1 January - June

Thursday, 7 January, 1869

In the insolvent estate of W.H. FUTCHER of Bloemfontein
The whole of the movable and immovable property in the above insolvent estate will be sold by public auction on Saturday, the 6th February next, comprising as follows:-
No.1 – That property well-known as “Futcher’s Hotel,” Situated in Bloemfontein, at the corner of Douglas and Gordon Street, being water-erf no.3 Douglas street, and No. 3 Gordon Street, having a frontage in Douglas Street of 79 feet and of 147 feet in Gordon Street. These premises are well known as being admirably adapted for te carrying on of a business of this sort. The hotel is surrounded by a large garden in choice condition, and has a great number of well- grown fruit trees, contains 2 dining rooms, kitchen, billiard room and 6 bed rooms, beside stabling for 5 horses, and sundry outbuildings.
No.2. Erf No.28, St Georges Street, with a commodious dwelling house, containing 5 rooms, with kitchen, stable, and other outbuilding, the whole including garden and yard, surrounded by a strong stone wall, having a frontage in St Georges Street of 95 feet, and 166 Green Street.
At the same time will be sold
The Hotel furniture, comprising billiard table, with lamps, &c. complete Bagatele table, &c., &c.
And the dwelling house furniture, consisting of round tables, sideboard, sofa, chairs, clocks, and a number of books, pictures and curiosities.
Also 19 Horses, 10 oxen, 2 carts with double harness &c., &c., &c.
The sale to commence at 12 o’clock precisely on the hotel premises.
By order of the trustees,
James B. BROWN,
G.C.A. Jonas,
Joint Trustees

GETROUWD te Winburg, door den Wel. Eerw, Heer P.A.C. van HEIJNINGEN: W.H. v. B. van ANDEL met J.A. MERTENS.
29sten December, 1868

Thursday, 14 January, 1869

In the estate of late Johannes Wilhelmus SWART
The undersigned, being duly authorized hereto, will sell by public auction on Tuesday , 26th day of January, 1869 on the farm Mosterdhoek, district Boshof:
1st The valuable and well known farm Mosterdhoek, No.174
Formerly known as Koedoesfontein, district Boshof, in extent about 3,50 Morgen situation on the road from Boshof to Jacobsdal, and about 3 hours from the former place. This farm is acknowledged to be one of the best for stock, and agriculture, being plentifully supplied with wood and dams.
On his is a large and comfortable dwelling house, comprising 5 commodious apartments, as also several serviceable outbuildings, amongst which a blacksmith’s shop and mill house; large kraals – everything in the best repair.
This farm is temptingly situated between mountains and hils; very fertile – so much so that for many years an orchard of 66 orange trees and 100 fruit trees have richly produced fruit; as also corn lands for 5 mulds, and dry lands for 5 additional mulds for grain.
2ndly - The half of the well-known farm Pandamsfontein, No.18, district Boshof, in extent about 1000 Morgen, bordering on first named farm – Mosterdhoek. This farm has been occupied for many years, and is known as one of the best stock farms, well supplied with wood and permanent water. On this farm is a very comfortable dwelling house, comprising 6 rooms – also three stone kraals.
3rdly The farm Tafelkop, No.654.
Formerly in the Bloemfontein now in the Boshof district, bordering the farm Koedoesdam or Mosterdhoek, in extent 2575 Morgen, plentifully supplied with wood and one dam. A very superior stock farm.
4thly – The farm Grootvlakte, No. 588, district Boshof, adjoining on a forenamed farm – Tafelkop, in extent 3110 Morgen, well supplied with wood, the nature of the ground will permit of fine dams being constructed – likewise a first rate stock farm
5thly – The farm Graspan, No. 552, situated Boshof district.- 3000 Morgen
6thly – The farm Kwaggafontein, No. 542, Boshof District – 3860 Morgen
7thly – The farm Boesmansput, No. 201, Boshof district – 3000 Morgen
8thly – The farm Nooitgedaght, No.16, Boshof District – 3000 Morgen
9thly – Water-erf No 103, with the building thereon, in the village of Boshof.
10thly – Water-erven, Nos. 145, 147, 149. These erven are the best in the village of Boshof, and are particularly favourable for gardening.

Movable Properties
1400 Well bred merino ewes, 405 African sheep and goat ewes, 645 Wethers and goats (kapaters), 180 Draught and slaughter oxen, 360 Breeding cattle, 13 Riding and draught horses, 15 Well bred mares, 1 Thorough bred jackass, 1 Mule, 1 Superior buckwagon, 1 (Karrewij) wagon, 1 New spring wagon, 1 Tent, 1 Second hand scotch cart, Ploughs, Rake with teeth, Blacksmiths shop, Yellow wood and deal beams, Yellow wood planks, Dam scrapers (sleepblokken), Guns, Furniture &c., &c., - everything requisite to a well conducted farming establishment
At the same time will be offered for sale, for account of those whom it concerns.
The farm Roseberry Plain an extent 2750 Morgen bounding the abovenamed farms Grootvlakte and Tafelkop, plentifully supplied with wood, and the ground convenient for constructing dams and adapted for any kind of stock.
1 New horse wagon, a number of thorough-bred Angora rams.
And what further may be offered for competition.
Terms very favourable
Refreshments will be provided
Geo ISRAEL, Auctioneer
Boshof, November 26th 1868

MARRIED at Tempe, on the 8th inst., by the Rev. J.G. MORROW, Wesleyan Minister, Jean Louis August ROCHER, of Potchefstroom, Transvaal Republic, to Margaret ALLISON, second daughter of Joseph ALLISON, of Tempe, Orange Free State – No Cards

DIED at Fauresmith, Orange Free State, on Saturday the 9th of January, 1869, Reze RIJNHOUD, beloved wife of Mr. John POULTON, aged 52 years and 6 months, leaving a sorrowing husband and four children to mourn their loss. Relatives and friends at a distance will please accept this notice

DIED at Winburg, on the 10th Instant, after a short illness, at the age of 7½ years, Sophia Jessie, beloved daughter of J.J. JOHNASON

Thursday, 21 January, 1869

DIED At Fauresmith, Orange Free State, on the 7th January, 1869, Alexander MOORE, Cabinet Maker, formerly of Cape Town, aged 36 years. Relatives and friends at a distance will please accept this notice.

DIED on the 2nd inst., at Clarksbury, Transkeian Territory, Henry WEBSTER, 9th son of the late Thomas WEBSTER and brother to Commandant WEBSTER, of the Free State, to whom death was caused by the discharge of his gun, whilst drawing it from his wagon to clean.

Thursday, 28 January, 1869

In the insolvent estate of the late C.T. PAPENFUS
The undersigned, being duly authorized thereto, will sell by public auction, on Saturday, the 6th March next, at 8 o’clock, pm., in front of his office, Harrismith, the following valuable property, viz.,
1st Rensburgskop, No211, in the ward and district of Harrismith, on the main road from Natal to the Tatin Gold-fields, and about 9 miles from Harrismith. With the diggings going ahead, the town of Harrismith must increase rapidly; and it requires no prophet to foretell that in a very few years all landed property around that will have increased in value some hundreds per cent.
2nd Holfontein, No.536, ward of Wilge-River, district Harrismith, about 2000 morgen in extent, good for stock of all descriptions, also for agriculture, and with permanent water.
3rd. Eensgevonden, No 635, in the ward Wilge-river, district Harrismith, extent according to Land Commission report about 2000 morgen – a good sheep and cattle run.
4th. Two water erven, Nos. 202 and 203, in the town of Harrismith, the only dorp in the Free State that is capable and likely of becoming a large town, owing to the unlimited supply of good water, and its position on the nearest and best road to the port of Natal from the diggings, the Transvaal Republic, and the greater part of the Free State
The conditions will be made known on the day of sale
Robert MACFARLANE, Auctioneer.
Harrismith, 22 January, 1869

In the estate of the late Anna Maria du PREEZ born SMIT
The undersigned, being duly authorized thereto, will sell by public auction, on Wednesday, the 24th February next, on the farm Welverdiend, district Harrismith, the whole of the moveable and immoveable property in the above estate, comprising as follows:
The well-known farm, Welverdiend, No.435, district Harrismith, in extent about 3000 morgen. A substantial dwelling house and several good kraals, have been built on this farm and it is acknowledged to be one of the best for stock and agriculture
And the dwelling house furniture, consisting of the usual assortment required by an affluent farmer.
Also 30 Sheep and bucks, Cows, Calves, bull, Mares, Foals, Tent wagon, Plough, &c. &c., &c.
At the same time will be offered for sale, on account of whom it may concern, the valuable farm, Uitkyk, No. 437, district Harrismith, in extent about 3000 morgen, adjoins the above-named farm is abundantly supplied with water, and offers a rare chance for one wishing to combine stock farming with agriculture.
Conditions exceedingly liberal
Robert MACFARLANE, Auctioneer.
Harrismith, 21 January, 1869

Thursday, 4 February, 1869

The undersigned, duly qualified by the executrix testamentary in the estate of the late James GRIFFITH, will sell publicly to the highest bidder, on the 4th March next, on the farm Valschfontein, district Fauresmith, the following livestock and furniture
Merino Sheep, Cattle, Horses, Ox Wagon with gear complete, Cart and pair of harness, House hold furniture, etc.
Refreshments will be provided
S.F.G. RORICH, Auctioneer.
Fauresmith, 16th January, 1869

It has pleased the Almighty God to take to Him, by lightning, on the evening of the 1st inst., my dearly beloved husband, Dr. William MAWBY, born in London, England, aged 45 years, 11 months, and 28 days, leaving me with six children to mourn over this hard and sad stroke. I take this opportunity of thanking the friends and inhabitants of this place for the kind assistance they rendered to me in this sorrowful and grievous event.
His deeply grieved widow,
Elizabeth LEPPAN
2nd February, 1869


We regret to learn that Mrs. BROOKE, wife of the Rev. BROOKE, late of Phiippolis, in this state, but now acting rector of the Church of England at Wynberg, died there on the night of the 20th ult.

A CRIMINAL WARRANT has been issued for the apprehension of Horatio GIBBON, an Englishman, on a charge of theft at Fauresmith; likewise of Jan Hendrik HABIG, a Hollander, charged on the oath of J.F. Janse van RENSBURG, with assault. HABIG was formerly of Sleutelspoort, district Fauresmith.

Mr. E. van OLDEN, late landdrost of Boshof, and formerly of Jacobsdal, died at Boshof, after a short illness, on the 25th inst., Mr. van OLDEN was a doctor of Lawson Holland. He came to this country some 8 or 10 years since, and has been in the government service in different capacities from that time to the present. Deceased leaves a young widow, two grown-up ssons and three daughters. His first wife died at Jacobsdal, some two years since.

Thursday, 11 February, 1869

DIED at Boshof, O.F.S., on Monday, the 25th January, 1869, at the residence of the Rev. H.W. BRANDT, Minister of the Dutch Reformed Church of that place, Edouard van OLDEN, Esq., Landdrost of Boshof, in the 60th year of his age, deeply regretted.
The widow and relatives of the deceased beg to return their sincere thanks to the Rev. and Mrs. BRANDT, and also to the other friends, for their great kindness during his illness.

Having been informed on reliable authority, that Mr. John CAWOOD, of Cradock, lately trading in the Free State, and in whose employ I have been for a considerable length of time, has taken it upon himself to spread reports in the Free State injurious to my character, inasmuch that he insinuated that I, when dealing for him, should have acted dishonestly, and had appropriated to my own use property belonging to him; and as I am quite conscious that on no occasion I defrauded Mr. CAWOOD, I hereby challenge him to give me proof of these serious assertions, or publicly withdraw them through the medium of this paper.
Should such not take place, I shall find myself compelled, not only in justice to myself, but also for the satisfaction of my friends, to take measure in the matter
Vet-river, Orange Free State,
5th February, 1869

Cornelis van Dyk van SOELEN, virtually late Chief Justice of this state, Landdrost of the capital, Orphan Master, Official Member of the Executive Council, President of all Land Commissions in this district, &c., &c., is now, in his old age, and in his absence, publicly charged with [Landsdieferij], which being translated into vulgar tongue is tantamount to “robbing the public chest,” “defrauding the Government.” Or “public embezzlement;” and a warrant has been issued in the Government Gazette for his apprehension on the above grave charge. The charge is made on the oath of the present Orphan Master, and the special act referred to dates back as far as the 5th July, 1864. So the poor old gentleman, who has sat in judgment upon so many others, is at length to be judged himself. Whether Mr. van SOELEN be innocent or guilty it is not for us to say, but one thing we remember, that when the Raad was sitting the other day it seemed almost dangerous for any independent member even to hint that anything was wrong, for Mr. BRAND rose at once, and repeatedly, to show that there was actually a balance in the Bank to the credit of several of the different departments of his government accounts. We do not rejoice at Mr. van SOELEN’s downfall. Far from it; but we think it our duty, thus publicly, to allude to the matter, because when the Anti-Blueback Association respectfully suggested to Mr. BRAND that the government should appoint two auditors from the public, wholly unconnected with the paid officials, to look into the public accounts, he (Mr. BRAND) ridiculed the idea, saying that no honourable man would submit to such treatment: It struck us, at the time, as passing strange, that honourable men should object to a strict investigation of their administration of public moneys. Mr van SOELEN is not the first by several against whom similar charges have been made; neither will he be the last. Deferments are publicly spoken of in the accounts of a landdrost quite recently deceased; but the moment has, not as yet been officially stated. Mr. van SOELEN’s defalcations already discovered in The Orphan Chamber department are alleged to be extensive.

Thursday, 18 February, 1869

In den boedel van wylen Jacoba Petronella LAURENS, en nageblevene echtgenoot Joachin Jacobus TALJAARD, van Grootdam, district Calendonrivier.
Hiermede, worden debiteuren opgeroepen hunne schulden te betalen, en crediteuren hunne vorderingen in te leveren voor den 8sten April, 1869, ten kantore van den heer C.S. ORPEN, te Smithfield.
Joachim J. TALJAARD, Voor zichzelf en als executeur Testamentair.
Smithfield, 15 February, 1869

De ondergeteekende, gelas door de executeuren in den boedel van wylen Janetta H.M du PLESSIS, geboren OLIVIER, en den heer Joseph A. du PLESSIS, zullen verkoopen per publiek vendutie, op Donderdag, 1 April, 1869 te 9 ure voormiddag, op die plaats Rietfontein, aan Vetrivier, naby het dorp Winburg, omtrent
200 Aanteel Beesten, extra geode melk koeijen, 20 Trek en slagossen, 1200 Merino Schapen, een aantal bokken, 6 Ry-en trekpaarden, 5 opregte ezels, 1 Bokwagen met ten, nieuw en kompleet. Ook meubelen en huisraad van alle soorten, bestaande uit: 2 kleerkasten, 3 bedden, 1 huisklok, 2 zakhorologies, geweer en pistol, en een weinig andere goederen.
Adler & Co, Afslagers.
Winburg, 15 February, 1869

Thomas THOMSON, Transport Rider, about 30 years of age, height about 5ft 3in., thin sandy beard, dark brown hair, left his wagon near Rouxville about the 10th November last, and has not since been heard of. No reason can be given for his leaving or absence.
The above reward will be paid to any person giving information that will lead to his discovery, to Mr. Robert TAIT, near King William’s Town; or to Mr. Thomas DEEN, Rouxville

DIED at Winberg, O.F. State, on 1st February, 1869, James Cromwell Wills, son of Henry James and Elizabeth ORCHARD, aged 13 months, less 2 days

BIRTH at Abrikooskop, on the 9th February, 1869, Mrs. J. REIJNEKE, of a daughter

Thursday, 4 March, 1869

We regret to announce the decease of Mr. Albert Brookebank ROBERTS, late Attorney-General of this State, which sad event occurred on Friday night last, 26th inst. Mr. ROBERTS had visibly been ailing for some time past, but his end was very sudden, he having been discovered by his wife lying dead and cold on the bed at about 3 o’clock in the morning of 27th. A fit of apoplexy is said to have been the proximate cause of death. Deceased had completed his 47th year in November last. Mr. ROBERTS came to this State from Natal about the end of 1855 and, we believe, accepted office under the Government in the February season of the Rand 1856; consequently he had served the State for 13 years. Deceased served his time in the office of the late Mr. MERRRINGTON, of Cape Town, and afterwards resided in Graham’s Town, Cradock, and later in Natal. Mr. ROBERTS has left a widow (his third wife) and three children, the youngest being a grandson of Mr. J.N. BOSHOF, late President of this State. One by one the original officials who helped to form the Free State Government, such as it is, are dropping off. We shall shortly have entirely new men.

“Enter the house of mourning, view the silent corpse, Comment then upon the sudden death.” – Died, at Bloemfontein, on the night of Friday last, Alfred Brooksbank ROBERTS, Esquire, aged 46 years. Deceased was the son of Dr. ROBERTS, who was well known in Cape Town between 35 and 40 years ago. He was also a blood relative of the celebrated Bishop BURNET, of the days of the Revolution in England, and was connected also with Mr. Thomas Jervis BIDDULPH, once a magistrate of Winburg. Mr. ROBERTS settled at Natal in [18--] as an attorney, and on the establishment there of a Recorder’s Court, was admitted to the Bar as an advocate and attorney, and was several times, during his practice there, complimented by Judge CLOETE for his assistances in Roman Dutch law, and thorough knowledge of the Rules of Court. In the year 1858 the deceased was appointed in this country as State Attorney, but his star was not in the ascendant here, and the Fates were against him; hence, instead of realizing a large fortune, for which his position afforded facility – he being allowed private practice –he died in comparative poverty, leaving a family, who will no doubt meet with the sympathy due to the widow and orphan.

Thursday, 18 March, 1869

MARRIED at Bloemfontein, on the 11th March, by the Rev. J.G. MORROW, Wesleyan Minister, Mr. David J. Mc MASTER, to Miss Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Joseph ALLISON, Esq., of Tempe, near Bloemfontein – No Cards

Friday, 25 March, 1869

In den boedel van wylen Charles CLARKE, van Caledon Rivier district.
Crediteuren en debiteuren in opgemeld boedel worden verzocht hunne vorderingen in te leveren, of hunne schulden te betalen, ten kantore van den ondergeteekende te Smithfield binnen den tyd van twee maanden van af heden.
Namens de executrise datief,
Isabella BROWN, C.S.ORPEN, q.q.
Smithfield, 22 Maart, 1869

Thursday, 1 April, 1869

Het spijt, ons te vernemen dat de heer John MASSIJN, die hier zeer onlangs op een bezoek naar deze stad was, op eene plaats nabij Smithfield op den 20sten dezer overleed. De heer MASSIJN was oogenschijnlijk in geode gezondheid, en nam deel in een cricket spel teen hij laatst hier was.

Is te Smithfield uitgevaardigd voor de inhechtenis naming van Jacobus Abraham BARNARD, jnr., op eene beschuldiging van moord, gedaan te Olievenfontein, op den 2den Januarij, 1869. BARNARD is een boer, en word omtrent 10 dagen geleden te Bloemhof, in de Z.A.Republiek gezien.

DIED at Leeuwrand, district Bloemfontein, on the 26th March, of typhoid fever, Josephine Johanna, fourth daughter of Mr. Joseph HAYWARD, aged 12 years 2 months, and 6 days.

Thursday, 8 April, 1869

DIED at Bloemfontein, on the 6th Inst., Inez Ellen, only surviving daughter of George N. and Ellen HANGER, of Thaba ‘Nchu, aged 8 months and 5 days.

Thursday, 22 April, 1869

In the estate of Jacob Johannes HERMAN, late of Burghersdorp. The undersigned, duly authorized by the trustees in the above estate, will offer for sale by public auction on Saturday, 5th June, 1869, in front of the Market House, Bloemfontein, at 12 o’clock precisely, the following landed property, via: -
Town of Bloemfontein:
• House and erf, No 6 Market Square, (Now in the occupation of Mr. W. COWIE) in extent – 1 rood, 20 poles- 65 square feet per diagram. This property is well situated and from its proximity to te government offices, is well adapted for stores or offices.
• District Bloemfontein:
The farm Gruispan, No.433, ward Kaffir River, adjoining the farm of Mr. Piet COETZEE;- an excellent grazing farm; estimated extent – 2000 morgen
• District Winburg:
The farm “Bushmanskop” No, 519, between Modder and Vet Rivers, near the head of Vendatjiespruit; bounded north by he farm “Palmiet Gat” – west by “Bondepan” A good grazing farm, having a variety of mixed veldt, and abundantly supplied with wood. In extent about 3600 morgen per land commission sketch chart.
• District Kroonstad:
The farm “Tochgekregen” No 351, in the ward under Rhenoster River, between that and Honingspruit; - bounded by “Groot Vlei” and “Vlakvarklaagte” – well watered; - extent about 1500 morgen by land commission sketch chart.
The farm “Vijandsvlei” No 334, in the ward under Rhenoster River - in extent about 1500 morgen by land commission sketch chart.
The farm “Uitenhage” No.555, in the ward under Middle Valsch River - in extent about 1500 morgen by land commission sketch chart
• District Harrismith
The farm “Steenkampskop” No. 197, In the Wittebergen --- by land commission sketch chart
The farm “Bendigo” No. 523, In the ward Wilge River extent about 1800 morgen by land commission sketch chart
The farm “Vrisch Gewaagd” No. 522, In the ward Wige River, extent about 2500 morgen by land commission sketch chart
The farm “Van Aardt’s Draai” No. 528, in the ward Wilge River – in extent about 2000 morgen by land commission sketch chart
Terms of Credit: - 1,2 and 3 years – without interest! – Approved security to be given by the respective purchasers.
Further particulars may be ascertained on application to the undersigned
George PATON, George HOME, q.q., The trustees --- J.J. HERMAN’s Estate.
Edwd S. HANGER, Auctioneer.

Is uitgevaardigd door den Landdrost van Kroonstad, voor de apprehentie van James O’RYAN, op eene veschuldiging van tronkbraak op 26 Maart ll.

Mrs. Van der WALT, wife of Mr. Gert van der WALT, of Magaliesberg, and daughter of Mr. Piet PRETORIUS, of Vet-river, was accidently killed at the drift of Modder river, on the farm of Mr. Carl PRETORIUS, on Friday last, the wagon wheel having passed over her chest. It seems that the drift is in a wretched state of repair, and the poor woman while beating the hind oxen with a sjambok, fell out of the wagon under the wheel, with the fatal result as above stated. The deceased leaves 6 children, the youngest being but 2 months old. She was buried on the farm of Mr. C. PRETORIUS on Saturday. Surely the government will do something to put this drift in order before other accident of a like nature occur. We are told there is a good deal of traffic on the road by C. PRETORIUS to Brandfort, and beyond

Thursday, 6 May, 1869

In the insolvent estate of the late W.C. BOUWER on Saturday, the 5th June, will be sold by public auction, in front of the Market House Bloemfontein, that extensive and well-known farm, Douglas Valley, half an hour’s ride from Bloemfontein, for many years the residence of the late W.C.BOUWER. It is plentifully supplied with wood and water, having two or three large dams on it, besides a spring and a good well full of water.
The dwelling house has four large rooms with kitchen and store room, with wagon house sheds and extensive kraals adjoining. The garden is large and well planted with fruit trees and vines.
There are also two well-built houses on other parts of the farm, About 5000 morgen in extent. Further particulars would be useless, as the farm is well known for its unrivalled capabilities as a grazing farm.
Also the water-erf No.4 Gordon-St., with the buildings thereon, At present occupied by Mr. W. COWIE and Mr. G. WEBBER. The houses are well built situated in the center of the town and adapted either for residence or retail trade.
Terms exceedingly liberal
Geo. HOME, James B. BROWN ,
Joint Trustees
W.W. COLLINS, Auctioneer
Board of Executors and Trust Company,
Bloemfontein, 21 April, 1869

Sale of Landed property, In the insolvent estate of Richard CLARK, of Bloemfontein. The splendid farm de Hoop will be sold by public auction on Saturday, 5 June next, it is situated near the Caledon- river, on the west side of Platberg, close to the Mission Station and the police station at Jackmannsdrift; it is magnificently watered, and altogether a first-rate farm both for agricultural and grazing purposes. In extent 1500 morgen. Terms exceedingly liberal – to be sold without reserve!
James B. BROWN sole trustee
W.W. COLLINS, Auctioneer
Bloemfontein Board of Executors and Trust Company,
21 April, 1869

We regret to announce, that Mr. J.W. LOTZ, landdrost of Winburg, has had the sad affliction to lose, by death, his eldest son, a handsome, intelligent, and promising lad of 12 years. He died, it seems after 20 days of intense suffering on Saturday last, 1st May. Mr. LOTZ has our sincerest sympathy in his affliction.

DIED at Winburg, on the 1st May, 1869, after 20 days intense suffering from quinsy, aged nearly 12½ years, Johan Willem, dearly beloved eldest son of J.W. LOTZ, Esq., Landdrost of Winburg, - deeply regretted by all who knew him.

BEVALLEN op den 23 April, 1869, te Harrismith, bevallen van een levenloos dochterje, A.C.F. CANISIUS, geb. de GALLIERS

Thursday, 13 May, 1869

MARRIED on the 6th inst., at Nooitgedacht, district Bloemfotein, by the Rev. J.G. MORROW, Wesleyan Minister, Edmund DENNIS, son of E BRADFIELD, Esq., of Cradock, to Harriet, fourth daughter of Thomas HOLMES, Esq., of Nooitgedacht – No cards

The undersigned, duly authorized thereto by the executrices testamentary in the estate of the late Marthinus Aegidius THEUNISSEN, will sell by public auction on the farm ‘du Preezfontein” on Tuesday, 1 st June 1869, at 10 o’clock, am.
1900 Merino Sheep, 400 Afrikander sheep, 100 Goats, 44 Horses including 1 thoroughbred stallion, 15 well trained mules, 58 Head of cattle, including 1 span trek oxen, 1 horse wagon, 1 Spring cart, 2 Buck-wagon, 2 short wagons, 2 sets Jokes, 1 dam Scraper, 1 Brench loader, Venters tools and all necessary implements belonging to a farm. A large assortment of household furniture, kitchen utensils, &c., too many to enumerate, &c., &c.
Refreshments will be provided.
P.E. FAURE, auctioneer.
Fauresmith, 29th April, 1869

Thursday, 20 May, 1869

Mr. Isaac NEWTON, bricklayer and plasterer, formerly of Port Elizabeth, but for some time past residing here, fell down in the street, near the Wesleyan Chapel on Thursday afternoon, 13th inst., while returning from his work at the store of Mr. PAGE, and before anyone could reach him was a corpse. Mr. NEWTON had long been suffering from consumption and had changed his residence to this place for the benefit of his health. The immediate cause of death was the bursting of one of the larger blood vessels on the lungs, probably during a fit of coughing. Deceased was a quiet, inoffensive, honest and industrious man, and was so highly esteemed here, that a collection amounting to £53 has since been made towards the support of his widow, who is left with two young children otherwise unprovided for. The subscription list was taken round by the Rev. D.G. CROGHAN (Church of England), and nearly every one contributed liberally thereto. Dr. KELLNER, it may be mentioned was, however the first to begin to raise a subscription for this deserving object. The late Mr. NEWTON lost a fine child, a daughter - by death only a few weeks since.

Thursday, 3 June, 1869

In den insolventen boedel van Charles Edward STEAD voormaals winkelier te Harrismith. De ondergeteekende, daartoe behoorlyk gelaat zynde, zal op Zaturdag, den 19den July, 1869, publiek voor zyn kantore te Harrismith aan den meerstbiedenden verkoopen
2 Paarden (waarvan een de voorname Racer, “Ratcatcher” is.), 1 oude kar met tuigen, 1 zadel en toon, 1 Westley- Richards achterlaayer geweer, 2 schalen en gewigten, 2 harmniunin (halfsletou)
En meer andere artikelendie ten dage dat verkooping zal worden te voorschyn gebragt
Robert MacFARLANE, Venduafslager
Harrismith 24 Mei 1869

In den insolventen boedel van Hercules Albertus VENTER
De ondergeteekende, eenig curator in genoemden insolventen boedel, zal op de plaats Klein Bloemfontein, op Donderday, 1 July 1869, des morgens om 10 uur publiek doen verkoopen: de helft der plaats Klein Bloemfontein, district Bethulie, O.V.S.
Groot volgens opmeting van gouvernments landmeter, C.VOS, 915 morgen en 276 roeden
Deze plaats ligt aan Slikspruit, welke spruit kan gemakkelyk uitgeleid worden, en met het water waarvan men even goed een wolfabriek kan in werking brengen, als aan Kornet spruit, terwyl men bovendien aldaar niets op de grens des straats woont, en de fabriek gebowen veilig zyn.
Als men door het geode dividene der andere wolfabriek eenmaal overtuigd is, van de doenlykheid, en tot het volle begrip is gekomen, dat vaderlandsliefde het dragen van in het land gemaakte wollenstoffen vereischt, zal voor grond langs Slikspuit, byna onbetaalbare pryzen moeten betaal worden
Wie weten wil wat men het water van Slikspruit kan doen, gaan na Broekspoort, de plaats van den weledele heer J.J. VENTER. Als hy daar de uitgestrekte korenvelden, benat door Slikspruit en de molen door Slikspuit getreven, bewonderd heft, zal hy met my instumenten dat noch Kornetspruit noch eenige andere spruit met Slikspruit kan vergeleken.
Credict 6, 12, 18 en 24 maanden met 6 percent interest.
Louis CLEVE, Eenig Curator.
H. KLYNVELD, Venduafslager.
Bethulie, 22 Mei, 1869.

Thursday, 10 June, 1869

We regret to hear that Mr. Jas. PALMER, while riding near his farm in quest of game, met with a serious accident, his horse falling with, and over, him, thereby causing some very severe injuries. We are, however, happy to state that the gentleman is in a fair way of recovery.

Te Groot Vallie, in den morgen van den 27sten Mei, ten 8½uur aan veral van krachten,myne dierbare geliefde vrouw Carolina Maria Johanna de WAAL, oud 46 jaren en 3 maanden.
Het zal geruststellend wezen voor hare talryke betrekkingen en vrienden in den staat en elders, die haar in leven kenden als eene vrouw zonder zonde en zonder blaam, dat zy in de eenwigheid overging met eene glimlach op hare lippen, gereed om haren God en Zaligmaker te ontmoeten.
Die groote smart die dat ik gevoel by het verlies van deze onwaardeerbare vrouw van eene gelukkige vereenining van 28 jaar, moet eene verontschuldiging vaar my zyn dat ik met meer uitvoering kennis geef van dat voor my zoo smartelyk verlies.
Ik erken mits dezen met de meeste dankbaarheid de hoogste broedelyke en zusterlyke hefde en onvermoebare oplentendeid betuigd doorden Hr. Jan WESSELS en zyne vrouw en familie tegenover de overledene nacht en dag gedurende hare ziekte voor een tyd van twee manden. Ik dank ook de vriendelyke buren voor hunne hartelyke ondersteuning in myne berooving.
James Michiel HOWELL
Grootvallei, Winburg 1 Juny, 1869

Thursday, 17 June, 1869

In the insolvent estate of David Hermanus JACOBS, of Phiippolis, will be sold on Saturday, June 27, 1869, at Philippolis, The landed property, belonging to the above estate, consisting of 2 valuable water erven, being No.s 17 & 18, situation in Church Street, Philippolis. On one of the erven a commodious and comfortable dwelling is erected, and on the adjoining erf a small building, used as a work shop. The whole property is enclosed by a stonewall has a yard, piece of garden ground, planted with fruit trees and is situated on an excellent business stand.
At the same time will be sold the household furniture and other effects, belonging to the estate, viz……. sofas, tables, chairs, crockery, kitchen utensils, &c., &c
Terms favourable
James BROWN q.q.,
Sole Trustee
N.MEYER, Auctioneer
Board of Executors,
Bloemfontein, 10th June, 1869

In den insolventen boedel van Roderick CAMPBELL, van Cronstadt.
De ondergeteekende behoorlyk daartoe gelaat zynde door de Cronstadt in den bovengemeldende boede, zal op Vrijdag, den 2den, & Zaturdag, den 3den July e.k.
Beginnende ten ure voormiddags, publiek voor zyn kantore verkoopen:
Eene groot hoeveelheid koopmanswaren, bestaande uit: Linnen, Voerchitz, Klaargemaakte kleederen, Buckskin, Molvel, Hoeden, Fyne negotie goederen, Porcelynwaren, Ijzerwaren, als stiegbeurgels, messen en vorken, troffels, spiegels, medicyn (van allerlei sort)
James B. BROWN, I. BAUMANN, Gezam. Curatoren
C. BREDELL, Venduafslager

Thursday, 24 June, 1869

This gentleman, formerlyn a Magistrate at Ladysmith, Natal, and in 1854 a candidate for the Presidency of this State, died at Pretoria, in the Transvaal, on the 7th inst. Capt. STRUBEN at one time, we believe, commanded a large Indiaman, and, it is said, that he was once a member of the English House of Commons, but for this we cannot vouch. He was born in Holland, but had evidently lived long in England.


1860 to 1879